Best 10 Hedgehog Cages, Enclosure & Habitats Of All Designs

Do you wish you could get a full and clear picture of what types of hedgehog cages are out there but it’s a long and tiring process?

We did the job for you in this article that we advise you to continue reading because of it. Since we reviewed so many different types of cages, it’s hard to mention them all but a few of the ones we reviewed are 24×24 cages, indoor cages, and even cute cages. You can be sure that you’ll get all your answers to what a cage for your pet should be like, what it should have, how big it needs to be, and more.

The Summary

BEST BEDDING HEDGEHOG CAGESVitakraft Fresh World Strength Beeding
The reason why this one stands out from the crowd of beddings is that it’s made with recycled paper and you can even compost it.
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Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation SummaryMidwest Deluxe Critter Nation
It definitely looks more elegant since it’s colored in black and its outer shell is made exclusively out of metal and metal wire.
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Living World Deluxe Habitat SummaryLiving World Deluxe
Apart from the fact that you’ll get a lot of it due to its size, the deep plastic base will make sure that everything around the cage is kept as clean as possible.
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Mcage Indoor Small Animal Habitat SummaryMcage Large Indoor Habitat
Habitats comfortably house your hedgehog for long periods of time. This one will do so due to its 3 levels and it will be safe because of the non-slip ramps.
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Even though the cage is small, your hedgehog will get proper exercise due to eh run area that it has which makes it a perfect choice for indoor use.
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Small Animal Cage By Midwest SummaryMidwest Large Habitat Cage
The cage is double the size of a recommended square feet area for a hedgehog. To top it off, the size is customizable because you can connect more.
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ROCKEVER Rabbit Hutch SummaryRockever Rabbit Hutch
One benefit of most wooden cages is that they can be used outdoors and indoors. The same stands true for this one which is made out of firwood.
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LITTLE GIANT Rabbit Hutch SummaryLittle Giant Small Animal Hutch
A cage that has these precise measurements is sometimes hard to come by, especially when it’s this high quality since it’s made out of galvanized metal.
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SONGMICS Playpen, Small Animal Cage summarySongmics Hedgehog Playpen
For a cheap model, you’ll pay at least 50 dollars for one. Depending on the type, some can be priced as high as 300 dollars so it really is cheaper.
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Kaytee Cage SummaryKaytee Critter Home
If you have a child that has a pet hedgehog, this cage and others can blend perfectly well into your child’s room, whether it’s a boy or a girl.
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Best 10 Hedgehog Cages


Vitakraft Fresh World Strength Beeding

You can’t get a cage for your hedgehog without bedding so that’s why this product is here. It’s made out of recycled paper so you’ll be saving the environment as well. Due to this fact, it has a grey color so it’s made to be functional instead of looking nice. Since it’s recycled, it’s also biodegradable.

Vitakraft Fresh World Strength Beeding

The important thing to remember is that these products need to be dust-free and this one is 99.5%. If you want to explore more of your options you can always check out more hedgehog bedding products. As far as this one goes, it will remain odor-free for up to 14 days and it will expand upon absorbing moisture.

In Short:

  • Made with recycled paper
  • Can remain odor-free for up to 14 days
  • It’s almost 100% dust-free
  • Expands upon moisture absorption
  • Has a grey color
  • It’s biodegradable


Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation

The lack of plastic bits on this cage truly impresses us because it does look more elegant. Its outer frame is made out of metal while the 4 wheels on the bottom and the 2 trays inside, one for cleaning and one as a second level are the only plastic bits.

midwest deluxe

To access the second level, your hedgehog will need to climb the ramp on the inside. You can save space with this 36-in long, 24-in wide, and 39-in tall cage due to the shelf on the bottom for storing supplies. If you want to know more about this hedgehog enclosure and other ones, make sure to read the article about them.

In Short:

  • Features a second level
  • Sits on a stand with 4 wheels and a shelf
  • It’s 36-in long, 24-in wide, and 39-in tall
  • Mostly made out of metal
  • Has 2 plastic trays, a ramp, and wheels


Living World Deluxe

The most common build for hedgehog pet cage is a wire top and a deep base made out of plastic. This is one such cage and if you want to check out more you can always read our article about plastic hedgehog cages. This deep base is meant to keep in the bedding and can be detached for cleaning.

BEST OF BEST EXTRA-LARGE Living World Bunny Cage

It’s easily accessible through the 2 curved doors on top. You’ll get a feeder, water bottle, a hideout, and a bowl all made out of plastic. With its 46.9-in in length, 22.8-in in width, and 24-in in height it’s definitely large. The door has a red color while the rest has either a white or grey color.

In Short:

  • Can be accessed through 2 top doors
  • Comes with a feeder, water bottle, and bowls
  • Additionally, you’ll get a hideout area
  • The base is plastic while the top is made with wire
  • It’s 46.9-in long, 22.8-in wide, and 24-in tall


Mcage Large Indoor Habitat

This habitat is made mostly for small animals but hedgehogs can still use it. The whole cage is really tall so it has 3 levels on the inside. The levels can be accessed with non-slip ramps. The ramps are black and made out of plastic as well as the trays for the actual levels.

mcage hedgehog cage

It has 2 access doors, ones for each part of the cage due to its height of 43-in. The plastic base had an additional frame to make it deeper and it even sits on wheels for easier moving. For more habitats like this, you can refer to the article about hedgehog habitat cages.

In Short:

  • It’s 43-in tall
  • Has a plastic base with a detachable top rip
  • Sits on wheels
  • Has 3 levels
  • The level access ramps are non-slipping


PawHut Small Animal Cage

This cage consists of two parts and if you don’t have the time in a day to spend with your hedgehog the run area on the outside will make both you and the hedgehog happy. The cage itself is small so the run part is essential in this. In many other cases, it’s not so make sure you check out more indoor hedgehog cages.

PawHut Small Animal Cage

Although it’s small, it still sits on wheels that you can even lock. The interior can feature an elevated area that can be accessed through a ramp. There you can place a feeding bowl as well. For cleaning, you’ll get to detach the base from the wire top to do so.

In Short:

  • Sits on 4 lockable wheels
  • Has a run area
  • The cage itself is small
  • Comes with a ramp, 2nd level, and bowl
  • The base detaches from the top for cleaning


Midwest Large Habitat Cage

We might have reviewed bigger cages, but this one can actually house 2 hedgehogs both separately and together. There are plenty of others like this large hedgehog cage if you’re interested in reading more about them. The divider features its own door but you can also remove it if you’d like.

Small Animal Cage By Midwest Review

It’s double the recommended cage size for on hedgehog which is 4 square feet. You can connect more of them as well. It’s fully made out of wire but has a canvas bottom with raised edges. This bottom will be very easy to keep clean. It will also keep your hedgehog feet happy and safe.

In Short:

  • Has 8 square feet of space
  • Comes with a divider with a door
  • Has an easy-clean canvas bottom
  • Can house 1 or 2 hedgehogs
  • You can connect more cages in one


Rockever Rabbit Hutch

The primary use of this cage is actually outdoors. It’s elevated so that moisture and mold don’t build-up, and it’s made with fir wood that is weather resistant. It has a wire right side because this is the run area. The left side doesn’t feature windows and acts as a hideout.

ROCKEVER Wooden Small Animal Hutch Review

It’s very common for wooden hedgehog cages to be used outdoor so if you want to know more, at least skim through the article about them. The run is has a plastic cleaning tray on the bottom. This area can be accessed from the top while the left area can be accessed from the front.

In Short:

  • Made for outdoor use
  • Has a run and hideout area
  • Features a run top door
  • HAs a front hideout access door
  • The run bit has a cleaning plastic tray
  • It’s elevated from the ground
  • Made with fir wood


Litte Giant Small Animal Hutch

Probably the best feature of this cage is that it’s made with galvanized metal. This means that as a whole, it’s rust and corrosion-proof. The 24-in in length is equal to the minimum recommended cage size for hedgehogs which are 4 square feet. This and any other 24×24 hedgehog cage can be categorized as small so make sure to read all about them as well.

Little Giant Bunny Cage

The place where you’ll put in food for your hedgehog is made out of metal while the water bottle is made out of plastic. Ont the bottom there is a wire grid and just below it, you’ll find a deep plastic tray that’s used for cleaning hedgehog litter and faller hedgehog bedding.

In Short:

  • Equals to 4 square feet of space
  • Made with galvanized metal
  • It’s rust and corrosion resistant
  • Features a slide-out cleaning tray below
  • Comes with a metal feeder and a plastic water bottle


Songmics Hedgehog Playpen

Usually, a cheap cage is going to be made in some part, out of plastic, and without a roof, you can make sure of that yourself in this cheap hedgehog cage article. This one doesn’t have a plastic base but a canvas bottom and doesn’t feature a roof just like we said earlier.

SONGMICS Playpen, Small Animal Cage Review

It does come with a divider and since it’s 48.4-in long and 24-in wide, with the center divider, you’ll get 2 4 square feet cages. This is enough space for you to house 2 hedgehogs inside. It’s made up of multiple wire panels that you’ll need to connect with corner connectors.

In Short:

  • Can house 2 hedgehogs
  • It’s 48-in long ad 24-in wide
  • Comes with a removable center divider
  • Has a canvas bottom
  • Doesn’t feature a top
  • Gives around 8 square feet of space to hedgehogs
  • Has panels that attach with corner connectors


Kaytee Critter Home

The most noticeable feature of any cute hedgehog cage and you can convince yourself by reading the article about them, is probably their color. This one has a blue clear top, and a purple and clear bottom. The middle is made out of wire that’s colored with a silver/grey color.

Kaytee Cage

The interior can feature a ramp, an elevated area, a bowl, and a water bottle as well. It’s 42-in long and 18-in wide so it’s considered to be big. You can access your hedgehog through the top door and clean the whole thing by removing it from the purple and clear plastic base.

In Short:

  • Has a blue top and a purple bottom
  • The top and bottom are made with clear materials
  • It’s 42-in long and 18-in wide
  • Comes with a ramp, elevated area, bowl, and bottle
  • Has an access door on the top

How To Pick A Hedgehog Cage

There’s a lot more to know about hedgehog cages in general. Even though they’re all very much different, some things can be applied to most, if not all of them. We’ll even go into the nitty-gritty details so it’s much easier for you to understand what you’re buying and why.

Best Bedding For Hedgehogs – There’s no hedgehog cage without good bedding. Bedding is an essential part of a cage because it simulates the natural environment, keeps the hedgehog somewhat warm, promotes their natural burrowing instincts, and it keeps the cage cleaner and odor-free. preferably you’ll want to get dust-free bedding because one that is not can harm the hedgehog.

Hedgehog Cage Size – Veterinarians say and recommend a minimum of 4 square feet of space for a single hedgehog. The ones that we have here that have the exact square footage are 24x 24 cages and the ones that are doubled in length so they can house more than one hedgehog.

Accessories And Supplies – There are a few must-have hedgehog cage accessories. The first and probably the most important one is a heater that will keep your hedgehog warm during colder days where temperatures drop below the normal room temperature. Other things include toys to keep them active and to keep them entertained and their diet consists of mostly invertebrates like worms and other bugs but they can also eat fruits. You should keep a variety of food readily available.

Hedgehog Cage Cleaning – Cleaning a hedgehog cage shouldn’t be a hassle because you’ve got the cage and bedding to help you. You should clean it when you notice that the bedding has lost its absorption power or it’s just not odorless anymore. Then it’s easy to either lift the top part of the cage from the base or scoop up the residue ad discard it.

Usual Prices – The price of a cage really depends on the materials used to make it, its features, size, and other things. For a large cage with full equipment, you’ll be paying around 130 dollars. Typically, the price really won’t go over 200 dollars even if it’s an outdoor and well rust and corrosion-resistant cage.

Cage Toy And Price – What you will have to spend on constantly are hedgehog toys. Especially the ones that are meant to keep your hedgehogs’ claws and teeth and check. On their own, they might not be expensive but this can easily accumulate. The most expensive things will be essential supplies like a heater though.

Where To Find One – You’re likely to easily find almost any, if not any hedgehog cage you desire on the internet. The specialist in this is definitely amazon. If you can really find a hedgehog cage, try to look for a cage for other small animals like chinchillas and rabbits. You can find one at your local store but amazon will definitely have a greater variety of options.

Common Brands – The most common brands for these cages are usually Kaytee cages, Midwest homes for Pets, and Pawhut. All specialize in certain fields but you can definitely count on them to be the finest made ones. No one is to say that you can’t find an excellent cage outside of these brands like the Little giant brand that makes galvanized cages.

To Sum Up

There’s no right or wrong pick in this article since we did say all are the best in some areas, depending on what you’re after. All you have to keep in mind is that a minimum sized cage for hedgehogs should be 4 square feet and you’re good to go. If you want to check out bedding options for hedgehogs you can always read the article about bedding hedgehogs and if you want to be specific about the eclosure type, you can read the article about hedgehogs enclosures.

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