Top 6 Outdoor Rabbit Hutch With Run Bunny Will Have Fun 2021

Do you need to buy an outdoor rabbit hutch with a run for your garden or backyard?

There are so many models, and you can’t decide which one to buy?

Keep on reading, because we reviewed the 6 best models from the market, so you can pick the perfect one. Choose between a best wooden, playpen, 2 stories, large and a small one. If you want to know more, check our guide at the end for more helpful tips.

The Summary

B BAIJIAWEI Cage SummaryBest Of Best:
This hutch has a large run area with the bottom for easier cleaning. Raised hutch is the perfect place for a pet’s privacy and sleeping.
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Pawhut Run SummaryBest Triangle:
Pawhut Hutch
This modern hutch in a triangular shape is super practical. It has a wide run area with a hutch for sleeping.
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PawHut Playpen SummaryBest Wooden:
Pawhut Playpen
If you need a large playpen, this model has a wide run area without a bottom. Wooden hutch with asphalt roof will protect from weather.
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Pawhut Hutch summaryBest 2 Story:
Pawhut Hutch
Modern hutch in neutral colors has a large run area with the raised cottage. An openable roof will provide easy access.
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Aivituvin Run SummaryBest Large:
Aivituvin Hutch
A wooden frame with mesh will keep your pets safe from predators. There is a large hutch on the side with doors for easy moving.
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Rockever Hutch summaryBest Metal:
Rockever Hutch
Metal wires are tight enough for the pet’s safety. A wide run area will provide easy moving for activities. Hutch has weatherproof protection.
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Top 6 Outdoor Rabbit Hutch With Run

Best Of Best: B BAIJIAWEI Hutch

Neutral Colors
If you need a modern and functional outdoor rabbit hutch with a run, this model has great features. It is made of sturdy materials for durability. Hutch comes in neutral brown colors to match the environment.


Safe Habitat
Hutch is made of natural wood and painted with a pet and eco-friendly paint. It has an asphalt roof to protect your pets from the weather. Sturdy wires will provide enough air circulation and keep your pets safe in their habitat.

Wide Run Area
With a measurement of 62 x 17 x 36.8 inches, this raised rabbit hutch is suitable for 2-3 rabbits. It has a wide run area so your pet can easily move around and stay active. There is an access ramp to an elevated hutch where pets can have privacy.


Easy Access
Doors on both levels will provide easy access, and they have a lock for safety. When you need to clean the mess, there are pull out trays on both floors, so you can easily clean it with soap and water.

In Short

  • Wooden frame with sturdy wires
  • Asphalt roof for weather protection
  • Suitable for 2-3 rabbits
  • Run area with elevated hutch
  • Easy access and maintenance

Best Triangle: Pawhut Hutch

Triangular Shape
If you need something modern, this Pawhut outdoor rabbit hutch with a run is a great choice. It comes in a triangular shape, that will keep the weather off of the wooden roof. The wooden color fits perfectly with the environment.

Pawhut Run

Tight Wires
Hutch is made of a sturdy wooden frame with wires that are tight enough so your pet can be stuck in between or even escape. It has a large run area without a bottom so pets can enjoy in natural habitat.

Wooden House
This wooden rabbit hutch measures 45.5 x 24.25 x 20.75 inches, so you can fit inside 1-2 smaller rabbits. On the side, there is a wooden house, where your pet can have privacy while sleeping and hide from bad weather.

Pawhut Run Review

Easy Maintenence
Triangle hutch and run had doors for easy access inside so you can check what your pets are doing and clean the mess. Don’t worry about predators, doors have locks to provide safety.

In Short

  • Modern triangular shape
  • Spacious run area without bottom
  • Suitable for 1-2 smaller rabbits
  • Wooden house for pet’s privacy
  • Doors for quick and easy access

Best Wooden: Pawhut Playpen

Square Shape
If you’re looking for a bunny exercise pen that is large enough for activities, this model has great features. It is made of durable materials in a square shape so you can place it in every corner of your backyard.

PawHut Playpen

Large Pen
This Pawhut outdoor rabbit hutch run has a wooden frame made of natural and solid wood, with sturdy metal wires, for durability. Playpen measures 63.75 x 63.75 x 24 inches, so you can fit inside 1-2 rabbits.

Asphalt Roof
Run area of this outdoor rabbit hutch with a run has no bottom, so rabbits can enjoy in a natural environment. In the corner, there is a wooden hutch with an asphalt roof, where pets can hide when it’s raining outside.

PawHut Playpen Review

Easy Access
Large doors on the top and the side will provide easy access then you need to do your daily pet routine. You can move the playpen to the side as well, it is lightweight, to save you time with cleaning. Pets will be safe from outdoor predators.

In Short

  • Playpen in square shape
  • Large run area without bottom
  • Wooden hutch with asphalt roof
  • Easy access from the side and top
  • Safe habitat from predators

Best 2 Story: Pawhut Hutch

Cottage Design
This modern outdoor rabbit hutch with run will perfectly fit in every garden or backyard, with a look of a cottage. It has a natural wooden look and it is made of high-quality materials for durability.

Pawhut Hutch

Wires For Safety
This hutch is made of a wooden frame with metal and sturdy wires that will provide safe habitat. Don’t worry about bad weather, there is an asphalt roof for protection. Hutch measures 62.2 x 24 x 29.5 inches.

Raised Hutch
It has a large run area without a bottom, so pets can enjoy in natural habitat and stay active. At the top, there is a large raised hutch, where pets can sleep and have some privacy. Hutch has a window so you can observe pets.

Pawhut Hutch review

Openable Roof
When is time for cleaning just pull out the sliding tray, and wipe out the mess, so pets can enjoy in fresh habitat. The roof of the rabbit hutch tray can be fully opened, so you can have easy access inside.

In Short

  • Modern cottage design
  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • A large run area with raised hutch
  • Sliding tray for easy cleaning
  • Openable roof for access

Best Large: Aivituvin Hutch

Neutral Color
If you need a large outdoor rabbit hutch with a run, this Aivituvin model is the best option. It comes in a neutral color so it can easily fit with the environment. Because of the square shape, you can place it in every corner of your backyard.

Aivituvin Run Review

Sturdy Frame
A sturdy wooden frame with metal wire mesh will provide durability, and keep your pets safe from predators. There is a large run area without a bottom, where pets can have activities and comfort.

Hideout Area
When is time for sleeping and privacy, there is a large hideout area with 2 doors for easier moving in and out. Hutch has an asphalt roof for weather protection, so if you need a rabbit playpen with a cover, this model is a great choice.

Aivituvin Run

Hinged Roof
With a measurement of 61.42 x 40.94 x 26.02 inches, this playpen is suitable for 2-3 rabbits. The openable hinged roof will provide easy access inside the hutch. Run area has side and top doors so you can reach every corner of it.

In Short

  • Neutral color for easy fitting
  • Sturdy frame with wires for safety
  • Hideout area with doors for easy moving
  • Run area without bottom
  • Easy access from multiple doors

Best Metal: Rockever Hutch

Wood Color
This sturdy outdoor rabbit hutch with the run is a perfect choice if you need a durable and modern model. Natural wood color will fit perfectly in your backyard and you can place the hutch in every corner because of the shape.

Rockever Hutch

Weatherproof Protection
A wooden frame made of solid wood with tight metal wires will last you a long time. It has weatherproof protection so you don’t have to worry when it’s raining outside.

Run Area
Rabbit hutch with run measures 40.16 x 35.98 x 14.17 inches, so you can fit 1-2 smaller rabbits inside. Hutch has a wide run area without a bottom, where your pets can stay active and have enough comfort.

Rockever Hutch review

Large Doors
On the side of this playpen is a wooden hutch with 2 doors for easy access, where your pets can have privacy, make a nest, or sleep. Openable rooftop on both, run and hutch area, will provide easy access and quick cleaning.

In Short

  • Solid wood frame with metal wires
  • Weatherproof protection for safety
  • Suitable for 1-2 smaller rabbits
  • Run area with large hutch
  • Openable rooftop for quick access

How To Pick The Best Outdoor Rabbit Hutch With Run?

Outdoor rabbit hutch and run can be very usefučl and functional for your pets, so make sure you pick the best model from the market. Keep on reading to find out which other features are also important so you can have the best model.

Sturdy And Durable – One of the most important features you need to keep in mind is that the construction is made of high-quality materials. The wooden frame needs to be made of solid wood, and wires need to be strong enough for the pet’s safety. Make sure that the hutch has weatherproof protection with asphalt cover, so the hutch can have longer durability, and your pet can be safe.

Run Area – Pets love to have enough space for easy moving and activities, it is very important to provide a large living area so they can be happy in their environment. You can pick the hutch with a large run area without a bottom if you want to provide natural habitat. If you want to keep your pet sensitive feet protected, pick the hutch with the bottom.

Pick Right Size – Make sure you pick the hutch with a run that is large enough for your pet, depending on how large it is and how many of them you have. Make sure that the living space is 4 times large than the rabbit. If you have an adult rabbit pick the hutch with 30 x 36 inches. If you’re looking for a small rabbit hutch, you can choose the one around 24 x 36 inches.

Daily Maintenence – Outdoor rabbit hutch with run need to have large or even better, multiple doors for quick access, so you can reach every corner of the run area when is time for cleaning. If you’re picking raised hutch, make sure it has easy access or a sliding tray. To save you time and energy with daily maintenance, pick the hutch with sliding trays on the run area.

To Sum Up

The best outdoor rabbit hutch with a run in our opinion is B BAIJIAWEI hutch. It has a modern design with sturdy construction and a large run area for activities. If you need an easy moving hutch, check our post and pick the best rabbit hutch on wheels. Also, for outdoor use, pick the best portable rabbit cage from the market.

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