Top 15 Cat Scratching Board/Pads For Floor, Furniture & More

Want to help your cat wear down its claws but wish not to complicate things by getting a simple cat scratch pad?

You’re in the right place if that’s the case and even if not, there’s something to learn about them so we do advise you to keep on reading this article since most will benefit from the reviews and buying guide we’ve brought you. We made sure that the reviews are short and precise and also made sure to include a large variety of products like houses, furniture protection pads, wallboards, and many more.

The Summary

PetFusion Scratcher summaryPetFusion Jumbo Cat Scratcher Lounge
Having an infinity shape and being 14.3-in tall, this board is also infinite and can be flipped for a new use and can be used on the inner walls as well.
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SmartyCat Scratcher summarySmartyKat Scratch Up Board
Since it’s made with corrugated cardboard, it’s more durable and your cat will easily adjust to using it since it’s infused with catnip.
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Nandog Cat Scratcher summaryNandog Corrugated Cardboard Dj Pad
The place where vinyl would usually go is the place where your cat will get to wear down its claws and it even has a ball toy on the volume knob.
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Navaris Sofa Scratcher SummaryNavaris Cat Scratch Mat Sofa Protector
The mat will fully protect the corner of your couch armrest and you can safely tuck it into the cushion and further secure it on the bottom.
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Furhaven Scratcher SummaryFurhaven Cat Scratcher With Catnip
With a triangle shape, you can consider it an angled scratcher having 2 scratchable sides. Inside the triangle, you’ll find a resting condo.
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7 Ruby Road Scratching Post summary7 Ruby Road Wall Mounted Cat Scratch Pad
It easily mounts to walls but if not, you can place this wooden frame scratchboard on the floor with non-slip mats.
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Sofa-Scratcher Scrathing Post summarySofa-Scratcher’ Cat Post
The board can protect your couch armrest completely stable since it has a durable frame and a polycarbonate thin base that secures it.
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Classy Kitty Scratcher summaryClassy Kitty Hanging Door Scratcher
The product combines household-grade carpets and durable natural sisal rope wrapped on the frame so your cat can experience the benefits of both.
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TOUCH-LOVFIN Bed SummaryTouch Lovfin Cat Scratcher Sofa
Apart from you being able to place it on sofas, the whole thing looks like a small and cute cat sofa for both adult cats and kittens.
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Scratch Lounge Cardboard summaryScratch Lounge Reversible Cat Scratcher
The catnip will get into all of the nooks and crannies of the corrugated cardboard scratching surface features on 3 sides. You’ll even get replacements.
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Catguru Scratcher summaryCatGuru The Infinity Scratcher
The board is wavey so your cat can also rest on it and when one side is used up, you can turn it around for your cat to again use it brand new.
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Kitty City XL Scratcher summaryKitty City Xl Wide Scratcher
The size of this scratcher allows cats to fully stretch and you can even double its lifetime by flipping it over for a 2nd use. Additionally, you’ll get three.
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Petlinks Scratcher summaryPetlinks Claw Clicker Hanging Board
Denim carpets, a jute fiber hanger, and a sisal fiber carpet front are all materials your cat can easily scratch at.
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Youthink Scratcher summaryYou Think Cat Collapsible Scratcher
Apart from being round, it can be folded to transform into a resting smooth edge ladder that is 11.2-in wide while unfolded it has a 20.5-in diameter.
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Rumuuke Scratcher summaryRumuuke Cardboard Cat Scratcher
The top part is the waviest and the bottom is somewhat wavey. Nonetheless, all three parts are since you can flip them for your cat to reuse.
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Best 15 Cat Scratch Pads


PetFusion Jumbo Cat Scratcher Lounge

Board Places
The board scratcher has an infinity shape but it’s hollow and paired with the height of 14.3-in, your cat can easily get through the hollow part to rest in between panels or to scratch at it from the inside since it’s fully scratchable inside as it is outside

petfusion scratcher

Size And Extras
It’s designed to be used as a resting and scratching spot for multiple large cats since it’s 39-in long and 11-in wide. You can even flip it so that your cats can use it all over again and it comes with a bag of catnip to stimulate their will to scratch at it. If you’d like to learn more about these, be sure to read the big cat scratching post article next.

In Short:

  • Made with corrugated cardboard
  • Has a hollow infinity shape
  • It’s 39-in long and 11-in wide
  • The outer and inner walls are full scratchable
  • Comes with a bag of catnip
  • Multiple large cats can use it


SmartyKat Scratch Up Scratcher

Use Location
The board is fully made out of corrugated cardboard and the bits our cat will get to scratch at are as well. It has a cardboard-made loophole on top that allows you to hang it on things like doorknobs or walls if you’d prefer. In case you’d prefer your cardboard cat scratcher pad was meant to be used elsewhere, check out the cheap cat scratching post article next.

SmartyCat Scratcher

Box Size And Assembly
As we’ve mentioned, it’s made with corrugated cardboard meaning it’s more durable and made from recycled sources. There are multiple layers of it and in between each layer, before it was glued, catnip was placed there for cat stimulation. It’s around 20-in long, 5-in wide, and 7-in tall

In Short:

  • Made with corrugated cardboard layers
  • Each layer is infused with catnip
  • Features a loop on top for hanging
  • Made from recycled materials
  • it’s 20-in long, 5-in wide, and 7-in tall


Nandog Corrugated Cardboard Dj Pad

Corrugated Cardboard Build
Every single part of this pad is made using corrugated cardboard. That is not to say that everything on it is a scratchpad. The center spindle and slip mat are where our cat will get to scratch and wear down its claws. The rest is just smoothed-out cardboard that makes it look like a turntable.

Nandog Cat Scratcher review

Toy Extras
Where the volume bar would otherwise be if it were real, you’ll find a ball toy that cats can play with so that they’re well mentally stimulated as well. Overall, it’s 16-in long, 12-in wide, and 3.5-in tall while the scratching surface has a 10-in diameter. If this cat DJ scratchpad doesn’t impress you, you can surely find others and other cool cat scratching posts in the linked article below.

In Short:

  • Made with corrugated cardboard
  • The revealed cardboard slip mat is for scratching
  • Comes with a playball for the cat’s mental stimulation
  • It’s 16-in long, 12-in wide, and 3.5-in tall
  • The scratching part has a 10-in diameter


Navaris Cat Scratch Mat Sofa Protector

Flexible Mat
This is a mat because it’s soft and bendable. It’s a half and half, one part is made out of linen fabric, and the other is made out of sisal fiber carpets. The sisal rope bit is 27.5-in wide, and 19.6-in long while the fabric bits are made to secure it to your couches’ armrest.

Navaris Sofa Scratcher

Securing It
You can tuck it under the cushion and further secure it to the bottom with elastic straps. It’s a great way to protect your furniture but if this cat scratch pad couch model doesn’t cover the most critical part where your cat usually scratches, find others in the couch corner cat scratching post article.

In Short:

  • Made with linen fabric and sisal fiber carpets
  • The sisal carpet is 27.5-in wide and 19.6-in long
  • Can be touched under a cushion and secured further on the bottom
  • Can be placed on the armrest of a couch
  • It’s colored grey for the most part


Furhaven Cat Scratcher With Catnip

Shape And Size
The scratcher is simple but still considered a house. The reason why is that it’s shaped like a hollow triangle. The inside is covered with cardboard walls and serves as a cat condo or hideout. It’s 18.5-in tall, 18.7-in wide, and 12-in long. It even comes with a free catnip bag.

Furhaven Scratcher Review

Build Material And Entrances
It’s made with recycled and corrugated cardboard so you can be sure it’s going to last long. There are scratchboards on both sides and it features 6-in wide and 7-in tall entrance holes to the condo in the front and back. In case you don’t like the design of this cat house scratch pad, read the triangle cat scratcher article next to see more.

In Short:

  • Made with double-wall corrugated cardboard
  • Shaped like a triangle
  • It’s 18.5-in tall, 18.7-in wide, and 12-in long
  • Has scratchpad on two sides
  • Has a condo with 2 entrance holes
  • The holes are 6-in wide and 7-in tall
  • Features a free bag of catnip


7 Ruby Road Wall Mounted Cat Scratch Pad

Wooden Frame
The frame of this product is made out of natural wood and the front, or the scratching area is made using sisal rope fibers to create a scratching carpet. You can check out other frame material cat scratch pads for walls in the sisal fabric cat scratching post article.

7 Ruby Road Scratching Post review

Locations Of Use
You can use it on the floor if you don’t want to assemble it on a wall even it’s simple to do so. With floor use, all you have to do is stick the non-slip rubber feet on the bottom. The pad is 22-in long, 5.75-in wide, and 1-in thick. you can combine it with other wall-mounted cat products you have since it has a natural wooden color.

In Short:

  • Has a natural wood frame
  • Features a sisal fiber scratching carpet
  • It’s 22-in long, 1-in thick, and 5.75-in wide
  • Easily mounts to walls
  • Can be used on the floor with non-slip mats


Sofa-Scratcher’ Cat Post

Tough Base Panel
Unlike the soft mat we had reviewed earlier, this one is a durable tough base panel scratchpad that goes on the edges of your sofa or couch armrest. Your cat will feel safe climbing and scratching it due to the frame and the fact that it features a thin base below that goes under the sofa or couch.

Sofa-Scratcher Scrathing Post review

Base And Size
The base is made with polycarbonates and is 8-in wide and  10-in long while the scratching panel is 24-in tall and 10-in wide. it’s fully carpeted with sisal fibers colored grey but can feature a total of 6 different colors. If you feel as if this cat scratch furniture protection pad won’t do the job well in your case, check out others in the couch corner cat scratching post article.

In Short:

  • Made out of a tough durable panel
  • Has a thin polycarbonate base going under furniture
  • The base is 8-in wide and 10-in long
  • The panel is 24-in tall and 10-in wide
  • Fully carpeted with sisal fibers
  • Comes in 6 different colors


Classy Kitty Hanging Door Scratcher

Carpeted And Roped
The idea of this board is that you can hang it on doorknobs or perhaps coat hanger hooks due to the looped rope on top. The rope is made out of sisal rope just like the center while the top and bottom of the actual board are carpeted with household grade plush carpets.

Classy Kitty Scratcher

Different Proportions
With the looped rope for hanging it included, this pad is 33-in tall while the board, on its own, is 18.5-in long and 5-in wide. If you know that this cat scratch pad for doors isn’t the right fit for you, you might find the one by reading the article about cat door scratchers.

In Short:

  • Has a lopped sisal rope top for hanging
  • Overall, it’s 33-in tall
  • Without the hanger, it’s 18.5-in long and 5-in wide
  • Features a sisal rope wrapped portion
  • The top and bottom are carpeted with household grade plush


Touch Lovfin Cat Scratcher Sofa

Sofa Shape
With the product, your cat will get its little sofa featuring 2 armrests and a backrest as well. It’s colored brown and black and is made with recycled cardboard. The bits that make it up are glued but it’s a non-toxic cron starch type of glue. If you’d like to avoid glue and cardboard, read the cat sofa scratching post article next.


Scratchboard Parts
The armrest and bottom are where your cat will get to scratch it to wear down its claws. It comes with a free catnip bag as well and it’s 23.6-in wide, 9.8-in long, and 7.8-in tall. The scratch areas are revealed cardboard bits with plenty of holes so that’s where the catnip will go if you sprinkle it.

In Short:

  • Made out of cardboard
  • Has 2 armrests and a bottom scratch area
  • Overall, it’s 9.8-i long, 23.6-in wide, and 7.8-in tall
  • Comes with a bag of catnip
  • It’s colored brown and black
  • Looks like a sofa


Scratch Lounge Reversible Cat Scratcher

Catnip And Scratch Sides
If you’re not familiar with it, catnip is a plant that cats love as a treat. It should be given in moderation simply because the cat might get an upset stomach if too much is consumed at once. The product looks just like a litter box and features scratch pads on three sides.

Scratch Lounge Cardboard review

Replacement Parts
The scratchpads are placed in a cardboard box and they’re reversible so that you can extend their lifetime. Additionally, you’ll get replacements for all features of this 21-in long and 13-in wide cat scratch pad with catnip that you can sprinkle on it since the scratching bits feature holes. For other versions read the cat scratch box with catnip article next.

In Short:

  • Has scratch areas on three sides
  • The scratch areas are reversible for an extended lifetime
  • Comes with refills for all features of the product
  • It’s 21-in long and 13-in wide
  • Comes with a bag of catnip
  • Made with cardboard


CatGuru The Infinity Scratcher

Infinity Shape
Being a certain type of wavey scratcher, it’s also an infinity scratcher in terms of shape. Due to the shape, your cat can feel comfortable lounging on it while taking a break from scratching at the 100 % recycled corrugated cardboard surface. It is glued but uses pet-safe glue and is colored with soy-based ink.

Catguru Scratcher review

Double Use And Size
Since it’s identical on the bottom, you can flip it so that your cat can once again scratch at it and rest on it when it’s not. Overall, it’s 15.6-in wide, 8.9-in long, and 3-in thick. For differently shaped corrugated cardboard scratch pads, read the check out the linked article below.

In Short:

  • Shaped as an infinity scratcher
  • Can be flipped and used 2 times
  • Your cat can rest on it as well
  • Made with recycled corrugated cardboard
  • It’s colored and glued with pet-safe products
  • It’s 15.6-in wide, 8.9-in long, and 3-in thick


Kitty City XL Wide Scratcher

2 Parts And Product Numbers
The scratcher comes in a decorative printed design box while the scratchable part is actually an insert that you can flip over for a second use. In fact, when you’re fully done with one you can use another and after that, one more since you’ll get three.

Kitty City XL Scratcher

Size And Build
The scratchpad is made with recycled cardboard and it’s 18-in wide, 10-in long, and 1.5-in tall. It allows cats to fully stretch on it if they wish to rest. Be sure to check out other extra large cat scratch pads with affordable prices in the cheap cat scratching post article.

In Short:

  • Made with 100% recycled cardboard
  • Comes in a decorative design printed box
  • The scratching insert can be flipped for a 2nd use
  • It’s 18-in wide, 10-in long, and 1.5-in tall
  • You’ll get three scratching boards with it


Petlinks Claws Up Hanging Board

Fully Scratchable
The board is entirely made out of scratchable materials colored brown and black. The hanger loop is made out of jute fibers while the actual scratchboard used sisal fiber carpets that are durable and more efficient in wearing down cat claws. if you’d prefer to avoid a sisal rope hanging cat scratch pad, check out the hanging cat scratcher article for more.

Petlinks Scratcher review

Pad Accessories
On the board itself you’ll find a bag featuring 3 grams of catnip and a feather toy. You can refill the bag and it will help motivate your cat to actually scratch at it. It has black denim woven edges and you easily hang it on doorknobs or perhaps coat hangers on doors.

In Short:

  • Has a jute fiber hanger
  • Features black denim carpets
  • The scratching pad features sisal fiber carpets
  • Comes with a father toy
  • Features a refillable 3-gram catnip bag


You Think Cat Collapsible Scratcher

Folding Design
As described in the category, this scratcher pad is round with raised edges so that your cat can rest in the center. It’s made with high-density corrugated cardboard featuring 2 thin wooden panels on the ends. You can fold it down just like a harmonica when it’s not being used.

Youthink Scratcher

Folded Down Use
The round form is secured from accidental collapse with two handles on the wooden panels. When folded, it has the shape of a smoothed-out ladder. It’s 6.2-in tall and unfolded, has a 20.5-in diameter while folded, it’s 11-in wide, and even comes with a bell ball toy. If this one confuses you, you can find others in the round cat scratcher with ball article.

In Short:

  • Made with high-density cardboard
  • Can be folded down to create a resting ladder
  • Unfolded, has a 20.5-in diameter
  • Folded down, it’s 11-in wide
  • Features a bell ball toy


Rumuuke Cardboard Cat Scratcher

Three-Part Construction
There are three parts to this product. A wavey base, flat floor center level, and a wave top. You can assemble the base and middle to create a rectangular box and add the top to elevate it and let your cat rest on it. If you’d prefer a single-wave cat scratching pad, check out the wave cat scratcher article.

rumuuke wave cat scratcher

Build And Pieces Size
It’s fully made out of cardboard and that includes the scratching surface. The sides feature a veneer so that it looks more elegant. All pieces are usable on both sides and from base to top, they’re 15.6-in wide and 8.7-in long, 17-in wide, and again, 17-in wide. Overall, it has a height of 5.9-in.

In Short:

  • Has a 3 part construction
  • Features veneers on the sides but is made with cardboard
  • Each part can be scratcher on both sides
  • From bottom to top, they’re 15.6-in, 17-in, and 17-in wide
  • Overall, it has a height of 5.9-in

How To Pick A Cat Scratch Board

To get the best possible cat scratch pad, some explaining is in order. Some of the things we’ll touch upon in this simple buying guide are build materials, their benefits, service time, and why you should get one in the first place. Of course, this is not all we’ll discuss so continue reading to make your shopping experience with these a successful and positive one.

Common Build Materials – Almost all of these are made as cardboard or corrugated cardboard cat scratchers. This does not mean they’re not durable but it is something to think about. Other alternatives include a scratcher made from sisal rope, the most common one usually.

Cardboard Durability – Corrugated cardboard is more durable than regular cardboard so if you’re looking for a durable alternative to regular cat scratching materials, it’s the one to go for. It’s made using multiple sheets of cardboard, some rippled, and some flatlined.

Nature Benefits – Apart from being a cheaper alternative to others, they’re also a more eco-friendly alternative to others since corrugated cardboard and cardboard are usually made with recycled materials so in case you care about the planet and our cat’s health, it’s the way to go.

Service Time – Cat scratchers are a wear and tear product and there’s no way around that fact. Their lifetime depends on how much your cat scratches at it but a generally decided service time is around 4-5 months. This won’t be a problem given the fact that they’re fairly cheap.

Why Get One – Indoor housed cats don’t have the chance to wear down their claws naturally so a cat scratcher will replace any surface that they would usually do outside. You could opt for trimming down their claws but that’s not the safest option to go with and it’s highly unnatural and counterproductive.

Saving Your Furniture – Apart from helping your cat wear down its claws, you’re also saving your furniture from being destroyed. If your cat particularly likes your furniture, you can always get a cat sofa scratcher to protect your furniture without moving the location of the scratcher.

To Sum Up

Which cat scratch pad you’ll get is a decision entirely dependent on your and your cat’s needs. Nobody knows your cat better than you do so with the information provided in the buying guide, it should be easy to decide on one. If you’d prefer to read about more long-lasting and bigger solutions, check out the cat scratching tree article or the tall cat scratching post article. For reviews of all the possible scratching post types available, you’ll certainly enjoy reading the best cat scratching post article.

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