Best 6 Wooden Ferret Cages You Can Buy In 2021 + Reviews

If you are in search of the best wooden ferret cage, you need to check our article!

Why? Because we have reviewed the six best models you will find on the market. Also, we have divided them into best, cheap, indoor, outdoor, and other categories. See which models have found their place on our top list. Also, don’t forget to read the buying guide that you will find at the bottom of the page.

The Summary

Aivituvin Indoor Wooden Ferret Cage SummaryAivituvin Indoor Wooden Ferret Cage
Your ferrets will have a large playing space area in their new wooden home. This cage stands on four wheels and can easily be moved around.
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Wooden Indoor Ferret Cage SummaryWooden Indoor Ferret Cage
This cage is made of high-quality wood and plexiglass. It provides your ferret a panoramic view and allows the fresh air to enter through the top.
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U-Max Wooden Ferret House SummaryU-Max Wooden Ferret House
The budget-friendly wooden cages for ferrets may be a good way to start. This item will be your ferret’s favorite home it has ever had.
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Esright Wooden House For Ferrets SummaryEsright Wooden House For Ferrets
Use the Esright cage as your ferret’s wooden home. Open the top of the roof to reach for your ferrets when you need to pick them up.
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BWM.Co Outdoor Wooden Cage SummaryBWM.Co Outdoor Wooden Cage
This great 63” (L) X 36.2” (W) X 71” (H) wooden cage is a perfect and spacious outdoor home for your ferrets. Let them rest and have fun in it.
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Tangkula Ferret Wooden Cage SummaryTangkula Ferret Wooden Cage
This is a large and spacious wooden cage that can be used both indoor and outdoor. It is a safe and eco-friendly ferret’s home.
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Best 6 Wooden Ferret Cages


Aivituvin Indoor Wooden Ferret Cage

The Aivituvin Design
This wooden ferret cage can home several ferrets at the same time. It has two levels. It is made of wood and metal. It stands on 4 wheels so it is easily rolled to the other side of the room. This ferret cage is made for indoor and outdoor use.

Aivituvin Indoor Wooden Ferret Cage Review

No Leak Trays
Forget about the cheap plywood trays. They often leak or even go moldy and you have to change them all the time. This outdoor ferret cage features no leak trays that are made of plastics. They are easily removable and come with extra metal wire netting.

Spacious And Two-Level
Ferrets love having a lot of space to play, run up and down, but also a special resting place. The Aivituvin wooden cage for ferrets will be their perfect home for all of that. It comes with two levels so your ferrets will have more space to have fun.

Aivituvin Indoor Wooden Ferrets Cage

Last Details
The overall size of this wooden cage is 38.6”L x 25.6” W x 44.1”H. The weight of the cage is 52 lbs. The inner tray space is 9.6 ft². It features three access doors and ramps. The three doors will make it easy to maintain clean on a daily basis.

In Short:

  • two-levels
  • three access doors
  • the size is 38.6”L x 25.6” W x 44.1”H
  • the item weighs 52 lbs
  • can fit two ferrets
  • large playing and resting area


Wooden Indoor Ferret Cage

Made Of Eco-Friendly Material
Having a safe wooden cage and made of quality materials is very important both for you and your ferret. This ferret’s wooden home is made of environmental materials (fir wood and plexiglass). The cage is resistant to rot. It is chew-free and harmless to ferrets.

Wooden Indoor Ferret Cage

Easy To Access And Clean
There is one large front opening that provides a great panoramic view for your ferret. There is the wire mesh top that allows the fresh air to enter the cage. The door allows you to easily access the cage to pet and feed your ferret, but also to clean the cage.

Good Vent Openings
As already noted, there is a wire mesh top. It is extremely important to get a ferret cage that will make the air enter constantly. This wooden cage’s top is safe and won’t allow your little fur friend to escape through it and run away.

Wooden Indoor Ferret Cage Review

The Assembly
It is not complicated to assemble this unit. It is suggested to use the electronic drill for the assembly. Another person to help you is a plus. Use the user manual and read the assembly instructions or scan the QR code in the box and watch the assembly video.

In Short:

  • easy to assemble
  • scan the QR code and watch the assembly video
  • safe for ferrets
  • easy to clean
  • panoramic view
  • wire mesh top allows the air to enter


U-Max Wooden Ferret House

Small But Spacious
This wooden cage is perfect for one ferret to live inside of it. It is spacious enough and pet-friendly. It comes with a ramp and a hideout which is perfect to be your ferret’s resting area. The cage measures 35.4″ x 20.9″ x 20.9″(L x W x H).

U-Max Wooden Ferrets House

The Removable Tray
This small ferret cage comes with a deep removable pull-out tray. It is easy to clean and it won’t go moldy. It does not leak and it can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher. Make sure the tray is always clean.

High-Quality And Waterproof
The cage is made of durable natural fir wood. It is painted with eco-friendly varnish which is waterproof and non-toxic. It is completely safe for your ferrets. It is chew-proof and can be used indoor and outdoor.

U-Max Wooden Ferret House Review

The Good Price
When comparing the price od this unit with other units from this list, this is the most affordable wooden ferret cage. Still, it is a good unit and its lower price doesn’t mean it is made of bad quality. For more details, check this unit online and read the users reviews.

In Short:

  • spacious unit
  • ideal for one ferret
  • comes with a deep and removable tray
  • waterproof and durable
  • it is eco-friendly and non-toxic
  • affordable and budget-friendly


Esright Wooden House For Ferrets

The Design
Having a multi-level wooden home for your ferret will only make it happier and more active. This Esright wooden cage comes as a grey cage made of natural materials. It is completely non-toxic and it is painted with waterproof varnish.

Esright Wooden House For Ferrets Review

Indoor Use
It is designed to be used indoor, but it can also go outdoor. We suggest keeping it inside during the humid weather. It stands on four wheels, so it will be more than easy to just roll it to the other side of the room or outside your home for a day in the backyard with your ferrets.

The Open Roof
There is a high-quality wire grid on top of this wooden indoor ferret cage. The fences are chew-free and provide great ventilation. The open roof allows you to easily open it with a hinge and to take your pets out of the wooden cage.

Esright Wooden House For Ferrets

How To Assemble
We suggest you to check out the user manual that provides the assembly instructions. The assembly itself is not complicated and doesn’t require much time. It is suggested that two adults do the assembly. It will be quicker and faster.

In Short:

  • multi-level wooden ferret’s home
  • the roof can be opened
  • eco-friendly material
  • waterproof paint
  • easy and quick to assemble


BWM.Co Outdoor Wooden Cage

About The BWM.Co Cage
This is a large outdoor wooden cage that fits small animals. Several ferrets can live in this wooden cage. It is well-designed, waterproof, and sage. It will protect your ferrets from hazards. It provides them with a full panoramic view and a spacious living place.

BWM.Co Outdoor Wooden Cage Review

The Design And Construction
This wooden cage is made of pine, wire mesh, and green asphalt. The overall dimensions are 63” (L) X 36.2” (W) X 71” (H). The net weight is 74.6. It is completely weather-resistant and perfect for outdoor use.

Let Your Ferrets Play And Enjoy
Your ferrets will have a lot of space to run around and play. You can add the ramps, wheels, and hammocks to the cage. The cage is easy to access and to maintain clean. Your small buddies will be able to find the perfect resting area.

BWM.Co Outdoor Wooden Cage

Safe And Ferret-Friendly
Apart from the non-toxic materials that the wooden tall ferret cage is made of, there are no sharp edges so your ferrets won’t hurt themselves while running. The door is locked in a way that no pet can open them. The assembly is easy.

In Short:

  • large and spacious wooden home
  • several ferrets can live inside of this cage
  • waterproof and weather-resistant
  • made of eco-friendly materials
  • the dimensions are 63” (L) X 36.2” (W) X 71” (H)


Tangkula Ferret Wooden Cage

Product Overview
The Tangkula wooden cage is made for small animals. It can home several of your ferrets. It is a perfect indoor or outdoor shelter for your small buddies. It comes with two floors and it allows you ferrets to play and run up and down as much as they want.

Tangkula Ferret Wooden Cage Review

The Construction
This is another multi-level ferret cage made of non-toxic and eco-friendly material. It features 3 lockable doors and ventilated fences. Your ferrets will be safe to live in this wooden cage and won’t be able to chew on the door. The cage is made of asphalt roof and solid fir wood.

The Size And Weight
The overall size of this ferret’s wooden cage is 58’’ x 20.5’’ x 34’’ (L x W x H). This is spacious enough for up to 3 ferrets living in the cage. Each of them will have enough space to run, play, or rest. The net weight of the item is 36 lbs.

Tangkula Ferret Wooden Cage

The Assembly And Package
The item comes in two packages. It requires to be assembled. The package includes the wooden hutch and the instructions. To assemble the unit it is best to read the user manual and to do the assembly with another adult.

In Short:

  • the overall dimensions are 58’’ x 20.5’’ x 34’’ (L x W x H)
  • constructed of non-toxic and eco-friendly materials
  • features 3 access doors
  • ships in two packages
  • assembly required
  • it has two floors

How To Pick: Wooden Ferret Cage

If you are wondering what a wooden cage for ferrets must include, keep on reading. A good cage for ferrets must allow these adorable little animals to have space to sleep, run, and play. Moreover, the material should be non-toxic and pet-friendly. A multi-level ferret cage is a plus, and the cage needs to be easy to maintain. Check out more above these features.

The Quality Material – Not every wooden cage for ferrets is the same. When looking to buy such an item, ensure the cage is sturdy, made of quality wood, chew free, and that is non-toxic as well. The ferrets are very curious animals and you wouldn’t want your little buddy to escape the cage.

Space To Play – These adventurous animals are big sleepers, but are also very active when awake. Your ferret will definitely need a lot of space to run around the cage and play with different ferret toys in the cage. Make sure the cage you are getting is not too small.

Safe And Pet-Friendly – When we say pet friendly, we mean your cage must not include sharp edges. If your cage has some, your little ferret might hurt itself while running around. Your wooden cage must have smooth edges and be chew-free.

Multi-Level Cages– Not every cage for ferrets has multiple levels. However, the consider getting one that has. Your ferret will be happier and more active. They simply love to play and run up and down. If you have two ferrets, they can both live in such a wooden cage and play together.

Easy To Clean – You must maintain the wooden ferret cage clean regularity. The ferrets will live, sleep, and play here. Not only that, but you are going to feed them in the cage and give them water. You will have to clean up their urine and feces on a daily basis. Ensure your new cage is easy to maintain.

To Sum Up

In the end, we would like to say that the U-Max Wooden Ferret House is the model we liked the most. It is affordable and has enough space for one ferret to rest and play as much as it wants. In case you are looking for more models, don’t miss our article about the best small ferret cages. Also, get the right ferret travel cage and make the vet’s visits less stressful.

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