Best 6 Cat Camera With Treat Dispensers: Reward Your Cat Even If You Aren’t Home

Looking for a cat camera treat dispenser for your cat when you aren’t at home?

Great, because we’ve reviewed 6 different models.

Here you can read detailed reviews separated in 6 different categories so you can be sure you will find the perfect fit for you and your cat. In these 6 categories, we’ve covered models with wifi, smart and interactive models, compact models, and models made for indoors. Also, you can read a detailed guide with the most important information. That guide can help you buy the model that will suit you and your cat perfectly.

The Summary

Furbo Cat Treat Camera Treat Dispenser SummaryFurbo Cat Camera With Treat Dispenser
Think about buying the Furbo cat treat camera if you want a quality product that can fit over 100 pet’s treats.
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Petzi Cat Camera Treat Dispenser SummaryPetzi Pet Cat Camera Treat Toss
Petzi wifi cat treat dispenser camera supports 2.4GHz frequency connection. It sets up easily and connects to your wifi.
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WOpet Cat Camera Treat Dispenser SummaryWOpet Smart Cat Pet Full HD Camera
Get the WOpet smart pet camera if you want to play fun catch games and interact with your cat while away.
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What Is a Cat Treat Dispenser With a Camera?

A cat treat dispenser is a device for giving treats to your cat when you are not at home. Cat treat dispensers also have a camera so you can interact with your pet and check what she’s doing at the moment.

How Does a Cat Camera Treat Dispenser Work?

Camera and all device settings are controlled from a supported smartphone using WiFi. You can use the speaker and microphone to talk with your cat and use the dispenser to eject one or multiple treats to make your cat happy.

how does cat treat dispenser work

What Is The Difference Between a Cat Treat Dispenser And a Feeder?

Cat treat dispenser is used only for treats, so you can reward your cat even while you’re away from home. They will eject one treat by one and they are mostly used to interact with the cat through the camera. Cat feeders are used for daily cat feeding. Most automatic cat feeders work by ejecting different amounts of food at a preset time that owners choose and program into the feeder.

Benefits Of Having Cat Camera Treat Dispenser

There are many benefits why you need a cat camera with treat dispensers but we listed 4 important ones.

Monitoring Cat – This device is the perfect choice for everyone who wants to check if the cat is making a mess around the house or only sleeping most of the time.
Reward The Cat – When no one is home and you want to reward your cat for good behavior, toss a few treats so she can enjoy her favorite food.
Help With Separation Anxiety – They are a great idea for cats with extreme separation anxiety, especially if your cat only responds to the owner’s voice.Your cat will calm down when she hears your voice.
Home Safety – Use the cat camera as a security device so you can check there are no suspicious intruders around.

monitoring your cat

Most Important Specifications And Features

When buying a cat dispenser make sure to check which are the most important specifications and features of a quality device. We have singled out the most important features down below.

Easy Installation

Pick the cat treat dispenser with easy setup and quick installation settings. Most of the models have an electric supply so you can quickly plug in a socket and place it where your cat will have an easy approach for treats.

Camera Features

Most cat camera models have at least 720p resolution, but if you’re looking for a high-quality picture, we recommend a cat dispenser with a camera that has 1080p. This resolution will provide a better picture and let you zoom in closely to your cat’s face.

cat camera quality

Supported Devices

Most of the cat dispensers are considered “smart” and can be easily connected with a phone, tablet, laptop or iPad. To check if your monitoring device can work with a cat camera, read additional model information.

Type Of Treats

Check which type and size of the treats are suitable for the model you’re planning to buy. Most of the cat cameras are suitable for more than 100 treat types.

WiFi Connection

Most models connect with Wi-Fi so you can easily feed your cat remotely whenever you want. Check the network frequency in your home so you can be sure the camera will work properly. Most cat cameras work with 2.4G Hz frequency.

cat camera with wifi

Easy Maintenance

Easy maintenance will save you energy and time when you need to clean the dispenser. Pick a model with a detachable dispenser and use dry or damp cloth. We recommend cleaning it once a month to avoid unnecessary crumb collection.

Additional Features

If you’re occasionally away from home at night, we recommend buying a cat dispenser with night vision. Another pretty useful feature is a built-in laser so you can play with your cat. Also, there are cat dispensers with a “meow detector” so you can get a notification when your cat is nearby and wants a treat.

Safe Use

Cats are known to jump and play around the house with all things they found along the way, so make sure to pick a model with bottom suction cups so the cat can’t know it down. For maximum safety choose a wall mounted camera.

Best 6 Treat Camera For Cats

Furbo Cat Camera With Treat Dispenser

Easy To Set Up And Use
Set this Furbo cat camera up easily. All you need to do is plug the unit into a power outlet. You will use the USB cord that is provided by the manufacturer. Don’t forget to install the Furbo app on your phone. In the end, connect it to your wifi. It is as simple as it gets.

Furbo Cat Treat Camera Treat Dispenser

Full HD Camera
The Furbo 1080p full HD camera includes the possibility of live-stream video and night vision. The 160° wide angle will allow you to see your cat on your phone whenever you are not at home. It is made for both your cats and dogs.

The Audio Features
Interact with your cat or dog easily thanks to this wifi treat dispenser. This product includes the barking sensor and detects when it hears your dog barking. You will be able to talk to your cats via camera and calm them down if necessary.

Furbo Cat Treat Camera Treat Dispenser review

Treat Tossing Function
Another great feature of these models, you can use the app to toss a treat to your cat. Choose your cat’s favorite treat and fill the Furbo dispenser with about a hundred of your cat’s treats. Don’t forget that you can play a catch game too!

In Short:

  • 1080p camera snaps the best photos
  • smart alerts – get a notification if your cat needs you
  • fits over 100 treat types
  • easy to set up and connect to WIFI
  • connect it to the app

Petzi Pet Cat Camera Treat Toss

Petzi – General Overview
The Petzi dog and cat treat camera come in white. It connects to your wifi. The size is 13.31 x 7.31 x 4.5 inches (LWH). It comes with a 720p video camera and allows you to control if your cat is okay during the time you are not at home.

Petzi Cat Camera Treat Dispenser

Petzi Dispenser Tosses Treats
Use the Petzi app on your phone to treat your cat. Don’t worry, the included treat dispenser tosses a treat even when you are not at home. The Amazon Dash Replenishment tracks the treat level and makes sure your cat is never out of treats.

Night Vision Camera 
Once you set up the Petzi camera and treat dispenser you will be able to monitor your cat from your phone. The camera comes with the night vision feature and high-quality audio. Check how your cat is anytime and from anywhere.

Petzi Cat Camera Treat Dispenser review

Snap And Share Your Photos
The iOS and Android app allow you to snap the cutest photos of your cats after which you can share them on your social media or simply store them on your phone. Also, you can say hello to your cat through the one-way audio on this wifi dog camera.

In Short:

  • the app is supported on iOS and Android
  • connects to your home wifi
  • snaps photos and allows to share them
  • talk to your cat through one-way audio

WOpet Smart Cat Pet Full HD Camera

Smart Use And Connects To The App
WOpet smart cat treat camera is a corded electric item. It connects to the free WOpet iOS and Android app. Use the food dispenser to fill it up and toss treats to your cat or dog when not home. This item allows your cats to play games too.

WOpet Cat Camera Treat Dispenser

How To Set Up
It is simple to set this item up. First, you will plug the WOpet camera-dispenser to a power outlet (the USB cord is provided). Then, you should download the app to your phone and log in. Connect to your wifi and start using it.

Best Smart Features
The WOpet camera dispenser features a 1080p full HD camera you can shop great photos with. Also, you can live stream video and speak to your cat through a built-in microphone. It is 2-way audio so you can listen to your cat. The dispenser tosses a treat via the app.

WOpet Cat Camera Treat Dispenser review

Tips On Using WOpet
Don’t use the dispenser for wet food, fill it up with dry treats only to avoid clogging. When it comes to WIFI, your home WIFI should be a 2.4GHz frequency, otherwise, the wifi pet camera won’t work because the 5Ghz frequency is not supported.

In Short:

  • Full HD 1080p camera
  • built-in microphone for two-way audio
  • play catch games with your cat
  • use only dry food for the dispenser

Pawbo Life Cat Wifi HD Camera

About Pawbo Camera And Dispenser
The Pawbo small cat camera treat dispenser comes as a 4.4 x 4.4 x 7.9 inches item. It will fit almost anywhere in your home. It comes in white design. The 720p HD and 4x zoom camera allows you to check on your cat anytime and from anywhere.

Pawbo Life Cat Camera Treat Dispenser review (2)

Camera Function And Games
The pet monitoring camera will not only make you check if your cat is okay, but you can also do live streaming and talk to it so it feels less lonely. Apart from that, there is a laser game that both your cat or dog will enjoy.

Your Cat Will Get A Notification
Your cat can easily be trained to respond to your calls. The ringtone will notify your cat that you are calling it. Do that if you are not at home for many hours and you miss your cat.

Pawbo Life Cat Camera Treat Dispenser review (1)

Snap Photos And Record Videos
Whenever you notice your cat making a cute pose, you can snap the picture or even record a video. Store the pictures or videos to your app and download them to your phone. Share them on your social media to show your friends how happy your cat is.

In Short:

  • small and compact – fits anywhere
  • your cat will get ringtone notification
  • snap and record feature included
  • easily share pictures to your social media
  • let the cat play a laser game

Petcube Bites 2 Way Cat Camera

Remote Cat Care
Petcube camera treat dispenser is a small WIFI item that comes with audio and motion alert type. It allows you to check in on your cat remotely. The wireless communication is through 2 GHz / 5GHz WiFi and Bluetooth. It features real-time notifications (it detects the barks and meows).

Bites 2 Cat Camera Treat Dispenser

How To Install And Mount
Easily install this interactive pet camera. Plug it in, download the free Petcube app and connect it to the WIFI. The dispenser can be wall-mounted and the mounting kit is included in the package. This device works with the iPhone and Android.

Dispenser – Capacity And Maintenance
The treat dispenser’s capacity is about 1.5 lbs which is more than most of the models come with. When it comes to maintenance, it is very simple. The dispenser is detachable so you can easily wash it in your dishwasher or by hand.

Bites 2 Cat Camera Treat Dispenser review

Alexa Built-In Feature
The voice control feature is optional. If you use it, it allows you to play music, hear the news, or order your cat’s treats. Get to know more about the Alexa voice assistant. Read about how to use it within the instructions.

In Short:

  • optional Alexa voice control
  • the unit can be wall-mounted
  • the only one that supports 5GHz connection
  • detachable treat dispenser for easier maintenance
  • comes with bark and meow detector

Iseebiz Cat Camera With App

Alexa Smart Voice Assitant
Another model of cat video treat dispenser that comes with the Alexa voice assistant feature. Use the Alexa when you are at home. Ask it to toss a treat to your cat. It is easy to use the voice assistant, just say “Alexa, open Iseebiz feeder”.

Iseebiz Cat Camera Treat Dispenser

Camera Characteristics
See your cat, listen to it, and share the interesting and cure snaps to your friends and family. Also, you can log in at the same time from different devices to see your cat. The home camera for pets is 165° and comes with an auto night vision mode.

No Need For Drilling Holes
Forget about drilling holes to make your camera dispenser fix. The product comes with suction cups that helps it stand on the smooth and flat surface. You won’t need to worry that your cat will knock down the treat dispenser.

Iseebiz Cat Camera Treat Dispenser review

Last Important Details 
This device supports 2.4GHz WIFI connection. It is simple to set it up. The USB cord comes in the package and the app is completely free. The dispenser can contain only dry food. Play the ”catch me if you can” game with your cat.

In Short:

  • optional drilling or using suction cups
  • simple to set up and install
  • Alexa voice-enabled assistant feature
  • supports up to 8 devices

Connect Cat Dispenser With Monitoring Device

You can use different monitoring devices and quickly connect to the camera. For additional settings check the setup instructions and our recommendations down below.

Download The App

Depending on the brand of cat treat dispenser, install a suitable app from the play store on your phone. The instructions are very simple and you can install it on iOS or Android. All you need is the internet and you can turn on the dispenser at any time and surprise your cat with a treat.

Download The App For Cat Treat Dispenser

Share It With Family Members

Not only can you monitor and use the app, you can share it with other family members as well. Most of the manufacturers allow using the app from different devices at the same time.

How To Toss Treats To Your Cat?

Every cat camera has a small opening at the front from which a treat will come out. Send the command from your monitoring device and press the button so the camera can eject reward treats.

How Many Treats Can Be Ejected At Once?

Toss options depend on the type of cat camera you’ll pick. Some models allow ejecting multiple tosses at once and some don’t. You can set the tossing settings on our app if the manufacturer included it in. If you have multiple cats, toss the multiple treats so everyone can get at least once reward. For overweight cats we don’t recommend tossing more than one treat once in a while.

Which Size Of Treats You Can Use?

Cat treats are usually 1 to 0.3 inches in size, which is compatible with most cat dispensers. We recommend measuring the dispenser hole from where the treat is ejected, and the size of treats, so you’re sure it won’t get stuck inside or throw out too many sweets at once.

wet cat treats

Can You Put Wet Food Inside a Cat Treat Dispenser?

No, cat treat dispensers are only suitable for dry food. Wet food can easily clog the device. Also, wet food is easier to get spoiled than dry food. When wet food is open it can stay fresh for only a short amount of time.

To Sum Up

We recommend buying Furbo Cat Camera. We find it the safest and of the highest quality. When it comes to choosing the best pet camera for cats, you should always make sure to buy it from a reliable manufacturer. Yours and your cat’s safety comes first. If you don’t feel like these devices are suitable for you, try with a cat camera collar and always know where your cat is.

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