27 Cat Breed Statistics And Facts for 2022 That Will Surprise You

Cats are one of the most common animals and pets in the world. There are more than 400 million cats worldwide and many of them get adopted every day.

Even if there are millions of them, and only a small amount of cats are purebred. Do you know how much? The statistics might shock you.

Many surveys show the smartest, healthiest, and most aggressive cat breeds, so if you’re interested to find out which cat breeds are on the top lists, check our list of 27 cat breed statistics and facts down below.

List of 10 Cat Breed Facts
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  • Most cat breeds were developed within the past 150 years.
  • There are 45 pedigree breeds.
  • Less than 5% of all cats are purebred.
  • Full-grown cats can weigh from 4 to over 20 pounds.
  • Singapura is the world’s smallest cat breed.
  • There are only 5% white cat breed.
  • Selkirk Rex is the newest recognized breed from 2013.
  • Only 1 out of 3,000 Tortoiseshell cats are male.
  • The most famous hairless cat is Sphynx.
  • Average Balinese cat lives between 18-22 years.

List of 27 Cat Breed Statistics & Facts

1. Most cat breeds were developed within the past 150 years

Some of the cat breeds are developed within the past 150 years, mainly in the United States and Europe. Comparing it to other animals like horses, sheep, dogs, etc., some of them are thousands of years old.

Source: sciencedirect.com

2. There are 45 pedigree breeds

According to cat statistics, there are more than 400 million cats in the world but only some breeds are recognized and registered. The Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) is the most known association with the biggest cat registry and only 45 pedigree cat breeds are registered. The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF) recognizes only 40 breeds.

Other associations recognized more than 44, for example, International Association which registered 70 cat breeds. We can conclude there are more than 40 cat breeds in the world.

Cat breeds can be grouped into 2 general categories that include long-haired and shorthair cats. Both of the breeds occur in various subcategories depending on the coat color.

Source: petpedia.co

3. Only 42 cat breeds are eligible to compete in different worldwide classes

According to Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA), there are only 45 registered cat breeds only 23 of them can compete in Premiership, Championship, Veteran, and Kitten classes.

The rest of the 3 cat breeds including Khao Manee, Toybob, and Lykoi are eligible to compete in the Miscellaneous Classes, which are non-competitive ones.

Source: cfa.org

4. Less than 5% of all cats are purebred

Comparing the cats and dogs as the most favorite pets in the world, according to cat owner statistics, only small amounts of cats are purebred.

Statistics show that less than 5% of cats in the world are purebred, while half of the dogs are purebred. This is one of the reasons why people usually decide to rescue or adopt a purebred dog than a cat. Around 95% of all cats in the United States are domestic short-hair cats.

Less than 5% of all cats worldwide are purebred

Source: cfa.org

5. There are only 2 body cat breed type

Body cat in all cat breeds can be separated into 2 categories and include cobby and foreign body types. The Cobby body type is characterized by short legs and a board chest which usually has American Shorthair cats. Foreign body type is svelte in appearance and the most known cat breed that has this body type is a Siamese cat.

It is not easy to place every cat type in one category, and some of them have tended toward one body type. For those cats, the used category is “semi” body type.

Source: hartz.com

6. Full-grown cats can weigh from 4 to over 20 pounds

Depending on the cat breed, cat weight can vary from 4 to over 20 pounds. Weight also depends on the age and whether it is a female or male cat.

Source: hartz.com

7. Maine Coon cat weight up to 25 lbs

One of the biggest pedigree cats can weigh up to 25lbs and it is the Maine Coon cat. A cat can grow to 40 inches long. Maine Coon cats came from the state of Maine and usually live between 9 and 15 years.

Source: petpedia.co

8. The world’s most popular cat breed is Ragdoll

According to different surveys and statistics, the world’s most popular cat breed is Ragdoll. These adorable cats are known for their soft coats and blue eyes. Ragdoll cat breeds were developed during the 1960s and since then gains mass popularity.

Source: allaboutcats.com

9. Abyssinian cat is one of the best cats for families

Cat owner statistics show that over 80 million Americans have at least one cat. There are many cat breeds that easily get along with the family as well as other pets like dogs. One of them is the Abyssinian breed, they are very social felines that love to play and cuddle with family members.

Source: petpedia.co

10. Singapura is the world’s smallest cat breed

Originally from Singapore, the world’s smallest cat breed is Singapura.  It is around half the size of an average indoor cat and is extremely kind and playful.

Source: funkidslive.com

11. Regardless of breeds, all kittens are born with blue eyes

The coat and eye color of the cats is one of the most fascinating genetic predispositions. The eye color of all domesticated cats is the same when they’re born. No matter which breed cat is the newborn kitten will have blue eyes.  Also, the kitten’s color and hair length of the coat is determined before birth. All cats begin life as tabbies.

Regardless of breeds, all kittens are born with blue eyes

Source: allaboutcats.com

12. Only 100 Turkish Van cats are born each year in the U.S.

One of the rarest cat breeds in the world is the Turkish Van cat. It is a cat breed that originated from the Middle East and is mostly known for its unique pattern.

The breeds got names because of patterns that involved colored head and tail markings. This cat has a very powerful body with a semi-long-hair coat. According to the pet adoption website Petfinder, it takes up to 5 years to reach full maturity.

Turkish Van cats are extremely active and playful animals, and usually can be found in Iran, Turkey, and Iraq. According to statistics, around 100 of them are born in the United States every year.

Source: allaboutcats.com

13. The national cat breed of France is Chartreux

One of the cat breeds that is mostly connected to France and considered to be even the national cat of the country is Chartreux. Cat breeds only recently appeared in the US., and it is one of the rarest breeds in the world, as well.

After Second World War, the Chartreux breed was nearly extinct but fortunately, it was saved by the effort of some breeders.

Source: alarabiya.net

14. There are only 6,700 Egyptian Mau cats

One of the world’s rarest cat breeds is the Egyptian Mau. According to the CFA register, there are only 6,700 Egyptian Mau cats. This medium-sized cat is the only natural domesticated breed of cat with spots.

It is an extremely playful breed, very energetic and active and it has very well-developed muscles. It is also one of the prettiest cat breeds in the world.

Source: alarabiya.net

15. According to GCCF in the UK, the rarest domestic breed is the Sokoke cat

Sokoke cat is the rarest domestic cat breed according to o Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF) in the UK. It is originate from the forest of Sokoke in Kenya.

This intelligent shorthaired cat breed is a very playful and ideal choice for families because she can easily form a bond with all family members.

Source: alarabiya.net

16. Norwegian Forest cat breed is the most beautiful breed with a ratio score of 1.65

Golden radio rules define beauty by proportions, especially on the face. Based on different researches with a ratio score of 1.65, the most beautiful cat breed is a Norwegian Forest Cat. Those cats have a long-hair coat that is thick and multi-colored. In the second place, but with the same radio score is Russian Blue cat.

This grey cat with beautiful eyes is mostly known for its intelligence. The third place with a ratio score of 1.59 is Manx cat. The Raggamuffin cat got 1.67. ratio score and this cat with fluffy fur is one of the calmest breeds. Fifth place goes to a Siberian cat with a ratio score of  1.57.

Most beautiful cat breed according by ratio score

Source: alarabiya.net

17. Himalaya cat is the world’s ugliest cat breed with a ratio score of 56.87

There is a score for the ugliest cat as well, and based on the studies Himalayan cat is on the top list with a ratio score of 56.87. The second is Peterbald cat with an 18.16 score rate. Some even think Persian cats are ugly so in the third place on this list is this cat breed with a score of 5.87.

Source: alarabiya.net

18. There are only 5% white cat breed

White cats are not the same as Albino cats but they’re also extremely rare just like natural human blondes. According to statistics, there are around 5% white cats. One of the most known is the Turkish Van and Angora cat.  One of the most interesting things about white cats is their deafness.

Source: rarest.org

19. Only 1 out of 3,000 Tortoiseshell cats are male

One of the most interesting things about Tortoiseshell breeds is that almost every cat is a female. Statistics show that only 1 out of 3,000 cats will be made.

The main reason is the chromosome that creates unique Tortoiseshell color and it is only in the X chromosome. Back in the back, ancient Celts in Ireland thought that male Torbie in a home brings good fortune.

Source: rarest.org

20. The most famous hairless cat is Sphynx

For many years, people didn’t know that a hairless cat breed even exist. One of the most popular hairless cats is Sphynx. This cat exist since 1966, when a cat in Canada gave birth to the furless kitten, due to a natural mutation in the cat’s genes. In a short time, many people started breeding cats to bring out this unique mutation.

This medium-sized cat is a very clumsy but lovable and great choice for families. They also tolerate other animals like dogs. According to some surveys, this cat breed is on the top list of the ugliest cats in the world, as well.

Source: pawp.com

21. Black Smoke cat can be sold for up $3,500

Black cats are always fascinating and easily catch everyone’s attention. The Black Smoke cat has a solid black coat with white roots and it looks very fascinating when moving.

The first cat from this breed was seen back in the 1800s. If someone wants to get this cat breed from a reputable breeder, Black Smoke kittens can cost more than $3,500.

Source: rarest.org

22. The most expensive cat breed in the world is the Ashera cat

The Ashera cat is one of the most expensive cat breeds in the world. It is a mix between an African serval, an Asian leopard, and a domestic house cat.

Because of the mix between wild and domestic cat genes, this unique cat is pretty much calm but has a lot of energy, and many people say it reminds them of a dog.

This breed can cost from $16,000 to even $125,000. Other popular expensive cat breeds include the Savannah cat that can be sold for $20,000. Khao Manee was a protected breed in Thailand for many years and these cute cats can be bought for $11,000. Bengal cats have one the prettiest coat pattern and many of them are sold for $10,000.

Most expensive cat breeds in the world

Source: thegreatcat.org

23. Selkirk Rex is the newest recognized breed from 2013.

One of the newest recognized breeds is the Selkirk rex. This domestic cat is also known as the poodle cat. Cat has thick and curly fur that is separated into layers.

Even if this cat breed exist from 1987 when was developed, it is officially recognized as a genetically distinct line by the University of Veterinary Medicine in the USA in 2013. Internation Cat Association recognizes this breed as a valid separate breed, as well as American Cat Fanciers Association, and the Cat Fanciers’ Association.

Source: guinnessworldrecords.com

24. According to a survey from 2019, the least aggressive cat breed is the British Shorthair

A survey from 2019 about cats’ behavior included 5,726 cats that were separated into 19 breeds. Results showed that the least aggressive cat toward family members is the British Shorthair cat.

The results show that the most aggressive cat from all 19 breeds is Turkish Van and Angora. In second place it is Korat, Bengal, and Devon Rex. In the category that includes the aggression toward strangers, the British Shorthair cat also got her place, including also Persian and Cornish Rex cat breed.

Source: psychologytoday.com

25. According to statistics, Korats are on the top list of most aggressive cat breeds

The results from the survey in 2019. show that Korats was the most aggressive cat breed from 19 tested cat breeds. Even this cat breed has a very temperament character, those cats are highly active love being around humans, and usually seek human contact.

Source: psychologytoday.com

26. Average Balinese cat lives between 18-22 years

Not that only Balinese cats are one of the most beautiful cat breeds in the world because of their stunning coat pattern and blue eyes, those cats are one of the healthiest breeds. According to cat breed statistics, the average lifespan of Balinese cats is 18-22 years.

The same category of the cats with the longest lifespan includes all the Shorthair breeds (American, European and British), Savannah cat, Russian Blue, Bombay cat, Siberian, Korat, Japanese Bobtail, LaPerm, Nebelung, etc.

Source: petkeen.com

27. Tuxedo cat owners say they are 200% smarter than other cats

One of the most interesting cat breeds is definitely Tuxedo. They are extremely intelligent cats and many cat owners describe them are 200% smarter than cats with any other coat pattern.

They are very popular in Egypt, and more than 70% of the cats in Egyptian royal toby are Tuxedo cats. Tuxedo kittens open their eyes up to 24 hours before the rest of the kittens. A fun fact about the Tuxedo cat includes that it is the only cat to climb Mt. Everest.

Source: allaboutcats.com

To Sum Up

Cat breed statistics show there are less than 5% of purebred cats. The highest percentage of cats in the United States are domestic short-hair cats. The average cat lives up to 15 years, but there is a specific breed that is on the list as the most healthies breed that can live more than 20 years. All cats are born with blue eyes, and the color can be changed according to breed. The most expensive cat is the Ashera cat and can cost up to $125,000.

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