Best 6 Ferret Travel Cages You Can Get In 2021 Reviews

Are you in need of a ferret travel cage?

If your answer is yes, you should read our article. Here we talk about the best six models that you can choose from. We have reviewed the best of best ferret travel cage, the small and large ones, the coolest one, and others. Check out the buying guide at the end of the article. We are sure it will help you bring the right decision!

The Summary

AmazonBasics Ferret Travel Cage SummaryAmazonBasics Ferret Travel Enclosure
A two-door travel cage can help you load your ferret more easily. Also, it helps with maintaining the cage clean.
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MidWest Homes Travel Cage For Ferrets SummaryMidWest Homes Travel Cage For Ferrets
The MidWest traveling cage is budget-friendly and easy to carry. Its lightweight design will make your travels or visits to the vet easier.
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Marshall Pack-N-Go Ferret Travel Cage SummaryMarshall Pack-N-Go Ferret Travel Cage
This backpack-travel cage for ferrets is simple to use, store, and maintain. It is a cool way of taking your ferret to travel or vising the vet.
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IRIS Ferret Cage For Travelling SummaryIRIS Ferret Cage For Travelling
Get a small, sturdy, and lightweight ferret cage. The IRIS cage comes with the vent openings and the top and front door.
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PetMate Travel Cage Ferret
This cage for traveling by PetMate is ideal for ferrets due to its size. It is travel-friendly, made of high-quality materials, and can be used outdoor.
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FRIEQ Ferret Travel Cage SummaryFRIEQ Big Ferret Travel Cage
Check out how easy it is for the Frieq ferret cage for travels to fold, and unfold. This cage is made of waterproof and soft material.
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Top 6 Ferret Travel Cages


AmazonBasics Ferret Travel Enclosure

The Sturdy Design
This is a 19x12x10 inches (LxWxH) travel cage for small animals. It is ideal to use for ferrets. The cage is made of durable and high-quality plastics. A spring-loaded latch for smooth opening is included. The cage comes with one handle on the top.

AmazonBasics Ferret Travel Cage Review

Safe For Your Ferret
The plastics that is used for making this travel cage is non-toxic and the cage itself cannot be chewed on. Also, there are no sharp edges so your little fur buddy won’t get injured. The openings are small enough for preventing your ferret to escape, but big enough for the air to come in.

The Two Doors
This ferret cage comes with a smart two-door design. There is one door in the front and the other on the top of the cage. The upper door will help you take the ferret in your hands more easily and it provides less risk for it to run away.

AmazonBasics Ferret Travel Cage

The Maintenance
This cage is very simple to clean and maintain, which is important for every pet owner in general. You might want to bring food inside the cage when you are traveling with your pet. There could be urine or feces that you will have to clean. The two doors will make you clean the cage more easily.

In Short:

  • made of high-quality plastics
  • sturdy cage with one handle on the top
  • two-door design
  • the cage is chew-free and non-toxic
  • easy to clean


MidWest Homes Travel Cage For Ferrets

Comes In Three Colors
This ferret travel cage’s dimensions are 19.13 x 12.5 x 13 inches. It is designed of durable and easy-to-clean plastics. You can choose between three colors of the cage: blue, red, or green. There is a convenient handle on the top of the cage.

MidWest Homes Travel Cage For Ferrets Review

Provides Visibility And Ventilation
The cage comes with many small openings so the air would come in. Your ferret will be able to look around curiously too. The openings are not too large, you there are no worries your ferret will manage to escape the cage.

Easy To Carry
This MidWest Homes cage for ferrets for traveling is lightweight. Its top handle will make it easy to carry. If you need to use the cage often, this model could be the right for you. Once the front door is locked, your ferret won’t be able to open them.

MidWest Homes Travel Cage For Ferrets

The Cheap Price
Getting an expensive travel cage may not always mean you are getting a high-quality one. The price of this model is very low so it is affordable for anyone. Check out this model online to see the price and read the customer reviews before buying it.

In Short:

  • comes in blue, green, and red
  • one front door
  • comes with a top handle
  • made of sturdy plastics
  • affordable for anyone
  • lightweight


Marshall Pack-N-Go Ferret Travel Cage

The Cool Design
Unlike the previous two models, this Marshall travel cage for ferrets look more like a backup. It is easy to use. It is foldable and easy to store. It comes in blue color and it has got all you and your ferret need – ventilation openings, bottom pocket for toys and food, and more.

Marshall Pack-N-Go Ferret Travel Cage Review

Four Vents
A traveling cage must come with openings so that it is easier for your ferret to breathe. This backpack-travel cage for ferrets comes with four vents that will make the air come in more easily. Your ferret will be more than happy to curiously see the surrounding area too.

Let Your Ferret Look Around
The four vent openings allow your ferret to look around. This cage may not be ideal for you if your ferret is shy and likes to hide. Maybe your ferret is afraid and doesn’t like to go outside the house. If your ferret is more of an adventurous kind, or is not shy, this item is the right for you.

Marshall Pack-N-Go Ferret Travel Cage

Keeps Your Ferret Safe
This backpack will keep your ferret 100% safe. It comes with a zipper top that only you will be able to open. Your ferret will feel safe in this backpack-cage and it will have plenty of space to rest or to look through the vent openings.

In Short:

  • backpack-travel cage for ferrets
  • comes with four vent openings
  • the fresh air will easily come in
  • your ferret can look around through the openings
  • the zipper top keeps your ferret safe
  • the cage is lightweight


IRIS Ferret Cage For Travelling

About The IRIS Manufacturer
The IRIS manufacturers sell, as they say, ”solutions for everyday living”. They make great products for everyday use and there are small travel cages among them. This model of a ferret travel cage is small and easy to use and clean. It includes all the important features such a product must come with.

IRIS Ferret Cage For Travelling Review

General Details
This cage for ferrets by IRIS is lightweight and small. The overall dimensions are 12.64″L x 18.90″W x 11.81″H. It comes with a carry handle and fits up to 18 pounds. It is easy to maintain and to clean. It has ample ventilation.

The Simple Design
This small cage for ferrets comes in white and brown. It is constructed of a non-toxic plastics. The design is smooth and safe for small animals. Although it is not big, this travel cage provides enough space for your little fur buddy.

IRIS Ferret Cage For Travelling

The Top And Front Door
The two doors that this cage features make the load of animals easier. Ideally, you will get to pick up your ferret and put it inside this travel cage through the top opening. This way is safer. You will be sure your ferret won’t run away through the front door.

In Short:

  • perfect for traveling due to its lightweight design
  • the size is 12.64″L x 18.90″W x 11.81″H
  • provides ventilation openings
  • two door – front and up
  • the sturdy handle included


PetMate Travel Cage Ferret

Ideal For Small Animals
This great travel cage is of perfect size for small animals. It is safe for ferrets. It comes with small openings that won’t allow your ferret to get away. The PetMate ferret cage for travels comes in blue, pink, and grey. It is not heavy and it is easy to carry.

PetMate Travel Cage Ferret Review

Approved For Air-Travel
If you are moving away and need to take your ferret to the plane, you must feel stressed. Getting the right cage for such an experience is very important. This PetMate cage is made of sturdy material and it is durable. It has an ergonomic grip handle and the ventilated sides for more comfortable transport.

Safe And Comfy
There are no sharp edges that would harm your ferret. The cage is spacious and comfortable. Add your ferret’s favorite blanket and bring food and water with you. Make moving, traveling, or vets visiting a more comfortable experience.

PetMate Travel Cage Ferret

Easy To Load And Clean
There is the front door and top door for easier loading. The door can be locked in a way that your ferret won’t be able to open them. The cage is extremely easy to maintain. You will clean it in no time after the travel.

In Short:

  • great for small pets, ideal for ferrets
  • small openings that let the air in
  • approved for travel of any kind
  • sturdy and durable
  • safe and no sharp edges
  • two-door design


FRIEQ BigFerret Travel Cage

Foldable Design
The Frieq travel cage is made of soft and waterproof material. No worries if you have to go traveling or vising the vet on a rainy day. This ferret cage is completely foldable and easy to store. It is travel-friendly, easy to carry, and extremely lightweight.

FRIEQ Ferret Travel Cage

Convenient Use
This cage for ferrets for traveling measures 23x16x15”. It is spacious and can hold two ferrets as well. There is a soft-grip handle that makes the carrying easier. It has a zip that holds together the top and bottom. When you are finished with using it, simply slip it under the bed or store it in your closet.

Cozy And Comfortable For Ferrets
This is one of the most cozies travel cages for ferrets. The material is soft and comfortable. It comes with vent openings so your ferret will be able to look around and to have the fresh air. The cage holds up to 26 lbs.

FRIEQ Ferret Travel Cage Review

Why Buy This Item?
This Frieq ferret travel cage is easily detachable and re-attachable, it is safe for your ferrets and comfortable. It provides a large space and airflow. It is waterproof and very affordable.

In Short:

  • easy to fold and store
  • lightweight and provides large space
  • holds up to 26 lbs
  • made of soft and waterproof material
  • easy to attach and detach
  • affordable price

How To Pick: Ferret Travel Cage

Every pet owner needs to have a travel cage. You may simply be going on travel, but most of the time you will need the cage for visiting the vet. When owning a ferret, it is important to consider the following features that a ferret travel cage should include: the durability of the cage and the material, it should be easy to clean and safe. Also, the cage should have openings for the air to come in. Read on to find out more.

The Cage Material – We all know that ferrets like to chew. So, the first thing you should look for in a travel cage is the sturdiness. The cage should be completely chew-free. Another important factor is the material. Get a travel cage made exclusively of non-toxic material.

Easy To Maintain – A perfect travel cage should be easy to clean. Consider getting the one with detachable parts or with two doors. An easy-to-detach cage for traveling is also good. The main thing is that you get to clean the fur, food, and urine easily.

Safe For Ferrets – Not only should the cage be made of non-toxic material, but make sure it has smooth edges. The cage with sharp edges may cause injuries. Also, the openings shouldn’t be too large. Otherwise, it will be easy for your ferret to run away.

Cage Openings And Ventilation – When it comes to openings, make sure your cages come with them. Your ferret will be curious about the surrounding, but it is also very important that the fresh air comes in. Depending on how much your ferret is shy, get a travel cage with more or fewer openings.

Carrying Handles – In our opinion, a lightweight and easy-to-carry cage is very important. Especially if you are going to use it often. Get a ferret cage for traveling with sturdy and durable handles. An ideal travel cage has two handles.

To Sum Up

In the end, we would like to conclude by re-mentioning one of the above-listed models. It is the Marshall Pack-N-Go Ferret Travel Cage and we find it the best. Why? It is just to simple to put your ferret in it and you can easily carry this cage as a backpack. If you are a new ferret owner, it is good you have read this article. Also, make sure to get the right ferret starter kit or the ferret cage with tunnels.

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