When Does Kittens Start Meowing And What Each Sound Mean?

Every cat owner knows those familiar high-pitched sounds from kittens and I’m sure it is one of the favorite sounds to hear during the day.

If you’re preparing to have newborn kittens, then it is important to know when does a kitten starts meowing and what does it mean in certain situations.


When Does Newborn Kittens Start Meowing?

Just like other animals, kittens learn behavior from birth, which includes meowing for different situations. Usually, they will start meowing around 3 months since they’re born.

Just like children, kittens have different needs which will crave with meowing, so it is important to learn what each sound means.

 Why Cats Meow?

Not every meow means the same thing, and cats are capable of making around 20 variations of meowing. Sometimes it is not easy to translate their language, but we found out why cats mostly meow.

Greeting Humans

You can expect that cats will start meowing when you come home, which is their way of saying hi. Newborns will start to recognize you as their parents, especially when their mother is not around.


They’re Hungry

The most common sound of meowing is when kittens are hungry, and you will hear it more often than any other sound, especially when they’re a young age.


You can expect they will start meowing as soon as you start eating, as well. Don’t be surprised if they wake you up so you can serve them breakfast.

Pay attention to them

Cats, especially when they’re young age, love to be around humans, and you can expect they will be louder when they want your attention.

When they’re seeking attention it is usually time for playing, petting, or chit chat with you.


Health Problems

If you notice kitten behavior isn’t typical, and they begin meowing more often, this might be a sign they’re in hurt.

There are numerous diseases that can cause pain, thirsty, or food cravings more than usual. We recommend checking it with your veterinarian that will ensure if something is wrong or not.


Asking To Be Let Inside Or Outside

If you walk outside, and you close the door, you can expect they will start meowing., especially when you’re going to sleep. Also, when cats want to go outside they likely learn to meow at doors.


Stressed Kittens

When kittens are stressed, they will produce more sound than normal. The reasons can be different but they will be stressed more often when the human is not around or when they’re not feeling well.


Can You Make Kittens Cry Less?

Newborn kittens are born deaf and blind, so it is important to identify why they’re crying so you can stop it if it’s possible.

Usually, kittens stay with their mothers until the age of 8 weeks. They cry and meow because they’re hungry or seeking warmth and attention, especially if their mother is not with them.

How To Help

Feed kittens with a bottle and use a formula that is specially made for kittens. To keep them warm, make sure there are plenty of blankets and towels.


If there are other felines, they will lay next to each other to keep the warmth. You can use heating pads that are made specifically for kittens.

Make sure to not be left them alone too often or too long. When they’re young age, cats seek food more often and they love to be around their owners.  You can always install a home camera to check what they’re doing while you’re outside.

To Sum Up

The newborn kittens are much needy than older ones, so make sure to understand their meowing. There are 20 different variations of meowing, but mostly they will meow when they’re hungry or missing you. If you notice they’re behaving differently and don’t stop meowing, it is important to contact the vet.

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