The List Of 24 Dog Euthanasia Statistics Picked By Editor For 2022

One of the most shocking statistics is for sure dog euthanasia statistics that revealed sad facts about one of the most popular pets all over the world.

Across the world, euthanasia is one of the human methods that professional veterinary and euthanasia technicians do when dogs are sick, injured, or due to other reasons. Some of the states allow only human methods with injection, do you know which one?

All animal shelters are overcrowded with special care and ill dogs that unfortunately need to be euthanized due to a lack of funds for care. Do you know which percentage of dogs will be euthanized every year? If you’re interested to find out the newest euthanasia statistics and facts, keep on reading.

10 Shocking Dog Euthanasia Facts
(Editor’s pick)

  • Every year will be euthanized about 1.2 million pets.
  • Around 670,000 dogs are euthanized in the United States every year.
  • About 20% of dogs in animal shelters will be euthanized.
  • Three out of four Americans are against euthanization.
  • Incidents of euthanasia in shelters were reduced by 66%.
  • Pitbulls are the number one dog breed with the highest number of euthanization.
  • Racing greyhounds have a high risk of euthanasia.
  • Around 60% of U.S. states have laws authorizing emergency animal euthanasia.
  • San Franciso is the first no-kill city.
  • About 48% of all animal shelters have a no-kill status.

24 Dog Euthanasia Statistics & Facts

1. Every year will be euthanized about 1.2 million pets

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) about 1.2 million pets, including dogs, will be euthanized every year. The high number of euthanization is the result of dog overpopulation as well as overcrowded animal shelters all over the world.

Dog overpopulation statistics show that most of the euthanized dogs were old, sick, or didn’t find their forever homes. Because of the increasing number of adoption every year, the number of euthanization decreasing.


2. Every day there are between 4,000 and 10,00 animals euthanized in shelters

According to all statistics, approximately 390, 000 dogs will be euthanized in shelters every year. Total estimates of euthanization in shelters can vary, but according to all dog shelter statistics, between 4,000 and 10,000 animals are euthanized every day. This presents around 25% of all animals that enter the shelters.


3. About 20% of dogs in animal shelters will be euthanized

The trend with pet adoption, according to dog ownership statistics, increases every year, but there are still many dogs in animal shelters that are waiting for their new owners.

Unfortunately, about 20% of dogs that enter the animal shelters in the United States will be euthanized due to different reasons. Number one is they are too sick or old, and one of the main reasons also include the type of breed that people think is too aggressive, like Pitbulls.

Fortunately, the percentage of adoption is much higher than the percentage of euthanasia, and approximately 48% of dogs from animal shelters will be adopted, said dog ownership statistics.


4. Five out of every ten dogs will be euthanized

Around 670,000 dogs are euthanized every year in the United States, which represents the number of 5,500 dogs every day. Unfortunately, five out of ten dogs that enter one of the animal shelters in the United States, won’t be able to find a new family.


5. Around 670,000 dogs are euthanized in the United States every year

All the statistics show that from 1.2 million pets that are euthanized every year, 670,000 of them are dogs. Most of the dogs were euthanized in shelters or in veterinarian centers.

670,000 dogs are euthanized each year


6. Animal shelter facts and statistics reveal that PETA euthanized 1,614 animals in 2019.

According to animal shelter statistics, PETA euthanized 1,614. animals in 2019. They claim that euthanization happens because of animal suffering, illness, or pain because of injuries.


7. Around 90% of people believe dog euthanasia rates are less than what they actually are

Some of the surveys that included questions about euthanasia revealed that almost 90% of people believe that euthanasia rates are not that high as the statistics show. Because there is no record of any euthanasia, and there is no exact number of euthanasia every year.


8. Three out of four Americans are against euthanization

As the country with one of the highest number of dog lovers, most Americans are against the euthanization of animals, correctly three of four.

This represents about 75% of Americans that think it needs to be illegal to kill any animal, including dogs. According to a survey, about 96% of Americans believe humans are morally obliged to protect all animals.


9. Incidents of euthanasia in shelters were reduced by 66%

Even if the number of dogs increases every year, there is still a high number of adoptions which reduces the number of dogs in shelters. This causes the reduced number of euthanasia in the last 20 years by 66%. Only in Ohio, from 2017.-2019. The number of euthanasia was reduced by 20%.

Incidents of euthanasia in animal shelters were reduced by 66%


10. Pitbulls are the number one dog breed with the highest number of euthanization

One of the most neglected and abused dogs in the world is Pitbulls, which are mostly known as aggressive dogs because of dogfights. Many of them live in cages where starved and beaten so they become more aggressive.

If the dog is injured after a fight in most cases he will be left in animal shelters. Also, many dog owners left Pitbull because of fear they’ll attack. According to dog shelter statistics, Pitbulls are the number one breed with the highest number of euthanization in the world.

About 35% of animal shelters reported that every day one more pitbull enters shelters. Unfortunately, 93% of these breeds are euthanized because of aggression, illness or there is no possibility of foster care for a long time.


11. Racing greyhounds have a high risk of euthanasia

According to dog racing statistics, one of the most popular dog breeds for the race is greyhounds. Usually, greyhound racing careers only last about 2-3 years. Statistics show that more than 1.35 million racing greyhounds have been euthanized since the start of this sport.

Some of the greyhounds become homeless after retirement and for this type of breed is a high risk for euthanasia because of illness or bad injuries.


12. Special need animals are euthanized due to a lack of funds for health care

Because of the high number of homeless animals, including dogs in shelters, sometimes the reason why animals will be euthanized, especially if they have special needs, is because of a lack of funds for care.


13. Illegal puppy mills eliminate unwanted or ill dogs using inhumane methods

In illegal puppy mills all over the United States, unwanted or sick dogs are eliminated with gunshot, gas, drowning, or other inhumane methods. More than 7,000 illegal puppy mills in the United States have millions of uncounted dogs.


14. Around 60% of U.S. states have laws authorizing emergency animal euthanasia

There are many U.S. states that have laws for emergency euthanasia for any reason. 64% of states allow euthanasia of a dog if he injures or kills a human being.

Around 60% of U.S. states have laws authorizing emergency animal euthanasia


15. If the dog is impounded by police or the local board of health it can be euthanized if the owner has not claimed the pet

There is a law in Iowa that allows euthanization if the dog is impounded by the law enforcement or local board of health and the owner has not claimed him within 7 days.


16. Dogs may be euthanized only if they have been anesthetized for unconscious pain

Only certified animal euthanasia technicians and licensed veterinarians may perform euthanasia when needed. When the dog needs to be euthanized by intracardiac injection, it is only possible if he has been anesthetized so there is no sensitive pain.


17. Some shelters still use inhumane methods for euthanization

In many animal shelters, there are still use of inhumane methods to euthanize animals, including dogs. These methods include decompression, gas chambers, and even gunshots to the head. Those inhumane methods can more pain and suffering to dogs because they’re not immediately effective.


18. Michigan specifies that dogs used in dogfights are eligible for emergency euthanasia

Many breeds, including Pitbulls, are involved in dog finds, and according to dog cruelty statistics, thousands of them died in rings. Because they’re beaten and starved in cages to become more aggressive for fights, one of the only states that specify that those and other breeds used in dogfighting is Michigan and they are eligible for emergency euthanasia.


19. The most euthanized animals were in Texas

According to data, the country with the most euthanized animals was Texas, with 52,106. California is in second place with 39.111 euthanized animals, and most of them are dogs.


20. San Franciso is the first no-kill city

Back to 1994. San Francisco was the first city that got no-kill status. The “father” of the no-kill movement was Rich Avanzino, who made a pact with animal shelters so that San Francisco became the first no-kill city in the country.


21. Till 2000. all military dogs were euthanized after a mission

After dogs returned from their mission, they were euthanized right away, mostly because of the fear they will attack civilians. Fortunately, this stopped in 2000.


22. Adopting a dog instead of buying a pet can reduce the euthanasia rate below 733,000

Even if dog adoptions and education about animal rights become very positive in the last few years, there are still those who’re buying a pet from breeders and paying a thousand dollars for a designer dog or special breed.

If people adopted some of the dogs instead of buying them, there could be more than 77% saved from shelters, which will reduce the euthanasia rate every year.


23. About 48% of all animal shelters have the no-kill status

One of the best news when it comes to dog euthanasia statistics includes the data about the number of animal shelters that earned no-kill status.

About half of all animal shelters in the United States are no-kill shelters with a 90% no-kill threshold. Some of the newest countries that also got the no-kill status are New Hampshire and Delaware.

About 48% of all animal shelters have the no-kill status


24. The goal of animal activists is to make a country a no-kill zone by 2025.

Because almost half of all animal shelters have a no-kill status, animal lovers and activists believe that the United States can become a no-kill country by 2025. The number of euthanized animals decreases every year, and the number of adoption goes up which is a positive result.

Animal activists are mostly trying to put an end to some of the most inhumane methods that shelters are still using for euthanization. Since 2013., about 70 shelters in 13 states shut down their gas chambers. There are still 27 states that have gas chambers and 4 of them are still using them.

To Sum Up

All the dog euthanasia statistics show there is still a high percentage of euthanasia all over the world as well in the United States. about 40% of all dogs in animal shelters will be euthanized, due to injuries, aggression, illness, and other factors. Some of the states still use inhuman methods that can cause pain and many dogs suffer before death. Fortunately, because of more and more education, adoption, spaying, and neutering, the number of euthanized dogs decreases every year.

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