Cat Attacked By Bird – Prevent This Situation

Many birds of prey will hunt small animals and they don’t make a difference between wild creatures and your beloved cat.

Any small animal is at risk from a bird attack. If you want to protect your lovely cat from these raptors, here you can find some tricks on how to get rid of these bad birds.

Why Do Birds Attack Your Cat?

Well, cats are natural predators to many species and they will hunt their prey tirelessly whether for food or fun. Sometimes, things can change and our lovely cats could get bullied by birds due to unknown reasons.

bird attack

So, why in the first place, do birds attack cats? Probably birds do that due to survival reasons. Some birds, especially when they have just laid eggs, could be very dangerous and brave enough to attack cats. That will happen if the birds see cats as threats.

How Birds Can Be Dangerous To Cats?

Although cats are more dangerous to a bird than a bird is to a cat, bigger birds can harm your pet cat. Large birds have strong beaks and claws that can seriously harm your cat. They can grab and bite your cat, especially if the cat is scared and forget to defend herself.

bird claws

Raptors That Hunt Pet Cats

Since birds of prey don’t hunt for sport, they are very dangerous. They seek food or to protect their territory, usually around the nest area. The most noted birds for prey are:

  • Great horned owls
  • Snowy owls
  • Northern goshawks
  • Red-tailed hawks
  • Bald Eagles
  • Crows
  • Mockingbird
  • Seagull – Less likely, but can happen.

Smaller backyard hawks won’t usually attack cats, but it can happen under some circumstances. If you live in an area where big birds like those mentioned above live, then be aware that can be fatal for your cat.

Do Pet Birds Attack Cats?

As we mentioned above, cats are natural predators, while birds are natural prey, which can cause issues if these two kinds of pets live in the same household.

A cat and bird can coexist in the same house, but make sure the cat can’t physically get to the bird. Some cats won’t even care about pet birds.

pet parrot

Since all pets are different, the opposite is possible. For example, if you own a parrot as a pet bird, which is quite a big bird, it can do some harm to your cat. Parrot has a strong beak and big claws that can grab and bite your cat and leave it injured. Small pet birds will usually be afraid of cats.

How To Help Cat After Attack?

If you suspect your cat has been involved in the fight, you should do some steps to check if your cat is okay both physically and mentally. Of course, you should visit the vet, who’ll examine your cat.

Apart from the physical wounds which must be treated by the vet, a cat can also be traumatized and that’s a bit tricky to identify.

When the wounds are healed, there are some things you should do to comfort your cat after a stressful attack.

  • Provide a safe space where she can feel relaxed – Ensure a hiding spot where she can feel protected. Also, use pheromone therapy which can help in lowering stress.
  • Desensitization and counter-conditioning – These two terms refer to changing the cat’s negative response to a positive one. These methods will help her to overcome her fear.
  • Use medication – Sometimes, your vet will recommend medication that will improve the cat’s condition.
  • Keep your cat indoors – At least until she recovers. In that way, you’ll prevent future fights and attacks and your cat will be able to recover fully.

If your cat is traumatized after the fight, learn how to recognize symptoms of trauma and consequently how to help your cat feel safe again.

Methods To Protect Your Cat From Bird Attack

To keep everyone happy and alive, try these methods:

  • Buy a Scarecrow Or a Bird Statue – Choose between these two  (or buy both) and put it in your yard. Just like cats, birds are territorial animals, so if they notice a bigger and more scary bird in your yard, they will avoid this area and consider this place unsafe. Consequently, your cat will be in peace.
  • Get a Bird Laser Repeller – This is the device you can install in your garden. Many of these devices are powered by the sun and use power-saving technology. It detects motion and lights up the laser in green and red colors, which are known as irritants to birds. Also, it is important to note that this laser isn’t dangerous for birds.
  • Ultrasonic Bird Repeller

  • Get Rid Of Insects And Pests -Birds like to hang out in areas full of insects and pests. If your garden is full of them, then this place is made for birds. You should deal with these insects because they could be harmful to you and your cat. Call pest control and they will solve your problem. When birds notice there is no food in your garden, they won’t build a nest here.
  • Get a Cat House – Whilst dog houses are more popular, there are cat houses for the same purpose. It will give shelter to your cat and if a bird tries to attack the cat again, she can hide in it.
  • wooden cat house

  • Keep An Eye On Your Cat – If you don’t want to invest in anything or you can’t apply any of the mentioned solutions, then just keep an eye on your cat while she is outside. It is important that you can see your cat at any time, so you can react if a bird comes.
  • Train It To Be Indoor Cat – If that bird’s attacks are dangerous and could seriously harm your cat, then this solution could be the best for your cat. You should train your cat gradually, offer interesting toys, a soft pillow or blanket for sleep, a tunnel, a nice towel, etc.
  • Your Pet Bird Attacks Your Cat – If your pet bird attacks your cat, then you should separate them. Allocate one room for your pet bird, while another room is for your cat.
  • Avoid Ground Feeding Birds – Don’t feed doves, quail and other birds that eat on the ground. Thes birds will attract larger hawks. Also, remove ground bird baths.
  • Feed Your Cat Indoor – When a cat eats, she won’t be aware of a possibly dangerous situation and won’t notice a bird at the right time. Untended cat food will attract mice, rats and raccoons that will themselves attract hunting raptors.

To Sum Up

Any small pet could be at risk from a bird attack and that can happen for various reasons. Though rare, bird attacks on cats can happen, follow our advice and protect your beloved cat from a possibly dangerous situation.

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