Best 15 Bunny/Rabbit Playpens For Everyday Exercise & Fun

Have you thought about allowing your rabbit to exercise more on a daily basis inside a bunny pen?

You don’t have to worry about making a mistake when buying one if you continue to read this article where we not only reviewed the best ones out there but also made an effort to review different types in different categories like indoor, outdoor, wire, with the floor, and even cheap options so you can know exactly what you can buy.

The Summary

Songmics Cage SummarySongmics Pet Playpen
You can completely change the shape of this customizable playpen. What’s even better is that it does feature a floor.
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Anxyuan Playpen summaryAnxyuan Folding Playpen
It has a 43.3-in diameter which gives your rabbit plenty of space to exercise. It features a floor and it’s foldable for storage.
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BEST OUTDOOR EXTRA-LARGE Pawhut 87 Bunny Cage SummaryBestPet Large Metal Coop Pen
The pen is fully wire and coated with an epoxy finish for rust and corrosion resistance protection. To top it all off, it’s 87-in long and 40-in wide.
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Tespo Playpen SummaryTespo Pet Playpen
The pen is plenty sturdy since each panel is made out of wire and you can connect them with connectors and secure them with zip ties.
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Magshion Cage SummaryMagshion Wooden Rabbit Run
It has a full cover but half of it is completely made with wood panels so that it’s a cover for rain protection. The other half is an entrance.
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Songmics Long Wire Cage SummarySongmics Metal Grid Pen
The floor is made with ofrod fabric and you can actually remove it. To top it all of, it does have a top so in a way, it’s an actual cage.
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BEST OUTDOOR EXTRA-LARGE Pawhut 87 Bunny Cage SummaryPawhut Outdoor Metal Enclosure
The one is fully metal and the metal is galvanized for excellent corrosion and rust resistance. It’s 87-in long and 41-in wide.
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Casifor Playpen summaryCasifor Rabbit Pen Cage
The pen costs only 13 dollars and you can use it indoors because of the bottom and outdoors when it’s sunny out and you can supervise your bunny.
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Prevue MultiColor Pet Playpen SummaryPrevue Pet Products Colored Pen
The pen is made with 9 panels and is easily foldable. The material used is wire so you can use it indoors and outdoors.
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BEST FOR BUNNIES PLAYHOUSE summaryBunny Bliss Bunny Castle Set
The house can easily be put into any type of pen and it can distract your bunny from chewing on others since it’s also safe to chew house.
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Work-it Playpen summaryWork-It Rabbit Playpen
It’s made with customizable in shape panels that are all covered with a black finish that makes it rust-proof. This allows you to use it outdoors as well.
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Beikott Playpen summaryBeikott Foldable Pet Playpen
It’s just as easy to fold this pen down as it is to pop it up for use. The roof is removable so you’ll get the chance to teach your bunny not to jump out.
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Tfwadmx Playpen  summaryTfwadmx Hamster Foldable Exercise Pen
Since it’s made with water-resistant fabric, the pen only weighs around 8 ounces and can even easily be transported and stored since it’s foldable.
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Midwest Homes Playpen summaryMidWest Foldable Metal Pen
The e-coat finish helps with the rust and corrosion resistance of this wire pen which means that you can use it outdoors just as easily as indoors.
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Best Playpen With A Run Pawhut Playpen summaryPawhut 64 Wooden Run Playpen
There’s no way your rabbit will get to leave this pen and we don’t see why they would since it has a large exercise area and a small sleeping area.
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Best 15 Bunny Pens


Songmics Pet Playpen

Customizable Shape
The best thing about this playpen is not that it’s completely customizable, but because it has a bottom meaning you can use it indoors without worrying about cleaning rabbit litter off the floor. If you’d prefer a preassembled product, you can find others in the indoor bunny playpen article.

Songmics Cage

Extras Included
It’s made up of 20 plastic panels that are transparent and waterproof. You can arrange them however you’d like and shape them like that as well using the 27 connectors and 30 zip ties. It features a rubber mallet to help you assemble everything. Each panel is 17.7-in tall,

In Short:

  • Made with transparent plastic panels
  • The panels are waterproof and easily cleanable
  • You’ll get 20 17.7-in tall panels
  • Can be connected using 27 connectors and 30 zip ties
  • Features a mallet for assembly
  • You can DIY the structure and it features a bottom


Anxyuan Folding Playpen

Pen Size
X refers to exercise and that’s the whole purpose of a pen since rabbits need at least 4 hours of daily exercise. This pen is rounded and has a 43.3-in diameter. It has walls that are 12.4-in tall and it’s made with polyester fabric. It keeps stable with 4 sticks of the support wire.

Anxyuan Playpen review

No Top And Weight Limit
It does not feature a top cover so it might be smart to use it only for smaller rabbits under 8 lbs. If you need a larger x pen for rabbits, we’d like to refer you to the exercise pen with the floor article linked below where you can find other models reviewed.

In Short:

  • The pen is rounded
  • Has a 43.4-in diameter
  • Made with polyester fabric
  • It’s 12.4-in tall
  • Has 4 wire support sticks to keep it stable


BestPet Large Metal Coop Pen

Roof Shape And Height
The pen does feature a roof and thanks to that roof, it’s shaped like a house. At its highest point, it’s 40-in tall and it’s pretty large altogether. If it’s too big for you to fit it into your backyard or garden, you can find other models in the bunny outdoor playpen article.

OUTDOOR EXTRA-LARGE Pawhut 87 Bunny Cage

Proportions And Cover
It’s 87-in long and as wide as it is tall which is 40-in. It is fully made out of wire, features 2 entrances, and has an epoxy coat finish to prevent premature rusting and corrosion with outdoor use. Additionally, it comes with a cover that is UV and rain resistant.

In Short:

  • Made with metal wire
  • It’s shaped like a house
  • it’s 87-in long, 40-in tall, and wide
  • Coated with an epoxy finish for rust and corrosion resistance
  • Has 2 entrances
  • Comes with a UV and rain resistant cover


Tespo Pet Playpen

Wire Panels
Similar to the pen we first reviewed, this one is also made with panels that you can completely customize in terms of shape. The difference is that this one is made out of metal wire panels. You’ll get 12 panels and each panel is 12-in wide, and 15-in tall.

Tespo Playpen

Things It Comes With
It comes with a total of 26 ABS connectors, 30 zip ties, 12 rubber mats to prevent slipping, instruction on how to assemble it, and a wooden mallet to help with assembly. You can even expand it by buying more. This is not the only type of indoor bunny playpen so make sure you read the linked article below for more.

In Short:

  • Made with 12 metal wire panels
  • It’s expandable and customizable
  • Comes with 26 connectors and 30 zip ties
  • Features 12 non-slipping rubber mats.
  • Comes with an assembly hammer
  • Each panel is 12-in wide, and 15-in tall


Magshion Wooden Rabbit Run

Wood Frame, Wire Sides
Although most of it is made with a wooden frame and wire sides and that includes the top, half of the top is still made with solid wood panels that make it a rabbit playpen with cover. It’s not the only one made with one so be sure to read the linked article below for more.

Magshion Cage

Doors And Size
The entrance to the inside is found on the wire portion of the top. You can easily fold it down as well to transport it safely without it opening up since it comes with a metal hook to secure it. The wood used to make it is pine wood and it’s 41-in long, 45.7-in wide, and 20-in tall.

In Short:

  • Made with pinewood and wire mesh
  • It’s 41-in long, 45.7-in wide, and 20-in tall
  • Half of the top is an entrance
  • The second half of the top is made with wood panels only
  • Can be folded for storage or transport


Songmics Metal Grid Pen

Fabric Floor, Wire Top
Apart from the oxford fabric floor cover that you can remove at any time, this pen also comes with a top cover you can easily consider it to be a cage but it’s not. The top is made of iron wire and you will have to assemble just like you would a customizable panel playpen.

Songmics Rabbit Cage

Panel Number And Size
It has 8 panels in total, 2 of them have small doors and each panel is 23.6-in long and wide. You’ll connect them with 14 connectors and secure them with 40 zip ties. It also features non-slip mats. If this is not your ideal rabbit playpen with the floor you can read about others in the indoor rabbit playpen article.

In Short:

  • Made with a total of 8 iron wire panels
  • The oxford fabric floor is removable
  • Features 14 connectors and 40 zip ties
  • Comes with non-slip mats
  • Each panel is 23.6-in wide and long


Pawhut Outdoor Metal Enclosure

Huge Proportions
We’ve reviewed a similar version of this pen and although it’s 87-in long, 41-in wide, and tall just as the one before it, the metal wire is galvanized meaning a thin layer of zinc was applied to it for rust and corrosion resistance. The side door gives you access to the inside while the front door is smaller.

OUTDOOR EXTRA-LARGE Pawhut 87 Bunny Cage

Place Of Use
You can be sure that it’s going to be stable since you’ll get a total of four ground stakes to secure it. It’s house-shaped and features a PE cover that’s both water and UV-resistant since it is made for outdoor use. If you’d like an indoor option of a big rabbit pen, make sure you read the rabbit playpen with the cover article next.

In Short:

  • Made with galvanized metal wire
  • It’s house-shaped
  • Overall, it’s 87-in long, 41-in wide, and 41-in tall
  • Has a large side door and a smaller front one
  • Can get secured to the ground with 4 ground stakes
  • Has a weather and UV resistant cover


Casifor Rabbit Pen Cage

Price And Features
We’ll start this review with the price since it is amazingly low. You’ll pay around 13 dollars for this pen that doesn’t feature a top cover but it does have a floor to help keep your home floors clean. There are models with covers in the exercise pen with the floor article linked below.

Casifor Playpen review

Fold Design And Size
The cheap rabbit playpen pops open. When it’s expanded it’s 47-in long, 39.4-in wide, and 15-in tall. You can use it indoors and outdoors when it’s sunny out. It’s primarily made out of polyester fabric but it’s supported with steel holders and it features mesh openings for visibility and better ventilation.

In Short:

  • Features a floor but not a top cover
  • Made with polyester fabric
  • It’s 47-in long, 39.4-in wide, and 15-in tall
  • It pops open and stores as a space saver
  • Has steel holders support and mesh fabric windows
  • Costs around 13 dollars


Prevue Pet Products Colored Pen

Panel Colors
This is most certainly one adorable pen since its panels are colored blue, green, yellow, and red. Nonetheless, it’s a sturdy product since the panels are made with metal wire. It has an octagonal shape since it features 8 panels and doesn’t have a floor or cover.

Prevue MultiColor Pet PlayPen Review

Panels Size
Each panel is 13-in long and 9-in wide with a 3/8-in wire spacing. This gives your rabbit a 36-in diameter of the play area. You can expand it with more models and you can even get a floor cover for it. This foldable rabbit pen is part of the bunny outdoor playpen article where you’ll find more models.

In Short:

  • Made up of 9 panels
  • Each panel is 13-in long and 9-in wide
  • Has a 3/8-in wire spacing and has a 36-in diameter
  • You can buy the floor mat separately
  • Can be expanded with additional models


Bunny Bliss Bunny Castle Set

Pen Decoration
The whole point of a run is to allow your rabbit to have fun by playing and exercising so it makes sense that this house rabbit pen model is reviewed here. You can decorate the pen or run further with it. It’s 36-in long, 12-in wide, and 16-in tall and looks like a castle.

Bunny Bliss Rabbit Castle

Material Benefits
It’s made from cardboard and has a non-toxic ink finish which means your rabbit will get to use it as a chew toy as well. It can accommodate rabbits that weigh up to 15 lbs and it features multiple levels and hideouts. If you’d want to read about modes made with different materials. Make sure you read the rabbit playhouse article next.

In Short:

  • Has a castle shape
  • Features multiple levels and hideouts
  • It’s 36-in long, 12-in wide, and 16-in tall
  • Rabbits can chew on it
  • Can accommodate an up to 15 lbs rabbit
  • Made with cardboard and non-toxic ink


Work-It Rabbit Playpen

Indoor And Outdoor Use
You can use this pen both indoors and outdoors. Outdoor use is possible since the wire panels are coated with a black finish that makes them rust-proof. Each panel is 14-in tall and 14-in wide, and you’ll get a total of 12 of them with 24 connectors to assemble it.

Work-it Playpen review

Assembly And Expansion
There are no limits on how you’re going to assemble it. The only limit is how many panels you have but you can expand on it by buying more. You can fold it flat to store it as well. If you’d like to check out other bunny outdoor playpens including more metal playpens for rabbits, read the linked article below next.

In Short:

  • Consists of 12 panels
  • Each panel is 14-in wide and tall
  • The wire is black finish coated that’s rustproof
  • You can expand on it and shape it however you want
  • Folds down for storage
  • Features 24 connectors


Beikott Foldable Pet Playpen

Pen Ventilation
This pen is completely sealed both from the top and bottom but that doesn’t mean it’s not well ventilated. Each of the 8 sides features a mesh fabric window and the top features one as well. It’s easy to unfold it and fold it back down for storage since this pop rabbit playpen is made with fabric materials.

Beikott Playpen review

Removable Top
The top can come off and the whole thing is water-resistant so you can actually use it outdoors as well. It’s 28.6-in wide and long and 18-in tall so in cage sou had something bigger planned, you won’t e left disappointed if you read the rabbit playpen with a cover article next.

In Short:

  • Made with water-resistant fabric
  • The top cover comes off, the bottom does not
  • Has vent windows on all sides and the top
  • Can be folded and unfolded
  • It’s 28.6-in wide, long, and 18-in tall


Tfwadmx Hamster Foldable Exercise Pen

Extras And Material
Since play is a keyword in the playpen, it is to be expected that you’ll want to put toys inside one. This one already comes with a toy that functions like a seesaw. It has a white base color and colored dots all over it so it looks fun. It has a hexagonal shape and is made with polyester fabric

Tfwadmx Playpen

Diameter And Weight
Due to the fabric build, you can fold it down and it’s also easy to transport since it only weighs around 8 ounces. The fabric is waterproof and it does feature a bottom. Overall, it’s 35-in long and wide and 15-in tall. Make sure you read the exercise pen with floor article next for more like this portable bunny playpen

In Short:

  • Built with polyester fabric
  • The material is waterproof
  • Has a bottom but not a top
  • it’s 35-in long and wide and 15-in tall
  • Weighs around 8 ounces
  • Can be folded for storage or transport
  • Comes with a seesaw toy


MidWest Foldable Metal Pen

Large Exercise Area
There truly won’t be any fear that your rabbit will escape this pen since it’s 48-in tall. Apart from that, it’s 62-in wide and long so you can it as a rabbit pen wire model made for multiple rabbits. If you want to stick to smaller models, you can find them in the bunny outdoor playpen article.

Midwest Homes Playpen

Weight And Panels
It’s completely made with metal wire and consists of panels, You can easily fold it down, and storing it might be a problem to some since it weighs around 29 lbs. It has an e-coat finish that helps with rust and corrosion resistance and you’ll get ground anchors for stability.

In Short:

  • It’s 48-in tall, 62-in wide, and tall
  • Has an e-coat finish for rust and corrosion protection
  • Can be folded
  • Weighs around 29 lbs
  • Comes with ground anchors for assembled stability


Pawhut 64 Wooden Run Playpen

Areas Included
This pen actually features a sleeping area as well. It takes up around 1/6 of the whole thing while the pen and run area takes up about 5/6- Overall, it’s around 63-in long and wide, and 24-in tall. It has a top cover but does not feature a bottom so it’s maybe best to use it outdoors.

Best Playpen With A Run Pawhut Playpen

Construction And Doors
Another proof of outdoor use advantage is the fact that the sleeping area is covered with a waterproof asphalt roof. It’s made full of firwood panels while the run area has a wooden frame and wire sides. It has 2 entrances. For more options like this and even bigger wooden rabbit pen models, make sure you read the outdoor rabbit hutch with a run article next.

In Short:

  • Has a small sleeping area and run
  • It’s 24-in tall and around 64-in long and wide
  • Made with firwood and wire
  • Has 2 entrances
  • Features a top cover but not a bottom
  • The sleeping area has a waterproof roof
  • Made primarily for outdoor use

How To Pick A Playpen For Rabbits

A bunny pen is important for rabbits just as much as a hutch or cage so it’s also equally important to know a bit more about them like how to figure out the size you want, material benefits, and a lot more than just that. You can find this information in this buying guide.

Cheaper Way Of Exercising– If you don’t have the money for a hutch with a large run area, a cheaper version is to opt for a playpen. Of course, cheap is going to be subjective since the difference between types is huge just looking at their size and build materials but overall, yes, it is a cheaper way of providing a safe place for your rabbit to exercise.

Pen Importance – The reason why you should get a pen is that rabbits need at least 4 hours of exercise every day. It would be better to let them run free without pen borders but some people can’t do that so it’s important for them to get to rely on pens to keep rabbits healthy and happy.

Pen Dimensions Importance – The size of pen you’ll get depends largely on the size of cage you should get for your rabbit. Remember that a large rabbit that’s over 8 lbs will need a cage or hutch that’s at least 36×30 and a small one under 8 lbs is going to need one with 24×30 dimensions at least. This is a good reference point as to how big a pen should be in terms of ground area. We do recommend that you aim higher with size if you can.

Rabbit Jumping Out Of Pen – The rumors are true, rabbits are jumpy animals and it’s to be expected that they’re going to try and jump out of a playpen. The thing to know is that you can’t prevent them from jumping by getting a taller pen since they can jump as high as 4 ft. The solution is to get a rabbit playpen with a cover that will prevent them from doing so until they get used to not doing it.

Roof And No Roof Pens – If you have a pen with a roof, you can relax and pay minimal attention to your rabbit while you do other important things but for pens without one, constant supervision is a must. This is especially true if you’re going for an outdoor type of pen both because they could escape and a predator might come and try and harm them.

Bottom Use – A bottom of a pen is a great way to prevent your home floors from getting dirty with rabbit urine and even bedding. There is, of course, a way around it since you can make your pen floor. Floor materials are really important and bedding as well since rabbits may become very ill if they sit in their urine and litter for too long.

To Sum Up

If you made it to here in this bunny playpen article, you will have realized by now that each model is plenty different from one another and that’s exactly the reason why we can’t possibly recommend one since one might be better than the other for some people and vice versa. If you’ve decided that you want to get a cage with a run area, we advise you to read the large rabbit hutch article or the indoor rabbit hutch article next. If you want to learn all about each possible type of cage and hutch available, make sure you read the best bunny cages article next.

Portia has a Bachelor’s degree in Management and experience in freelance writing. She’s an animal enthusiast who volunteered in an animal shelter where she has gained the knowledge and experience she uses while writing educational articles and reviewing pet products. After 6 years of work in management, she has joined the Petovly team and became an experienced writer. Spending about 50 hours per week on researching and discovering, she is always up to date with pet trends.