Top 11 Ferret Cages: Playpen, Outdoor/Indoor, Wooden & More

Have you been trying to get a grip of what a ferret cage can be but there’s just too much of them for you to put them into categories and decide on one?

We did just that in this article we advise you read for that exact reason. What we did was take the best one out of each category and provide a short review so you’d know what you’re buying into. Some of the categories we’ve gone through include wooden cages, outdoor cages, indoor cages, and a lot more.

The Summary

Prevue Ferret Outdoor Enclosure SummaryPrevue Ferret Cage
If you ever feel like it, you can always move this cage back indoors using the 4 bottom wheels located on the stand that also features a storage grid.
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Ferplast Ferret Cage Multi-Level SummaryFerplast Ferret Tower
When they’re not playing in the adjustable tubes and on the elevated areas, your ferrets can rest on the provided hanging hammock.
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Trixie large wooden ramps summaryTrixie Natura Wooden
The ramp has a non-slipping grip top meaning that even if it were to get wet, it will still be safe for use and you can even make it bigger.
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BWM.Co Outdoor Wooden Cage SummaryBWM.Co Large Wooden Cage
There’s plenty of room for your ferret to play inside this cage and since it only has a wooden frame and no bottom, there’s no chance it will get damaged.
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Mcage Indoor Ferret Cage SummaryMcage Large Indoor Cage
The plastic base and additional plastic frame that you can attach with plastic clips will prevent any mess from getting on your home floors.
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Mcage Cage SummaryMcage Wrought Iron Cage
The advanced lock on the single front door is sure to keep and escape artist ferret inside as well as the 0.5-in wire spacing. The multiple levels are all metal.
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Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation SummaryMidwest Deluxe Critter Nation
Although small, it’s of the perfect size to comfortably house one ferret since it’s 24-in long, 36-in wide, and 39-in tall ad it even has a 2nd level.
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Prevue Tall Cage SummaryPrevue Products Corner Cage
Although the large height proportion makes it save you space, what also helps blend it in well into your home is the fact that it’s a corner cage.
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Topeakmart Ferret Starter Cage SummaryTopeakmart 6 Level Cage
There is a total of 6 levels on this cage so your ferret can easily divide the space into a sleeping area, play area, and potty area.
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FRIEQ Ferret Travel Cage SummaryFRiEQ 23-Inch Large Travel Cage
Thanks to the middle soft layer, you can easily old the cage when it’s not in use. The hardtop and bottom hard covers make it waterproof.
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Kong Tough Natural Rubber SummaryKong Natural Rubber Toy
Although it’s a dog toy, it can well serve as an enrichment toy for ferrets since you can fill it with treats and it’s durable enough to withstand chewing.
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Best 11 Ferret Cages


Prevue Ferret Cage

The minimum cage size for one ferret should be 24-in in length and height and 36-in in width. This one is 31-in wide, 20.5-in long, and 40-in tall including the stands so it’s best if you’d use it with baby ferrets. If you’d prefer a cage for a fully grown ferret, you can find them in the outdoor ferret cage article.


It has a tight 3/8-in wire spacing which is perfectly safe for ferrets. The stand features wheels and a wire storage grid so you can easily move it indoors if you’d like. It’s coated with a hammerstone finish meaning it’s rust and corrosion resistant and the interior features 2 elevated areas and ramps.

In Short:

  • It’s 31-in wide, 205-in long, and 40-in tall
  • Sits on a stand with wheels and a wire storage grid
  • Features a hammertone finish
  • Has a 3/8-in wire spacing
  • Features 2 elevated areas and ramps


Ferplast Ferret Tower

Crawling into small and tight spaces is a ferret specialty as well as climbing and all of these things will be available to your ferret. It comes with 2 adjustable tubes, 3 elevated areas, 2 levels, and even a hanging hammock that acts as a resting place. The 2 levels are deep plastic bases.

Ferplast Ferret Cage Multi-Level Review

It’s 29.5-in long, 31.5-in wide, and 63.4-in tall. It doesn’t feature a stand except for the 4 bottom wheels it has for easier moving. It has a bar spacing lower than 1-in so it’s safe for them and has a metal tube frame and wire sides. If you’re not sure about this ferret cage with tubes, you can read about others in the linked article below.

In Short:

  • It’s 29.5-in long, 31.5-in wide, and 63.4-in tall
  • Features 4 wheels on the bottom
  • Has 2, deep plastic bases
  • Comes with 3 elevated areas and ramps
  • Features 2 adjustable tubes
  • Comes with a hammock
  • Made with metal tubes and wire


Trixie Natura Wooden

The frame of this ramp is made with pinewood that’s been glazed to get that shiny look. The part where your ferret will step onto when climbing to an elevated area or the second level is made to have a non-slip grip and if it were to get into contact with water, it will be safe to use.

Trixie Wooden Ramp

It’s easy to install, featuring small looped metal holes to attach it and you can even easily use it with other ramps to make it bigger. If you’d prefer to keep away from wooden materials, you can always read the best ferret ramp article linked below to find different models.

In Short:

  • Has a pinewood frame
  • The pinewood is glazed
  • It’s easy to install
  • Has a non-slip grip top
  • It is safe for use even when wet
  • Can be combined with other ramps to make it bigger


BWM.Co Large Wooden Cage

Since there’s no bottom, there’s no risk of your ferret destroying the bottom of this partially wooden and partially wire cage. The wood used to make is pine wood while the wire is galvanized, meaning it’s rust and corrosion-resistant. The roof is also weatherproof since it’s an asphalt roof.

BWM.Co Outdoor Wooden Cage

It has one entrance in the front and features 6 wooden shelves on the inside that act as elevated areas for your ferret to climb to and play. It’s 71-in tall, 63-in wide, and 36.2-in long. If you’d prefer a smaller cage with the bottom included. You can read the wooden ferret cage article to find more.

In Short:

  • Made with pinewood and wire
  • the wire is galvanized
  • Has a weather-resistant asphalt roof
  • Features one door and 6 shelves that act as elevated areas
  • Doesn’t have a bottom
  • It’s 71-in tall, 63-in wide, and 36-in long


Mcage Large Indoor Cage

Whenever you feel like moving this cage, you’ll easily get to do it by moving it with the 4 included wheels on the bottom that are attached to the plastic base. If you’d prefer a no-plastic cage, you can always read the indoor ferret cages article to find the one you’ll truly like.

Mcage Indoor Ferret Cage

It has a wire top and features an additional plastic frame above the plastic base that can be attached with locking clips. This is to prevent bedding and other messes from getting out. It has a gridded plastic bottom and a plastic ramp and an elevated area. Overall, it’s 32-in long, 21-in wide, and 28-in tall.

In Short:

  • HAs 4 wheels, 2 are lockable
  • Features a deep plastic base
  • Has a large plastic frame
  • The top is made with wire
  • Has a gridded plastic bottom
  • It’s 32-in long, 21-in wide, and 28-in tall
  • Comes with a ramp and elevated area


Mcage Wrought Iron Cage

the cage is made with wrought iron tubes and wire meaning it’s far more durable but is prone to rust and corrosion. The easy fi s its epoxy finish that’s safe for animals to chew on. It sits on a stand but is removable from it. With the stand on, it’s 60-in tall and without it, it’s 36.5-in tall.

Mcage Large Double Flight Cage

It’s also 32-in long and 19-in wide. It has all-metal 2 ramps and elevated areas and the door locks safely with an advanced metal lock. It also has a ferret-safe 1/2-in wire spacing while the stand features wheels and a storage grid. If you’d like a cage with even more levels, you can find them all in the multi-level ferret cage article.

In Short:

  • Made with wrought iron tubes and wire
  • It’s epoxy coated that’s pet safe
  • Features a removable stand
  • With the stand, it’s 60-in and without it, it’s 36.6-in tall
  • Has a 1/2-in wire spacing
  • Comes with 2 metal levels and ramps
  • Has a safe advanced metal lock


Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation

Your ferret can safely explore the inside o this cage without the risk of getting out due to the 0.5-in wire spacing and the double door in the front that locks safely. You can access any part of the cage because of the doors and because the cage is only 36-in wide, 24-in long, and 39-in tall if you include the stand.

midwest deluxe

The stand contains a wire storage grid and wheels, 2 of the 4 are lockable. Its inside is equipped with a ramp and 2nd level and the whole thing is made with metal tubes and wire and coated with a hammertone finish. If you’d like an even smaller cage, you can always read the small ferret cage article next.

In Short:

  •  Has a 0.5-in wire spacing
  • Features a double front door
  • The interior is equipped with a ramp and 2nd level
  • Sits on a stand with 4 wheels and a storage grid
  • Made with wire and metal tubes
  • It’s coated with hammertone finish


Prevue Products Corner Cage

Since it’s tall, your ferret will have plenty of space to sleep and play inside but will save you space because of it. Another way it saves space and blends well into homes is that it’s a corner cage. You can find more space-saving cages in the tall ferret cage article linked below.


It’s made with metal tubes and wire and features a rust and corrosion-resistant hammertone finish. It has 2 front doors, 4 ramps, 2 additional levels, and sits on a stand featuring a wire storage grid and 4 wheels. The 7/8-in wire spacing makes it safe for ferrets and its length of 39-in, a width of 27-in, and height of 63-in make it suitable for two ferrets.

In Short:

  • It’s 63-in tall, 39-in long, and 27-in wide
  • Has 4 ramps and 3 levels
  • Can be placed in corners
  • Made with metal wire and tubes and has a 7/8-in wire spacing
  • Has 2 access doors in the front


Topeakmart 6 Level Cage

Since it has 6 levels and 5 ramps to access them, this is an all-in-one cage where your ferret can sleep, play, and go potty when they need to. It’s made with metal square tubes and wire with a 0.9-in wire spacing and a powder coat finish that’s safe for pets.


It does sit on 4 wheels without an actual stand. It’s slightly elevated from the ground so it fits a plastic leaning tray below the wire bottom. It also comes with a food bowl and water bottle and it’s 25-in wide, 17.2-in wide, and 51.7-in tall. If you’d like more out of your ferret starter kit cage, you can always check the article about them next.

In Short:

  • Has 6 levels and 5 access ramps
  • Has a 0.9-in wire spacing
  • Sits on 4 wheels
  • Has a plastic cleaning tray below the wire bottom
  • Comes with a bowl and water bottle
  • It’s coated with a pet-safe powder coat finish


FRiEQ 23-Inch Large Travel Cage

The cage itself is comprised out of three parts:  A hardtop cover, a bottom hard cover, both are waterproof, and the soft material mid-layer that allows you to fold it down easily. The mid-layer also features holes for ventilation and a zipper-closed entrance that’s partially a mesh fabric window.

FRIEQ Ferret Travel Cage

The top cover features a handle and you’ll get a soft bed for the interior of this 23-in long, 13-in wide, and 15-in tall ferret travel cage. If you’d prefer a smaller model that’s fully made out of hard materials, you can find them in the article we’ve linked below.

In Short:

  • Has a hard top and bottom cover
  • the midsection is soft, allowing you to fold it down
  • Features vent holes and a small mesh fabric window entrance
  • Comes with a soft bed for the inside
  • It’s 23-in long, 13-in wide, and 15-in tall


Kong Natural Rubber Toy

Most dog toys on the market are also amazing ferret toys and this is one such toy. It’s made with hard rubber that’s safe and durable enough to be chewed on. If you’d like more toys than just this one, you can find them and learn about them in the ferret cage toys article.


It has a circular shape and looks like it consists of 3 circles stacked on top of each other. It’s actually an enrichment toy since it has a hole on the bottom that can be filled with your ferret’s favorite treats. You can even freeze it and easily wash it by hand.

In Short:

  • Made with hard rubber
  • It’s tough and durable, can be chewed on
  • Looks like 3 circles stacked together
  • Can be freezer and washed
  • The bottom hole can be filled with treats

How To Pick A Ferret Cage

There’s plenty of cages out there, so picking out the right ferret cage will depend on your abilities, your ferrets’ behavior, and needs. It’s all about generally being familiar with ferret behavior and what you should look for in a cage and why. We’ll provide you with all of the information necessary to pick any type of cage here.

Ferret Cage Must – The number one thing you should focus on when getting a ferret cage is proper ventilation. This makes wooden cages with barely any wire sides an option to avoid. The reason why is because ferrets are prone to heatstrokes so if they don’t have a cage with proper ventilation, they might suffer one. The best way to avoid this is to get a wire cage.

Is Wood Ever An Option – Although you can get a wooden cage, you should know that ferrets are curious creatures and love to chew on things. A wooden cage is more likely to get damaged, especially if it has a wooden bottom that they can dig through and scratch on. Another reason to avoid that is that their paws can get hurt that way Try to look for no bottom cages with a wooden frame but durable wire sides.

Why You Should Get One – If your ferret is stressed, it’ll run off to its home, if you need them calm and in one place that is safely locked, you’ll put them in a cage. You see now that cages are a must for ferrets because they’ll make their lives easier. It’s just a matter of knowing what they’ll get from a cage.

Ferret Cage Divide – A ferret cage can be a play area, a sleeping area, and a potty area all at once. You can get a litter box for them and the way to divide the cage into these areas is by getting a cage with multiple levels. Another great sleeping area is a hammock. Keep in mind that ferrets sleep fairly long, around 16 hours a day

Cage Wire Spacing – Ferrets are basically noodles able to crawl in through the tiniest of spaces so it’s important to get a cage with a wire spacing that’s safe for them and will prevent them from escaping through the wire holes. Any cage above 1-in wire spacing should be avoided.

Out Of Cage Time – Although a cage is their home, with their playful and highly social nature, they’ll want to have the time of day to investigate and play outside their cage. They should be left out of cage for at least 2-3 hours every day and the space they’re playing in should be ferret proof.

Cage Floor Covers – Just like most small animals, ferrets will benefit and be the safest in a cage with a plastic tray floor. You can easily buy these for the specific model of cage you’re getting and some already come equipped with it. With wire bottoms, your ferret gets its paws stuck and seriously panic and hurt itself.

To Sum Up

There’s plenty of categories to choose from when it comes to a ferret cage. We made this article so you could easily find the type you like and focus on that specific type of cage. You can’t go wrong with any of these but you should make sure of a few things before buying for a safer experience. There are a few general cage categories that we’d like to mention you to read and learn more. Read the articles about the best outdoor ferret cages and indoor ferret cages. If you need some accessories, here are the best ramps for ferret cages.

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