15 Best Puppy Crate/Cage Suitable For AnyDog Breed Reviews

Have you recently gotten a puppy that you want to start crate training as soon as possible inside a puppy crate?

You can purchase one fast if you continue reading this article and check out our reviews of the best ones out there. One is bound to be made just for you because we included 15 different categories such as crates with a divider, soft crates, big crates, small crates, and many others.

The Summary

Diggs Revol Dog Crate SummaryDiggs Revol Dog Crate
Puppy safety is what makes this crate stand out since it’s made with baby industry standards kept in mind so your puppy surely won’t get hurt.
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Although gentle, these dogs are very strong so a crate that’s made with thick 3, 7, 9, and 11 gauge wire will surely be useful when housing them inside.
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Petmate ProValu Wire Dog Crate SUmmaryPetmate Navigator Pet Carrier
The two reasons why this crate is safe for large puppies are because the doors lock from 5 different points and because it has rounded corners.
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Instead of having a thick gauge wire build that makes it durable, the metal itself is durable due to the lower carbon content.
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Pet Gear 4 Door Steel Crate SummaryPet Gear 4 Door Crate
There aren’t many dog crates out there in general that have a lot of entrances. This one has 4 and one will also save you space since it’s a garage-style door.
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Petmate Puppy Training Retreat KennelPetmate Puppy Training Crate
It’s classic for a crate to have two doors but what isn’t is the fact that each door on the crate locks from 5 different points for added safety.
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A4Pet Soft Collapsible Dog Crate SummaryA4Pet Soft Collapsible Crate
Your car will be mess-free if you get this crate because of the leakproof bottom. The dog will be comfortable since it comes with a washable cushion.
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Carlson Blue Metal Dog Crate SummaryCarlson Blue Secure Crate
You don’t have to search for safety features on this crate because the certification to JMPA and ASTM standards is enough to assure you of that.
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It definitely won’t feel as flimsy as other crates since it’s made with tightly woven mesh fabric. It is resistant to puppy behavior but not proof of it.
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BEST OF BEST 24 DOG CRATE SummaryPrecision Pet Snoozzy Baby
The crate features a unique, looping wire panels way of connecting them which makes its construction more stable and safe.
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BEST FOLDING 36 INCH CRATE WITH DIVIDER SummaryNew Vibrant-Life Folding Crate
Thanks to the 2 door design, 36-in in length, and the divider it comes with, you can also use this crate to house 2 dogs inside.
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BEST 40 INCH TALL DOG CRATE SummaryLucky Dog 54 Dog Crate
You surely won’t lose your mind with excessive rattling noise if you get this crate since the top corner stabilizers help reduce it.
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BEST 30 X 21 X 24 DOG CRATE SummaryCardinal Gates Sliding Door Crate
If you choose to leave the door of this crate open for your dog to easily enter and exit, the side sliding door will save you some space.
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BEST MEDIUM ADJUSTABLE DOG CRATE SummaryRichell Expandable Pet Crate
You’ll easily be able to turn this crate into a crate for a litter of newborn puppies since it can expand up to 60.4-in in width. Even the cleaning tray expands in size.
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Best Cheap Large Double Door Double Door Folding Dog Cage SummaryPet Trex 42 Dog Crate
Although it costs around 100 dollars, it’s still considered cheap since it’s a large dog crate that’s 42-in long and they tend to always be pricier.
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Best 15 Puppy Crates


Diggs Revol Dog Crate

Heavy Duty Plastic And Wire
The frame of the crate is made out of reinforced plastic which makes it a heavy-duty plastic dog crate. The wire sides are made out of aluminum wire which just goes to show how durable it is. It has 3 entrances, the side door is a slide-up door entrance and it can be collapsed and dragged with built-in wheels.


Puppy Safety Comes First
The reason why it’s perfect for puppies is that it’s made with baby industry standards. One of the things this means is that it has rounded corners so there will be no pinched paws. This is not the only safe puppy crate with a divider so check them all out.

In Short:

  • Has a reinforced plastic frame
  • The sides are made out of aluminum wire
  • It has built-in wheels and can be collapsed
  • Made with baby industry standards
  • Features a divider
  • Has 3 entrances, one is a slide up the door entrance


Ultima Pro Midwest Dog Crate

Wire Thickness
This is definitely a durable dog crate since it’s made with 3, 7, 9, and 11 gauge wire. The lower the gauge the thicker the wire is. It has 2 entrances, one in the front and one on the side, and can easily be folded down for storage or travel.


Golden Retriever Cage Specifics
The divider panel it comes with is essential for housing puppies and the best crate for a golden retriever puppy, the crate should be 42-in long. This one is but there are more so be sure to check them out. It has roller feet on the bottom to prevent scratching on floors.

In Short:

  • Made with 3, 7, 9, 11 gauge wire
  • Has 2 entrances
  • Comes with a puppy divider
  • It’s a large, 42-in long dog crate
  • Can be folded down
  • Has roller feet for protecting floors


Petmate Navigator Pet Carrier

How Big It is
By big, in this case, we mean extra-large since it’s 48-in long and able to house dogs like rottweilers. The 2 entrances allow for versatile placements inside homes. They feature a sliding bolt lock each but they also lock from 4 other points for extra locking safety.

Petmate Navigator Pet Carrier

Divider Uses
A big crate for a puppy should definitely have a divider panel, this crate, and many others do so to learn more about them, check the article out. It can easily be folded down and it has rounded corners so that your puppy doesn’t pinch his paws when inside.

In Short:

  • It’s 48-in long
  • Made to house extra large dogs
  • Has 2 doors with 5 locking points
  • Comes with a divider
  • Can be folded
  • Has rounded corners


BestPet 30 Dog Cage

High Tensile Wire Info
The wire it’s made out of has high tensile strength. This means that it’s more durable due to the lower carbon content. The black epoxy finish will protect it from rusting and corroding prematurely. The two doors each feature two, two-step sliding bolt locks.


Traveling And Puppy Size
For traveling, you’ll find useful the fact that you can fold it down. You can also attach a carrying handle to it for easy carrying. The divider included in the package can be adjusted as your puppy grows up to be a medium-sized dog since it’s a 30-in long puppy crate with a divider. For more, smaller and larger ones, check out the article about them.

In Short:

  • Made with high tensile wire
  • Has a black epoxy, rust, and corrosion-resistant finish
  • Can be folded down and carried with a detachable handle
  • Made to house medium-sized dogs
  • Has 2 doors that each have 2, 2-step locks


Pet Gear 4 Door Crate

Inside Safety
Without a divider, you’d still want the crate to be safe inside. This one is because it has rounded corners and no exposed steel edges. It’s made with blow-molded, heavy-duty plastic so that’s why. It’s 42-in long so your puppy can grow up to be a large dog breed inside.

Pet Gear 4 Door Steel Crate Review

Numerous Entrances
It’s got a total of 4 entrances. One in the front and back, one on top, and the side entrance opens like a garage door to save you space. If you really like plastic but plan on getting a bigger or different function crate, you can check out the article about plastic puppy crates. You can even fold it down and store it inside a travel bag.

In Short:

  • Made with blow-molded plastic and wire
  • Has rounded corners and no exposed wire edges
  • It’s 42-in long
  • Has 4 entrances
  • The side entrance opens like a garage door
  • Comes with a travel bag
  • Can be collapsed


Petmate Puppy Training Crate

Finish Information
You’ll love the looks of this crate since it’s colored with a blue color instead of the typical black. The powder coat finish also helps make this puppy apartment crate rust and corrosion-resistant. For more protected and good-looking crates like this one, you’ll find them in the article listed below.

Petmate Puppy Training Retreat Kennel

Doors And Size
It’s a 24-in dog crate so it’s made to house small dogs. You will get a divider panel for it that can adjust the crate size to your growing puppy. With the sliding bolt lock on the 2 doors, come 4 more locking points for even more locking safety.

In Short:

  • It’s colored blue
  • The powder coat finish makes it rust and corrosion resistant
  • Made to house small dogs
  • It’s 24-in long
  • Has 2 doors that lock from 5 points
  • Comes with a removable divider panel


A4Pet Soft Collapsible Crate

Crate Bottom
This is a soft crate made out of a steel tube frame and a fabric cover. It’s not generally recommended for puppies but you’ll have use of it since it has a leakproof bottom so if accidents happen they won’t end up on car floors. The bottom also comes with a comfortable cushion that’s washable.


Windows And Doors
It’s intended to house small dogs that weigh up to 30 lbs. It has a top, side, and front entrance that close with zippers and are made ou of mesh fabric. There’s one more window on the other side while the back holds an accessory pocket. This is just one type of puppy car crate so check others out.

In Short:

  • Has a steel tube foldable frame
  • The cover is made out of fabric
  • The bottom is leakproof
  • Comes with a comfort cushion
  • Has 3 entrances
  • Features 4 ventilation points
  • Has an accessory pocket in the back


Carlson Blue Secure Crate

Puppy Safety
The reason why the crate is safe is that it’s certified to JMPA and ASTM standards. One of the two concerns itself with baby product safety. One of the safety features is rounded corners. It’s colored with a light blue but you can get it in pink color as well.

Carlson Blue Metal Dog Crate Review

Doors, Storage, And Cleaning
The single front entrance locks from multiple points. You can also easily fold it in case you want to store it or transport it. It doesn’t come with a divider so in case you want a small puppy crate, check the article about others out as well. Cleaning it is easy with the removable blue cleaning pan.

In Short:

  • Certified to JMPA and ASTM standards
  • Completely safe for puppies
  • It’s colored with a light blue color
  • the single door locks from multiple points
  • Can be folded down
  • The slide-out cleaning pan is blue


PetNation Port-A-Crate

Heavy Duty
It’s hard to make a soft crate heavy-duty but this one is due to the tightly woven fabric it’s made out of. It also has a steel tube frame that you can use to fold it down when it’s not in use. It uses a combination of beige and black as its colors.


Unavoidable Puppy Housing Way
It should house only crate trained puppies but that’s the thing with any soft crate for a puppy. If you’re looking for different qualities in these crates, check the other ones out. It’s designed to house small dog breed puppies and it looks cute with its two, bone-shaped mesh fabric windows.

In Short:

  • Made with tightly woven fabric
  • Has a foldable steel tube frame
  • Features bone shaped mesh fabric windows
  • It’s colored beige and black
  • Should house crate trained puppies
  • The dog can grow up to be a small dog breed


Precision Pet Snoozzy Baby

Panel Connection And Wire
The panels of this crate are connected with loops which gives it a stronger construction. The wire is also coated with an electro coat finish that helps it resist corroding and rusting. The finish in question is a light blue color. It does come with a divider panel as well.

Precision Pet Snoozzy Baby Crate

Doors And their Abilities
It can house small dogs and has 2 doors. The side doors can be folded to save you space when you keep them open. For a more classically looking 24-inch puppy crate, be sure to read about them in the article listed below. The 2-doors lock from 5 different points.

In Short:

  • The panels are connected with loops
  • Has an e-coat, rust, and corrosion-resistant finish
  • The side door folds away
  • The 2 doors lock from 5 points
  • Comes with a divider
  • Able to house small dog breed puppies


New Vibrant-Life Folding Crate

Crate Type And Dog Housing
36-inch crates are usually intermediate dog crates. They can house medium and large dogs. In this case, the divider lets you adjust the crate for puppies, but also leets you house multiple dogs. The dogs should then be small. It’s allowed because of the 2 door design.

Vibrant-Life Folding Wire Dog Crate

Wire Durability And Storage
The frame is made out of steel wire that has a low gauge which means that the wire is thick and it’s also non-corroding. If you think that a 36-inch puppy crate is the one for you, you can read about them in detail next. If you want to travel with it or store it, you can fold it down.

In Short:

  • Made with heavy gauge steel wire
  • It’s an intermediate dog crate
  • Can be folded
  • The wire is non-corroding
  • Comes with a divider for puppies
  • Features 2 entrances


Lucky Dog 54 Dog Crate

Huge Design
If you’re looking for a huge, you’re going to get one with this 54-in long crate. It’s made to house giant dog breeds and with the divider, it can house 2 medium dogs inside as well. Each crate part will get a door since the side features a double sliding door. Another regular door is found in the front.


Low Noise And More
Each top corner of this crate holds plastic corner protectors that will reduce the rattling noise of the crate. It also has an incredibly tough tiger drylac black finish. It’s an adjustable dog cate for puppy due to the divider but others have different ways of adjusting so read the article about them.

In Short:

  • Made for giant dog breeds
  • It’s 54-in long
  • Can house 2 dors separately
  • Comes with an adjustable divider
  • Has a double sliding door and a single classic opening door
  • Coated with a tiger drylac finish
  • Features reduced rattlin noise corner stabilizers


Cardinal Gates Sliding Door Crate

Saving Space And Toughness
You’ll find two entry points on the crate but 3 doors in total. That’s because the side door is a double sliding door that will save space when kept open. You can rely on it to be a durable dog crate since it’s made with 10 and 6 gauge wire even though it’s made to house small dogs.

Cardinal Gates Sliding Door Dog Crate

Assembly And Carrying
You won’t need to assemble it. You can simply unfold it and fold it back down when you’re done using it. The best crate for a chihuahua puppy doesn’t have to be all black so check others out to find the best one for your dog. It weighs 12 lbs so it shouldn’t be hard to carry with the top handle.

In Short:

  • Made with 10 ad 6 gauge wire
  • Has 2 entry points
  • The side entrance is a 2 door sliding entrance
  • Can be easily folded and unfolded
  • Weighs 12 lbs
  • Comes with a top carrying handle


Richell Expandable Pet Crate

Puppy Access
If you have a litter of new puppies you’ll find this expandable dog crate to be quite useful. It doesn’t feature a top so it’s easy to access the puppies without them escaping. The single door in the front is a sliding door so it will save you some space. With the crate, the cleaning bottom tray also expands in size.

richell expandable puppy crate

Expansion Abilities
It can go from being 35.4-in wide to 60.4-in wide. It’s recommended for use by dogs up to 26.4 lbs. If you’d like a new puppy crate that is capable to house a single dog, there’s more to find out about them in the article about the expandable dog crates. The top can be bought and it’s made out of wire just like its sides.

In Short:

  • Made out of wire and plastic
  • Can expand from 35.4-in to 60.4-in in width
  • Can house multiple puppies up to 26.4 lbs
  • Doesn’t feature a top that’s sold separately
  • Has a sliding door entrance
  • The cleaning bottom tray also expands


Pet Trex 42 Dog Crate

Price And What You Get
You will pay around 100 dollars for this crate. The reason why it’s considered heap is that it’s a 42-in, large dog crate and crates get pricier with the larger size. You might be able to find an even cheaper cheap puppy crate so see for yourself in the article mentioned.

Best Folding Cheap Pet Trex 42-in Folding Pet Crate

Crate Details
The finish of this crate is a black electro coat finish that makes it rust and corrosion-resistant. it has 2 doors, each locks with 2 sliding bold locks and you can easily fold it down and carry it with the provided plastic handle on top. The slide-out cleaning tray is made out of ABS plastic.

In Short:

  • Costs around 100 dollars
  • Can house large dogs
  • Has a black electro coat finish
  • Features 2 doors with 2 sliding bolt locks each
  • The cleaning tray is made with ABS plastic
  • Can be folded and carried with the top handle

How To Pick The Best Puppy Crate

With a puppy crate, you have to take extra precautions and pay more attention to detail. These details include various cage safety methods, correct ways of sizing, materials they’re made out of and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We advise you to continue reading if you want to know all the reasons why you should buy and why you shouldn’t buy a certain crate.

Kennel For Puppies – We didn’t really review kennels here although you might have seen some products that are classified as kennels. Kennels are so large that they can easily host a dog crate inside them. They’re made to be used outdoors due to their size and way of build as well.

Best Way To Crate Train A Puppy – In the beginning, a puppy shouldn’t spend more than 2 hours a day in the crate. This is due to their weak bladders so they will have to go potty quite often. A way of accustoming your dog to a crate is placing a treat inside. Once he enters and receives the treat, give him another one, close the crate and leave for around 15 minutes. Come back, and let him out after sitting there for a few more minutes. You should repeat this process a few times a day. Here are more tips for puppy crate training.

Crating A Puppy At Night – The crate for night crate training should be close or in your room where you sleep so that the puppy doesn’t feel isolated. You can give him a toy so that he feels safer. Some say to let the dog out of the crate if he’s barking, howling or if the puppy is chewing on the crate but we suggest you leave him inside and comfort him. Praise and treats after exhibiting wanted behavior will also help minimize and eliminate the behavior.

Crate Set Up For Puppy – It’s best to go with a wire crate when you’re crate training the pup. It’s also advised that you get a crate with a divider since this is the way to potty train a puppy with the crate. Puppy pads in a crate might be able to help with this and the best toy for a puppy in a crate is the one that he’s already familiar with and has your smell. A comfort cushion will also alleviate distress in most dogs.

Crate Sizes For Puppies – When getting a crate, you should get a crate that’s going to be the right fit for your dog once he grows up. The standard crate sizes include 24, 30, 42, and 48-in dog crates. They can house small, medium, large, and extra-large dogs. To make sure, it’s best to check what size of crate your dog will need when fully grown.

Puppy Hates Crate – Is your puppy anxious in the crate and hates it? The best way to fix the issue is with treats. For any wanted behavior, you should reward him. Don’t try to fix his behavior by talking to him. You should only do this to calm him down and not for control. Wait for the dog to calm down a bit, and then reward the behavior. You can indicate with your hand that you want him to sit or lie down as well. For difficult tasks, give him a high reward treat if he has a favorite.

Crate Time For Puppy – The maximum amount of time your puppy should spend in a crate depends on how old they are. An up to 9 week old puppy crate time should be up to 60 minutes at a time while a 17-week old puppy can spend up to 6 hours inside at a time. This mostly depends on the bladder.

What Happens After Crate Training – It’s always best to crate train a puppy. When you’re done, a puppy sleeping in a crate calmly will be normal. A puppy sleeping without a crate will also be allowed just make sure you always have the crate on hand and constantly repeat things so that he can always feel safe inside his home.

To Sum Up

It’s hard to pinpoint the best puppy crate out there since they are all so different and better in some areas than others. We’ll leave you with a few simple tips: We advise you to get a crate with a divider, start crate training as soon as possible, and be careful how you choose the size of your puppy’s crate. We missed a few crates with these reviews like extra large dog crates and wooden dog crate furniture so be sure to check those articles out. For an article full of all types of dog crates, we advise you to read the one about dog crates.

Portia has a Bachelor’s degree in Management and experience in freelance writing. She’s an animal enthusiast who volunteered in an animal shelter where she has gained the knowledge and experience she uses while writing educational articles and reviewing pet products. After 6 years of work in management, she has joined the Petovly team and became an experienced writer. Spending about 50 hours per week on researching and discovering, she is always up to date with pet trends.