Does It Hurt A Dog To Poop After Being Spayed? – What Can You Do?

After routine spay or neutering, your dog can experience some pain.

You may wonder does it hurt a dog to poop after being spayed, whether you help him and how to recognize when it’s time to take him to the vet.

Here, we’ll explain to you the benefits of spaying, possible complications, whether your dog feels pain and how to help him after surgery.

Spaying Dog – Benefits And Possible Complications

As a reasonable dog owner, you’ll carefully think over every decision you make for your dog’s health. A spay surgery is recommended unless you want to have a farm of dogs.

When To Spay Your Dog?

The traditional age for spaying dogs is six to nine months.
However, healthy puppies eight weeks old can also be neutered. If you have an adult dog, don’t worry, it can be neutered, too.

Keep in mind there is a higher risk of complications in older and overweight dogs.

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Benefits Of Spaying

  • You’ll help to control the pet homelessness
  • Your female dog will live a long and healthy life. Spacing prevents uterine infections and reduces the risk of breast tumors. If you spay your dog before her first heat you’ll prevent these diseases.
  • Neutering your male dog reduces the risk of testicular cancer and prostate issues.
  • Your spayed female dog won’t urinate in your house. When the female dog goes into heat, she will yowl and urinate more frequently.
  • Male dogs won’t roam away from the house, because they don’t have to find a mate anymore.
  • Neutered male dogs usually become less aggressive and behave better after surgery.

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Although spaying can be painful for dogs, there are long-term positive effects on their health and behavior.

Complications After Spaying

Well, spaying is the most common dog surgery, but complications can occur. If you notice some of the following issues, call your vet.

  • If there is redness, swelling or discharge around the incision site
  • If the incision is open
  • If your dog is lethargic
  • If the dog has a loss of appetite
  • If the dog is vomiting or has diarrhea
  • If the dog doesn’t produce urine for more than 12 hours

Does It Hurt a Dog To Poop After Being Spayed?

Your veterinarian will provide some pre-surgical and post-surgical advice that you should follow. Many dogs will resume having a normal bowel movements after spaying. However, some dogs can experience discomfort and pain when pooping.

dog constipation

After spaying, that area of their body will be susceptible to pain. However, it shouldn’t be overly painful or unbearable for them to poop. Your dog shouldn’t scream when pooping.

Normally, dogs don’t have a bowel movement for 2-3 days after spaying. Multiple reasons can cause that, for example, if your dog fasted before spaying or if he doesn’t have an appetite when coming home.

Also, when a dog undergoes surgery, bowel movements will slow down due to anesthetics and opioids that the vet used.

If your dog starts pooping in the house, this can be a sign of real pain, anxiety swelling or changes in hormones. You can try with puppy pads or doggy diapers to prevent mess. When your dog poops outside the house, give him a treat and show him attention.

Here you can check a short video on how to take care of your dog after spay surgery.

How Do I Know If My Dog Is In Pain?

It is sometimes difficult to tell, but we already mentioned some signs. For example, if your dog howls or yelps when trying to poop, he’s in pain.

Also, signs such as limping, not eating, don’t want to get up, inability to sleep, poor appetite, changes in behavior and less energy can show that your dog is in a pain.

Why The Pain Occurs?

Unfortunately, pain is very common after spaying.

The incision is very close to the dog’s anus and that can cause pressure on the incision when your dog tries to poop. That’s the prime reason for pain.

A dog can act restless, howls and yelps during pooping or peeing. It is normal if the dog yelps 24 hours after surgery, the pain will cease soon.

The pain caused by spaying will last for a few days and it will be completely gone after a week.

When To Visit Vet?

If your dog is in pain, he will avoid having a bowel movement. So, if your dog didn’t have a bowel movement five days after the surgery, you should visit your vet.


The vet will probably suggest adding some medications to his diet to help soften the stool. Also, your vet can recommend canned food, which contains water and it’s easier to digest.

Tips For Safe And Comfortable Recovery

Of course, there are some things you can do to speed up your dog’s recovery.

  • Ensure a quiet place – It’s very important to provide a quiet and safe place for your dog. That will help him to recover faster. Keep your other pets away from the dog.
  • Take care of the dog’s moving – Try to prevent your dog from running and jumping around. These activities can worsen his wound. Your dog should rest for up to two weeks.
  • Use Elizabethan collar – A well-fitted collar will prevent your dog from licking his wound. Licking can slow the healing process and cause infection.
  • e-collar

  • Avoid bathing – You should definitely avoid bathing your dog at least 10 days after spaying.
  • Check incision site – And you should do it daily. Check his recovery process to be sure your dog is healing properly.

To Sum Up

Although spaying is recommended for dogs, they may experience some pain or discomfort. If you notice irregular bowel movement, you may wonder does it hurt a dog to poop after being spayed? To keep your dog safe after spaying, check his condition regularly, buy an e-collar and watch his behavior.

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