Best 6 Home Cameras For Pets: Watch What Your Pets Are Doing When You Are Away

If you are in search of a home camera for pets, you shouldn’t miss our article.

We have found the best available models, divided them into six categories, and now we are presenting them for you.

Check out which model we find the best of best, which one comes with a super-useful treat dispenser, or which device is the most budget-friendly. In the end, have a look at our buying guide that will help you understand which model is the one you should get.

The Summary

Arlo Q Pet Camera SummaryArlo Q Pet Camera To Watch Pets
Snap great photos and use the free cloud service for up to 7 days. Use the Alexa voice assistant when you are at home.
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Furbo Alexa Pet Camera SummaryFurbo Alexa Treat Toss Pet Camera
Never forget to feed your pet. Let Furbo pet camera make your pet happy and take care of tossing it its favorite dry snack.
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Jztek Camera For Pets SummaryJztek Camera For Pets
Check out the Jztek pet camera. A budget-friendly device with a variety of features that will make taking care of your pet easier.
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How Does a Home Pet Camera Function?

Pet camera for home use allows you to record your pet while no one is home so you can check his activities later on. Not only can you record it, but it allows you to monitor him by using a remote device and have a real-time picture whenever you want. So the camera can work properly, it needs to have a stable Internet connection and paired device for monitoring, such as a smartphone, which is most functional for this purpose.

Are Home Cameras Suitable For Indoor And Outdoor Use?

If the camera has an indoor label, it can be only used inside the house due to weather conditions. They are much smaller and lightweight, comparing it to bulky outdoor models. Also, indoor cameras are not made for high or low temperatures which can damage the device. Because most home cameras use an electric supply, they are, for safety reasons, suitable only for indoor use.

Pet home camera for indoors

Different Types Of Models On The Market – Which One To Pick?

Most of the home cameras have simple functions and features which will provide monitoring and two way communication. But, if you want a multifunctional model, you can pick a camera with a treat dispenser which will eject treats and make your pet happier.

Why Buy Pet Home Camera?

Home cameras are the perfect choice for pet owners who work a lot and want to check what their pet is doing when no one is home. They’re the best choice for those who want to be sure everything is fine, the pet is not making a mess and he doesn’t have any health problems. Not that only you can use it for monitoring a dog, it can be your security device, as well. Buy a camera if you’re afraid of burglars.

Device is Mostly Suitable For 2 Type of Pet Owners

Home cameras can be used by most pet owners, but they are mostly suitable for dog and cat owners. Dogs and cats are in most cases allowed to use the whole house or the room. To be sure everything seems fine, having a home camera can help you with your daily pet routine.

Features To Look For When Buying New Pet Camera

Before deciding which home camera to buy, check the list of most important features to look for down below.

pet home camera features

Color And Design

Most of the home cameras come in neutral colors like white and black to easily fit with decor. Cameras have a very minimalist design and won’t be noticeable when someone enters the room.

Size Of Device

Pet cameras for indoor use are usually small, but we recommend checking the dimension so you can be sure it will fit where you’re planning to place it. Most of the smallest cameras have 4 x 4 x 4 and can fit in every spot of the house.

Power Supply

Most of the home cameras use electric supply so make sure to have a casket neary so the cable can reach it. Before buying a camera check the length of the electric cable. Some of the models use battery supply, which allows flexible placement.

Camera Resolution

We are sure you want to have a crystal clear image of your pet when monitoring him, so make sure you pick a model that has a great image resolution. Most of the home cameras for pets have either 720p or 1080p. If you want to use zoom features as well as night mode, pick the model with 1080p which will provide a better view.

camera quality on home pet camera

Internet Connection

So the camera works properly, the Internet needs to be always turned on and compatible with supported frequency of device. All of the home cameras support only 2.5gHz and won’t work with the 5G network.

Supported Device

All of the models work well with Android and iOs devices like smartphone, tablet or laptop. Before buying a camera, check if your monitoring device can pair with the device.

Storage Area

Most cameras have local storage for pictures and videos. Also, most of the home cameras support up to 128 GB cards which is the safest way for storing so you don’t have to worry about leaking any information. Some models include the SD card in the box.

6 Best In-Home Camera To Watch Pets

Arlo Q Pet Camera To Watch Pets

A 1080p Camera
Having a good image resolution camera is a must when it comes to home camera for pets. After all, these devices will record your entire home and serve as security cameras too. Arlo Q’s camera provides a clear day and night vision and a 130° field of view.

Arlo Q Pet Camera

The App And Storage
You will need to download the free app to use this camera remotely and to customize it. Moreover, the app comes with free cloud storage. Most of the cloud services require subscription. Luckily, this service is completely free and it keeps your media for 7 days.

The Microphone And Speaker
It is possible to interact remotely with your pet. The built-in speaker and microphone allow you to talk to your pet through your app and you will be able to hear your pet bark or meow you back. Train your pet to get close to the camera when it hears the ringtone. Use the Alexa voice assistant feature too.

Arlo Q Pet Camera Review

Safety Features
There is the motion detection sensor included within this camera to watch dogs at home. It will make you feel safe about your pet and your home. It will send you an instant notification and alert you via the app that something unusual has happened at home.

In Short:

  • a 1080p image resolution camera
  • download the free app
  • use the free cloud storage service
  • two-way interaction possible
  • option of using Alexa voice assistant
  • motion detection sensor included
  • get real-life notifications

Furbo Alexa Treat Toss Pet Camera

How To Use
It is incredibly easy to set up and use the Furbo home camera for pets. It is a simple plug-in device. The USB cable comes included. Once you plug it in, connect it to your wifi and download the app to your smartphone. Pair the devices and you can start using the camera.

Furbo Alexa Pet Camera Review

The Camera And Audio
This 1080p Furbo camera for pets provides you with a clear image and video vision. It comes with a 160° wide angle. It comes with the two-way audio which means that you will get to use the app to interact with your pet remotely if you feel the need to.

The Food Dispenser
The wifi dog treat dispenser is ideal feature for people who are not at home often. You will never forget to feed your pet. Fill the food dispenser with your pet’s favorite dry food and let the device toss it the delicious reward automatically. You can also feed your pet through the app whenever you wish.

Furbo Alexa Pet Camera

Supports Alexa Voice Assistant
If you are a fan of using the voice assistants, you will love the Furbo pet camera. This feature is optional and it only works when you are at home. Use the Alexa assistant for Furbo to toss a treat to your pet. Follow the instructions to learn more about this feature.

In Short:

  • easy to set up and use
  • download the Furbo app
  • use the app to check on your pet
  • interact with your pet remotely
  • use the food dispenser
  • set the automatic toss treating
  • optional: Alexa voice assistant feature

Jztek Camera For Pets

The FHD Camera
Another model that features a great camera quality. This Jztek full HD 1920 X 1080p camera comes with a 90 degree wide-angle. It combines a 355-degree horizontal and 65-degree vertical rotation range. You will use the camera through the app that is supported by iOS and Android.

Jztek Camera For Pets Review

Night Vision And Audio Features
The camera supports night vision mode. It features 6 pieces of built-in infrared LEDs that allow the night vision up to 20 ft. There is a built-in anti-noise filter included. It helps you get the clearest two-way audio experience. Call your pet and talk to it remotely.

Wifi And Storage
Connect this home camera for pets to your wifi. Note that this device supports only 802.11b/g/n 2.4Ghz network frequency. It does not work with 5Ghz. The device supports the safe cloud for data storage. Use the cloud to store all your photos and videos.

Jztek Camera For Pets

The Safe Smart Sensor
The main safety feature of this cheap home monitoring wifi pet camera is the smart motion detector. If it notices unusual motions, it will start recording. Also, you will get the alert notification to your app instantly. Use the two-way audio to scare off the intruders.

In Short:

  • budget-friendly device
  • FHD 1920 X 1080p camera
  • night vision mode
  • two-way audio feature
  • connects to 2.4Ghz wifi
  • comes with a smart motion detector

Deatti Wireless Pet Camera

Connect It To Your Wifi
This home camera for pets by Deatti connects to your 2.4G Hz wifi. It pairs with the app that you will download to your smartphone (Android or iOS). You will get to operate the camera through the app and receive important alerts. Also, you will be able to check your photos and videos.

Deatti Wireless Pet Camera Review

About The Camera
This is a 1080P high definition wide-angle camera. It combines a 355-degree horizontal and 90-degree vertical rotation range. This creates a 360-degree panoramic coverage of your home. It is easy to check on your pet and see if everything’s fine at home.

Safe Personal Data
Your personal photos and videos won’t be store on any online server. Instead, you will use your micro SD card (up to 128 GB and not included in the package) to save your data. This is the safest way of storing your data and you won’t have to worry about the leakage of information.

Deatti Wireless Pet Camera

Why Buy Deatti Wifi Pet Camera?
Apart from it being very affordable, you will get to have the clearest day and night vision of your home. Also, you can use the indoor camera for pets for two-way remote interaction with your pet and feel safe about your home. It includes the motion detector and the camera covers your entire room.

In Short:

  • easy connects to 2.4G Hz wifi
  • use the app to operate the camera
  • clear view and panoramic coverage
  • no risk of storage leaking
  • use your personal micro SD card
  • affordable price
  • easy to use

RVA Camworks Pet Cam For Home

About RVA Home Camera For Pets
This is the best in-home cameras for pets. It is exclusively made for indoor use. The camera runs 24/7 and makes you feel safe about leaving your pet home alone. You will operate it through the app that will help you check on your home at any time of the day and night.

RVA Camworks Pet Cam

The Camera’s Characteristics
This is a 720p camera. It pans 355 degrees in a circle and tilts 90 degrees up and down. If you want to cover your whole house, you can use 4 cameras that you can connect in your app. It includes the night vision mode. You will get to see your pet and house in low light conditions as well.

Remote Camera For Pets At Home Operation
As you already know, you will use this indoor dog camera through the app. The iOS and Android support the app. The setup and usage is simple. Once you download the app, pair it with the camera and follow the app’s instructions. Snap and record funny and adorable photos and videos through the app.

RVA Camworks Pet Cam Review

Multi-User Monitoring
If another family member wants to monitor your pet and home, it can. Multiple users can log in to the app to view the camera at the same time. Let another person check on your home while you are busy. Also, snap pictures and forward them to other family members.

In Short:

  • made for indoor use
  • download the app the pair it with the camera
  • use the app to check on your home at any time
  • camera covers 355 degrees in a circle and 90 degrees up and down
  • use the app with multiple users
  • share or store the best pictures or videos

Deyan Interactive Camera For Pets

Deyan Product Overview
This is a small, 3.9 x 3.6 x 4.5 inches and 14.72 ounces home camera for pets. It comes in a discreet white design. It is made for indoor use only and it easily fits in any room. It is affordable and the general user’s satisfaction is pretty high. You will operate this camera through the app.

Deyan Camera For Pets

Technical Specifications
The Deyan camera connects to your 2.4Ghz wifi. It gets set up very fast. The iOS, Android, and tablet support the ”YI LOT” app. You can find the app in the App Store or Google Play. The 1080P FHD comes with a 6G lens and 9 pieces of infrared LED lights for clearer night vision.

The Two-Way Interaction
This Deyan two-way pet camera is a great device for two-way interaction. It features a two-way audio and microphone. So, you can speak to your pet remotely, and listen to it barking or meowing you back. Also, you will be able to chat with your family from anywhere.

Deyan Camera For Pets Review

The Safety Detector
Use the smart sensor to detect unusual motions or sounds. If your pet moves, the camera will track its movements and record it. Also, if it detects any other motions, it will record the video and notify you. Apart from that, if the camera detects a sound, it will capture it and alert you.

In Short:

  • 3.9 x 3.6 x 4.5 inches and 14.72 ounces camera
  • affordable for anyone
  • clear day and night vision
  • two-way remote communication feature
  • motion and sound smart detector included
  • smart sensor sends instant alerts

Is It Easy To Set Up a Home Camera For Pets?

Yes, Setup is very easy and simple with included instructions that come in a box.
Plug the camera in a socket and connect it with your internet network. Pair the camera with a monitoring device and check if it works properly.

How To Monitor Your Pet Remotely?

You can monitor from your remote device by using the app. Download the manufacturer app and follow the steps to set up all features. After you make an account log in and you will have a real-time video on your device.

how to setup home camera for pets

Multi-User Monitoring

Most apps allow multiple users to log in at the same time from different devices. You can share your username and password with other family members so they can monitor as well.

FAQ About Home Pet Cameras

Additional information from our FAQ section will help you decide if the model you picked is the best choice.

Does App Require Subscriptions?

Most of the apps are free and don’t require subritoons. Some of them offer cloud storage boxes for longer saving history or bigger storage areas.

How Long Are Files Stored In Storage?

It depends on features of the model and which storage area they support. Most local storage areas keep storing files for up to 30 days.

Is Two-way Communication Suitable For All Dogs And Cats?

Yes, but some pets can get afraid of the sound so it is important to train them and lower the volume till they get used to it. If you notice your pet getting nervous and start crying when they hear your voice but can’t see you, we recommend using the home camera only for monitoring.

Where Is The Best Area To Place A Camera?

Install the camera on the shelf which your pet can’t easily reach. It can be a desk, commode or counter. The most important thing is to place it where you will have the widest view. Choose the room which your pet uses the most.

Are Home Cameras Worth The Money?

Yes, definitely. They are functional and can be used for monitoring, as security devices and include many other useful features which can help you with your daily pet routine.

To Sum Up

In the end, we will conclude with our best pick which is Furbo Alexa Pet Camera. We consider this model the best home camera for pets because of its treat-tossing and Alexa features. We simply love the interactive pet cameras. For more great models, have a look at our 2-way pet camera post as well.

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