Top 10 Large Indoor Rabbit Cages For One Or Multiple Bunnies

Have you been looking far and wide for a good, spacious large indoor rabbit cage but can’t seem to decide on one?

We’ll help you decide in this article where we not only reviewed the best but explained why they are the best as well. We made sure to review cages in different categories so that at least one can fit everyone’s taste like hutches, hutches with runs, metal cages, and even cheap cages.

The Summary

PawHut Small Animal Cage SummaryPawhut 41 Small Animal Cage
You can move this cage anywhere since it sits on wheels and it looks really nice indoors due to the rounded top corners.
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Rockever Hutch summaryRockever Rabbit Hutch
The divider and cage’s construction allows you to house 2 rabbits and each rabbit will get its run and sleeping area.
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Midwest Deluxe Cage SummaryMidWest Homes Double Story Cage
You’ll 2 fully extended levels on this cage so it’s enough for one flemish giant and saves you space indoors since the cage is mostly tall.
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Aivituvin Cage SummaryAivituvin Extra Large Hutch And Run
The run area covers the whole width and length of this cage but it still has a 2nd level that’s centered and can be accessed from the right and left.
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BEST OUTDOOR WOODEN RABBIT HOUSE summaryNurxiovo 36 Wooden Bunny House
The house might not be as large as some, but it’s still big enough to house one rabbit inside. It also sits on legs so that you can place things below.
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Lovupet Cage SummaryLovupet Rabbit Hutch
The hutch features 2 levels and if you ever feel like it, you can separate the rabbit by closing off the trap door on the 2nd level entrance hole.
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Gutinneen Hutch summaryGutinneen Indoor Rabbit Hutch
Both the bottom and top-level get plenty of ventilation since it has wire sides all around. It’s easy to move elsewhere due to the bottom wheels.
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Pawhut 4-Level Cage SummaryPawhut 32 4 Level Rabbit Cage
The cage top is made out of metal but it’s still decently light so that you can move it elsewhere using the 4 wheels on the bottom.
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PawHut 4 Tier Stage Cage SummaryPawHut Rolling Small Animal Cage
Each additional level of this cage is half the cage’s width and almost equal to it in length. This gives your rabbit more space to play.
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Songmics Playpen SummarySongmics Rabbit Playpen
For only around 60 dollars, you can play with this cage on your own by customizing it and shaping it to match your placement capabilities.
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Best 10 Large Indoor Rabbit Cages


Pawhut 41 Small Animal Cage

Top Corners And Frame
The cage is designed to have rounded top corners so it doesn’t look so boxed in. It has a metal tube frame that comes down and extends so that it’s elevated from the ground and it even features wheels for easier moving. It has a wire gird floor and a plastic base for cleaning.

pawhut indoor review

Wire Finish And Size
The top of this big indoor bunny cage is made with wire that’s powder-coated and has a 1-in bar spacing. For the inside, you’ll get a ramp and 2nd level. It’s 41-in long, 17-in wide, and 26-in tall so if you’d like an even larger model, you can read the double rabbit cage for more models.

In Short:

  • Has rounded top corners
  • Made with a metal tube frame and wire sides
  • Features a hanging plastic cleaning base below the wire floor
  • Sits on wheels
  • It’s 41-in long, 17-in wide, and 26-in tall
  • Has a ramp and elevated area inside
  • Features a 1-in bar spacing


Rockever Rabbit Hutch

Separate Rabbit Housing
If you’d prefer to house 2 rabbits inside one unit but keep them separated this is the one to go with. The hutch is separated with a divider and each then hutch part features its run and sleeping area. The sleeping areas are fully wooden while the run areas are covered with wire sides.

Rockever Hutch review

Areas Cleaning
The hole that allows your rabbits to enter the sleeping area can be closed with a sliding door so that you can easily clean it. It features a plastic tray for the bottom, it’s elevated from the ground and it’s 65-in long, 20-in wide, and 21-in tall. If you’d prefer a cage made for one rabbit, you can read about others in the large indoor rabbit hutch article.

In Short:

  • Can house 2 rabbits separately using the divider
  • Features 2 runs and 2 sleep areas
  • It’s elevated from the ground
  • Made with wood and wire
  • It’s 65-in long, 20-in wide, and 21-in tall
  • Has a plastic bottom tray


MidWest Homes Double Story Cage

2 Levels, 2 Ramps
To understand how this cage is built we have to say that it features 2 levels and 2 elevated areas accessible through a ramp. The levels are fully extended to fit the cage’s width of 36-in and length of 25-in. The 2nd level features a small hole so that the rabbit can access it using the third ramp.

Midwest-rabbit cage

Sides And Frame
It has a metal tube frame and wire sides. It does sit on a stand with wheels and a storage wire grid as well. It’s 62.5-in tall including the stand. If you’d prefer a cage that’s large enough for your rabbit with only a single level, make sure you read the extra-large indoor flemish giant cage article next.

In Short:

  • Made with a metal tube frame and wire sides
  • Sits on a large stand with wheels and a wire storage grid
  • It’s 36-in wide, 25-in long, and 62.5-in tall
  • Has 2 fully extended levels and 2 elevated areas
  • Features 3 ramps for level and elevated area access


Aivituvin Extra Large Hutch And Run

Run Size And Bottom
If you were to look at the previous version of this hutch. You’d unfortunately not be able to use it indoors but in this version, the huge bottom run area that’s 87.8-in long and 20.5-in wide comes with a cleaning tray that you can put on the bottom for indoor use, or take them out for outdoor use.

Aivituvin Cage

Top Level And Cover
The 2nd level is centered and your rabbits can access it from the left and right side ramp. It’s 27.6-in long and the whole hutch is made with firwood and mesh wire. At the top, there is a house-shaped roof that’s waterproof for extra weather protection. If for some reason this extra large rabbit hutch with runs indoor model is too big for you, make sure you read the article linked below for more.

In Short:

  • The run is 87.8-in long and 20.5-in wide
  • Has a 27.6-in long 2nd level
  • The 2nd level can be accessed through the left and right ramp
  • Made with firwood and mesh wire
  • It has a waterproof asphalt roof
  • The run features removable trays for indoor and outdoor use


Nurxiovo 36 Wooden Bunny House

Materials Coverage
At first glance, this house might seem small but we’re here to convince you otherwise. It has a run and sleeping area. The run’s front is covered with welded wire while the sleeping area is fully wooden with a firwood build for maximum privacy.

Nurxiovo 36 Rabbit Hutch

Stand And Proportions
There’s an entrance to the sleeping area, a top entrance, and a slide-out cleaning tray below the whole thing. It sits on a stand with legs that makes it 24.6-in tall while it’s also 35.4-in long, and 15.2-in wide. It does have a waterproof roof as well but that’s made for outdoor use. If this large indoor rabbit house is still too small for you, make sure you read the wooden rabbit house article for larger models.

In Short:

  • Features a run and sleep area
  • The run’s front is covered with welded wire
  • It’s 24.6-in tall, 35.4-in long, and 15.2-in wide
  • Sits on a stand
  • Features a sliding out cleaning tray
  • Has a front and top entrance
  • Made with fir wood


Lovupet Rabbit Hutch

2 Material Build
There are 2 materials that make this large indoor rabbit hutch for 2 rabbits and those are firwood and wire. the reason why it will look amazing indoors is that the wood is treated with natural colors that make it pop out great as a furniture piece. In case you want to check out other models with different designs, read the 2 rabbit hutch article next.

Lovupet Cage Review

Blocking Off Access
This big indoor bunny cage has 2 levels and in case you ever want to separate your rabbits, you can do that by closing the trap door at the entrance hole to the 2nd level. The bottom is intended as a run area while the top features a smaller run area and a sleeping area. The front sides open fully and it has an additional door at the top. It’s around 47-in long, 20-in wide, and 40-in tall.

In Short:

  • Has 5 doors in total
  • Features a bottom run, a top run, and a top sleep area
  • It’s around 47-in long, 20-in wide, and 40-in tall
  • Made with fir wood and wire
  • It’s colored with natural wood colors


Gutinneen Indoor Rabbit Hutch

Colors And Bottom
This hutch is colored with different shades of grey and is made with firwood. It also has some wire bits on the bottom sides so it gets ventilated extremely well. For a differently colored tall indoor rabbit hutch make sure you read the tall rabbit hutch article linked below.

best tall indoor large rabbit cage

Levels And Proportions
It consists of 2 levels and each level features its slide-out cleaning tray. It has 3 entrances in total, one for the bottom and 2 for the top. You can easily move this 38.6-in long, 25.6-in wide, and 44.2-in tall hutch as well even though it weighs around 57 lbs since it sits on 4 lockable wheels. It does have a wire grid flooring.

In Short:

  • Has wire bottom sides for ventilation
  • Made with a 2nd level
  • Overall, it’s around 38-in long, 25-in wide, and 44-in tall
  • Has 3 entrance
  • Features a wire grid floor
  • Below the wire floor, you’ll find a cleaning tray


Pawhut 32 4 Level Rabbit Cage

Space Saver
If you don’t have a lot of space to reserve for a large cage you can opt for a tall cage like this one. It’s 43.25-in tall, 32-in wide, and 20.75-in tall. If you can afford for your cage to take up more floor space, read the metal rabbit cage article linked below for more models.


Base Info And Flooring
It has a 2 piece deep plastic base that also features a slide-out cleaning tray. Its floor is made with gridded plastic while the top is made out of wire. It has 2 entrances in the front, one for the bottom and top of the cage, and also comes with 3 additional platforms and ramps to access them. It even sits on wheels for higher mobility.

In Short:

  • It’s 42.25-in tall
  • Has 3 additional platforms and ramps
  • Features a 2 piece base with a cleaning tray
  • Has a plastic gridded floor
  • Features a wire top
  • Sits on 4 wheels
  • Made with 2 entrances


PawHut Rolling Small Animal Cage

Square Shape
This is a lovely cage to look at simply because it has a square shape. This means that it’s equally wide and long. To be specific, it’s 20.5-in long and wide, and it’s also around 45-in tall. It does sit on a stand with wheels that elevates it from the ground and allows for a plastic base to be attached to the bottom for cleaning.

pawhut 3 cage

Interior Details
This big indoor bunny cage has 3 additional platforms and ramps. It also comes with a resting hammock and features a durable metal tube and wire build. Each extra level is around 20-in long and 10-in wide. If you’d prefer a smaller number of levels on your multi-level rabbit cage, be sure to read the article linked below.

In Short:

  • Has a metal tube frame and wire sides
  • It’s square-shaped and 20.5-in long and wide
  • It’s around 45-in tall
  • Has 3 additional, 20-in long, and 10-in wide levels
  • Sits on a wheeled stand
  • Features a hanging cleaning plastic base


Songmics Rabbit Playpen

Things It Comes With
The main benefit of this cage is that it’s completely customizable. It’s designed as a playpen with 24 pieces of 17.8-in long and 13.8-in wide transparent panels, 2 pieces of wire grid with the same dimensions, and 3 pieces of 13.8-in long and wide panels. You can connect them with 39 connectors and 100 zip ties.


What You Can Do And Price
You’ll get a rubber mallet to assemble it and the possibilities o assembling it are endless. You can make it so it has a floor, a top cover, or have none of the above. You can expand on it with more of the same products and you can even make additional levels. It costs around 63 dollars but if you’d prefer an actual cage, you can read the cheap indoor rabbit cage article next.

In Short:

  • Comes with a total of 27 pieces of panels
  • Features 2 wire grid panels
  • The panels are 17.8-in long and 13.8-in wide, and 13.8-in long and wide
  • Features 39 connectors and 100 zip ties
  • comes with 12 non-slip rubber feet
  • Features a mallet for assembly
  • It’s completely customizable

How To Pick A Large Indoor Rabbit Cage

Choosing the correct large indoor rabbit cage is a matter of personal preference but in order to figure out what can be an indoor cage and what is considered large, you’ll have to learn some things about them in general. The info about this and more can all be found in this buying guide.

What’s Large And What’s Not – We’d say that a large cage covers the minimum recommended cage size requirements and everything above that. The reason why the minimum also counts is that these main reference points. For larger rabbits that weigh over 8 lbs, a 36×30 cage should do while for smaller rabbits under 8 lbs, a 30×24 cage should do just fine.

Indoor Housing Benefits – Apart from allowing you to connect more with your rabbit and making it truly a part of the family, indoor rabbit housing comes with an additional set of benefits. For starters, it’s easier to keep an eye on them and prevent escapes and their lifespan increases with indoor housing as well. Outdoor rabbit housing is better reserved for experienced and professional owners.

Dimensions Don’t Fit The Requirements – Even here, there are plenty of cages and hutches that don’t match the minimum size requirements for specific rabbit breeds and that’s normal but you have to take into account the cage’s height as well and whether it features additional floors.

Space Saving Indoors – A clever way to maximize the cage size and keep your rabbit happy while also keeping you happy since the hutch or cage doesn’t take up that much space is to get a tall rabbit cage or a multi-level rabbit cage. Either will work fine since they’re primarily tall and not nearly as wide or long.

Materials To Choose From – If you’re getting a cage, you’re more likely to get a wire cage while if you’re going for a hutch, the chances are it’s going to be made with wood. You can benefit greatly from hutches since they might blend well into your home decor and with your furniture while wire cages are cheaper and chew proof.

Chewing Prevention – Rabbits are animals whose teeth never stop growing so they need to wear them down. They’re also curious animals so it’s just one more thing that makes them chew on anything they can get their paws on. To prevent that, you can consider buying a chew toy and we’d especially recommend that if you have an indoor wooden rabbit hutch.

To Sum Up

There’s more to choosing an indoor large rabbit cage than just making sure it’s large but still small enough for indoor use. It’s important to know all of your options and based on those, you can pick out the best one for yourself so that’s the reason why we won’t be recommending one to you. What we will recommend though is for you to read next either the wire rabbit cages article or the cheap rabbit cages article in case you want to focus solely on cages or affordable options and if you want us to include every possible hutch and cage type out there for sale, you can read the rabbit the best bunny cages post.

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