Pros And Cons Of Being A Guardian Dog Owner

Want to bring a new dog to your home, but you aren’t sure if you can afford it or if it will work?

Have you heard of dog guardianship?

Becoming a guardian for a dog could be your best option. So, what exactly does it mean and which are the pros and cons of being a guardian dog owner? Keep reading and you’ll gain some knowledge about this topic.

What Does It Mean To Be a Guardian For a Dog?

First, we’ll say more about what a guardian dog owner is, so you can get a better idea of that program. Let’s start!

Guardian (or Guardian Family) is a person/household that accepts to keep, raise and care for a breeder’s dog. This is a real formal contract between guardian and breeder that carries legal obligations.

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There is a little advice for you – don’t sign a Guardianship contract without a guardianship attorney to confirm your agreement is fair and practical for the long-term period.

Dog breeders use guardians or guardian families to keep their dogs in good health and have good and happy lives. Also, they should provide the dog to breed a certain number of times before they are retired. It seems more human than large puppy farms where there isn’t enough time, and usually space, to pay attention to each dog and its needs.

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Mostly, after the dog produced certain numbers of litter, the guardian becomes its permanent owner. However, every case is different, that’s why it’s important to read the contract carefully.

What’s the Difference Between “Owner” and “Guardian”?

The most obvious difference is  – the guardian doesn’t own the dog. The dog still belongs to the dog breeder and the Guardian just takes care of the dog. Guardian is someone who has signed a contract to care for the dog on behalf of its owner, and the ownership belongs to the dog breeder.

What Are the Requirements of a Good Guardian Dog Owner?

Of course, the exact requirements of a Guardianship contract vary from dog breeder to dog breeder. However, the guardian dog owner should meet specific criteria to be able to get guardianship.

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To determine if you are a good choice for the dog, the breeder will make a background check on your home (you should have a fully fenced yard), environment, lifestyle, family, previous experience, etc.

When these things are checked, you’ll have to sign a contract. That contract states that you will keep the dog in good health, well-trained and allow access to the dog for breeding. The purpose of this is to breed dogs to produce puppies, which dog breeders will sell.

If you’re wondering if you should become a Guardian dog owner, we’ve prepared two lists – with pros and cons.

Pros Of Being a Guardian Dog Owner?

There are many benefits if you decide to be a Guardian dog owner, let’s mention some of them:

  • Make Good Money – If you’re a dog lover, there’s no better job than working with a lot of dogs. As guardian owner, you make your own business and you do the job you like. The owners are usually paid $50-$100 for a newborn puppy or successful litter, dependning on the dog sex.
  • It Reduces The Cost – Well, yes, guardianship reduces the cost of having a dog pet. Of course, this shouldn’t be the sole reason why you’re doing that. You don’t have to pay anything for the dog. In some cases, an initial deposit may be required. The breeder should cover medical bills, food, vet and other expenses.
  • Loyal Friend – Dogs are known as loyal friends, so you’ll get one, too. In most cases, dog breeders allow the dog to stay with a guardian dog owner once their duties are fulfilled. This is the opportunity to have a lifelong companion who is loyal to you.
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  • The Best Of The Litter – The dog breeders always choose the best dogs from the litter to be breeders. That means this dog shows all signs of good health, intelligence and character. Of course, you should keep the dog healthy and happy, but you’ll have a promising base.
  • Great Playmate For Children – Dogs love to play. A lot. Introducing the dog to an environment where children are means better socialization for the dog. There’s more, children who have had pets will be more understanding when it comes to animals.
  • You Saved Dog From Puppy Farms – Unfortunately, puppy farms aren’t the best places for dogs. They don’t get enough attention they required, especially when they are young and very playful. These farms are often tight and crowded areas with poor conditions.

Cons Of Being a Guardian Dog Owner

Of course, there are some drawbacks to becoming a Guardian dog owner. There are some:

  • You Can’t Relocate – When signing a contract, you can’t move to another city or state. This means, you can’t travel as regularly as before, because you need to be available for meetups with the breeder.
  • It Can Be Tedious – You should dedicate your time and energy to the dog. The dog should be high on your list of priorities, always. Also, you should train a dog and be patient with them, take them for a walk, play with them, not let the dogs to mate when it’s not approved… It’s a time-consuming activity.
  • Meeting The Requirements Of Breeder – Since you raise someone’s else dog and it’s about a business, be ready to hear some complaints or special requirements from the breeder. Of course, you don’t have to do anything extra that is not included in the contract, but to get a good reputation as a guardian household, you need to make them like you.
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  • Taking Dog Before Birthing – This can be very difficult for guardian dog owners. The breeders will come and take the dog away when she needs to give birth. That will last for a couple of months so the dog can give birth and look after her litter. If you are emotionally attached to the dog, that will be difficult for you.
  • Handling The Dog In Heat – If you have a female dog, you’ll have to deal with physical complications during their heat cycle. Meaning – when the female dog goes into season, they’ll experience vulvar swelling and vaginal bleeding. When the heat period starts, your dog will be attracted to male dogs. You should be able to cope with these symptoms.

What If You Aren’t Satisfied With Guardian Dog Contract?

Okay, you’ve read the guardian dog contract and you’re not happy with it. There are several things you can do.

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First, you can consult an attorney who specializes in this kind of contract. Second, you can talk to your local animal control agency to check if they can help resolve the issue that bothers you. Finally, you can consult with a lawyer and he/she can check if there are some illegal terms. Keep in mind that it will be difficult to prove to the court the guardian dog contract should be terminated.

To Sum Up

Guardian dog ownership is both beneficial for dogs and people  – the dogs get a healthy environment, whilst people get loyal friends and companions. However, there are rules, requirements and pros and cons of being a guardian dog owner. Take your time and think about each of those.

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