Best 6 Pet Tracker Microchip Implant To Choose In 2022 Reviews

Are you looking for the best pet tracker microchip?

We have reviewed six pet microchips that are available to buy online. We talk about the best of best, tag, mini, pack, and others. Check them out and see which model could be the best for your pet. Read our small guide and learn what is the proper way of implanting your pet.

The Summary

HomeAgain Microchip Implant Kit  SummaryHomeAgain Pet Microchip
This is a safe and harmless implant microchip for your pets. It is a pack of two microchips the size of a grain of rice.
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Yanzeo Microchip For Home Pets SUmmaryYanzeo Microchip For Home Pets
This microchip tag by Yanzeo can be used on almost every domestic and farm animal. Let the vet do the process.
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Petkey Mini Chip SummaryPetkey Mini Microchips
The Petkey chip is here to be inserted with a sharp steel needle. It is made of BIO glass and other biocompatible material.
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Ecare Cat Tracker Chip SummaryE-Care Microchip Pack
The E-Care microchip is readable by all vet’s scanners. Get your pet microchipped if you need to go abroad with it.
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M-Pet Small Microchips Summary M-Pet Small Microchips
This 10-piece kit is suitable for all farm, domestic, or wild animals. Each animal has a different ideal implant location.
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Dogs Supplies Pro Microchip SummaryDog Supplies Microchip For Pets
This is a budget-friendly microchip that has to be implanted by a vet. It is made of good quality and lasts all your pet’s life.
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Top 6 Pet Tracker Microchips


HomeAgain Pet Microchip

Small Overview
The HomeAgain is a small microchip pack that consists of two implants. It is made for professional veterinarians to inject the chip under your pet’s skin. The process is quick and painless. The chip itself is very small, almost as small as a grain of rice.

HomeAgain Microchip Implant Kit 

Safe And Long-Lasting
The process is completely safe and harmless for your pet. The process will last only several seconds. The chip is permanent and will last during your whole pet’s life. The HomeAgain pet tracker microchip will not track your pet’s location, but its health history.

The Scanning
If you lose your pet and someone finds it and takes it to the vet, he/she will be able to scan the chip. The microchip comes with a Bio-Bond feature. This means that the implant will always remain in the same place and it will be easy for the vet to find it and scan it.

HomeAgain Microchip Implant Kit  Review

Useful Details
As already noted, the HomeAgain pack includes two microchips. The price of the pack is budget-friendly. The implant is inserted into a syringe. Registrate the ID code with the AKC. It will cost you 20$.

In Short:

  • this is a two-implants pack
  • it is harmless and safe to use
  • easy and fast to implant
  • the price is very affordable
  • comes with a Bio-Bond feature


Yanzeo Microchip For Home Pets For Home Pets

About Yanzeo
This is a 10-pieces pack small pet microchip. It is a pet tracking microchip tag that is already inserted into a syringe. It is affordable and safe for your pets. If you want to make sure your pet is safe and will get back to you if it gets lost, implant it a Yanzeo chip.

Yanzeo Microchip For Home Pets

Can I Implant It Without A Vet?
Although the process looks very simple (and on one hand it is), it is not advisable for a non-professional to implant a pet tracker microchip under the pet’s skin. Why? Because the chip must be implanted properly, without too much force, or going too deep.

Yanzeo Microchip For Home Pets Review

Which Animals Is Yanzeo Suitable For?
This microchip is suitable for all domestic pets such as your cat, dog, and other smaller animals. Moreover, you can implant this microchip to your farm animals such as horses, pigs, cows, or other. Please, read the instructions before using and allow the vet to do the process.

In Short:

  • this is a 10-pieces pack
  • it is simple to implant
  • this microhcip is suitable for most animals
  • stay safe about your pet
  • let the vet do the process


Petkey Mini Microchips

What To Know About Petkey
This mini chip by Petkes is a pet implant chip that gets injected under a pet’s skin. It uses a syringe that is made of high-quality material – the plastics and steel. The chip is of small size. The whole product is disposable.

Petkey Mini Chip Review

Is It Safe?
This product is safe for your pets. It comes already sterilized. Also, it is ISO compliant which makes it perfectly harmless. The anti-drop system that it comes with won’t drop the chip out of the needle until the chip is implanted under the skin.

For Home And Farm Animals
You can use the Petkey to microchip your dog, cat, bird, or small domestic animals. In case you have larger farm animals, this chip is perfect for them too. Take your animals to the vet or let the vet come to you to do the process most properly.

Petkey Mini Chip

Of High-Quality
The Petkey microchip to track pets is made of high-quality BIO glass and it is coated with parylene that is biocompatible. The chip stays in one place for the whole pet’s life. This is a very small chip that gets inserted with a sharp steel needle.

In Short:

  • it is biocompatible and disposable
  • made of high-quality BIO glass
  • suitable for farm and domestic animals
  • comes with a sharp steel needle
  • the plus is affordable price


E-Care Microchip Pack

Why Choose E-Care?
Microchipping your pets is obligatory in many countries. Whether you have a farm full of animals, or simply a dog or cat at home, implant it the chip to make sure it is safe and it has all the vet’s records and health status on the chip.

Ecare Cat Tracker Chip

If You Need To Go Traveling
In case you need to go abroad with your pet, you will need to microchip it and make sure it is healthy and it can leave the country to travel with you. Apart from other benefits, this is the one you should consider too.

How To Implant
It is simple to insert the E-care pet tracker microchip under your pet’s skin. The process is quick and harmless. It needs to be performed by a vet. When we say pet tracker chip, we don’t mean that you will get to track your pet’s location, but only its health status at the vet’s.

Ecare Cat Tracker Chip Review

Last Details
The E-Care chip comes with RFID technology which means it will last all your pet’s life. Also, it is a SO11784/11785 FDX-B chip. This means that it is readable by all the vet’s scanners. Registrate your pet at and get the unique ID code.

In Short:

  • it is necessary if you go traveling
  • it uses an RFID technology
  • always stays in one place
  • lasts for many years
  • readable by all vet’s scanners


M-Pet Small Microchipsique

Which Animals Is Suitable For?
The M-Pet is suitable for small domestic animals (cats, dogs, rats, ferrets, mice, etc), farm animals (horses, donkeys, cows, pigs, etc), and wild animals such as tigers, lions, bears, monkeys, etc. Each animal has a different implant location.

M-Pet Small Microchips Review

Small And Safe
The M-Pet microchip to track pets is small and made of high-quality. Each chip has its own unique ID ICAR code. It is safe for your pets and lasts many years. The insertion process is quick and almost painless. The chips come from Germany.

M-Pet Small Microchips

How To Insert?
Please, don’t insert the microchip if you are not a professional. It if doesn’t get inserted properly, the vet won’t be able to scan it and you might harm your pet. The microchip must be inserted at a horizontal angle of 45°.

In Short:

  • for all home, farm, and wild animals
  • must be inserted by a professional
  • chip is made of good quality
  • this is a 10-piece pack
  • it is very budget-friendly


Dog Supplies Microchip For Pets

Small And Easy To Insert
This Dog Supplies pet tracker microchip very small and you won’t even notice it when it gets inserted. It is very easy and fast to inject it. It is most suitable for pets such as dogs and cats. It needs to be inserted by a professional and as close to the surface.

Dogs Supplies Pro Microchip Review

Upgrade Tech
This chip uses the new and upgraded safe technology. It is accurate and lasts a long time (for all of your pet’s life). It comes as a high-quality chip that provides you with durable service. It is safe and harmless.

Dogs Supplies Pro Microchip

How To Implant It?
A pro will insert this microchip under your pet’s skin with a syringe. The chip is already inserted into a steel needle that has been sterilized. Please, don’t try to do the process on your own. It must be inserted carefully and painlessly.

In Short:

  • very small and unnoticeable
  • it comes with a safe technology
  • it is accurate and durable
  • easy and fast to insert
  • lasts for many years

How To Pick: Pet Tracker Microchip

Before getting a pet tracker microchip, read more about these products. Our buying guide is here to give you important details about microchips. Learn what these products are and how to implant them. Decide whether your pet needs a microchip implant and get to know where to buy them.

What Is A Pet Implant Microchip? – The pet microchips are small implants that are injected with a small syringe under your pet’s skin. They come with an ID code. Each code is unique. If your pet (a dog or cat) gets lost, the person who finds will take it to the vet, and the vet will scan the chip and contact you. The chip contains all the pet’s details and health status so if you bring a larger domestic pet (a horse, cow, or other) to the vet, it will see your pet’s health history.

Should I Microchip My Pet? – In some countries, microchipping is not only recommended, but obligatory. If you have a dog or an outside cat, you can only benefit from it. On the other hand, it is advisable to microchip all the domestic or farm animals so that your vet knows more about its history records when it scans the chip.

Can I Use The Microchip To Track Pets? – No. The implant dog and cat tracking microchips don’t come with GPS or any other tracking system. You can only track and locate your pet with a pet GPS locator or similar. If you’re actively searching for your pet, the microchip will help you only in case another person finds your pet and takes it to the vet to scan the chip.

How To Use – It is not advisable for a non-professional to inject a microchip under the pet’s skin. It is highly recommendable that your vet does the job. He or she will know the process. It is not painful and it doesn’t last more than a few seconds.

Where To Buy? – You can go to the veterinarian clinic and your vet will provide you with the microchip implant service. Also, you can look for these products online and get them on your own. The models we have listed in our article are available on the and are all budget-friendly.

To Sum Up

In the end, we want to say that the pet tracker microchip that we find the best is the HomeAgain model. We think it is the safest and made of the best quality. Remember, when we say these are microchips to track pets, we mean that they are here to track your pet’s health, not location. For more pet location trackers, read our articles about the pet GPS chips and pet GPS locators.

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