List of 10 Dog Overpopulation Statistics & Facts For 2022.

Dogs are the most popular animals, but according to dog overpopulation statistics, there are too many of them in the world, which causes many problems for both society and animals.

Although the number of adoptions is increasing, many countries still have too many dogs which is the reason why most of the animal shelters across the world are overcrowded, and a large number of dogs are still on the streets. Unfortunately, a thousand dogs are euthanized every year because they could not find their home, they are sick or old.

Do you know which country is the leader in the number of dogs per capita? Or how many animals have to be euthanized each year? If you are interested in data and statistics related to the dog population, keep reading to find out the most important things we have singled out.

5 Dog Overpopulation Facts
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  • In 2020 dog population was around 900 million.
  • The United States has the largest dog population per capita.
  • Around 3.1 million dogs enter dog shelters every year in the U.S.
  • Approximately 20% of dogs will be euthanized every year in animal shelters.
  • Of all animals that enter the shelters only 10 % have been spayed or neutered.

List Of 10 Dog Overpopulation Statistics & Facts

1. In 2020 dog population was around 900 million

In the last year, according to dog statistics, in the world, there were around 900 million dogs. The exact number of dogs can’t be told because of the huge number of stray dogs and newborn puppies every day.

Countries with the most dogs are the United States which had 90 million dogs last year. China has the most dogs in the world more than 100 million which is one of the biggest overpopulation. In third place is Brazil with 55 million, then Russia with 17 million and Japan has 15 million dogs.


2. The United States has the largest dog population per capita

Even if China has the most dogs in the world which count over 100 million, the United States has the most dogs per capita. According to statistics from 2021. in the United States has 247 dogs on 1000 people.

Compared to the countries with the least number of dogs like Iran or Maldives where there is 1 dog on 1000 people, we can conclude there is dog overpopulation in the U.S.


3. Around 70% of dogs are from free-ranging

Of all worldwide dog populations, around 70% of dogs are free-ranging. The biggest problem with the overpopulation of dogs comes from free-ranging and most of them are not under the direct supervision of humans.

Because the dogs can freely go outdoors, most of them get lost, which impacts homeless dog statistics.


4. Around 3.1 million dogs enter dog shelters every year in the U.S.

According to dog shelter statistics, there are 3,500 shelters in the United States, and each year around 3.1 million dogs enter some of the animal shelters.

Most of the animals that enter the animal shelters are dogs. Dog enters the shelters because they’re found on the street or owners left them due to pet issues like aggressivity, cost, and other reasons.

Approximately 3,1 million dogs enter US animal shelters every year (1)


5. About 1.2 million pets are euthanized each year

Statistics from ASPCA revealed that 1.2 million pets including dogs will be euthanized every year because of overpopulation and overcrowded animal shelters.

Most of them are old, sick, or don’t have a place because no one wants to adopt them. Fortunately, the number of dogs that will be euthanized decreased because of the increase of adoption from 2011.


6. Approximately 20% of dogs will be euthanized every year in animal shelters

Even if the trend of adoption increases, according to dog ownership statistics, there is still 20% of dogs that will, unfortunately, be euthanized in dog shelters every year.

The main reason is the type of breed that no one wants to adopt, and some of them are too sick or old. Still, there are many no-kill shelters all over the country that are fighting against killing.


7. Six states are responsible for 50% of killed pets in the U.S.

Because of the overpopulation in the biggest cities around the United States, there are six states with the highest percentage of killed pets including dogs. Around 50% of cats and dogs are killed in Texas, California, North Carolina, Florida, and Los Angeles.


8. The average number of newborn puppies is four to six every year

According to data from last year, the average number of puppies from one dog is four to six, depending on the breed and the size of a dog. Usually, bigger dogs will have much more puppies than smaller ones, but it isn’t the case.

The average number of newborn puppies is four to six every year


9. Of all animals that enter the shelters only 10 % have been spayed or neutered

The biggest problem with overcrowding the shelters and the number of stray dogs from dog homeless statistics are the low percentage of spayed and neutered animals.

According to dog shelter statistics only 10% of animals, which most are dogs, are spayed or neutered. Comparing it to the pet dogs that around 83% are spayed or neutered, the overpopulation is not a surprise.


10. According to research, spaying or neutering a pet cost less than raising a dog for a year

People don’t want to spay or neuter dogs because they’re afraid of surgery and additional cost. There are some researches that say that cost of spaying or neutering a dog cost less than raising puppies, which can happen at least once a year.

Unfortunately, those who got puppies that can’t feed because of the cost will leave them on the street or shelter. There are many clinics and veterinary that provide free surgeries at least once a year and will help to lower the cost of the surgery.


To Sum Up

The number of newborn puppies, according to dog overpopulation statistics presents a big problem to some of the biggest countries in the world. Animal shelters are overcrowded and millions of animals, including dogs, enter inside every year. Unfortunately, the part of the dogs will be euthanized because there are no places for them, they can’t find a home, or are sick. Although the number of dogs killed today is lower than before, there are still a huge number of animals on the street. One of the main solutions is definitely spaying or neutering.

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