Best 10 GPS Dog Collar Fence: Wifi, Invisible & More Options

Are you always on the move or your dog simply can’t stay put and wanders off easily so you thought you’d get a GPS dog collar fence?

You’ll want to continue reading this article if that’s the case since we reviewed only the best that fit the description. We didn’t stop there though. We made sure to include a variety of products suitable for everyone. One is bound to be a match if you’re serious about buying one since we reviewed collars like wireless, geofence, invisible collars, and a lot more.

The Summary

Findster No Fee Dog Tracker SummaryFindster Duo Pet Tracker
The dog’s device connects via radio signal and the human’s device connects to a phone app via Bluetooth.
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Link AKC GPS And Activity Monitor SummaryLink Akc Smart Dog Collar
You’ll need a cellular plan to keep it working but it’s worth it because of the built-in GPS tracker on the brown and whitecollar it comes with.
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Black+Decker GPS Collar SummaryBlack Decker Smart Dog Collar
The collar has a QLEd display that offers a virtual dog tag display and you can set invisible geofence zones on the app to feel safe when the dog is outside.
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Gibi Dog Locator Collar SummaryGibi Pet Location Tracker
If your dog ever crosses the customized geofence safe zone you’ll get alerts and you can send the location to someone else via google maps.
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Dogtra Pathfinder GPS Collar SUmmaryDogtra Pathfinder Tracker
With a 9-mile radius, offline maps, and customizable geofence zone, the perimeter in which it works is so big you won’t need anything else.
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Sportdog 2.0 Tracking Training Collar SummarySportDog Brand Gps Tracker
The tracker works within a 10-mile radius and doesn’t require cellular data to work since it works with GPS satellites so you won’t ever lose connection.
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PetFone GPS Dog Tracker SummaryPetfon Pet GPS tracker
The location tracker works in real-time and doesn’t require any monthly fee to work all using the designated app for it.
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Eureka MarcoPolo Dog Tracker SummaryEureka Technology Pet Tracker
It has a 2-mile radius and on a single charge, it works up to 6 weeks so you don’t have to worry the battery will die when the dog leaves the safe zone.
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Muxan Small Dog Tracker SummaryMuxan Pet Tracker
It can work anywhere where there is a 2G signal. It does mean you’ll have to pay a monthly fee but dog safety is priceless.
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PetBiz Cat GPS Tracker SummaryPetbiz Gps Pet Tracker
The app can show you readings of how many calories your dog has burnt, the distance it’s traveled, and how many minutes it’s been active.
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Best 10 GPS Dog Collar Fence


Findster Duo Pet Tracker

No Cell Phone Plan Required
Some GPS trackers will require you to buy a cellular network subscription plan every month but not this one. It works with an app you can download on your phone. It comes with 2 pieces of equipment, one for the human and one for the dog. It connects the dog’s wearable via radio signal and the human wearable via Bluetooth.

Findster No Fee Dog Tracker

Durable Casing
It’s small and sturdy, able to resist getting damaged by the water of up to 3ft in water depth, You can customize safe areas in the app and you’ll receive alerts when the dog passes the safe zone. If you’d prefer a different model, you can always go look into the GPS dog collar no monthly fee article to find them.

In Short:

  • It’s waterproof up to 3ft in depth
  • Comes with 2 pieces of equipment
  • Requires no monthly subscription
  • You can manage safe zones via an app
  • Sends alerts to your phone when the dog crosses safe zones


Link Akc Smart Dog Collar

Collar Design
The collar looks amazing with its white stitches and brown collar. It’s made for dogs with a weights of 10 lbs and up but you can get a free collar size exchange. If you’d prefer a different color and collar look, you can read the Bluetooth pet tracker article to find them.

Link AKC GPS And Activity Monitor

Celular Plan Requirement
This GPS wireless dog fence connects to your phone via Bluetooth but in order to work, you’ll need a cellular plan since it has a built-in GPS tracker. You can customize goals for your dog’s daily activity via the app and you can map out and record walks to save for later. It can also send alerts to your phone if your dog is in a too hot or too cold environment.

In Short:

  • Requires a data plan
  • Connects through an app via Bluetooth
  • Features a built-in GPS tracker
  • You can record walks and save them
  • Can track environment temperature
  • The collar is brown with white stitches
  • Made for dogs from 10 lbs and up


Black Decker Smart Dog Collar

Collar Tech
The technology that makes it work is packed into a black collar that fits onto a 15-in up to 21-in dog neckline. It has built-i two-way audio so you can communicate with your dog but it won’t work overseas. It’s water-resistant up to 3 ft and is made for medium to large-sized dogs.

Black+Decker GPS Collar Review

Display And Charging
It has a QLED display that can hold your contact info and your dog’s name. It’s rechargeable via USB, you can trace GPS invisible dog fence maps that act as geofence zones and it also tracks dog activity. For smaller and even more invisible models, read the GPS pet collar tracker article next.

In Short:

  • Comes with a black collar
  • Requires a cellular plan and 2G network coverage
  • Doesn’t work overseas
  • IT’s rechargeable via USB
  • You can customize geofence zones via an app
  • It’s water-resistant up to 3 ft
  • Has a QLED display for virtual dog tag
  • Fits on medium to large dogs


Gibi Pet Location Tracker

App Details
Thanks to the app it connects to, you can manage safe zones that, if crossed, will send an e-mail or text to alert you that it has been crossed. It can attach to any dog collar and is hardly noticeable. You will have to sign a pet location service agreement and register for it to work.

Gibi Dog Locator Collar

Batter And GeoFence
You’ll get low battery alerts so you can have plenty of time to charge it or find your dog using the GPS locator. You can also share your location with other people using google maps. This geofence for dogs is not the only one, so check out others in the dog location tracker chip collar article for more models.

In Short:

  • Requires a pet location service agreement and registration
  • Sends alerts to your phone when it’s low battery
  • Has customizable geo-fence zones
  • Sends a text or e-mail when the safe zone is crossed
  • You can share dog location with family using google maps


Dogtra Pathfinder Tracker

Working Radius
Even if your dog wanders off, the collar and radio signal device can be 9 miles apart and still work properly. It offers online and offline maps and you can easily set up a geofence zone on the radio signal device. You can even train your dog with nick, audible tone, and pager vibration to correct unwanted behavior.

Dogtra Pathfinder GPS Collar Review

Connectivity And App
You can get more collars, 21 in total to track more dogs using one device. It doesn’t require a cellular plan or subscription fees either. The app it connects to even has a compass. If this dog perimeter fence GPS is too advanced and you need something a bit simpler, you can check them all out in the dog tracking and training collar article.

In Short:

  • Comes with a collar and radio signal device
  • Connects to a smartphone app
  • Has online and online maps
  • You can set up geofence zones
  • Has a 9-mile radius
  • The collar can act as a training e-collar


SportDog Brand Gps Tracker

Equipment It Comes With
Тhe collar works with 2 pieces of equipment: the collar and a handheld device that displays topographical maps that work with GPS satellites. If for some reason you’d prefer a cellular data working GPS pet fence for large acreage, you can find them in the dog tracking and training collars article.

Sportdog 2.0 Tracking Training Collar Review

Device Details
The handheld device shows routes the dog took, whether they are moving or not, and shows where they are headed. You can do it with multiple dogs by purchasing other collars. Both devices are waterproof and they have a 10-mile radius. You can set up geofence zones, train your dog, and the battery can last up to 24 hours on a single 4-hour charge.

In Short:

  • Works with GPS satellites
  • Comes with a handheld device and collar
  • Can train your dog
  • You can set up pet safe zones
  • Has a 10-mile working radius
  • Lasts up to 24 hours on a single charge
  • Can track where the dog has been moving


Petfon Pet GPS tracker

Looks And How It Works
The small box the small tracker comes in reminds us of wireless earphones. One piece is for you to attach to your dog’s collar and one is for you. It trach in real-time using GPS and doesn’t require a SIM card or monthly fees to work. It has a range o up to 3.5 miles and works around 8 to 16 hours per charge.

PetFone GPS Dog Tracker

Fence And Danger Zones
You can customize GPS virtual dog fence zones and danger zones as well. When you’re trying to find your dog, the radar can point you in the right direction to find them easily and the device is weather resistant. Since it’s small, it’s a perfect GPS collar for small dogs and you can check out more in the linked article below as well.

In Short:

  • Comes with 2 small wearables
  • Has an 8 to 16 hours working range
  • Works via GPS
  • Can manage safe zones and danger zones
  • Has a pointing rada for easy dog tracking
  • It has a 3.5-mile range


Eureka Technology Pet Tracker

Expandable Tracking
The package includes everything that you’ll need to track and monitor one dog but you can expand it up to three dogs by purchasing more. It’s self-managed which means it doesn’t use GPS, cellular data, or needs any monthly fees. If you’d prefer to rely on both, you can find more models in the dog location tracker chip collar article.

Eureka MarcoPolo Dog Tracker

Handheld Locator
The programmable GPS dog fence comes with a handheld locator that allows you to program safety zones. When the safety zone is breached, the collar tag responds and acts as a radar so you can find your dog. On a single charge, the internal battery works up to 6 weeks and the tag has a 2-mile range.

In Short:

  • Has a 2-mile range
  • Has programmable safety zones
  • Comes with everything needed for one dog
  • It’s expandable up to 3 dog tracking
  • Features a handheld device
  • On a single charge, it works up to 6 weeks


Muxan Pet Tracker

Recharge Warning
The white device connects to your pet’s collar and when it’s close to needing a recharge, you’ll get warned about it. It has live tracking with 5-meter accuracy. You can track your dog’s moving history and set up geofences, all of that using its app for smartphones.

Muxan Small Dog Tracker Review

No Range Limitation
This GPS based dog fence charges via USB cable. It has no distance or range limitation since it works with a 2G network but that means that you’ll have to pay monthly fees for this wireless GPS dog collar to work properly. It’s made for small dogs and if you’d prefer a free-of-fee tracker, you can read about others in the GPS collar for small dogs article.

In Short:

  • Sends alerts when in need of a recharge
  • Connects to dog collars
  • Works anywhere with 2G network coverage
  • Requires a monthly fee paid to work
  • It’s controlled via a smartphone app
  • Can show dog tracking history
  • Recharges via USB cable


Petbiz Gps Pet Tracker

Where It Works
The tracker only works within the US and with its special tracking technology, it offers coverage where 3G trackers wouldn’t work. It attaches to a dog collar and works up to 30 days per single charge. It takes 2 hours to charge with a charging cable that comes with it. You can always read about other GPS trackers for hunting dogs to learn more about them.

PetBiz G20 Animal GPS Collar

Location Data Refresh Rate
It refreshes dog location data every 20-50 meters so you can get a precise reading of where your dog is. The e-fence is manageable using its app and it will send you alerts when it’s breached. You can even see how many calories the dog has burned, the distance it traveled, and how many minutes it has been active.

In Short:

  • Works only within the US
  • Tracks with special technology that covers more areas
  • The battery lasts 30 days on a single charge
  • You can set an e-fence using the app
  • Sends alerts when a safe zone is breached
  • Refreshes location data every 20-50 meters
  • Shows calories burnt, distance travels, and minutes active

How To Pick A Gps Dog Collar Fence

There’s no point in getting a Gps dog collar fence if you’re not familiar with what they do, how they work, what models are available and so much more. To make sense of it all and a lot more, we made this easy-to-understand buying guide to help you pick one out for yourself.

GPS Dog Fence System – The way the fence system works is through GPS, radio waves, or through a network like 2G or 3G. You’ll either get an app for your phone or a handheld device that will show you a map and you can draw up a fence zone. When it locates a dog outside a fence zone, it will warn you and you can begin the search for your dog.

Working Radius – A working radius is important to check out because if your dog tends to wander off far away, the device won’t be able to track them down. Home devices have a smaller working radius and they’re usually meant for smaller dogs that can walk smaller differences. The largest radius is found on GPS trackers for hunting dogs.

Networks Connection Devices – If the device you’re looking at connects to a network, know that you will have to pay a monthly fee in order for it to work. The benefit of these devices is that they can work anywhere where there is a network connection so there’s no limit on the working radius.

Types Of Devices – There are two types of devices that we were able to distinguish from one another. The ones that attach to preexisting dog collars and ones that are actually a dog collar with the technology built inside of them. In the case of a collar, you’ll have to check out your dog’s neck circumference to see if you can securely but comfortably attach it to your dog.

Battery Life – It would be best if you get a device with long battery life on a single charge because you never know when your dog can wander off away from the safety zones. In that case, you want to be able to rely on its battery that it will work until you’ve found your dog.

Activity Trackers – If your dog’s health and fitness are important to you, you can get a dog activity tracker collar. If you’d like the benefit of fence mapping, look for devices that have options for geofences and e-fences available for mapping out. Some of the activities they can track are calorie consumption, minutes active, and distance traveled. Most of the devices are waterproof up to 3ft deep.

To Sum Up

If you’ve read the reviews and the guide, you’ll know that it’s not possible to recommend one GPS dog collar fence since they’re all so different. The one you’ll pick depends on your budget, the working radius you wish to have, your dog’s size, behavior, and more. If you’d like to read about other types of collars, you can read next the posts about the best dog trackers or dog tracking collars. If you’d like us to include reviews of devices made for cats and dogs, you can find those products in the dog and cat GPS tracker article.

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