Rex Rabbit Size Comparison – Standard Vs Mini Rex

Many people can agree there is nothing more adorable than a cute little bunny.

But, there are many popular breeds of domestic rabbits and the Rex rabbit is one of them.

If you want to know what makes them unique, where the differences and how to care for them, keep reading, we’ve covered all that. Also, we made a rex rabbit size comparison between two rabbit breeds.

What Is a Rex Rabbit?

Rex rabbit breed is a cute and fluffy bunny with a very unique coat. It is like plush velvet. These animals are friendly, confident and popular as pets. Rex rabbit has medium-sized upright ears, a cute square head and it can be found in two sizes – standard and mini.

It is interesting that in Latin “Rex” stands for “king”.

Discovered back in 1919, standard Rex and mini Rex are two different breeds, that are mainly originating in the French village of Louché-Pringé. But they share the same fur type (which is beautiful and soft).

french village

It was previously known as Castor Rex rabbit, but its name is changed after genetic mutation.

Now, they have beautiful, thick, dense and luscious coats and the size is the most significant difference between these two breeds. Both rex rabbit breeds come in various colors.

Let’s check the differences between these two breeds.

Mini Rex Vs Standard Rex Rabbit

“Standard” Rex

Standard rex rabbit has extra plushy, soft and short fur. This fur pushes out rather than against their body.

This breed is significantly different in size when compared with mini rex. The standard rex rabbit weighs approximately 10.5 pounds, once fully grown, so it is a relatively large bunny.

standard rex rabbit

They can weigh from 6 to 12.5 pounds. It is bulkier and designed to be a meat breed. Rex rabbit reaches the average size when 8 or 9 months old and they can grow to be 12 inches in length.

There is the important thing – there is no breed called Standard Rex. The breed is simply – Rex.

Mini Rex

It is a dwarf rabbit, also discovered in 1984 in France. Mini rex rabbit weighs about 4.5 pounds. It is almost half the size of the standard one having a small and compact body.

This mini bunny isn’t designed to be a meat breed. This animal likes to be petted and held, just like a real pet.

mini rex

Mini rex rabbit has different-sized eyes and ears than a standard rex so they aren’t just miniature versions of a standard rex rabbit. Their average size will be reached between 6 to 7 months.

Sometimes it is incorrectly called “standard”.

Things To Know About Rex Rabbits

Rex Rabbit Grooming And Feeding

Rabbits do shed, which is very important info for people who are allergic. They are typically clean animals, so you don’t have to spend your time on grooming. In fact, too much brushing can cause damage to their beautiful fur.

It is important to ensure at least 60 square feet of place so they can roam freely.

feeding rabbit

Their diet should include high-fiber pellets (5%) and hay (90%), complemented with fresh produce. Of course, fresh water is crucial.

Rex Rabbit Temperament

These bunny breeds are perfect pets. They are calm, intelligent, playful and low-maintenance pets.

Rex rabbits are very social and love to be around other rabbits since they aren’t aggressive. Also, they enjoy human companionship. These animals are a good choice for families with children (that doesn’t include toddlers and small children who are too young to handle rabbits safely).

Rex Rabbit Health

These rabbits are quite healthy pets, however, there are some conditions you should be aware of.

  • Skin issues – They can be prone to pododermatitis, also known as bumblefoot (we wrote about chinchilla bumblefoot, but that’s the same, if interested, check out that post).
  • Gastrointestinal Conditions – These lovely rabbits are prone to gastrointestinal tract statis, which can be a very serious condition. In any case, you should visit your vet.
  • vet

  • Dental Issues – The most common dental issue is a molar and premolar malocclusion and elongation. It can be seen in domesticated rabbits more frequently since they live longer than wild rabbits.

How Long Do Rex Rabbits Live As Pets?

The usual lifespan of Rex rabbits is 6-8 years. If you spay or neuter (it is recommended) your rex rabbit, whether the mini or standard one, they will live for up to 10 years. You should keep them happy and healthy and they’ll be amazing pets for many years.

To Sum Up

A standard rex and mini rex are two popular breeds among many rabbit lovers. Both share some similarities as well as differences. Here you could find useful info such as rex rabbit size comparison and many other interesting facts.

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