Best 6 Indoor Dog Cameras You Can Choose From In 2021 Reviews

Thinking about buying an indoor dog camera, but still looking for the perfect model?

Then this article will help you.

We have explored the online market and found the indoor dog cameras that are most searched for. We have divided them into 6 categories. Check out the best of best, with wifi, interactive, cheap, or other models, and see if one of them meets your needs. Don’t forget to read our guide on how to pick the perfect indoor camera for you and your dog.

The Summary

Petcube Cam With Vet Chat SummaryPetcube Cam With Vet Chat
What makes this camera best is the fact that you’ll find a vet chat within the app. Consult a veterinarian when necessary.
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CleverDog Nanny Camera SummaryCleverDog Nanny Camera
The CleverDog camera is a small device that includes an HD video camera and allows you to watch your dog during the day or night.
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Imillet Video Camera SummaryIMILLET Dog Camera For Indoor Use
Connect the Imillet dog camera to your wifi. Download the app and start using the device in less than 5 minutes.
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VINSION Dog Monitor Camera SummaryVINSION Dog Monitor Camera
Interact with your dog 24/7. Make it happy when it hears your words of love. Check on it through the app anytime.
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GevTa Monitor Indoor Camera SummaryGevTa Monitor Indoor Camera
This budget-friendly dog indoor camera comes with many functions and features. It alerts you if your dog is crying.
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RCA Camera For Dog SummaryRCA Home Camera For Dog
The RCA camera will not only make you check on your dog easily, but it will allow you to feel safe about your home when you are not there.
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Best 6 Indoor Cameras For Dogs


Petcube Cam With Vet Chat

What Makes This Petcube Special? 
The feature that makes this indoor camera for pets different is the built-in live vet chat. You are probably wondering how this works. It is simple. When you notice a strange behavior in your dog, you can chat with verified veterinarians through the app. The Petcube device comes with one complimentary vet consultation.

Petcube Cam With Vet Chat

High-Quality Video Camera
This Petcube model is a new 2020 model. It features an even better and clearer 1080p full HD camera. It comes with a 110° wide-angle view, and night vision function. You can zoom the picture for up to 8x. Lastly, you will be able to see up to 30 ft. in the dark.

Smart Sound And Motion Alert
You can stay calm while away. The camera includes a sound and motion sensor and if it detects any abnormalities, it will alter you immediately through the app. This camera will not only help you interact with your dog when it feels lonely, but it will serve as a home security camera too.

Petcube Cam With Vet Chat Review

Communicate With Your Dog
The device has a microphone and a speaker included. The two-way remote interaction with your dog is going to be even easier. When you feel like your dog needs to hear your voice, simply call it and tell it hello. You will be able to hear its bark too.

In Short:

  • vet chat included within the app
  • features sensor for motion and sound detection
  • high-resolution camera and night vision
  • easy to communicate with your dog
  • hear your dog’s bark


CleverDog Nanny Camera

Small And Functional
The CleverDog indoor dog camera is a small and compact device. You can easily place it anywhere in the room. It features an HD camera that will make you see clearly what is happening in your home. It is a simple plug-in device and it is incredibly easy and quick to set it up.

CleverDog Nanny Camera

Connect CeleverDog To The App
Once you turn on the camera to watch dog at home, you should download the app to your Android or iPhone. The app requires you to log in. A total of 5 people can use the app. Customize the camera settings and audio alerts. Share your cute and funny photos or videos with your family.

Microphone And Speaker
This CleverDog device comes with a built-in two-way interaction feature. This means that not only your dog will hear your voice when you call it, but you will hear its bark too. Say your dog hello, or that you love it, whenever you feel like you miss it or it misses you.

CleverDog Nanny Camera Review

How To Store Data
There are two ways of data storage – micro SD card or cloud storage. Subscribe to the app and get the cloud cam storage service. This way you will be sure your favorite photos and videos are stored. In case you don’t feel like subscribing, you can use the micro SD card (up to 128GB).

In Short:

  • small in size and fits anywhere
  • subscribe to the app and get free cloud storage
  • interact with your dog through the app
  • use the micro SD card with up to 128GB
  • budget-friendly device


IMILLET Dog Camera For Indoor Use

Quick Set-Up
Set up the Imillet wifi dog camera in less than 5 minutes. Plugin the device and connect it to your wifi. Download the app to your smartphone, tablet, or Windows PC. Connect the app with your device and you are free to use the camera remotely from anywhere and at any time.

Imillet Video Camera Review

Clear Night Vision Camera
A good camera is a must when it comes to these devices. It is not only important to have a clear view of your dog or your home during the day, but also during the night. This Imillet model of a camera for dogs includes the intelligent IR-cut switch which makes sure the images are of high quality both during the day and night.

Stay Safe And Get An Alert
Your application is here to alter you if something happens at home that it doesn’t recognize as normal. The motion sensor detects suspicious movements. The detection sensibility can be adjusted. The moment the sensor recognizes something, you will get an instant push alert notification.

Imillet Video Camera

Technical Specs
The two-way audio feature is included and the microphone and speaker are included. The night vision camera features 1 infrared LED. The device supports 2.4ghz wifi network frequency. The overall size of the device is 7.1 x 4.1 x 3.7 inches. This is a corded electric device.

In Short:

  • corded electric and simple plug-in device
  • clear images during the day and night
  • motion detector sensor included
  • easy to use and quick set up
  • two-way communication with your dog


VINSION Dog Monitor Camera

Make Your Dog Happy
Leaving our dog alone at home is something we all have to do sometimes for different reasons. We all know that our dog misses us, and we miss it too. The dog cameras are here to make these situations easier. The Vinsion dog camera allows a two-way interaction with your dog 24/7. Tell it that you will be home soon and make it miss you less.

VINSION Dog Monitor Camera Review

Monitor Your Dog Remotely
The 1080p full HD camera will help you monitor your dog from your smartphone. You can keep in touch with your dog whenever you feel the need to. You will also be able to snap a photo and forward it to your family members or friends. The night vision camera function is included too.

Make Your Data Safe
The Vinsion manufacturer guarantees zero information leakage risk. Your camera comes with a unique ID that only you can access. The photos and video clips aren’t store on a server. The device supports a 128G TF card storage. It is not included in the package. Lastly, the camera is only bound to one account, but it can be shared with 5 other accounts.

VINSION Dog Monitor Camera

How And Where To Install
This 7.9 x 4 x 4 inches device is small enough to fit anywhere in your room. Choose whether to put it on your desk, or a shelf. Make sure the interactive pet camera is not located near heaters or similar. The installation is fast. Connect the device to the app on your smartphone and you are good to go.

In Short:

  • make your dog smile when it hears your voice
  • use your smartphone to check on your dog
  • 1080p full HD camera (day and night vision)
  • no information leakage risk
  • camera is bound to one account
  • share camera with 5 more people


GevTa Monitor Indoor Camera

The Main Features Of GetVa Dog Camera
The GetVa camera for dogs is budget-friendly and affordable. It is multi-functional and comes with many great features such as an HD night vision camera, two-way interaction function, barking or crying alters, and secure cloud storage. Keep on reading to find out more about some of the features.

GevTa Monitor Indoor Camera

The Communication With Your Dog
You will be able to call your dog through the app that you have downloaded to your phone. You will get to tell him a few words, and hear it bark back. If you have a dog that has health problems, a dog camera is an extremely helpful device. Apart from that, you might have puppies that need attention.

How To Connect The Device With The App
Connect the device to your wifi and download the manufacturer’s app. Keep in mind that it does not use 5G wifi (during pairing with the app). In case the connection fails, reset the device before trying to connect it again. Follow the app’s instructions and accept its notifications.

GevTa Monitor Indoor Camera Review

General Details And Characteristics
What you need to know about this dog camera is that it comes with a great 1080p HD night vision and an IR auto switch. It allows you to see your dog even when it is completely dark. You can share the camera with your family members, and get an alert if something abnormal is happening.

In Short:

  • budget-friendly price
  • easy to connect to your smartphone
  • supports 2.4ghz wifi frequency
  • see your dog in the dark even if it’s 32 ft away
  • 1080p HD night vision and an IR auto switch


RCA Home Camera For Dog

General Product Overview
The RCA security camera for your home and your dog is a wifi indoor camera. It allows you to have control over the situation at home while you are away. Check on your furry best friend remotely. Use the free app on your smartphone or tablet and always know what is happening at home.


Stay Connected To Your Dog
The camera will track your dog and you will get to check on it anytime. Moreover, the device includes the microphone and the speaker for interesting talking and barking interaction. The infrared night vision allows you to see if your pet is fine even during the night.

The Camera And Interaction
Just like other models from this list, this device features a high-quality camera that provides you the clearest view of your dog. You will be able to see its facial expression and call it if you notice it is sad or lonely. Talk to your dog and make the communication with your dog as easy as you were there in person.

GevTa Monitor Indoor Camera

Snap, Record, And Share
Record clips or take interesting, funny, and adorable photos of your dog. Store the data to your mobile device. There are no fees to using the app. Add a micro SD card and save all your favorite data to it. Share the photos with your loved ones and show them what your dog has been doing today.

In Short:

  • check on your dog from your office
  • call your dog and make it smile
  • store the adorable photos to your phone
  • no subscription fees
  • add a micro SD card

How To Pick: Indoor Dog Camera

The indoor camera for dogs has become an essential device for many dog owners recently. No matter what your reason for buying is, you must make sure you get the right model that will suit your needs completely. Camera resolution, the price, the interaction function, and other important functions are key factors that will help you decide easily.

High Camera Resolution – A good camera is a must. If you have a camera with low-resolution, you won’t be able to read your dog’s expressions, movements, etc. Also, a high-quality camera (no lower than 720p) will make you see everything clearer which will help you notice if anything suspicious had happened.

Viewing Angle – Make sure you install the camera in the place where the viewing angle will be best. The camera must follow your dog’s movements. Many models feature wide-angle cameras that will make the room’s visibility clearer and provide a panoramic viewing range.

The Price And Quality – The quality of the above-listed models is good. They are all made of durable plastic material. This is extremely important because the device won’t break if it gets knocked over by your dog. Also, don’t aim to get the cheapest model on the market. Buy from a reliable brand.

The Communication Feature – The interaction with your dog is very important. The two-way audio and speaking feature is a must if you plan on calling your dog every day to make it miss you less. Make sure you get a model that allows you to hear your dog barking you back too.

Multi-Function Device – When we say multifunction, we mean we want our device to include all of the above-listed features. Not only that, but it has to be connectable easily to the manufacturer’s app. Make sure your smartphone supports the app.

To Sum Up

The device we consider the best out of these six is the Petcube Cam With Vet Chat. The reason is simple – it is the only device that allows you to check with a veterinarian about your dog’s health. We know that getting an interactive dog camera is not always easy. This is why, apart from the above-mentioned models, don’t forget to check on our post about the wifi dog camera treat dispensers too.

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