Best 6 Dog Activity/Fitness Trackers To Buy In 2022 Reviews

Have you been looking for the best dog activity tracker?

Great! We have prepared the six best dog fitness trackers and divided them into some of the following categories: best of best, collar, exercise, and more. Read on to find out the most important details about each model. Also, have a look at our buying guide. You will find it under the reviews.

The Summary

FitBark Cat Tracker summaryFitbark 2 Dog Activity Monitor
Use the FitBark 2 to track how your dog feels. The app will let you know if your dog is stressed, in pain, or anxious.
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Animo Activity Tracker SummaryAnimo Activity Tracker For Dogs
The Animo is an activity collar tracker that helps you take care of your dog during all day and night. It is durable and waterproof.
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Link AKC GPS And Activity Monitor SummaryLink AKC GPS And Activity Monitor
One of the rare 2 in 1 models. The Link AKC collar is here to locate your dog and to provide you with insight into your dog’s health.
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PitPat 2 Dog Activity Monitor SummaryPitPat 2 Dog Activity Monitor
Your dog will get to wear this on its collar on a daily basis. The device is waterproof and durable. Download the free app.
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Tractive Cats GPS SUmmaryTractive Dog Walk Tracker
Use the Tractive activity and location tracker. It will easily locate your dog via GPS or let you know if something is going on.
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Whistle Go 3 Location Tracker SummaryWhistle 3 Dog Activity Tracker
The Whistle 3 is an upgraded version of previous activity trackers by the same manufacturer. This is another great 2 in 1 device.
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6 Best Dog Activity Trackers


Fitbark 2 Dog Activity Monitor

Track Your Dog’s Activity
This is an upgraded device that is here to provide you with all the details about your dog’s health. It monitors your dog’s activity status and lets you know if your dog has a quality sleep. You can set ideal goals. Enter your dog’s breed, age, and weight.

fitbark 2 dog activity monitor Review

Pair It With The App
Download the FitBark app on your Android or iOS and pair the device with the app. Use the app to monitor your dog’s health. It recognizes if your dog feels anxiety, stress, or pain. It monitors itchiness and skin diseases, and many more.

Special Features
Apart from all of the above-listed features, the FitBark tracker allows you to link your human health tracker to it as well. You can stay active together with your dog and get motivated to do more. It is supported by Fitbit, Apple Watch, HealthKit, Google Fit, or Jawbone.


Long-Lasting Battery
The package includes 1 lithium polymer battery. The battery lasts up to 6 months. This is great because you won’t have to worry about charging or changing it all the time. Enjoy your time with your dog instead!

In Short:

  • durable battery (included)
  • tracks activity, sleep quality, and more
  • lets you know if your dog feel stress or pain
  • download the app to track your dog’s health
  • pretty affordable price


Animo Activity Tracker For Dogs

The Activity Tracker Collar
The Animo dog fitness tracker is here to help your dog stay more active. This device is actually a dog collar that monitors your dog’s health and lets you know if there is anything that your dog needs. It functions 24/7 and alerts you if necessary.

Animo Activity Tracker Review

What Does It Do?
This dog tracker tracks your dog’s sleep, barking, and calorie intake. If you have a dog that needs to get more active or needs to lose some weight, this device is great. It allows you to check on your pet’s health status at any time of the day.

Runs On Batteries
The Animo tracker is battery-powered. The batteries that are included last you a long time. For example, one battery will last for up to 6 or more months. The app that you will have to download to your smartphone will notify you when you need to replace the battery.

Animo Activity Tracker

Water-Resistant Device
Your dog will get to stay outside as much as you want. The Animo tracker is water and weather-resistant which means that it will work even on the rainiest day. Also, you will get to bath your dog or go swimming with it. The device is durable and of high-quality.

In Short:

  • takes care of your dog 24/7
  • alerts you if your dog needs help
  • it is waterproof
  • it withstands high and low temperatures
  • long-lasting batteries


Link AKC GPS And Activity Monitor

A 2 In 1 Device
The Link AKC collar functions as an activity tracker and GPS locator. In case your dog goes missing, this collar will help you find it. Moreover, the collar measures your dog’s activity and makes it easier for you to keep your dog active and healthy.

Link AKC GPS And Activity Monitor

How It Works
This dog’s tracker collar works like a dog’s smartphone. It requires service plan connectivity because it needs to allow data to be transmitted. Also, it records its adventures and monitors the places your dog has visited. It provides you with activity recommendations.

Size And Material
This collar is made of Italian leather and it looks sophisticated. It is durable and it comes in more sizes. Choose the right size for your dog. There is an extra small, small, medium, large, and extra-large. You can treat it as a GPS collar for small dogs, but for large dogs too.

Link AKC GPS And Activity Monitor Review

Safety Features
There are special safety features that this dog activity tracker includes. For example, it measures the environment’s temperature. Then, there is a LED light on the collar that you can remotely turn on to see your dog in the dark. You can store the vet’s records as well.

In Short:

  • comes with great safety features
  • it is made of durable Italian leather
  • tracks location and activity
  • comes in different sizes
  • links to your smartphone


PitPat 2 Dog Activity Monitor

Lightweight And Small
It is very important that the device that your dog is going to live with is small and doesn’t weigh too much. Otherwise, it will bother your dog and it will want to take it off. The PitPat dog activity monitor is well accepted by dogs. It measures 1.34 x 1.26 x 0.59 inches.

PitPat 2 Dog Activity Monitor Review

Waterproof And Durable
This water-resistant device that tracks your dog’s health is ideal for everyday use. Your dog will get to go swimming or running during rainy days. You won’t have to take off the tracking device when you are bathing your dog.

No Subscriptions
Download the app to your smartphone and keep records of its activity. Your dog must exercise and stays active daily. This little device will surely help you with that. The app is free and doesn’t require any subscriptions.

PitPat 2 Dog Activity Monitor

Tracks Your Dog’s Health
The PitPat 2 attaches to your dog’s collar and is here to provide you with all the important information about your dog’s health. It allows you to have fun and not to worry. Forget about not knowing what is wrong with your dog. This tracker is designed with veterinarians’ help.

In Short:

  • great for keeping records of your dog’s exercises
  • helps your dog stay more active
  • there are no subscriptions to the app
  • designed with vets’ help
  • lightweight and small


Tractive Dog Walk Tracker

Pairs The Device With Your Phone
Download the Tractive app on your smartphone (iOS or Android). Use the app to know where your dog is and how it feels. The app will help you know everything about your dog’s health and activity. Check out your dog’s activity statistics as well.

Tractive Cat GPS

Safety Feature
The Tractive tracker dog training device is here to help you set the area you consider safe for your dog. We all know that dogs are curious and adventurous. This is why you must get alerted if your dog leaves that area.

Use It Anywhere
Some tracking devices don’t work outside the US borders. Unlike them, this small dog GPS tracker functions worldwide. So, if you go traveling or leave the country for any other reason, this tracking device will be able to locate your dog.

Tractive Cat GPS Review

Last Details
The Tractive tracking device is one of the best dog fitness tracker. It is a durable device with a long-lasting battery. The battery is rechargeable. It comes with a GPS tracking feature. It is waterproof and made of high-quality materials.

In Short:

  • set your dog’ safe area
  • download the app
  • attach it to the collar
  • uses GPS network
  • locates your dog
  • keeps activity tracking records


Whistle 3 Dog Activity Tracker

Tracks Your Dog’s Location
This tracking device by Whistle is better known as Whistle 3 Go locator and activity tracker. It attaches to the Whistle collar (or any other that matches its size) and allows you to track your dog and its activity level as well. It is a 2 in 1 device.

Whistle Go 3 Location Tracker

Sends Instant Alerts
You can set the safe area through the app. When the app notices that your dog has left it, you will get an alert. Choose if you want to be alerted via SMS, E-mail, or Whistle app. Use the app any time of the day and check where your dog is.

Make Sure Your Dog Is Healthy
The activity and health feature that this device comes with will help you check on your dog’s health status. There are times that you don’t exactly know what is wrong with your dog. This is why it is important to use such devices and contact the vet immediately.

Whistle Go 3 Location Tracker Review

Durable Device
The Whistle 3 activity and health tracker is powered by a durable battery. The device itself is long-lasting and waterproof. Your dog can wear it outdoors. Don’t worry that it will stop working if there is rain or snow. Your dog will get to go swimming as well.

In Short:

  • waterproof and durable
  • runs on a long-lasting battery
  • it is a 2 in 1 device
  • keeps track of your dog’s health
  • locates your dog easily
  • use the app on your smartphone

How To Pick: Dog Activity Tracker

Getting a dog fitness tracker is always a good idea. You can get insights into your dog’s health at any time. Make sure your new device comes from a reliable manufacturer and that it is long-lasting and accurate. Every additional feature is a plus, especially if there is a dog location tracker included. Keep on reading to see if our buying guide will help you with your decision.

Why Get A Dog Activity Monitor? – These cool devices have become very famous in the last few years. They are here to trach your dog’s activity status, sleep quality, and calorie balance. They help you with keeping your dog healthier.

Get An Accurate Activity Tracker – Before buying, you should forget about the manufacturers that you are not sure of. Always buy a reliable and accurate device. Also, ensure it is made of high-quality materials and that it lasts long.

The Battery – Most of the dog activity monitors already include the battery. Some of them are rechargeable, and some are easily replaceable. In any way, get a device that has a battery that will last a long time and make sure it is always full.

Notifications And Alerts – These models connect to the app that you will download to your smartphone. The app is here to track your dog’s activity and they are dog step trackers too. Also, it will notify you if something is wrong with your dog. If your device includes the locator, it will send alerts about your dog’s location.

The Dog’s Locator – This is a feature that some of the dog fitness trackers come with. You will easily get to locate your dog’s location and feel safe at all times. What can be better than having a 2 in 1 device that lets you know where your dog is and whether it is fine?

To Sum Up

In the, we must say that there is one dog activity tracker that we find the best. It is Link AKC GPS And Activity Monitor. We like it because it is a 2 in 1 dog activity and location tracker. For more similar models, check out our article about the dog location trackers or dog tracking and training collars.

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