The List Of 14 Dog Ownership Statistics For 2022

Dogs have become one of the most popular pets in the world today and dog ownership statistics are on the rise in the world as well as in the United States.

Having a dog is a big responsibility and now dogs became Dogs have become equal members of every family. Dog ownership requires additional annual costs that can reach up to several thousand dollars.

In the last few years, the United States has seen an increase in dog ownership, but do you know which country has the most owned dogs now? The global pandemic and lockdown also affected the number of adopted dogs, and to find out if it was in a good or bad way, keep on reading.

6 Most Interesting Dog Ownership Facts (Editor’s pick)

  • There are around 471 million pet dogs around the world.
  • Around 38,4% of Americans own a dog
  • Idaho is the state with most dog owners with 58,3%.
  • Since 2000. dog ownership increases more than 20%.
  • The most popular breed in the United States is Labrador Retriever.
  • Around 44% of dogs that are adopted are rescued from the shelters.

14 Most Interesting Dog Ownership Statistics & Facts

1. There are around 471 million pet dogs around the world

Statistics say that dogs are the most popular pets in the world, and there is the highest number of dog pets worldwide, around 471 million, which represents about 33%.

Compared to the second most popular pet, there are 370 pet cats, which is around 100 million less than dogs.


2. According to statistics, the U.S. has the 97 million pet owners

From general dog statistics, there were 89,7 million dogs in the U.S. in 2018. Now in 2021., all around the country there are more than 97 million adopted or bought dogs that found their new family.


3. Around 38,4% of Americans own a dog

Statistics say that in the United States, according to a number of citizens about 38,4% own at least one dog, which is around 63,4 million families.

This is not surprising data because the United States is top of the list of countries with most of the dogs in the world.


4. The average number of owned dogs per house is 1.6

As around 40 $% of Americans own a dog, there is research about data on the average number of dogs in one family. Most of the families have one dog, and the average number is 1.6.


5. Idaho is the state with most dog owners with 58,3%

Some states in the U.S.  recorded an increase in new pet owners. Idaho is definitely in first place with around 58,3% and it is the most dog-friendly state in the country. Montana is right above Idaho with 51,9% and West Virginia with 51.6%.


6. District Of Columbia has only a 22,5% dog ownership rate

Of all the states, the District of Columbia has only a 22,5% dog ownership rate and it is the country with the least dog owners.

The average number of dogs per household is 1.2 It seems that people in the District Of Columbia are not that into dogs compared to the rest of the dog lovers in America.


7. Since 2000. dog ownership increases more than 20%

In the last 20 years, statistics say there are 21,9% of new dog owners in the U.S. Trend of adopting and buying is in increase, which is the result of a much better situation in shelters, as dog shelter statistics say.

dog ownership in the US (1)


8. During the global Covid19 pandemic dog ownership increased by 11%

One of the positive sides of the global pandemic because of the Covid-19 virus was the increase in dog ownership. Now there are 11% more dog owners in the U.S. than before the pandemic.

Hopefully, the increase was not the result of lockdown, so the dogs served only as a source of fun while people stay at home.


9. According to the survey, around 45% of dog owners admit their dog improve their life

Almost half of the dog owners, precisely 45% of them said that dog improve their life, especially about heath life and exercise. Because the dogs request daily walking, it positively impacts the lives of owners, as well.


10. The latest studies show that the average age of dog owner is 47 years

Studies that show the statistics of the dog owners by age, revealed that the average dog owner has 47 years.

We can conclude that most of the dog owners above 40 years have families and that everyone can take care of dogs while some family members are o work.


11. The most popular breed that dog owners have in the United States is Labrador Retriever

For the last 29 years, the Labrador Retrieves has been the most popular breed that families own, says the Americal Kennel Club statistics.

This mix breed is one of the most family-friendly breeds and that is the main reason why most people decide to buy or adopt them.


12. Around 44% of dogs that are adopted are rescued from the shelters

The trend of adoption in the U.S. is still on the rise, and according to homeless dog statistics, 44% of pups that found their new home came from animal shelters.

Around 44% of dogs that are adopted are rescued from the shelters


13. Dog owners have more than $1,000 additional annual spending on their pets

Having a dog requires additional costs and there are much more expensive than other pets like cats and birds. The average dog owner will spend around $1,000 on medications, supplies, and veterinary check-up each year.


14. The average cost of owning a dog is between $125 and $824 every month

The monthly annual cost of owning a dog is between $125 and $824 in the United States. The cost depends on the type of the dog breed, choice of food, additional cost like veterinary check-ups, etc.


To Sum Up

Today having a dog became normal for most of the family, and pets became equal family members. According to dog ownership statistics, the number of adopted or purchased dogs is growing every year. Almost half of the dogs that have found their forever home are from animal shelters. The United States is one of the leading countries in the number of families that have at least one dog.

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