Top 13 Dog Fatality Statistics Released For 2022

Where there are a large number of dogs, unfortunately, attacks also occur. Various dog fatality statistics in recent years monitor the frequency of attacks with fatal consequences.

There are types of dogs that are the most common causes of fatal attacks, do you know which ones? Many breeds have a strong bite, so attacks with fatal consequences are not a surprise, especially for the children at a young age that doesn’t know how to protect themselves.

Many people think that attacks on dogs with fatal injuries are very common, but this is not the case for most countries. In order to find out the latest research data related to dog attacks with fatal consequences, continue reading the article.

Top 6 Dog Fatality Facts
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  • From 2005., canines killed 568 Americans.
  • Pitbulls are responsible for 67% of fatal attacks.
  • The highest percentage of fatal attacks were on children from 0-4 years.
  • California has most fatal dog attacks in the last 16 years.
  • Only 1 in 118,776 humans will die of a dog attack.
  • Around 70% of all dog bites were not from family pets.

Top 13 Dog Fatality Statistics & Facts

1. From 2005., canines killed 568 Americans

Statistics from the period of 2005 to 2020. said that 568 people in the United States died because of dog attacks. Based on the information from different researches, 25% of attacks were from breeds that have been on chains for a long time.


2. Only 2% of people that are hospitalized died because of dog bites

General statistics say that around 9,500 are hospitalized because of dog attacks every year. Fortunately, only 2% of people will die because of a dog bite or attack, which is the minimum number each year.


3. Pitbulls are responsible for 67% of fatal attacks

According to dog attacks on humans statistics, the Pitbull breed is responsible for 67% of fatal attacks and injuries in the last 16 years. Comparing all the fatal dog attacks from 2010 to June 2021, of which there were 430, Pitbulls were responsible for 185 of them.

Some of the other attacks include the breed that has 60% pitbull, rottweiler, or german Shepard in their bloodlines.


4. In one year there are around 60 fatal attacks from Pitbulls

CDC was studying different dog breeds and their temperament for a long time, statistics show that Pit bulls are involved in most fatal dog attacks.

Only for example from 2018 to 2019. there were 59 Pitbull dog fatalities, which is the average number of attacks from this breed every year.


5. In 2020., according to dog bite fatality statistics, 72 % of attacks by breed were connected with Pitbulls

72 % of dog attacks are connected with Pitbulls, 4 % with American Shepard, Mastiff, and mixed breeds. 2 % of five dog breeds including Belgian Malinois, Bull terrier, Cane Corso, Labrador Retriever, and American bully mix were contributed to 1 death.

2020 fatal dog attacks by breed in U.S. (1)

6. The highest percentage of fatal attacks were on children from 0-4 years

There were 32% fatal attacks on children from 0-4 years.  From 32%, around 26% were attacks on babies from 0-2, which is the highest percentage of all attacks.

Unfortunately, statistics about an attack that includes information about most attacked humans according to age is not a surprise.

Because the child doesn’t know how to protect themselves, it is important to not leave him without monitoring.


7. Statistics say that California has most fatal dog attacks in the last 16 years

From 2010 to June 2021, California is on the top list of states with the highest number of fatal dog attacks. In the last 16 years, there were 48 deaths.

Other states with the most dog attacks include Texas with 47, Florida with 31, Noth Carolina had 22, and in Ohio, there were 21 attacks.


8. Dogs are responsible for 99% of rabies cases with fatal consequences

One of the most dangerous things when it comes to dog attacks is rabies, which is an infectious disease of which most humans will die if they’re not vaccinated.

Unfortunately, children from 5 to 14 years are the most common victims. Rabies is not that often in countries where dogs were vaccinated, which is in most of the regulated countries.

Thanks to vaccinations, rabies infection is dramatically decreased and on average, there will only 2 people die from rabies each year in the U.S.


9. Only 1 in 118,776 humans will die of a dog attack

Even if the numbers are saying there are a lot of attacks in some states, the odds that humans will die from a dog bite are 1 in 118,776 dog statistics say.

For comparing, there is a 1 in 6 chance humans will die from disease and 1 in 111 from a fall.


10. Research says that dog breeds that bite the most are dogs from 66-100 pounds

In February 2019 there was published research about dog bite statistics and the breeds that bite the most. It concluded that dogs that have from 66-100 pounds are most likely to bite.

The research includes the top 6 breeds that are mostly connected with dog bites and they include Pit Bull, Mixed Breed, German Shepherd, Terrier, Rottweiler.


11. Around 70% of all dog bites were not from family pets

The National Canine Research Council’s revealed from their study that around 70,4% of all fatal dog attacks that happened from 2000-2015 were not from family pets.

The high percentage of fatal attacks is connected to the number of homeless dogs on the street, and according to dog homeless statistics, there are around 70 million stray animals, including dogs.

70,4% of all fatal dog attacks that happened from 2000-2015 were not from family pets.


12. According to statistics from 2005 to 2017, there were 54% of fatal family dog attacks

Even if the statistics say that most of the fatal dog bites were not caused by family dogs, there have been cases with family dogs, as well.

Most of the fatal attacks from family dogs were done by Pit bulls. 52% of the dogs killed some of the family members.


13. Only 21% of fatal dog attacks were criminally charged between 20015 to 2017

Some states in America have dogs laws, but according to data from 2015 to 2017, only 21% usually got criminal charges for fatal dog attacks. As most of the attacks were connected to Pitbull, in 75% of these cases this breed was a guilt one.


To Sum Up

According to dog fatality statistics, there are about 50 fatal attacks each year, and the most responsible dog breed is Pitbull. Children who have the highest number of attacks with fatal consequences are those from 0-4 years. However, statistics show that about 70% of fatal attacks are not related to family dogs. Due to a large number of stray dogs in some countries, it is expected that there will be attacks with fatal consequences, but the number is still minimal and often the attacks are associated only with minor injuries.

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