13 Most Shocking Dog Racing Statistics & Facts For 2022

As the other sports, dog racing statistics, show they were very popular for many years, and millions of tickets are sold for live racings all over the world.

In 2022 there are many closed tracks according to the high percentage of injuries which some of which became fatal. Still, there are some U.S states and other countries that are still forcing this cruel type of sport. Do you know which one?

One of the most popular dog breeds used for racing is the greyhound. Even if they’re active dogs that love to run and race, but many of them were injured during racing and thousands of them have been euthanized. Do you know how many dogs will be euthanized each year due to injuries and treatment costs?

To find out the answers to these questions and many more, we picked the most interesting as well as shocking statistics and facts about dog racing, so make sure to keep on reading.

Top 6 Most Shocking Dog Racing Facts
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  • Dog racing is illegal in 41 states in America.
  • Each year there are at least 48,000 racing greyhounds in the world.
  • In the UK, racing greyhounds spend 95% of their time in cages.
  • In 2017, more than 1000 racing greyhounds died.
  • One in three greyhounds is injured or killed each year.
  • From 2001 to 2014. dog racing gambling declined by 70%.

13 Most Shocking Dog Racing Statistics

1. Dog racing is illegal in 41 states in America

According to the latest data, commercial dog racing is illegal in 41 states in America. Dog statistics show that the United States is on the top of the list of countries with the highest number of dogs per capita, but fortunately, forced racing is not allowed in most of the states.

All dog tracks in 6 U.S. states that including Connecticut, Kansas, Texas, Wisconsin, Alabama, and Oregon are closed and there is no live racing, but a ban law has yet to be passed.

Source: grey2kusa.org

2. Only 3 U.S. states still allow dog racing

West Virginia, Iowa, and Arkansas are only three U.S. states that dog racing is still legal and operational. Fortunately, two of them are in the process of shutting down.

Source: grey2kusa.org

3. Each year there are at least 48,000 racing greyhounds in the world

Every year across the world are at least 48,000 newborn racing greyhounds, according to statistics from 2019. Greyhounds are extremely fast dogs and one f the most popular breed for racing.

Source: thedogclinic.com

4. Greyhound compete from the age of 18 months to 5 years old

Even young greyhounds will compete in live dog racing, starting with the age of 18 months. Usually, racing greyhounds have 3-5 years before getting retired.

When the greyhound can’t race anymore, he will be rehomed, or unfortunately euthanized, mostly because of health or cost treatments, as the dog shelter statistics show.

Source: thedogclinic.com

5. In the UK, racing greyhounds spend 95% of their time in cages

One of the most used dogs racing breeds is the greyhound which unfortunately most of the time, lives in bad conditions, around 95% of their time. This includes small cages, lack of moving, thin carpets, or carboard they’re sleeping on.

In the UK, racing greyhounds spend 95% of their time in cages

Source: thedogclinic.com

6. Racing greyhounds are usually closed in cages for up to 23 hours

As the dog track, the cage has a standard 32” x 42” x 31” size, and the greyhound can be around 30” tall, many dogs struggle to stand up when they’re locked inside all day. Usually, they are closed for up to 23 hours every day when the racing is on.

Source: thedogclinic.com

7. In 2017, more than 1000 racing greyhounds died

The latest statistics from the U.K, show that in 2017. more than 1000 racing greyhounds died due to different reasons. About 34% of them are euthanized because the treatment was too expensive or they have low chances to survive.

Around 23 % of greyhounds are euthanized because of a series of injuries. An interesting statistic shows that 28% of greyhounds died because they can’t find a new home, usually, because they’re are unsuitable for families.

Source: thedogclinic.com

8. One in every three greyhounds is injured or killed each year

According to statistics from 2017. there were 5000 racing greyhound injuries which most of which include bone fractures.
Each year, 15, 000 greyhounds will race in the UK, which means that one in every three dogs will have some sort of injury or unfortunately be killed.

Source: thedogclinic.com

9. In 2017. there were over 5 greyhounds euthanized for every 1000 starts

In Australia, there was one of the most dangerous racing tracks in 2017. There were in New South Wales more than 5 greyhound euthanizations for every 1000 starts.

One of the most common injuries is fractured legs, muscle tears, and other reasons. The faster the dogs run, the highest possibility he will get injured which in many cases can be fatal.

Source: thedogclinic.com

10. Hundreds of greyhounds tested positive on drugs in the UK

There is regulative testing for drugs for dog racings as well, and in the UK each year, there are hundreds of positive greyhounds. Most of the drugs include morphine which masks injuries as well as anabolic steroids.

Anabolic steroids were usually given to female greyhounds because of the reproductive cycle. There are many side effects of anabolic steroids that include aggression and weight gain.

Hundreds of greyhounds tested positive on drugs in the UK

Source: thedogclinic.com

11. In 2017. there were 5,000 greyhounds positive on cocaine

Not that only dogs for racing are tested positive on morphine and anabolic steroids, according to statistics, around 5,000 greyhounds were tested positive in 2017 in Florida.

Some of the trainer licenses are being revoked. From the 1st of January in 2021, greyhound racing became illegal in Florida.

Source: thedogclinic.com

12. The popularity of greyhound racing in the UK declined over the years

Fortunately, all dog racing statistics show that each year the popularity of racing decreases. Back in 1940, there were over 200 tracks and now, in the latest statistics from 2017. are around 25.

Source: thedogclinic.com

13. From 2001 to 2014. dog racing gambling declined by 70%

As the number of open tracks for dog racing dropped and in most of the states it is illegal, the money gambling on dog racing, especially greyhound racing, declined by 70% from 2001. to 2014.

From 2011. to 2012. Florida fog tracks too in around $265 million in bets. Comparing it to the year 2019. and 2020. there were $135.9 million in a year, which represents a big decrease after 10 years. We can conclude that racing is a dying industry.

Source: thedogclinic.com

To Sum Up

Summarizing all 13 dog racing statistics from the article, we can conclude that greyhounds are one of the most used bred for racing and unfortunately many of them were euthanized due to u injuries, cost treatment, and other reasons. There are cases of positive drug tests which are not allowed and many trainers lost their licenses. Fortunately, dog tracing as well as dog gambling decreases every year, and 41 states in the U.S. don’t allow racing anymore.

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