Best 6 Wireless/WiFi Dog Treat Dispensers: Reward Your Dog Remotely With Treats

Are you in search of a wifi dog treat dispenser?

Still haven’t decided which model to buy?

Don’t worry. This is what we are here for. Our post will help you get the right wifi treat dispenser for you and your dog. Read all the main characteristics of the best indoor, interactive, cheap, or puppy treat dispensers and see which one meets your needs. In the end, don’t forget to check out our guide that will surely help with making the right decision.

The Summary

SKYMEE Petalk AI II Camera Dispenser SummarySKYMEE Petalk AI II Camera Dispenser
The Skymee II enters 2020 as an upgraded and safer dog camera dispenser that is even easier to use.
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NPET Treat Dispenser Dog Camera SummaryNPET Treat Dispenser Dog Camera
If you have a limited budget, the Npet device is the cheapest on this list, but still keeps up with the good quality.
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DOGNESS Camera Treat Dispenser SummarDOGNESS Puppy Camera Treat Tosser
Make sure your puppy is fine by tossing it a treat or simply saying it hello.
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What Is a WiFi Dog Dispenser?

It is a multifunctional home device which provides interaction between dog and owner. Dog dispensers eject treats and allow you to monitor your pet while away.

How Does The Treat Dispenser For Dogs Works?

Treat dispensers connect with WiFi and pair with monitoring devices. You only need to press the button on the app and the device will eject the reward for your dog.

How Does The Treat Dispenser For Dogs Works

Does The Wifi Treat Dispenser Have Another Name?

Yes, WiFi treat dispensers are often called remote dog treat dispensers. The word remoting signifies the monitoring device that is paired with a dispenser.

Most Important Benefits Of Having A Dog Dispenser

There are many benefits of having a wifi dispenser for dogs, but those 3 we think are most important.
Pet Monitoring – This device is for all the dog owners that want to monitor their pet while they’re not at home. This will allow you to be sure your dog is doing ok and not making a mess around the house.
Rewarding With Treats – Reward your dog with a few treats while you’re away, especially if he is behaving well. Treats are a great way to show love to your dog while you’re away.
Security Device – Not only can you monitor your dog, you can use the dog dispenser with a camera to check if there are suspicious noises or movements around the house. Having a wifi camera can really help keep intruders away.

monitor your pet with treat dispenser

Which Features Every WiFi Dog Dispenser Needs To Have?

When picking a new WiFi dog dispenser there are some important features that you need to keep in mind if you want a high quality model for daily use.

Simple And Easy Use

Choose the treat dispenser with simple functions if you’re a beginner. Read the reviews below and pick a model that is functional for your daily needs

WiFi Connection

he device needs to have information about supported frequency, so you can check if it matches with your internet connection at home. All the cameras work only with 2.4 Ghz frequency

Type Of Treats

Before buying a treat dispenser for your dog, check which food is suitable for the device. There are a variety of dog treats on the market and most of the devices are compatible with more than 100 different treats.

Camera Resolution

If you want a clear picture when monitoring your dog, it is not recommended to buy a model under 720p image resolution. Models that have 1080p camera resolution are the best choice if you’re planning to use a camera for snapping pictures, saving videos and night vision.

dog treat dispenser camera resolution

Additional Settings

If you want to have the best monitoring and see all parts of the room, pick a model with tilt and zoom effect, and make sure it is a wide angle model. Also, to keep your house safe, choose the device with motion and sound detector that will send alert push notification to the monitoring device.

Easy Maintenance

Treat dispensers don’t require daily maintenance, but we recommend picking a model that can be easily cleaned when needed. To shorten your cleaning time, pick a model with a detachable container.

Sturdy And Safe

Pick a treat dog dispenser made of high quality materials so you can be sure it will last you a long time. Device needs to be made of sturdy plastic. Make sure that the device is safe and stable for use.

Top 6 Wifi Dog Treat Dispensers

SKYMEE Petalk AI II Camera Dispenser

Better And Upgraded Features 
The Skymee Petalk AI II is 2020’s new and upgraded version of a camera-dispenser. In comparison to previous versions, this one comes with a better camera with 4 adjustable resolutions, a built-in microphone with a lower noise floor. Moreover, the field of vision is wider and features a 180° rotation pan. The night vision mode can be turned on automatically or manually.

SKYMEE Petalk AI II Camera Dispenser

New Full HD Pet Camera
The wifi pet camera that is included is a 1080p full HD camera. You can easily control your dog through the Skymee app. The camera allows you to remotely monitor your dog from anywhere and at any time. What is important is the night vision function. You can turn it on either manually let it turn on automatically based on the light.

The Treat Tossing Dispenser
This model comes with a new dispenser’s design. It is compatible with most famous brand’s treats. It will toss a treat either automatically (set it up to do so), manually (through the app), and with a feed button. The set up is easy. The use of the device even easier.

SKYMEE Petalk AI II Camera Dispenser review

How To Set Up?
You are going to need less than five minutes to set up this dog treat dispenser. Power it on by USB cable (type-c). Download the free Skymee App on your smartphone. Register. Connect the device to your WiFi (2.4G). Let the dog camera read the QR code that will appear on your mobile phone.

In Short:

  • upgraded version with better features
  • better camera to make you feel safe
  • two-way interaction function
  • treat dispenser compatible with most treats
  • take 3-5 minutes to set up

NPET Treat Dispenser Dog Camera

Treat Tossing Game
The Npet camera with treat dispenser allows you to toss a treat to your dog when you notice it feels lonely or bored. Let it stay active. Use the app to play a fun game and reward your dog with a delicious treat. The dispenser is compatible with dry and crunchy dog treats.

NPET Treat Dispenser Dog Camera

Wide-Angle Camera
When it comes to buying a good dog camera, it must catch a wide-angle. Otherwise, you may not be able to see where your dog is. The Npet HD 1720p camera comes with a 165° wide-angle view. It also includes the night vision function to check on your dog even during the night.

Interaction Is Important
It is important to consolidate your dog when you notice it feels sad or lonely. This is when you can call it and have two-way audio conversations. You will get to say hello to your best fur buddy, and your dog will get to listen to you and bark you back.

NPET Treat Dispenser Dog Camera review

Tips On How To Use
Before buying this remote dog treat dispenser, you must know that it is suitable to store only dry food. Moreover, the app is supported only on iOS 7.0 or Android 5.0 and above. Also, your WiFi must be a 2.4GHz frequency. Otherwise, the dog camera won’t be able to operate.

In Short:

  • play treat tossing game remotely
  • 720p camera comes with a 165° wide-angle view
  • night vision feature is included
  • two-way audio for better interaction
  • app supported on iOS 7.0 or Android 5.0 and up
  • most budget-friendly device on this list

DOGNESS Puppy Camera Treat Tosser

Why Get A Dogness Camera? 
If you have a puppy at home, but need to leave it alone for a few hours, you can teach it to answer your calls. You can check if it fines and what it is doing while you are away. This dog camera is also very important for people who have a dog od puppy with health problems.

DOGNESS Camera Treat Dispenser

The 720p Camera Features
The Dogness pet monitoring camera and dispenser is another one that comes with an HD 720p camera. It also features a 165° wide-angle view. It will clearly show you the situation with your puppy. You will immediately notice if it is sad, lonely, or happy, and active. The night vision feature will help you check on your puppy even in the dark.

Snap Photos And Share Them
The Dogness app will allow you to snap the cutest and most interesting photos of your dog. Capture the most adorable moments and store them to your app. You can download the captions or share them to your social media. You can also send them to other family members.

DOGNESS Camera Treat Dispenser review

The Treat Dispenser And Interaction
If you see that your puppy needs attention, simply toss it a treat. Make it play a treat-tossing game. Entertain it while you are away. Get to interact with your puppy through the two-way audio function. Keep in touch with your dog and your puppy anytime.

In Short:

  • check on your puppy easily
  • control the camera during the day or night
  • interact with your puppy
  • play a fun game remotely
  • toss your puppy a treat

Owlet Home Treat Tossing Camera

The Sleek And Discreet Design
The Owlet indoor dog camera with treat dispenser comes in a sleek and modern design. It is compact and fits anywhere in the room. It can simply stand on a smooth and flat surface. It will not only be a simple dog camera, but also a good home surveillance device.

Owlet Home Treat Tossing Camera

Alexa Voice Assistant Feature 
If you like the idea of your indoor dog camera being compatible with Alexa, see how you can use this feature. First, install the Amazon Alexa on your phone. Then, open the app and enable the Alexa skill and log in. Now you can use Alexa to toss a treat to your dog when you are at home.

Comes With Most Important Features
All of the main functions are included in this device. There is the two-way audio feature, live video stream possibility, tossing a treat automatically or manually, and a pre-recording of your voice for tossing the treats. Of course, a 720p and 160-degree wide-angle camera is included too.

Owlet Home Treat Tossing Camera review

What Is In The Box And Price
The package includes one main unit which is a smart dog camera. Then, there is a power adapter and USB cable (9.8 ft.). Finally, there is the start guide that will help you set up easily and quickly the device. The cost of this device is reasonable. We consider it the normal price for such a device.

In Short:

  • discreet design that fits almost anywhere
  • features Alexa voice assistant function
  • Alexa assistant helps you toss a treat
  • features all important functions
  • the price is affordable

AONESY Dog Camera Treat Dispenser

The Aonesy App
The app is supported by iOS 7.0 and higher or Android 5.0 and above. Once you get the app, you will get to check on your dog and your home’s security. If you wish, 4 more family members can log in to the app using the same username and password so you can control the situation at home together.

AONESY Dog Camera Dispenser

The Treat Dispenser – How It Works 
The dispenser will toss from 1-12 treats at a time (depends on the treat’s size). The capacity of the container is up to 2 lbs of treats. The dispenser is compatible with a variety of different treats and treat sizes. It supports only dry and crunchy treats (up to 1” in diameter).

Device’s Specifications 
The overall size of this dog camera with a treat dispenser is 11.54 x 6.97 x 6.93 inches and the item weighs only 3.08. Its design is simple and modern. It shows the green indicator light when you are using the app. This is how your dog will know you are somewhere around.

AONESY Dog Camera Dispenser review

Technical Specifications
The device features a full HD 1080p camera and a 3x zoom. There is a built-in microphone and speaker that makes the two-way interaction possible. Your WiFi network needs to be a 2.4GHz frequency. The 5Ghz is currently not supported.

In Short:

  • 5 family members can use the app
  • container capacity is of 2 lbs
  • modern and simple design of the device
  • green indicator light is on when using the app
  • features a full HD 1080p camera
  • built-in microphone and speaker

Vbroad Camera Treat Dispenser

The Features Included
This Vbroad wifi camera with a treat dispenser you are able to capture cute and funny photos and record shorter or longer clips. The interactive dog camera is HD 720P and 165° wide-angle view. It includes the night vision function. Connect the camera to the app and call your dog easily.

Vbroad Camera Treat Dispenser

How To Interact With Your Dog? 
Train your dog to come close to the device when you are calling it. Show it that this is a pet-friendly device. Call your dog while you are away, talk to it, and calm it down if you feel like it is sad. Toss it a dry treat from the treat dispenser and play a fun game.

Use The App To Share Recordings
The application will not only enable you to interact with your dog or control the situation at home. You can also use it to snap photos or to record funny video clips. After that, you can choose to download or store the recording or share them to your social media.

Vbroad Camera Treat Dispenser review

Last Important Characteristics
Just like some of the previous models, the Vbroad device comes at a reasonable price. Its overall size is 0 x 5 x 5 inches. It comes in white design and can fit on any flat surface. It requires no drilling. It also supports 2.4GHz wifi network frequency.

In Short:

  • HD 720P and 165° wide-angle view camera
  • night vision feature included
  • snap cute photos or to record interesting clips
  • share the videos and photos on social media
  • download the stored photos

Is It Difficult To Use A Dispenser?

No, it’s not. The treat dispenser is not hard to operate with. The user only needs to know how to use a smart device, install the app and customize settings by following instructions.

How To Use Treat Dispenser – 4 Easy Steps

If this is your first time buying this type of device, these few easy steps will help you with setup and you can start using it immediately.
Step 1. Plug in the camera and set it in place. When the camera is on, a green indicator will show you it works properly. If there is no green light, check the setup instructions and make sure the cable is not damaged.
Step 2. Connect the device with WiFi in your house. Make sure the Internet is always turned on and the network is stable so it can work properly.
Step 3. Check if your monitoring device supports the manufacturer’s app. Download the app and connect the device with the camera. App installation is not complicated, and all the steps can be found in the setup instructions. To be sure your monitoring device is connected properly, check the settings when you’re still at home. Make sure you always have an Internet connection for real-time monitoring.
Step 4. Customize the settings on the app for easier daily use. Check the camera and toss settings so you can be sure you place the camera in the perfect spot in the house.

how to use a dog treat dispenser

Share The App With Other Family Members

If other family members want to give the treat to the dog, you can share the app and use it at the same time. Most of the manufacturers allow more than 3 users logged in from different monitoring devices. This function is recommended for all dog owners that don’t have much time to control the situation in the house.

Type Of Dog Food For Dispenser – Which One To Pick?

Most of the camera devices are suitable for more than 100 types of dog food. Before buying a model, check if it’s compatible with your dog’s favorite treats.

What Type Of Food Is Suitable For Dispensers?

Dog dispensers are only made for dry food. The treats need to be suitable to be easily ejected from the device so make sure to read the information about size of the front hole. Also, you can test the ejecting from home. We recommend not mixing treats of different sizes to prevent stucking.

type of treats for dog treat dispenser

Wet Food Is Forbidden For Use

No, wet food is not suitable for dog dispensers. Wet food cannot be open for too long and can easily clogg the device due to soft and wet structure.

Easy Dispenser Maintenance

Maintaining the treat dispenser is not hard and you will need minimal effort to do it.
The treat dispenser is not the device that needs maintenance, however, to keep it clean from the dust and crumbles from treats make sure to do maintenance on it.

How Often The Dispenser Needs To Be Cleaned?

There is no rule how often you need to clean the treat container. It depends how often you give the treats to your dog and how it crumbles. It is recommended to do it once a month.

Cleaning Is Simple And Quick

You will need a short time for cleaning so you can do it anytime. Open the container and remove the treats if there are still leftovers. Use the dry or damp cloth and wipe out the crumbles. Clean the container hole to make sure the scrumbles are not clogged the exit.

To Sum Up

After having reviewed the six best wifi dog treat dispensers, we can safely conclude that the SKYMEE II Camera Dispenser is the best model. We think that the upgraded version of this model makes it safer and easier to use. If you feel like a dog camera to watch dog at home is something you must own, you may also consider buying a dog wifi camera and make sure your dog doesn’t get lost.

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