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Read our article to learn more about the best of best, indoor, outdoor, multi-level, and other large ferret cages. At the end of our post, you will find the buying guide that will help you choose the best cage for your little fur buddies.

The Summary

Ferplast Ferret Cage Multi-Level SummaryFerplast XXL Ferret Cage
This spacious and multi-level ferret cage includes all the important accessories and makes a great starter cage too.
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Prevue Tall Cage SummaryPrevue Tall Cage
The corner designed cage for ferret will help you save space. Also, this cage stands on four rolling casters and it is easy to move.
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Go2Buy Cage For Ferrets SummaryGo2Buy Ferret Cage
Use this large cage in your home. Check out which accessories it comes with and why your ferret is going to love this cage.
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What Mean The Term Tall Ferret Cage?

Tall cages for ferrets include all the models that have more than 2 levels. Tall cages are higher than average cages and can go up to 60 inches.

How Tall Should a Ferret Cage Be?

Not only does the cage needs to be tall, but it is also important that it is wide enough. Every ferret needs at least 25 inches of feet for comfortable moving and privacy. The suggested minimum size for one ferret is 24 x 24 x 18 inches. If you’re having 2 ferrets, you need to choose a cage that is a minimum of 40 inches tall.

Does Ferret Need Tall Cage?

Ferrets are very active animals, love to move around, explore, hide, and play and definitely having a tall cage will give them more space for activities. It is not necessary to have a tall cage, it is only important that the cage is not too small for ferrets.

Pros & Cons Of Having Tall Cage For Ferret

You’re still doubting whether you need a tall cage for your ferret? We listed which pros and cons need to consider while buying a tall model for your pet.

Pros Of Tall Cage

The most important pros of having a tall model for a ferret include the spacious space for activities. Ferrets don’t like to be in small areas which can cause them stress. They love to move around, explore, climb, play, and have privacy while sleeping. Having a tall cage allows them to move up and down by using ramps or ladders. You can easily customize the cage, add new accessories like more shelves, hideouts, tubes, hammocks, and more. Also, tall cages won’t take up much horizontal space so you can place the cage everywhere you want. Having a tall cage you will easier monitor your ferret and they can easily observe what is happening outside, as well.

ferret in hammock

Cons Of Tall Model

Tall cages for ferrets require more cleaning which will take much more time. It is much harder to reach every corner of a tall cage, especially if the doors are not wide enough. Also, tall models have more shelves which you need to clean from uneaten food and dirt. Taller models usually cost much more than average cages for ferrets, and the price can go up to $300 depending on the included accessories and decor. It is important to consider safety, tall cages can easily fall down if they’re not secure and placed near the wall.

If the tall cage has a plastic bottom tray, and detachable system, it will be much harder to clean the mess from uneaten food and feces. Tall cages are sometimes not wide enough and ferrets won’t have enough privacy while doing activities, which in some cases can end up in a fight with other ferrets. Also, tall cages usually require setup and tools and you will need about 30 minutes to assemble.

Guide For Picking Tall Cage For Ferret

This guide will help you choose a model that will suit your and the ferret’s needs. Consider all the specifications and information before shopping and you will choose the perfect cage for your pet.

Durable Construction

When buying a cage for the ferret, pick the model that has a durable construction that will last you for a long time. The cage needs to have a metal construction that is rustproof. We recommend buying a cage only from reliable brands like Ferplast, Yaheetech, Kaytee, DreamHome. Etc.

Suitable Size

Choose the cage that can fit in the ara you’re planning to place it. Also, the size of the cage needs to be suitable for your ferret. One ferret needs at least 2.5 inches feet of space. The bigger cage, the better. If you’re planning to buy additional cage toys, we recommend getting at least 30 inches tall cage.

Shelves And Ramps

The tall cage needs to have enough shelves and ramps so the ferret doesn’t need to use side wires for climbing to reach the top part. Make sure that the shelves are wide enough so the ferret can easily move. Ramps need to be sturdy and secured to shelves. Choose the model with adjustable accessoires so your ferret has easy access to every level.

Easy Access

So you can reach the ferret, clean the mess or feed him, it is important there are at least 2 doors. Doors need to be large, and preferably full-length. We recommend models with front or side doors so you can have easier access. Models with top doors are not functional and you won’t be able to reach the ferret.

ferret in wire cage

Cleaning And Maintenance

We recommend picking a model with a plastic or metal surface, shelves and ramps so you can easily wipe out the mess from uneaten food or feces. The bottom tray needs to be made of leakproof material, the good choice is plastic. If you want to quickly clean the mess, choose the cage with a pull-out tray.

Space Bar

The space bar between wires needs to be 0.5 inches to a maximum of 1 inch. If the ferret can easily place his head between the wires, he can easily escape. If the cage has a mesh bottom, shelves, or ramps, we recommend picking a model with 0.3 to 0.5 inches so the ferret leg can’t stuck between.


Some cages have gaps between the corner and side of the cage or the bottom tray and frame of the cage. This will allow ferrets to escape easily. To prevent that make sure to check all the gaps and secure them with a plastic stripe.

ferret biting wires

Stable Construction

For the safety of your ferret, check if the construction is stable when you set it up. Try wobbling the cage, and if it’s wobbling then it is not safe for use. Construction needs to be at least 25 inches wide to provide stability. To maximally secure the cage, pick a metal model and place it between commodes.

Stable Accessories

Shelves and ramps need to be secured to wires and stable for use, otherwise, your ferret can easily fall down if it flips. Also, make sure to secure the hammock, tubes, and other hanging accessories. You can use strong stripes or metal hooks.

Climbing Down

Even if the ferrets love to climb, they will usually have trouble climbing down. It is important that the levels are connected with ramps, ladders, tubes, or slides which will allow them easy move.

Anti Slip Surface

For the safety of your ferret, pick only models that are not slippery, otherwise, the ferret can easily hurt or even injured himself. Also, if the surface of the shelve is slippery, he can fall down on the floor which can be fatal. If you notice some surfaces are slippery, you can buy a cover with anti-slip bottom.

Door Lock

Ferrets will easily escape if doors are open or if they can easily unlock the door by hand. Pick only models with sturdy plastic or metal lock systems, such as butterfly systems. Choose only cages that can be open from the front side. Always check if you close the door, and be careful when you’re cleaning or feeding ferrets so they don’t escape.

Safety Casters

If you’re buying a cage that has rolling wheels, it needs to have a lock system that will prevent the cage to move or even fall down. There’re need to be at least 2 locks, but it is recommended to pick a model with 4 locks.

Top 6 Tall Ferret Cages

Ferplast XXL Ferret Cage

Ferplast XXL Ferret Cage


Material: Iron
Dimensions: 29.5 x 31.5 x 63.4 inches
Weight: 52 Pounds
Levels: 5
Doors: 3
Use: Indoor

Pet-Friendly And Safe
The Ferplast cage is safe and large. It provides a lot of space for your ferret. It is a multi-level ferret cage so your pet can run and play. The cage hasn’t got sharp edges. It is made of safe and non-toxic materials.

ferplast cage for 2 rats

Comes With Accessories
The Ferplast ferret cage features a water bottle, food bowl, and a litter pan. Also, your ferret will have a lot of fun playing around and running up and down. This cage includes a hammock, ramps, and tubes.

Easy To Set Up
It is not complicated to set up this cage purpsoed for indoor use. You are going to need some time, but if you follow the user manual, you will get to do it on your own and in no time. Also, you can customize the cage and install the platforms and accessories as you wish.

Ferplast Ferret Cage Multi-Level Review

Easy To Move
This cage can stand directly on the floor or the four rolling casters. The casters are optional, but come in handy. If you decide to install them, you will get to move the cage easily which helps with cleaning the area around it. The casters can be securely locked.


Overall: ★★★★★
Safety: ★★★★★
Mobility: ★★★★★
Size: ★★★★☆
Weight: ★★★★★
Funcionality: ★★★★☆


$282 – $55 varies from webshop to webshop: Amazon, Walmart, eBay

In Short:

  • comes with optional 4 rolling casters
  • large and spacious
  • includes the accessories
  • easy to assemble
  • multi-level cage

Prevue Tall Cage


Material: Cast Iron
Dimensions:39 x 27 x 63 inches
Weight: 55 Pounds
Levels: 5
Doors: 2
Use: Indoor

The Dimensions
The Prevue cage measures 39-inch long, 27-inch wide, and 63-inch high. It comes with 7/8-inch wire spacing. This cage is large and tall and comes with four platforms that are connected with 3 ramps.

Prevue Tall Cage Review

Castered Base
There are four rolling casters that this cage comes with. They can be locked and unlocked easily. This will allow you to move the cage around the room or to another room. There is an extra shelf underneath the cage that provides storage space.

Corner Design
This item comes as a corner ferret cage. Its design is space-saving. Although it is large and tall, you can place it in any corner of your room. Also, the cage is constructed out of sturdy material that is completely safe and pet-friendly.

Prevue Tall Cage

Easy To Maintain
This cage features two large access doors. This will help you a lot during the cleaning and adding more food or water to your ferrets. You can access the cage from almost any area. Also, there are pull out bottom drawer and grille. They can easily be removed.


Overall: ★★★★☆
Safety: ★★★★☆
Mobility: ★★★★★
Size: ★★★★☆
Weight: ★★★★★
Funcionality: ★★★★☆


$514 – $557 varies from webshop to webshop: Amazon, Walmart, eBay

In Short:

  • corner design
  • space-saving ferret cage
  • comes with a catered base
  • easy to clean
  • roll it to the other side of the room
  • sturdy and chew-proof

Go2Buy Ferret Cage


Material: Metal
Dimensions: 25.2 x 16.9 x 51.6 inches
Weight: 28.2 Pounds
Levels: 6
Doors: 3
Use: Indoor

Indoor Use
The Go2Buy cage for ferrets can be used outdoors, but it is ideal for indoor use. It is large and has multiple levels. The cage is constructed of pet-safe metal wires. It is painted with non-toxic black paint.

Go2Buy Cage For Ferrets

A Fun Environment
This cage comes with 3 levels and a lot of space for your ferrets so you can put many toys inside the cage. Even two ferrets can live in this cage together. It provides a fun and healthy environment for your fur friends. Customize the cage and get your ferrets fun toys and hammocks.

About The Design
This is a vertical ferret cage. It measures 25.2 x 16.9 x 51.6” (LxWxH). The space between the bars is less than one inch. It has got 3 access doors that allow you to easily reach for your ferret and clean the cage without hassle. The cage weighs 28.2 pounds.

Go2Buy Cage For Ferrets Review

The Accessories Included
The Go2Buy cage for ferrets comes with 5 ramps and 6 tires. Also, it includes a complimentary water bottle, a food dish, and an easy-to-remove tray. This cage will be great for you if you are getting it for the first time. It has everything your ferret may need.


Overall: ★★★★☆
Safety: ★★★★☆
Mobility: ★★★★★
Size: ★★★★☆
Weight: ★★★★★
Funcionality: ★★★★☆


$125 – $126 varies from webshop to webshop: Amazon, Walmart

In Short:

  • includes a lot of accessories
  • can be customized easily
  • features 3 access doors
  • fun and healthy ferret environment
  • safe and non-toxic material

DreamHome Ferret Cage


Material: Metal
Dimensions: 24 x 17 x 38 inches
Weight: 24 Pounds
Levels: 3
Doors: 2
Use: Indoor

Product Overview
The DreamHome model is ideal for starters. It has a lot of vertical space. Its dimensions are 24x17x38″. It comes in white-brown color. The price of this unit is affordable. The overall quality of this cage is high. It is a pet-friendly cage.

DreamHome Tall Ferret Cage Review

Lockable Casters
The DreamHome cage for ferrets is a tall and large cage for your fur buddies. It stands on four roll casters and provides an easy relocation whenever you need it. The casters can be securely locked.

The Material And Design
This is another ferret cage. It is constructed of high-quality plastics. The plastics is chew-resistant and leakage-free. There is a urine guard that keeps the waste from escaping. It includes the non-toxic metal grate base.

DreamHouse Tall Ferret Cage

Hassle-Free Maintenance
You must clean your ferret’s cage often. Make it an everyday habit. This cage will be easy for you to clean it. It features a pull-out tray that can be washed and put back. The 2 large access doors are here to help as well.


Overall: ★★★★☆
Safety: ★★★★☆
Mobility: ★★★★★
Size: ★★★★☆
Weight: ★★★★★
Funcionality: ★★★★☆


$179 varies from webshop to webshop: Amazon

In Short:

  • has a lot of space
  • stands on 4 casters
  • the casters can be securely locked
  • made of plastics and metal
  • it is leakage-free and chew-free
  • comes with 2 large doors

Topeakmart 6 Level Ferret Cage


Material: Metal
Dimensions: 25.2 x 17.2 x 51.65 inches
Weight: 40.54 Pounds
Levels: 6
Doors: 3
Use: Indoor

Use It Outside Or Inside
You can put this tall cage for ferrets anywhere in your house. You can also take your ferrets outdoor with you. The cage is made of sturdy and weather-resistant material. It stands on 4 casters so it can be rolled anywhere easily.

Topeakmart Ferret Starter Cage

The Safe Material Construction
This cage for ferrets is designed with sturdy and durable material. It is painted in non-toxic paint. It is waterproof and safe for your fur buddy. The Topeakmart tall cage is here to make your ferret’s environment healthy and fun.

The Dimensions
This cage can fit two ferrets. They will both have enough space to rest, play, and run around the cage. The overall size of this ferret cage is 25.2 x 17.2 x 52’’ and the space between the bars is 0.9” which makes it completely safe for your ferrets.

Topeakmart tall ferret cage

Easy To Access
This cage comes with multiple doors that are secured with latches. The doors are wide and the cage is easy to access. You can clean it with no hassle and reach for your ferrets easily. The cage has smooth surfaces so it is pet-friendly.


Overall: ★★★★☆
Safety: ★★★★☆
Mobility: ★★★★★
Size: ★★★★★
Weight: ★★★★☆
Funcionality: ★★★★☆


$129 – $130 varies from webshop to webshop: Amazon, Walmart, eBay

In Short:

  • safe and non-toxic metal
  • fun and spacious tall cage for ferrets
  • the access doors and secured
  • easy to access and clean the cage
  • fits two ferrets

Yaheetech Ferret Cage


Material: Cast Iron
Dimensions: 32 x 18.5 x 63 inches
Weight: 35.9 Pounds
Levels: 1
Doors: 1
Use: Indoor/Outdoor

Extra Strong Construction
This cage for ferrets comes with the following overall dimensions: 32 x 18.5 x 63’’ (LxWxH). It is made of extra-strong durable and sturdy material that can withstand high and low temperatures. Use it indoor or outdoor.

Yaheetech Ferret Cage Review

Maintain The Cage Daily
Don’t forget that owning a ferrets means you need to take care of the cage’s cleanliness daily. Thanks to the slide-out tray and easy access doors that this cage comes with, the cleaning will be done in no time.

The Tall Design
This outdoor ferret cage provides a lot of vertical space for your ferrets. It stands on four rolling wheels and can easily be moved from room to room. It has god an extra shelf that you can use for storing food or your ferret’s toys.

Yaheetech Ferret Cage

Last Details
The price of this ferret cage is medium. It is made out of sturdy and durable metal. The material is non-toxic and there are no sharp edges. The cage is safe and the space between the bars won’t allow your ferret to escape the cage.


Overall: ★★★★☆
Safety: ★★★★☆
Mobility: ★★★★★
Size: ★★★★☆
Weight: ★★★★★
Funcionality: ★★★★☆


$121 – $152 varies from webshop to webshop: Amazon, Walmart, eBay

In Short:

  • sturdy and durable
  • outdoor and indoor use
  • stands on four wheels
  • no sharp edges and non-toxic
  • medium price
  • a lot of vertical space
  • features an extra storing shelf

Is It Hard To Set Tall Model?

Tall cages for ferrets usually take more time to set up than smaller ones. Most cages can be easily assembled by following the instructions that came in the box. Also, some manufacturers have video explanations on their sites to help you demonstrate how to set the cage.

How Long Does It Take To Set It?

If you’re planning to buy a portable metal cage, you will need up to 30 minutes. Models with detachable systems can be assembled for around 15-20 minutes.

Which Tools Are Required?

Not all the models required using tools. If you’re buying a detachable model, you won’t need any tools. Models that have a metal frame that secures the sides of the cages have screws and you will need to use a power drill or screwdriver. Also, some door locks need to be screwed with a power drill.

Test Before Use

Before you place the ferret inside, you need to check all the parts of the cage, to be sure everything is secured and safe for use. Check if the sides are connected and there are no gaps. Test the function of the door locks, if you can easily close and open the cage. Shelves and platforms need to be sturdy without wobbling for maximum safety.

hammock in ferret's cage

If you place hanging accessories like tubes, hammocks, or swings, check if you tighten the strings enough and that the hooks are strongly attached to the wires. Make sure that the rolling wheels are functional for use in different directions and that the lock system is working. Also, make sure to make the cage as functional as possible. Ferret needs to have easy access to all levels, and enough space for moving.

Tall Cages For Ferrets FAQ

Do you want to know the answers to all frequently asked questions about tall cages for ferrets? We’re bringing you all the needed information.

How Many Levels Tall Does Cage For Ferret Need To Have?

A Ferret cage that has 2-3 levels will be good enough to do activities, move around and explore. If you’re planning to have 2 or more ferrets, a tall cage needs to have at least 4 levels so there is no fight for the food, water, and place for sleeping.

Can Ferret Be Afraid Using Tall Cage?

Ferrets have a lack of fear and usually won’t be afraid of using taller cages, especially if the enclosure is functional, levels are well connected and the cage has all safety features.

How High Ferret Can Jump?

You will maybe think ferrets can’t jump far away, but actually, they can. Some of them can jump up to 30 inches when outstretched legs. You don’t have to be afraid he will fall down from a higher level.

Can Ferrets Climb High?

Yes, they can and they love to climb everywhere, especially when they’re out of the cage which in many cases can be problematic. They usually have problems climbing down and they will try to jump from different heights because of a lack of fear. It is important to place large platforms which will allow him easier move. If the ferret is playing and jumping out of the cage, make sure they don’t have access to any high furniture.

What Is Tallest Ferret Cage?

The tallest cage for ferrets has 6 levels, 3 doors for access and it is 60 inches tall. Some of the tallest models on the market include Yaheetech cages.

How Many Ferret Can Fit In Tall Cage?

If the cage is more than 50 inches tall and at least 20 inches wide, you can fit 3-4 ferrets inside. The cage needs to have at least 3 levels so each ferret can use one when observing playing or sleeping.

ferrets in cage

Does Tall Cages Have Storing Shelf?

Some tall models have an additional shelf at the bottom which you can use for storing accessories, toys, food, and maintenance staff. It is the perfect way to have everything in one place so you can take needed stuff by hand.

Can You Use Other Animal Cage For Ferrets?

You can use cages for other pets that are similar sizes like ferrets. If the cage has all the needed accessories like shelves, ramps, tubes you can use the cage for rats, chinchillas, and guinea pigs. Make sure that you check all the safety features like the wire space bar, lock system on doors, and other listed things that are mentioned before.

Are The Wheels Removable?

Yes, you can remove the wheels if you’re planning to buy a portable model. They come separated from the cage so you can either place the cage on the ground or leave them off. If you’re not sure about the safety, we recommend removing them.

Recommended Accessories For Ferret Cage

Since there’s a lot of space in a tall cage, you can equip it with accessories. We listed the most important accessories.


Most of the cages come with shelves so your ferret can explore the whole cage from the bottom to the top. If you can fit more shelves in the cage and you want to make climbing easier, you can buy additional ones from the manufacturer or use the one that can fit depending on the size and shape.


Usually, ramps come with shelves and allow the ferret easily climb to levels. It is important that the ramps are anti-slip or have covers for safety.


Tubes are one of the favorite accessories which ferrets use for playing, hiding, and running. Some cage models use tubes instead ramps which allow the ferret to move from one level to another.


Another alternative that can be used instead of ramps and tubes slides, which allows the ferret easily climb up and down. They will enjoy using slides for playing, as well.

Water And Feeding Bowl Set

For easier daily feeding, buy a set for feeding and drinking. Most of the cages include a set, and you can buy it separately, as well. Some models can be attached to the wires, so the ferret doesn’t spill water around and flip the bowl.

Mat And Blanket

Ferrets love to sleep on comfortable and cozy surfaces and hide underneath for privacy. You can buy a mat with holes so the ferret can go inside and hide, or use some of the old blankets which will give him comfort.

Litter Box

To keep the cage cleaner and save time with maintenance, buy a litter box that ferrets will use as a toilet.

Hanging Accessories

So all the free space on the top of the cage can be used, we recommend paling hanging accessories like hammocks and hanging tubes. The can be used for playing as well as for relaxing.

Playing Toys

Place the toys inside the ferret’s cage and spoil him. Toys will positively affect their mental and physical health. You can use any non-toxic toys such as balls, cat wands, and plush toys without any plastic parts they can easily swallow.

To Sum Up

We would like to say that out of these six models, we liked most the Topeakmart Cage For Ferrets model. It is a pet-friendly and inoor-outdoor cage with a lot of space for even two ferrets. Since tall models have more than one level, it’s sure that ferrets will find them intresting. Therefore, you can’t get wrong with buying this cage type.

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