Editor Policy

The Base Of Our Work

The research is the first step in creating an article on Petovly. Every article with quality content must be based on verified information. For that reason, we spend about 400 hours weekly researching the topic we plan to write about. To know which topic we will present, we search for the readers’ interests, questions, and problems they often encounter. The research usually includes consulting specified literature as well as experts who can give us more info about a pet topic. With all the info we collected, we begin writing with 3 questions in our mind:

  • Who requires this information?
  • What information the readers are searching for?
  • What things the readers should consider?

In an effort to provide the readers with verified information, our writers consult known sources only. Our rule is it’s better to write nothing but to write wrong information.

How Is The Process Of Creating Worthy Content Going On?

Our team is here to write posts with one thing in mind – to make them useful for readers.
Each topic is researched in detail and with experts’ help so we can provide you true and practical content.





How We Choose The Products We Recommend?

The research is also the first step in writing the reviews. We search for the product with the best customers’ ratings and positive reviews. Our reviewers have enough experience to detect false information and to recognize the fake customer. We consider real customer comments only.

Every product we review includes a short description and detailed review of its specifications including both good and bad sides. To be definitely sure a product is worth buying and is in accordance with the manufacturer’s promise, we test products in some cases. The result of the test combined with expert information makes the product review we publish.

How We Create The Reviews?

The process of creating a product review performs in 7 steps:

  1. Searching For Optimal Choice – We study the customers’ needs in order to make a list of the products to review
  2. Exploring The Products – We test the products or consult the customers to make the list of products we will recommend
  3. Consulting With Experts – We contact our collaborators who are experts in the field we study to give us the answers we need
  4. Writing The Review – We write the product review using the cognitions we came to while researching
  5. Education For Readers – We create a short buying guide to highlight the things the readers should know while buying the products
  6. Final Words – In the end, we recommend the product with the best ratings and explain why to buy it
  7. Check Out – Experts check the article and give us feedback

Our Editorial Independence

The editorial independence is the main principle of the Petovly site. That means the content we publish does not depend on the suggestions of any third party. We make money collaborating with advertisers but they do not have an influence on our choices. We get a small commission from the product they sell the link on our site boosted sales. The commission we manage to collect we use to improve the quality of our site. The profit we reach doesn’t have a role in creating the content on our site. The reader comes first and no profit can change this principle we meet.