10 Why Dogs Are The Best Pets Statistics & Facts For 2022

Dogs are one of the smartest and most loyal animals in the world and in every country are now millions of dogs. Many different statistics and studies were made about pets and why dogs are the best, and we believe some information you didn’t hear yet.

Dogs definitely affect people’s lives, both mentally and physically. Dog statistics say that more and more families decide to have a dog to improve their life.

Do you know how dog smell is stronger than ours? Or do you know if there is a chance to lower blood pressure if you have a dog? We have found the 10 most interesting statistics and facts about dogs and why we love them, so keep reading.

5 Facts About Why Dogs Are The Best
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  • Having a dog around lowers hormones of stress for kids and adults.
  • Owning a dog can decrease the risk of death by 33%.
  • Dogs have a 40 times better sense of smell than humans.
  • Studies say that dogs are intelligent as a two-year-old.
  • About 44% of people would rather cuddle with the dog than with a partner.

10 Why Dogs Are The Best Pets Statistics & Facts

1. Having a dog around lowers hormones of stress for kids and adults

There are many types of research according to the relationship between dogs and human health.

One of the most interesting studies shows that having a dog around, petting him, or playing with him will decrease the hormone of stress for kids and especially adults.

Source: time.co

2. Dogs can boost immune function according to studies

Having a dog at home is not only good for your mental health but for your physical, as well. The research from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), showed that having a dog can help kids to prevent developing different types of allergies.

Studies show that petting a dog will increase immunoglobulin A. It is recommended for everyone to have a dog at the younger age of life.

Source: treehugger.com

3. Owning a dog can decrease the risk of premature death by 33%

There have been many types of research that showed how pets including dogs, help humans live longer. There are records of how dogs increase physical activities which leads to longer and healthier lives.

Older dog owners will do around 2,000 more steps on a daily basis than people that don’t have dogs.

According to studies from Sweden, owning a dog can decrease the risk of premature death by 33% as well as 36% cardiovascular problems compared to people that don’t own a dog. Harvard University also has studies that show that dog owners have lower blood pressure.

Owning a dog can decrease the risk of premature death by 33%

Source: treehugger.com

4. Dogs help with the social skills of a child with autism

Having a dog in medical therapy helps in a lot of areas, and also for children with autism. Studies have shown that children with autism in the presence of animals including dogs showed better social skills.

Source: treehugger.com

>5. Being around a dog may lessen the schizophrenia risk

It seems that having a family dog has an impact on many disorders, including schizophrenia. According to research from Johns Hopkins University, there is a lower chance that a human will develop schizophrenia if he has been around a dog during the first 12 years of life.

Source: treehugger.com

6. Dogs have 40 times better sense of smell than humans

Dogs are known to have a great sense of smell and compared to humans, they can analyze smell 40 times greater than we do. This means that that dog will pick any smell on its way. Dogs are known to for use to sniff people for drugs, and even for money.

Also, some of them were trained to diagnose the particular condition as well as to sniff out the Covid-19 virus that caused the global pandemic.

Source: pdsa.org.uk

7. Dogs can pick out blood samples with almost 97% accuracy

It is known how dogs are used for medical needs because of their great sense of smell. According to a study by Experimental Biology, there is almost 97% accuracy that dogs will pick out the right sample for example from people with cancer.

.Source: care.com

8. Dogs can hear 4 times the distance of a human

Dog’s hearing is super sensitive and they can hear much softer sounds than we do, which allows them to hear things that are much further from them, about 4 times more than humans.

Dogs can detect frequencies ranging from 67,000 to 45 HZ, and compared to humans we can only detect 64,000 to 23, 000 HZ.

Source: pdsa.org.uk

9. Studies say that dogs are intelligent as a two-year-old

We know that dogs are intelligent animals, but there are studies that actually measure them and compare them to a two yeard old. They can learn over 100 gestures and world. Dogs are used for different jobs, from military to assistance and they are extremely loyal and clever animals.

Source: pdsa.org.uk

10. About 44% of people would rather cuddle with the dog than with a partner

According to dog ownership statistics, dogs became equal members of every family. Different surveys revealed that around 44% of people would rather choose to cuddle with their dog than a partner.

About 44% of people would rather cuddle with the dog than with a partner


To Sum Up

All the statistics about the topic of why we love dogs show how dogs are really loyal beings and they have a positive impact on our physical and mental health. Many dogs are used in various jobs for assistance and experiments, and we can conclude that they really contribute to society in the best sense. Almost half of the partners would rather spend time with the dog than with their wife or husband, which shows how good we feel in dogs’ presence.

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