Privacy Policy

The owner of the site takes user privacy seriously so we give you this Privacy Policy to be informed about how we collect, use, and share your personal information.

Please read this Privacy Policy carefully before using this site and stop using it immediately if you do not agree with the Privacy Policy.

If you have any questions about the Privacy Policy, please contact us.


This is the Privacy Policy of Petovly site ( the “Site”, the “Company”, “we”, “our”, “us”) which describes the use of the personal information of the visitors of the Site. Petovly reserve the right to modify the Privacy Policy without the obligation to notify you about it. The Privacy Policy is available all the time at the bottom of the page.

Continuing with using this Site means you agree with the Terms of use and its optional modifications.

What Kind Of Information Do We Collect

We collect two kinds of information. Most information we collect is personal information. These are name, contact information, email address, phone number. When you fulfill the contact form, you provide us with your personal information. IP address, browser type, device identifiers, and operating system are also the personal information we collect.

Another type of information is non-personal which means they are anonymized and do not identify a person. The non-personal information is usually combined with personal info and as such, it’s characterized as personal information.

How Do We Collect Your Information

The information is collected by your visit to our Site, fulfilling the contact form or send us an email, enter your information to sign up for the newsletter, submitting a comment, and other ways you choose to get in touch with us.

The second way to collect your personal and non-personal information is by using Cookies.

Cookie Policy

Using “cookies” is the most common way to collect user information. Cookies are little files on the device a person uses to access our Site. Cookies are used to track your activity to record and collect information about your preferences in order to improve your experience using the Petovly site.

Accepting “cookies”, you agree with sharing your information for the needs of developing our Site. Cookies send us notifications about your activities which we use to send you notifications in accordance with your preferences and interests. We use Cookies to make an analysis of our Site use.

We use also the “cookies” of analytics services such as Google Analytics. The cookies of Google Analytics send us notifications about your use of our Site helping us to better the quality of the Site. Cookies give us information such as IP address, time of user’s visit, return to the Site, and so on.

You can but have not to accept Cookies. If you disagree with Cookies, you are free to refuse the Cookies which makes our Service work with modifications. That means some of the services will not be available for you in accordance with your request for not sharing personal information. Accepting the Cookies, all services work normally.

What We Use Your Information For

We use your information to increase the user experience on our site. We use the personal information of our users for the needs of this Site only. We do not share the information of the users with anybody but our partners. The only reason why we collect your information is to improve the quality of the Site. We do not share your information for personal needs.

We reserve the information to share your information with law authorities in case they submit the request.

We use a verified operating system that guarantees the security of the transmission of the information from your device to our system. We control the transmissions regularly but you should not consider any transmission on Internet 100 percent safe. In case you notice an authorized use of your information, please contact us as soon as possible.

Privacy Of Children

We protect the privacy of children. The information of children under 16 which includes the name, contact, and photos is deleted immediately. The children under 16 have to use our Service under the control of parents or guardians. If you notice we collected the personal information of a child, please contact us, and will delete it as soon as possible.

Third-Party And Social Media

We are not responsible for collecting the information from the third-party websites whose links we share. We are not responsible for the data collection when you visit the social media profile of our Site. These are the websites that have their own Privacy Policy and we have nothing to do with them. When you leave our Site by clicking on the link we share, the Privacy Polity of our Site is not valid anymore and you may or may not accept the Policy of third-party websites.

We do not have control over collecting the personal information of our users who visit our profile on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and similar. Social medial share with us the personal information of our users such as profile picture, screen name, and contact info.