54 Most Interesting Dog Statistics & Facts For 2022

Having a pet today is a normal thing for every household, and one of the most popular animals is certain dogs. According to dog statistics, dogs are one of the most affectionate and most often adopted animals.

Although many love dogs, there are those who are afraid of bites and attacks, so you will often see abandoned dogs on the street and in shelters. But do you know why dogs attack and how many abandoned dogs are in the shelter today? You might be surprised at the statistics and facts.

If you have decided to adopt a dog, the data from our article will be useful where you can find out how much is spent on dog food and where are the best dog parks in your city. For answers to these and other questions, keep reading.

We’ve covered statistics that include:


  • In 2020. there were 900 million dogs in the world.
  • The USA has the most dogs in the world.
  • In the last 20 years, dog ownership in the US has risen by 21, 9%.
  • Every year, there is around 10 million dog bites and attack around the world.
  • 81 % of dog bite injuries don’t require any medical care.
  • During the global pandemic, dog theft in the UK increases by 20%.
  • There are approximately 1.6 million dogs adopted every year.
  • Since 2019. there are 42 % more dog parks in the United States.
  • More than 50 % of adult dogs are obese or overweight.
  • There are currently more than 15, 200 dog walkers in the United States.
  • An average dog owner will spend around 73$ a year on grooming.
  • Around $300 a year will spend every dog owner on food or treat.

General Dog Statistics

1. In 2020. there were 900 million dogs in the world

Countries with the most dogs are the USA (90 million), China (100 million), Brazil (55 million), Russia (17 million), and Japan (15 million). Around 70 % of the worldwide dog population is free-ranging.


Source: quotationcheck.com

2. There are countries with 1 dog per 1000 people

According to statistics, Iran and Maldives have 1 dog per 1000 people, and Saudi Arabia has 2 per 1000. These 3 countries have the least number of dogs in the world.

Source: quotationcheck.com

3. The USA has the most dogs in the world

From the statistics in 2021., the USA has 274 dogs for every 1000 people, and it is the country with the largest dog population per capita.

Source: quotationcheck.com

Worldwide Pet Ownership Statistics

4. The US has the highest pet ownership worldwide with 97 million

According to statistics from 2018., there were 89,7 million puppies all around the US. In 2021., there is more than 97 million dogs with their forever homes. According to a number of citizens in the Us, 38.4% of American households own a dog.

Source: pawsomeadvice.com

5. In the last 20 years, dog ownership in the US has risen by 21, 9%

Since 2000. there is more than 20 % of new dog owners, which definitely represents that the US is one of the most dog-friendly countries in the world.

dog ownership in the US (1)

Source: spots.com

6. From 2012., the number of households that own at least one dog has increased by 13,5 %

In 2012, in the USA there was nearly 43,3 million a household that owns at least one puppy. Last statistics from 2020., says there is 63.4 million, which includes 50 % of citizens. This is is an increase of 13,5 % in 13 years.

Source: humanepro.org

7. According to ownership by the state in the US, Idaho has the most dog owners with 58,3 %

According to statistics, Idaho has the highest number of pet owners of 58,3 % so we can say Idaho is the most dog-friendly state. In second place is Montana with 51,9%.

Source: worldpopulationreview.com

8. New Hampshire has only 23,7 % of dog owners

We can tell that the people of New Hampshire are not that into dogs, because there is not more than 24 % of puppy owners. Those who have dogs have approximately one or 2 canines in the house.

Source: spendmenot.com

9. Dog ownership in the US increased during the COVID-19 pandemic by 11 %

In 2020. when the global pandemic caused by the Covid-19 virus started, there was an increase of 11% in dog ownership in the US, which is one of the positive sides of the last year.

Source: thezebra.com

10. In last year in Russia, 15 million pups found their homes

More than 15 million dogs find homes all around Russia. In Brazil, there are 35,7 million dogs and over 50 % of citizens own the pup. India is also known as the country with the highest dog population – over 10 million, but unfortunately, most of them are strays.

Source: pawsomeadvice.com

Dog Attack Statistics

11. Every year, there is around 10 million dog bites and attack around the world

There are no global dog attack statistics, but we can say for sure that children are at higher risk of being bitten or attacked by dogs than adults.

Source: petpedia.co

12. According to statistics, there is around 4.5 million dog attacks every year in the US

There are 4,5 million reported dog attacks and bites in the US every year. According to studies from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), only 800,00 attacks from dogs need medical attention.

Source: petpedia.co

13. About 81 % of dog bite injuries don’t require any medical care

In most cases, over 80% of dog bites cause no injuries or there are only minor injuries. If there is an injury, usually it is so small that there is no need for medical attention, mostly there will be only scratches.

dog bite injuries

Source: petpedia.co

14. Dying from a dog bite or attack is in 1 in 112,400 chance

Even if the number of 4,5 million dog attacks every year seems high, there is no reason for fear. The dog bite statistics from 2019 said there is a larger chance to die in a cataclysmic storm, from bee or wasp, in transportation incidents, or from firearm discharges.

Also, there is one in 3,461 chances that you are much more likely to die from choking or some disease including cancer, than from a dog bite or attack.

Source: petpedia.co

15. According to statistics, more than 70 % of dog attacks are because the dog is not neutered

An unneutered male dog is more likely to bite you than neutered one, and according to the U.S. dog bite statistics, it will happen 2,6 times more.

Whether a dog will be aggressive depends also on heredity, sex, and reproductive status as well as many other essential factors.

Source: petpedia.co

16. During the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a 300% increase in dog attacks

The statistics show there was a 300 %  increase in dog attacks. This is the result of spending more time at home which surely increased stress levels in humans but in dogs as well.

Source: petpedia.co

17. Statistics show that in 80 % the specifics aren’t deciding factor connecting with attacks

Only 20 % of the dog attacks are determined by a specific dog breed, so we can’t tell that the dog bite has a connection with it.

Source: petpedia.co

18. In 2018. and 2019., there were 59 attack fatalities only from Pit bulls

The CDC has been studying various dog breeds and their temperaments for many years. The dog bite statistics show that the pit bulls were involved in most of the attacks.

Source: petpedia.co

19. In 2020., according to dog bite fatality statistics, 72 % of attacks by breed were connected with Pitbulls

72 % of dog attacks are connected with Pitbulls, 4 % with American Shepard, Mastiff, and mixed breeds. 2 % of five dog breeds contributed to 1 death, and they include American bully mix, Belgian malinois, Bull terrier, Cane Corso, and Labrador Retriever.  The residue isn’t released.

2020 fatal dog attacks by breed in U.S. (1)

Source: www.dogsbite.org

20. Even the Pittbull cause most of the attacks, they have an 86,7% temperament passing rate.

The CDC statistics show that this popular breed is trained by owners to become aggressive. However, their temperament passing rate is higher than from some smaller breeds such as Beagle or Chihuahua

Source: petpedia.co

21. Dogs are responsible for 99% of rabies cases.

Rabies is an infectious disease that in most cases has fatal consequences. But fortunately, there is vaccine prevention. The most common victims are children from 5 to 14 years.

Source: petpedia.co

22. About 59,000 people around the world die from rabies every year

Approximately 59,9% of global death by rabies is in India and 35% in Asia. The center for Disease Control bites statistics show that it is completely eliminated from the USA, as well as from Canada, Western Europe, and some Latin Americans.

Source: petpedia.co

23. There are no worries about rabies where 70% of dogs are vaccinated.

Rabies is successfully controlled in many countries where dogs get vaccines to prevent any fatalities if there will be any attacks.

Source: petpedia.co

24. In 2019., dogs attacked 5,803 postal employees in the US

The data show that in most cases there were bites with small injuries or no injuries at all. Statistics reveal that the bites are not connected with any dog breed in particular. Houston and Los Angeles have the highest number of those incidents.

In 2019., dogs attacked 5,803 postal employees in the U.S. (1)

Source: petpedia.co

25. According to research from 2019., dogs from 66-100 pounds are more likely to attack

From the research from 2019, dogs from 66-100 pounds that has wide and short heads are most likely to attack adult or children. This study also includes 6 breeds that are reported along with bite injuries and they are Pitt bulls, mixed breeds, german Shepard, terries, and rottweiler.

dog theft statistics

26. During the lockdown because of the global pandemic, dog theft in the UK increased by 20%

From 2019., dog theft in the UK during pandemics and lockdown increased by 20 %. Also, in the last five years, dog theft incidents have risen by 31 %.

Source: www.directlinegroup.co.uk

27. There were 2,438 dogs reported as stolen in 2020. in the UK

There were more than 2,400 dogs stolen in 2020, which is 7 dogs per day. Only 22 % of stolen puppies were found and reunited with their owners.

Source: www.mkplawgroup.com

28. There were 97 stolen Staffordshire Bull Terriers in 2020.

According to Direct Line Pet Insurance analysis, Staffordshire Bull Terriers are on the top of the list of theft, and there are 97 stolen last year. The crossbreeds are second-most targeted with 52 dogs stolen in 2020. In the third place is Cocker Spaniel and there are 34 dogs taken.

Other breeds that are on the top list of theft are Bulldog, Labrador, Jack Russell, Border Collie, and Springer Spaniel.

Source: thekennelclub.org.uk

29. Around 98 % of dog theft criminals in the UK are never charged.

In half of the cases, suspects are never identified and in 98 % of dog theft criminals are never charged. It is surely easy to connect it with the increased number of stolen dogs every year. and in more than half of cases, a suspect is never identified

Source: thekennelclub.org.uk

Dog shelter statistics

30 . There are 3500, animal shelters in the U.S.

All over the US, there are 3500 animal shelters for dogs and other animals. They take stray and abandoned dogs and keep them safe and healthy for possible adoption.

Source: petpedia.co

31. Approximately 3,1 million dogs enter U.S. animal shelters every year

Of almost 6,3 million animals, approximately 3.1 million dogs enter US animal shelters every year. This is a huge number of abandoned pets and shelters are always full.

Approximately 3,1 million dogs enter US animal shelters every year (1)

Source: www.aspca.org

32. Around 25 % of people adopt foster dogs

According to pet adoption statistics, during the pandemic in the US, the number of adoption compared to last year increased by double, which is about 10-13 dogs per day. Still, over 78 million dog owners bought their pets from breeders.

Source: petpedia.co

33. There are approximately 1.6 million dogs adopted every year around the world

From the shelters all around the world, there are approximately 1,6 million dogs that are adopted. Even if shelters need to reduce the number, even more, the good news is that there is an increase in the number of adoption every year.

Source: petpedia.co

34. Almost 47 % of rehomed dogs are abandoned by owners

According to statistics of dogs, around 47 % of dog owners abandoned their pets due to pet problems. Research said that the pet problem includes health issues, aggressive behavior, or dog growth that is larger than they expected.

Source: petpedia.co

35. Around 37 % of the dogs are kept only for a year in shelters, said statistics.

Pets in shelters, which includes 37 % of dogs are kept less than a year in the shelter, mostly when they’re relinquished by their owners.

Source: petpedia.co

36. Only 25 % of dogs that enter the shelters are pure breed

It is no surprise that only 25 % of dogs that enter the animal shelters are purebred. If you want to find out about your dog breed, you can fo mixed-breed DNA. 25% of all dogs that enter shelters are purebred.

Source: pawsomeadvice.com

37. Around 710,000 dogs who enter shelters are returned to their owners

Of 810,000 animals that enter the shelters, around 710,000 are stray dogs that are returned to their owners, which presents a great number for shelters.

Of 810,000 animals that enter the shelters, around 710,000 are stray dogs that are returned to their owners

Source: petpedia.co

38. Around 32 % of dogs that were present from friends are abandoned in shelters

Even if the dog is the nicest way to surprise a friend, the animal shelters statistics said that pets from friends are most likely to get bach to shelters, and around 32 % of dogs are abandoned.

Source: petpedia.co

39. Shelters euthanized around 390,000 dogs every year

Each year, there is around 920,000 shelter animals are euthanized and around 390,000 are dogs. Fortunately, the is a decrease in the euthanization of animals which is the result of the higher percentage of adoption every year.

Source: www.aspca.org

40. Almost 93% of Pitt bulls are killed in shelters

93 % of Pitt bulls that enter shelters are unfortunately killed, and they take the lead off of breed that has the highest death every year. They are the hardest breed to adopt, and only one in 600 Pit bulls will find a new home.

Source: petpedia.co

dog park statistics

41. There are more than 810 dedicated dog parks in the US

In the 10 largest cities around the US, there are more than 800 dedicated dog parks, according to data from 2019.

Source: www.tpl.org

42. Since 2009. there were 42 % more dog parks

There are continuous growth largest cities and the data said there is an above 40% increase in dog parks in the last 10 years.

Number of Dog Parks

Source: www.tpl.org

dog walking statistics

43. There are currently more than 15, 200 dog walkers in the United States

In some countries, dow walking employees are not popular, but the US has one of the highest dogs employees in the world. Around 65 % of dog walkers are women, and the average age is 32.

Source: www.zippia.com

44. The stats say that the average annual salary is around  $23,486

Some of the dog walk employees have a side job and some of them live from it. The average starting salary is around $17,000. 10 % of the fol walkers can earn more than $31,000 per year.

Source: www.zippia.com

45. Statistics by race said there are up to 73,8 % White ethnicity.

The White ethnicity makes up 73,8% of dog walkers. There are 16,1 % Hispanic or Laino and 3,8 % of the Black or African American ethnicity.

Source: www.zippia.com

dog obesity statistics

46. More than 50 % of adult dogs are obese or overweight

According to statistics from Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, Around 53 % of adult dogs have an obesity problem. If the dog is overweight it can cause different health problems such as arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney disease, and cancers.

Source: www.dosomething.org

47. Around 22% of dog owners think their dog is normal weight when it’s actually overweight

Some of the pet owners think that fat dogs are the new normal. 22 % of dog owners don’t think their pet has a problem with weight. According to Purina Lifespan Study, obesity can take almost two years off a dog’s life and cause a lot of health problems.

overweight dog (2)

Source: www.dosomething.org

48. More than 50 % of pet owners reported their veterinarian discussed their pet’s weight during visits.

Around 44 % of dog owners weigh their dogs every few months, and only 15 % do that every month, said research. Around 52 % of owners reported discussing obesity with veterinarians during the annual visits.

Source: todaysveterinarypractice.com


49. Over 40,778 employees in the United States are working as Dog Groomers

There are over 40,700 dog groomers in the United States, said statistics. Most of the groomers, about 70 % are women, and around 30 % are men.

Source: www.zippia.com

50. An average annual salary for dog groomers is around $23,119.

If you’re starting as a dog groomer, you can expect a starting salary of about $15,000. The average annual salary is around $23,119. The 10 % of top paid groomers can earn more than 34,000 a year.

Source: www.zippia.com

 51. According to pet grooming industry statistics, an average dog owner will spend around 73$ a year on grooming.

The dog owner will spend around 73$ on grooming every year, which includes all grooming services and aids such as shampoos, clippers, toothbrushes, etc.

Source: petpedia.co

dog food statistics

52. Around $300 a year will spend every dog owners on food or treat, said pet food industry statistics.

Depending on the size of your dog, the analysis said that dog owners on average spend around $76 on dog treats and  $259 on dog food.

Average pet owners' spending on foot and treats (in US dollars) (2)

Source: petpedia.co

53. Less than half of the dog owners, around 43% owners buy premium pet food

More and more dog owners are looking for healthy food for their lovely pets. According to the latest statistics, around 43 % of owners are buying premium pet food every month. The analysis said dog food is way expensive, and the Covid-19 pandemic affects the prices. Amazon increases sales by up to 45% compared to the previous year.

Source: petpedia.co

54. Statistics about natural and organic products reveal that one in 4 dog owners gave their pet CBD oil products.

Natural and organic products became very popular even in the pets world, and CBD products are one of the top buying ones. CBD products provide many benefits to dogs’ health, and one in 4 dog owners have given their pet some CBD oil-infused products. Also, 2 of 3 dog owners will buy it again.

Source: petpedia.co

To Sum Up

From dog statistics and data, it is noticeable that dogs have a great impact on society and that the problem of a large number of dogs is still present. Although the number of adoptions is growing, there are still many animals on the street that are affected by frequent attacks. Dogs, like other pets, require high costs, but certainly one of the best decisions is adoption.

Diane has a Master’s degree in Economy. Her work experience began in 2016. when she graduated and got her first job in the pet company. The interest in pets and animals was increasing over time and finally, she decided to write about pets. On Petovly, her domain is dogs, cats, hamsters, and guinea pigs. She is in touch with many experts who share their professional knowledge with her helping her to complete the articles.