Best 6 Bluetooth Pet Trackers You Can Get In 2022 Reviews

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If yes, then you should read our post about the six best Bluetooth trackers for pets. Learn all you need to know about the best of best, mini, puppy, collar, activity, and tag pet tracker with Bluetooth. Check out the buying guide at the end of the article as well.

The Summary

Nut Mini Chip Tracker SummaryNut Bluetooth Pet Tracker
Pair the Nut with your smartphone via Bluetooth and attach Nut to your pet’s collar. The Nut will make noise when not in range.
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Chipolo Pet Bluetooth SummaryChipolo Bluetooth Tracker
The Chipolo is a small Bluetooth pet tracker. It comes in different colors and it is very lightweight so your pet will feel comfortable with it.
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FitBark Puppy Tracker SummaryFitBark Bluetooth Activity Monitor
Use the FitBark pet activity and health tracker to make you and your pet happier. The FitBark is here to help you achieve activity goals.
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Link AKC GPS And Activity Monitor SummaryLink AKC GPS Activity Collar
The Link AKC collar is here to provide you with a complete insight into your pet’s health. It is an activity and location tracker.
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PetKit Lightweight Activity Monitor SummaryPetKit Pet Bluetooth Tracker
Set the activity goals with this small tracker tag. Measure your pet’s movements, follow its behavior and understand its needs.
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Cat Tailer Small Tracker SummaryCat Tailer Small Tracker
This small Tag Bluetooth tracker will help you locate your pet in case it goes missing. You will be able to find it easily and quickly.
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6 Best Bluetooth Pet Trackers


Nut Bluetooth Pet Tracker

GPS Tracker
Nut is a small pet GPS chip that gets attached to the pet’s collar easily. It is here to provide you with the exact location of your pet, in case it goes missing. Let your pet wear it all the time, and if you need to find it, the Nut will ring until you do.

Nut Mini Chip Tracker Review

The Replaceable Battery
This small Bluetooth pet tracker includes a CR2032 battery. The battery is easy to replace when it becomes necessary. Another same battery comes in the package as well. You won’t have to worry that you won’t have time to locate your pet. The battery is long-lasting.

Small And Lightweight
The Nut’s dimensions are 2.76 x 2.64 x 0.78 inches. This small GPS device for tracking pets weighs about 1.44 oz. It is important to know the dimensions because you may want to use the Nut to track your small pet and it needs to feel comfortable wearing the tracker.

Nut Mini Chip Tracker

How It Works?
Pair the Nut Bluetooth tracker with your smartphone via Bluetooth and the app. When not in Bluetooth range, the Nut will ring. Still, if your pet gets lost, use the wireless finder and click on the button for the Nut to ring. Walk towards the sound until you find it.

In Short:

  • it is a small GPS pet chip
  • locates your missing pet easily
  • pair the Nut with smartphone via Bluetooth
  • it is small (2.76 x 2.64 x 0.78”)
  • it weighs only 1.44 ounces


Chipolo Bluetooth Tracker

The Design
The Chipolo comes in different colors, yellow, red, green, black, white, and blue. It is small and doesn’t way much. The Chipolo measures 0.47 x 0.47 x 0.07 inches. It weighs 0.204 oz so your pet will be able to comfortably wear it every day.

Chipolo Pet Bluetooth

The General Characteristics
The Chipolo tracker works with Bluetooth. It includes a CR2025 replaceable battery. It is easy to change the battery. One battery will last you even up to nine months. The Chipolo is here to track your pets, valuables, or children. It is easy to attach it and use it as, for example, GPS small dog collar.

How To Use? 
When using Chipolo to track your pets, attach it to their collar. It will allow you to feel safe because they won’t be lost. In case that does happen, you will be able to locate your pet very easily. The Chipolo will ring until you find it.

iSpecle Collar With Shock

Use The App
Download the app to your iPhone or Android. Use the app when you need to locate your pet. Pair the Chipolo and your smartphone via Bluetooth. The app will remember when your pet or your valuables have last been noticed. The Bluetooth range is 200 ft.

In Short:

  • Chipolo is a very lightweight tracker
  • best small Bluetooth pet tracker
  • it comes in different colors
  • includes one CR2025 replaceable battery


FitBark Bluetooth Activity Monitor

What Is FitBark Tracker?
This FitBark model comes as an activity and health tracker for your small pets. It is ideal puppy tracker because it is lightweight and small. It is here to motivate you to help your pet achieve certain goals. This device syncs via Bluetooth when next to your smartphone.

FitBark Puppy Tracker Review

Set Activity Goals
You might have certain goals that you want your pet to achieve. The FitBark is here for that. Use the FitBark app, set your pet’s goals, and check if you have achieved them. The FitBark app motivates you to do better. It helps you understand your pet’s behavior as well.

Track Your Pet’s Health
Use the app to review long-term trends and monitor the development of some issues. For example, if your pet has been operated on, track its post-surgical recovery, and many more. This Bluetooth pet tracker will help you make better decisions with your vet.

fitbark 2 dog activity monitor

Facts To Consider
The FitBark smart Bluetooth tracer can be used for small and large pets. It is here to help you with your pet’s everyday life. It makes you feel safer as a pet owner and allows you to understand your pet’s needs better. It helps with making your pet healthier and happier.

In Short:

  • both for small and large pets
  • it is an activity and health tracker
  • helps you set your pet’s goals
  • motivates you to achieve those goals
  • allows you to understand your pet
  • makes you and your pet happier


Link AKC GPS Activity Collar

What Is Link GPS Collar?
This is a pet’s GPS collar that you can use on small and larger-sized pets. It allows you to track your pet’s location via the app. Download the app to your smartphone and register. It requires a monthly subscription to fully work.

Link AKC GPS And Activity Monitor

How Link AKC Works?
It is very easy to use the Link AKC pet collar. The pet activity tracker allows you to track your missing pet with WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS. The app will show you the last know location of your missing pet. It is also here for you to log vet records and more.

Use It In The USA
Use this pet collar to track your pet in the US. It works only nationwide. In case your pet gets lost abroad, this collar is not going to work. You are going to need another pet tracker chip in you want to take your pet abroad and track it outside the US.

Link AKC small dog gps collar

What Can Link AKC Do?
The Link Bluetooth pet tracker will record your pet’s special hiker or walks. The collar includes LED light that will make your dog visible in the dark and you will be able to find it more easily. There is a temperature alert so you’ll know if your pet’s environment is too hot or cold.

In Short:

  • made for small to large pet sizes
  • works nationwide (only in the US)
  • it tracks with WiFi, GPS, and Bluetooth
  • records your walks and hikes
  • sends temperature alerts
  • requires a subscription


PetKit Pet Bluetooth Tracker

Small Pet Tracker
The PetKit is an activity fitness tracker that is perfect for small pets. The device is lightweight and your pet can wear it on its collar comfortably. The PetKit is here to help you take care of your pet’s health and to track its activity. Make your pet feel happier and more active.

PetKit Lightweight Activity Monitor Review

What Does PetKit Do?
This small activity monitor will track and record all of your pet’s movements, emotions, behavior, and more. It will provide you with insight into your pet’s health status. It helps you when you need to take your pet to see the vet.

The Technical Specifications
This small Bluetooth tracker for pets will synchronize all of the important data into the cloud. The cloud is safe to use. The device includes a durable battery that lasts about 6 months. This tracker tag’s price is medium. The tracker is made of good quality.

PetKit Lightweight Activity Monitor

For Everyday Use
You can use this tracking device all of the time. This way you will have a complete insight into your pet’s status. Make sure it is active enough, it sleeps and eats well, and store all of the important data into the cloud so that you can keep track and change goals if needed.

In Short:

  • ideal for small pets
  • it is a lightweight pet tracker
  • stores all of the data into the cloud
  • safe to use every day
  • it is waterproof and long-lasting


Cat Tailer Small Tracker

Great For Cats
The Cat Tailer is primarily made for cats, but it can be used for all smaller pets such as puppies or small dogs. The device is here to track your pet’s location so you can find it more easily if it gets lost or wander off in an unknown direction.

Cat Tailer Small Tracker Review

Indoor And Outdoor Use
Put this Bluetooth pet tracker on your pet’s collar and let it wear it all the time. The Bluetooth range is about 328 feet (when in proper conditions). Have in mind that the range can be impacted by houses, trees, etc. In any way, this is a tag tracker that can be used outdoors too.

Track Multiple Pets
You might have another cat, or a cat or dog. Feel free to get more trackers and track all of your pets at the same time. Use the app on your smartphone and locate all the pets. You can check where they are at any time of the day and find them quickly.

Cat Tailer Small Tracker

What To Know
You must know that is not a GPS tracker for pets and the app won’t give you the exact location of your pet. You can locate your cat by following the Cat Tailer noise as you are getting closer. If you need a GPS device, we suggest you get a GPS pet collar, or similar.

In Short:

  • primarily made for cats
  • it can be used for all small pets
  • the Bluetooth range is 328 feet
  • the device is very small and lightweight
  • locate multiple pets via the app

How To Pick: Bluetooth Pet Tracker

Every pet owner knows there is a chance of their outdoor pet going missing eventually. Also, you probably know how important it is for your pet to stay active and healthy. Above, you’ve had the chance to read reviews about the best activity and location Bluetooth pet trackers. They all come with the important features that one must consider before getting such a device. Read on to learn more.

The Bluetooth Range – When buying a Bluetooth tracker, you must consider the Bluetooth range. It is normal that sometimes there are obstacles and the range is interrupted from time to time. Still, it is important that your pet tracker has a long range so that it is easier for you to find.

The Good Quality – Don’t ever buy the cheapest pet tracker and the one that it is not water-resistant. Make sure the manufacturer you are getting the device from is reliable. The waterproof feature will make sure the device works even in a humid environment.

The Replaceable Or Rechargeable Battery? – The good battery quality is of utmost importance. It doesn’t matter if the battery is rechargeable or replaceable. The important this is that it lasts long enough for you to find your missing pet if necessary.

The Extra Features – Some of the above-reviewed pet trackers with Bluetooth include additional features such as LED light for extra visibility in the dark, the multiple-pet tracking, or they can be a smart collar. Before you get a tracker for your pet, make sure you know which features are most important to you.

Why Buy A Bluetooth Pet Tracker? – In the end, the reason you should buy such a device is to make sure your pet is always safe. It is important that you know how it feels, if it is active and happy enough, and of course, to find it as quickly as possible in case it gets lost.

To Sum Up

In our opinion, the best out of these six models is the PetKit Pet Bluetooth Tracker. We find it the most accurate and of the best quality. In case you liked this article, don’t miss our posts about similar models such asGPS pet tags or pet GPS locators.

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