Where Should My Kitten Sleep On The First Night? – Guide For New Owners

Taking a new kitten home is a beginning of a beautiful relationship between you and this amazing animal.

You are now responsible for the eating schedule, sleeping and playtime of this cute feline.

When it comes to sleeping, where should my kitten sleep on the first night? How to help her/him feel safe and comfortable?

Stick with us and find all info you need to know when it comes to a kitten’s first night at your home.

Kitten’s First Night In New Home

Your kitty may be nervous just like you.

This is its first night away from her mother. Your home and everything around – smells, sounds, sights, everything is new and confusing.

new kitten in home

The kitty will get used to it throughout the day or two, but its first night can be a bit daunting. So, there are some things you can do to make it feel relaxed and comfortable. A nice and comfortable sleeping area is one of them. But you should also know the cat’s habits so that you don’t expect impossible.

How Long Do Kittens Sleep?

Your kitten won’t sleep all night long, you shouldn’t expect that.

A kitten’s routine is made up of sleeping 90% of the time and that’s about 22 hours. Cats aren’t nocturnal but crepuscular animals, they are generally active at dawn and dusk.

That can misalign with your sleeping schedule and means that your kitten won’t sleep through the night.

Also due to the stress of moving into a new environment, your kitten will probably stay awake during her first night(s). That’s why it’s very important to ensure a comfortable space for them since sleep is essential for your kitten’s healthy development.

Where Should My Kitten Sleep on the First Night?

Here you will learn how to set up your kitten bed, whether should it sleep with you, whether should you use a cage for these first nights in your home and other useful info.

Should Your Kitten Sleep In Your Bed?

Cats love to sleep with humans because we are warm and they feel secure with us. However, you should wait for a while before letting your cat sleep with you.

There are a couple of reasons why to avoid that. It can be dangerous for your kitten (you can accidentally hit her while sleeping), she can transmit some disease to you, she can fall from your bed, etc. That’s why is so important to ensure her own space for sleeping and sprawling. However, you can place your kitty’s bed next to yours.

cat in human bed


Where To Put A Kitten Bed?

The kitten needs a warm and cozy space for sleeping and you should confine her to one room at the beginning. That room can be your bedroom since your presence will help your kitten to relax. Have her bed next to your bed so your kitten will be close to you.

If you choose another room, put her bed in the corner, that will make her feel safe and secure.

Gradually, he/she will introduce other rooms in your house or apartment. Put water and food bowls in that room, as well as a litter tray and toys. This kitten-proof room should be without poisonous plants, windows should be closed and you should remove any breakable objects. Moreover, protect electric outlets and remove cords.

How to Set Up a Kitten Bed?

Now the room is ready and you need to set up your kitten’s bed.

You can invest in a new kitten bed that can be found in any pet shop or you can make her a bed from a cardboard box and plenty of blankets. The kitten bed should be warm, cozy and comfortable. Don’t buy a large bed, your kitten won’t feel secure inside and it might struggle to get out.

soft cat bed

Opt for fluffy material, kitten loves it. Also, you can add more soft blankets for warmth. A good tip is to get a blanket that smells like a kitten’s old home, which will help her feel safe and secure.

You can add a couple of toys in case your beloved pet wakes up in the middle of the night and start its playing time.

Lights – On/Off?

There is another thought that can go through your mind. Should you leave a light on for your kitten?

Cats see much better than humans in very low light. Plus, their whiskers will help them navigate even if there is pitch black in the room.
Having this in mind, the answer is no – you don’t have to leave the light on.

Can I Put My Kitten in a Cage at Night?

Many kitten owners think putting their pets in a cage at night could be a good solution. There are some reasons for this decision – some kittens are extremely playful, so they can claw at your furniture, chew on cables, knock things over, etc. That’s why some people think it’s safer to keep a kitten in a cage.

cat cage

These could be valid reasons, but we don’t recommend putting your kitten in a cage.
When you lock your kitten in a cage, she will feel trapped and claustrophobic. We can agree that this is the opposite of the relaxing environment we want to create, right?

Also, when in a cage, the kitten won’t have access to her litter tray and water bowl and these are essential.

How to Get a Kitten to Sleep at Night?

If you want your lovely kitten to sleep at night, there are some things you should provide:

  • Safe space for sleeping – We already explain that, so your kitten should have a safe and warm space where it can go when wants to sleep.
  • comfortable cat sleep

  • Making them feel comfortable and relaxed – Kittens usually cry out for attention, so cuddle with it whenever it wants. Spend time near your kitten and let her get to know you gradually.
  • Playtime and exercise – Playing will keep your kitten mentally stimulated and physically active. Also, this will help to create a strong bond between you two. You can tire the kitten out with playtime so it will sleep at night. Try to schedule a play session right before bedtime.
  • kitten playtime

  • Establish a good bedtime routine – As mentioned, schedule a playtime right before bed and that will create her nighttime routine. Stick with that plan and your kitten will learn it quickly.
  • Change Her Feeding Time – The feeding routine should remain consistent during the cat’s life. If you feed your kitten too early, that can cause crying at night. So change her feeding time. Kitten often goes to sleep after eating to digest the food. After playtime, it’s the perfect time to feed your kitten. Or you can feed it even during playtime. This way cats realize they have to work for food, so they will eat slowly which results in making them full for longer.

What To Do When Kitten Starts To Cry At Night?

Your kitten will inevitably cry at night, at least the first couple of nights when it comes into a new place.

You should keep your kitten safe and warm as much as possible. It is a good idea to put a warm water bottle on her bed, the warmth will help your kitten to relax. Be careful, hot water could hurt your pet, so ensure it’s warm and protect the bottle. You can also use pet warm blanket you can buy in any pet shop.

And what’s most important – don’t wake up to pet your kitty if it cries at night. This way you will encourage it to do it even more. You need to teach it that it’s sleeping time which means time with no petting, no play and no food. So to establish good habits for the rest of your cat’s time in your home – ignore your kitty’s crying. Not even sound from you should come out because it’s also the kind of attention cats want so teach your kitten that the night is not really the best time for asking for attention.

To Sum Up

Welcoming a new kitten home can be a bit nerve-cracking for both – the kitten and yourself. Questions like where should my kitten sleep on the first night, how long he/she sleeps, should you put them in your bed and many others are all valid. Ensure their own sleeping space, make a bedtime routine, and stick with it.

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