Best 15 Indoor Bunny (Rabbit) Cages For Houses & Appartmants

Longing for a new indoor rabbit cage but don’t know where to begin searching and what to even search for?

If you continue reading this article, you are sure to find a model you like out of all the various and largely different cages we reviewed here. One thing is certain, they’re all made for indoor use but no two are alike since we reviewed them in categories like cheap, big, plastic, and even wooden models.

The Summary

BEST OF BEST COMMERCIAL RABBIT CAGE summaryMidwest Wabbitat Folding Cage
If you ever feel like not using the cage anymore, you can depend on the fold-down design to store it away. Even better, you can travel with it.
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Super Deal Wire Rat Cage SummarySuper Deal Cage On Wheels
Although its length and width don’t indicate a large size, since it’s tall it does have 3 levels that do. With this design, it saves space indoors.
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AmazonBasics Cage SummaryAmazon Basics Small Animal Cage
For a low price that is still in the two digits price range, you’ll get bunny housing starter kit extras like a hay feeder, food bowl, and water bottle.
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Ferplast Rabbit CageFerplast Rabbit Cage
Apart from having the 2nd level, it’s also able to house 2 bunnies either separately or together. The levels are made as deep plastic bases.
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Krolik XXL Rabbit Cage SummaryKrolik XXL Rabbit Cage
The 63-in in length converts into 5ft. This large of a length paired with its width gives your rabbit a large ground square footage to play in.
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Midwest Deluxe Cage SummaryMidwest Home Deluxe 2 Level Cage
The square footage of 6.25 is presented on the ground level but the 2nd level as well, meaning your rabbit will get 12.5 square feet of usable space.
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BEST INDOOR DWARF Rabbit Cage summaryKaytee Dwarf Rabbit Cage
The cage is bigger than the minimum recommended for these bunnies and you can always check on them due to the transparent plastic base.
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Yaheetech cage summaryYaheetech Metal Rabbit Cage
The wheels on this cage aren’t plastic and it makes sense that they aren’t since they have to be durable enough to hold this carbon steel-made cage.
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Yaheetech Ferret Enclosure SummaryYaheetech 5 Level Tall Rabbit Cage
The pull-out tray is located below a wire grid floor meaning that you will clean this cage and keep your rabbit healthy with no issues.
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Prevue Pet Cage summaryPrevue Pet Products Deluxe
The cage top fits into the raised edges of the stand and attaches to the stand with clips for more stability. It features wheels and a storage grid as well.
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Homey Pet Cage summaryHomey Pet Heavy Duty Cage
When looking at it from the outside, the removable trays located on both runs and sleep areas are almost invisible so they don’t disrupt its visuals.
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PawHut 2-Tier Compact Small Animal Cage SummaryPawhut 32 Inch 2 Level Cage
Although the length and width of this cage barely don’t make it suitable for these rabbits, with the 2nd level it is and this allows you to save space.
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Little Friends Cage summaryLittle Friends Small Animal Cage
The pink things located on this cage are its extras and plastic bases. We used plural since it has 2, each acts as a bottom of each level.
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Living World Deluxe Habitat SummaryLiving World Deluxe Habitat
Apart from plastic accessories that make up the rabbit cage starter kit, it has a deep plastic base allowing you to put bedding inside.
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Prevue Hendryxs Cocoa & Cream Small Animal Cage SummaryPrevue Hendryx Small Animal Cage
Although it’s small, it would be hard to move elsewhere if it weren’t for the stand with wheels since it’s made with metal tubes.
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Best 15 Indoor Rabbit Cages


Midwest Wabbitat Folding Cage

Wire Floor Spacing
You can’t go wrong with wire since it’s durable material and rabbits won’t chew through. What’s even greater is that is thas a wire floor with a 0.5-in spacing between bars which makes it safer for rabbits. Below the floor, you’ll find a slide-out cleaning tray made out of plastic.

Midwest Wabitat Rabbit Cage

Doors And Size
This inside rabbit cage has 2 doors, one on top and one in the front. Overall, it’s 37-in long, 19-in wide, and 20-in tall and weighs around 20 lbs. You can use it as a transport cage as well since it easily folds down, or store it and save space when not in use. Although it’s durable, there sure are more durable options out there so make sure you read the commercial rabbit cages article for more.

In Short:

  • Made fully out of wire
  • Features a wire floor with a 0.5-in bar spacing
  • Comes with a slide-out cleaning tray
  • It’s 37-in long, 19-in wide, and 20-in tall
  • Has a top and front entrance
  • Can be folded down
  • Weighs around 20 lbs


Super Deal Cage On Wheels

Biggest Proportion
Although its length of 25-in and width of 17-in makes it spacious as it is, it does become bigger with its height of 35-in. This height is cleverly used up with additional levels that make it even bigger. If you’d prefer to check out big rabbit cages indoor models with fewer levels, read the multi-level rabbit cage article next.

Super Deal Wire Rat Cage Review

Levels And Materials
There are 3 additional levels and each level and ramp to access them is made with wire. This includes the ground-level bottom that features a plastic cleaning tray below. On the bottom, you’ll also find wheels to move it easily. It’s made with metal square tubes and wire and it’s rust and corrosion-resistant.

In Short:

  • It’s 25-in long and 17-in wide
  • Features 3 added levels due to the 35-in height
  • The levels and ramps are made out of wire
  • Has a wire grid floor and a clean tray below
  • Built with metal square tubes and wire
  • It’s rust and corrosion resistant
  • Sits on wheels


Amazon Basics Small Animal Cage

Classically Built
Just because a cage has a more classic build doesn’t mean it’s not worth it. It’s made with a wire top and a plastic deep base that detaches from the top with locking clips. On top, you’ll find a double entrance for quick interior cleaning and an additional double door in the front.

Amazon Basics

Size And Extras
It’s around 42-in long, 24-in wide, and 20-in tall. It features all of the necessary starter kit accessories like a 2nd level, ramp, food bowl, water bottle, and hay feeder. Its price doesn’t go over two digits. If you can spare to spend a bit more, you can read the cheap indoor rabbit cage article next for more.

In Short:

  • Features a plastic base and a wire top
  • HAs a double top door and a double front door
  • It’s around 24-in wide, 42-in long, and 20-in tall
  • The base detaches from the top for cleaning
  • Comes with a water bottle, food bowl, and a hay feeder
  • Has a 2nd level and ramps to access it


Ferplast Rabbit Cage

Levels And Their Details
Not only does this cage have a double tier but it can also house 2 rabbits. You can choose to house them separately or together. Each floor has its plastic base and wire top and you can detach both for cleaning. If this is not your idea of a double indoor rabbit cage, read the double rabbit cage article linked below for more.

BEST LARGE Ferplast Double Rabbit Cage

Levels Size And Accessories
Each level is 39.5-in long and 20.3-in wide. Overall, it’s 36.2-in tall and comes with a hideout, elevated area, food bowl, hay feeder, and a water bottle. Your rabbit or rabbits can access the second level using a ramp made out of wood. The cage can be accessed using the frontal wide door.

In Short:

  • Has 2 levels and an additional elevated area
  • Each level has a plastic base bottom
  • You can detach the wire tops from both levels
  • Overall, it’s 39.5-in long, 20.3-in wide, and 36.2-in tall
  • Can house 2 rabbits
  • Has a hideout, hay feeder, water bottle, food bowl, and 2nd level ramp
  • Has a large frontal door


Krolik XXL Rabbit Cage

Cage Length
There are 2 ways to go about the 5ft dimension mark and in this cage, we went with the length being 5ft. In inches, it’s 63.8-in long and it’s also 23.8-in wide, and 19.7-in tall. If you’d prefer a 5ft square footage instead of this 5ft indoor rabbit cage, read the 2 rabbit cages article next.

Ferplast Krolik XXL Rabbit Cage

Base And Top
It has a plastic base and wire top. The right side features an extended area that can be separated using a divider it comes with. It also comes with an elevated area, 2 hay feeders, a water bottle, and a food bowl. It weighs around 24 lbs and the base is plenty deep with its 5.5 inches and can efficiently prevent bedding overflows.

In Short:

  • Has a divider separated extension
  • Comes with 2 hay feeders, a water bottle, and a food bowl
  • Features a platform
  • It’s 63.8-in length, 23.8-in wide, and 19.7-in tall
  • It’s 5ft long
  • Weighs around 24 lbs


Midwest Home Deluxe 2 Level Cage

Levels And Platforms
Whilst there are 2 levels on this cage, they are different from what we usually consider 2 levels. Both levels are fully extended, made out of plastic, and measure at 36-in in length and 25-in in width. Additionally, you’ll get 2 raised platforms for each that your rabbit can access using a ramp.

midwest deluxe

What It Comes With
Each level gives your rabbit 6.25 square feet of living space which added up comes to 12.5 square feet. It’s made with metal tube and wire, sits on a stand with wheels and even has a wire storage grid. Each level also features a double-door entrance. For cages a bit smaller in height than this 6ft indoor rabbit cage, you can read the 2 rabbit cage article to find them.

In Short:

  • Has 2 levels and 2 raised platforms
  • The platforms are accessed via ramps
  • Each level is 36-in long and 25-in wide
  • Sits on a stand with wheels and a wire storage grid
  • Each level gives rabbits 6.25 square feet of living space


Kaytee Dwarf Rabbit Cage

Recommended Size
The Netherland dwarf rabbit is one of the smallest rabbit breeds out there as the name suggests and a good cage size for them would be an 18-in long and 24-in wide cage. It does not hurt to go bigger so that’s why this one is 30-in long and 18-in wide. If you’d rather have a smaller or a bigger cage than this, read the dwarf rabbit cage indoor models article next.

BEST INDOOR CUTE Kaytee Bunny Cage

Cage Parts
There are 3 mention-worthy parts on this cage. One is its bottom base that’s made with clear, blue-colored plastic, the second is its wire middle part and the third is its plastic and wire top. The top and the cage’s front are where you’ll find entrances. It features a raised platform, a ramp for access, a food bowl, and a water bottle.

In Short:

  • It’s 30-in long and 18-in wide
  • Has a clear, blue, plastic base
  • Features a wire middle parts
  • The top is made with clear colored plastic and wire
  • Has a top entrance and a front entrance
  • Comes with a platform and ramp
  • Features a water bottle and food dish


Yaheetech Metal Rabbit Cage

Carbon Steel Build
Both the metal tube frame and the wire sides of this cage are made with carbon steel. This means that it’s far more durable than regular steel or iron and it’s protected from corrosion and rust with a hammertone black finish. Its top corners are curved to make it look nicer.

Yaheetech Sturdy Hamster Enclosure

Wire Levels And General Size
The 2 doors can be found in the front sitting on top of one another. This will help you access each of the 3 additional wire levels without any problems. It’s 25.2-in long, 17.1-in wide, and 36.8-in tall, has a wire grid floor, plastic tray below it, and sits on wheels. You can check out other models of indoor rabbit cages on wheels in the linked article below.

In Short:

  • Made with carbon steel tubes and wire
  • Has a hammertone finish
  • It’s 17.1-in wide, 25.2-in long, and 36.8-in tall
  • Has 2 front doors
  • Features 3 additional wire made levels
  • Has a wire grid bottom and a cleaning tray below


Yaheetech 5 Level Tall Rabbit Cage

Colors And Proportions
If you can’t blend well with a black cage, you can always opt for a white version of this cage. It’s 25-in long and 12-in wide which isn’t a lot but due to the 52-in in height, it’s considered large since it fits 5 additional levels and ramps all made out of wire just like the cage sides are. You can find an even deeper indoor rabbit cage with a pull-out tray in the rabbit cage with wire bottom article.

Yaheetech Huge Hamsters Cage

Floor And Weight
Its bottom is a wire grid floor which make sit safe for rabbit and below you’ll find a pull-out tray made out of plastic for quick and easy cleaning. It does sit on wheels and weighs around 34 lbs. The metal parts are powder coated for protection against rust and corrosion.

In Short:

  • Has 5 additional levels and ramps
  • The levels and ramps are made out of wire
  • Has a square tube frame and wire sides
  • It’s coated with a powder coat finish
  • Comes in black or white
  • Has a wire grid floor and plastic slide-out tray below
  • Weighs around 34 lbs and sits on wheels
  • It’s 25-in long, 12-in wide, and 52-in tall


Prevue Pet Products Deluxe

Stand Info
The stand of this cage looks like you can remove the cage from it since the cage fits into it with raised edges. These edges are there to make the cage sit on it with more stability especially if you hook it to the stand with clips. Although this indoor rabbit cage with stand is unique, you can learn about others in the multi-level rabbit cage article to make your verdict.

Prevue Pet Cage

Main Cage Contents
The stand also contains wheels and a large wire grid for storage. Another wire grid is found on the cage’s floor and below it, there is a cleaning tray. It’s made with heavy-duty metal and wire, has 2 large entrances, has a fully extended second level and each level features an additionally raised platform. It also comes with a hammock and it’s 37-in long, 23-in wide, and 45-in tall without the stand.

In Short:

  •  Has a raised edges stand attached with clips
  • Has wheels and a storage grid made out of wire
  • Without the stand, it’s 45-in tall, 37-in long, and 23-in wide
  • Has 2 levels and 2 additional elevated platforms
  • Made with heavy-duty metal and wire


Homey Pet Heavy Duty Cage

Cage Floor
The removable tray of this hutch is a plastic-made tray sitting below a gridded wire floor to keep your rabbit’s feet infection-free. It expands through the whole length of 37-in and width of 22-in of the cage. It’s made with heavy-duty metal tubes and wire and has a low gauge meaning the metal is thicker.

Homey Pet Cage

Mobility And Use
It weighs around 45 lbs so it’s no surprise that it sits on heavy-duty caster wheels, some of which you can lock to make it more stable. It has a front and top door and it’s 31-in tall. For more cages like this one, make sure you read the rabbit cage with the wire floor article next.

In Short:

  • Made out of heavy-duty metal tubes and wire
  • Has a low gauge
  • Features a front and top access door
  • It’s around 37-in long and 22-in wide
  • Sits on lockable wheels
  • Has a wire bottom and tray below it
  • Weighs around 45 lbs


Pawhut 32 Inch 2 Level Cage

Mini lop rabbits are considered to be small rabbits since they weigh under 8 lbs. This 32-in long and 21-in wide cage would be a tight fit if the cage didn’t have a 2nd level that easily attaches to cage walls and can be accessed via a ramp that’s made out of plastic just like the level.


It has a 2 piece deep plastic base that also features a hidden slide-out tray. It has a gridded plastic floor and features a plastic entrance in the front and a top wire entrance. It even sits on wheels so you can move this mini lop cage indoor models with ease. For more cages suitable in size for these rabbits, read the small rabbit cage article next.

In Short:

  • Has a wire top and a 2 piece plastic base
  • The base has a slide-out cleaning tray
  • Has a plastic gridded floor
  • It’s 32-in long and 21-in wide
  • Features a top wire and a plastic front entrance
  • Sits on wheels


Little Friends Small Animal Cage

Pink Parts
The things that are pink on this cage are the 2 deep plastic bases that are bottom of each level and the cage has 2, and the extras it comes with: 2 hay feeders. The rest is made with silver-colored wire and the ramp to access the 2nd level is wooden. Overall, it’s around 32-in long, 18-in wide, and 31-in tall.

Little Friends Cage review

Cleaning And Assembly
Each wire top can detach from the plastic base of the designated level for cleaning. You will have to assemble it upon receiving it but all it takes to assemble it is pliers. If you’d prefer a taller type of pink indoor rabbit cage, you can read the pink rabbit cage article for more models.

In Short:

  • Has 2 levels
  • The bottom of each level is a deep pink plastic base
  • Has a wooden ramp for 2nd level access
  • The topsides are made out of silver wire
  • It’s 32-in long, 18-in wide, and 31-in tall
  • Comes with 2 pink hay feeders


Living World Deluxe Habitat

Base Depth And Top
The plastic grey base of this cage is 6-in deep which means that you can put a lot of bedding in without fear of overflows. The top is made with wire and the top of this wire top is curved and has 2 large entrances. There’s another wire entrance in the front that’s a lot smaller.

Living World Bunny Cage

Cleaning, Size, And Extras
You can detach the top from the base with locking clips for more extensive cleaning. It comes with an elevated platform, a hideout below it, a hay feeder, a water bottle, and a food bowl. It’s 46.9-in long, 22.8-in wide, and 24-in tall. It’s considered a large plastic indoor rabbit cage so in case you need a larger model, you can read about others in the extra-large bunny cage article linked below.

In Short:

  • Has a 6-in deep plastic base
  • Features a wire top
  • Has 2 large curved entrances at the top
  • Features a small entrance in the front
  • Comes with a platform, hideout, hay feeder, water bottle, and food bowl
  • It’s 46.9-in long, 22.8-in wide, and 24-in tall


Prevue Hendryx Small Animal Cage

Frame And Stand
The cage’s frame is made with square metal tubes while the sides are made out of wire. The frame extends to the bottom from the left and right and creates a stand with wheels it sits on. This is also the reason why it has a hanging deep plastic base above the gridded wire floor.

Prevue Hendryx Cage

Size And Other Info
Two out of the 4 wheels are lockable to make it more stable when you’re not moving it. The inside is equipped with a platform and a ramp to access it. It’s 32-in long, 21-in wide, and 33.5-in tall with the stand. If this small inside rabbit cage is not as small as you expected it to be, you can find more in the small rabbit cage article.

In Short:

  • Has a square tube frame and wire sides
  • Features a stand with wheels, 2 are lockable
  • Has a hanging deep plastic base
  • Features a gridded wire floor
  • It’s 21-in wide, 32-in long, 33.5-in tall

How To Pick A Indoor Rabbit Cage

There are more than a few things we will discuss in this buying guide for bunny cage indoor models. All of the things we will discuss like size, what’s considered a cage, the benefits of housing rabbits indoors and more are in service to help you pick your cage out knowing full well why it’s the best one you could have possibly chosen.

Indoor Rabbit Cage Setup – There are mixed opinions on what an indoor rabbit cage should contain but one thing is certain, a food bowl, water bottle, and hay feeder are essential. Another essential thing is bedding to allow them to exude their natural burrowing behavior and a chew toy for reasons we’ll get into later on.

Rabbits Chewing On Cages – Although you won’t run into a problem if your rabbit chew on its metal wire cage, it will become a problem if the cage is partially made out of wood. For that reason, chew toys are essential to prevent rabbits from damaging their wooden rabbit hutch or cage.

Cage Type For Inside – There are two types of rabbit enclosures that we’ve reviewed in various articles and those are cages and hutches. Cages are usually only meant for indoor use and they’re primarily made with metal bits. This is great because rabbits won’t chew through them.

Cage Floors – You can benefit from having a plastic base bottom on a cage but it’s even better if the bottom is covered with gridded wire. This will help prevent rabbits from walking in their litter which might cause feet infections otherwise. The bar spacing for these wire grids is usually 0.5-in which is perfectly safe for rabbit feet.

Indoor Housing Benefits – It’s far easier for a new rabbit owner to house a rabbit indoors. Their lifespan is extended this way and you can bond with your pet far more easily and frequently. If your rabbit is exclusively indoor housed, they will have a harder time adapting to outdoor weather conditions so switching in the middle of a rabbit’s life isn’t a recommended thing.

Rabbit Cage Cleaning – An easily cleaned rabbit cage is a good indoor cage for rabbits. Usually, a cage that’s easy to clean will have a wire grid bottom or at least a cleaning tray that you can slide out. Doors will allow you to access every part of the cage with ease for quick cleaning fixes.

To Sum Up

Since you’re reading this right now, you know by now that what constitutes an indoor rabbit cage is different from model to model and from category to category so your choice for the one you’ll get is going to be unique to your home situation and your rabbit’s breed. If you’d like us to recommend something, we can recommend you read the large rabbit hutch article or the large rabbit cage article to better understand the difference between the two. If you want to check out every possible type of rabbit cage or hutch, you can read the post about the best bunny cages.

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