Hedgehog Cage Size: What Are Minimum Dimensions For The Cage?

Do you know what type of cage is the best for the hedgehog?

Do you know what is a hedgehog minimum cage size?

What are other hedgehog cage dimensions?

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Here you will find which is the best hedgehog cage size and many more interesting facts about this animal.

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Things You Need To Know Before Buying Hedgehog Cage

1.What Are Minimum Dimensions For The Cage

The hedgehog likes to walk and sniff so he needs to be provided with at least 2 x 3 feet or 61 x 91cm of space. That should be a hedgehog minimum cage size. Avoid cages that have a wire bottom, as the hedgehog could easily injure his leg. Of course, also pay attention to the size of your hedgehog. If you own two or more hedgehogs, make sure you also enlarge the hedgehog cage size in which they reside.

2.Best Material For The Cage

People most often choose a glass cage or one made of wire. If you decide to purchase a wire cage, make sure the ground is a different surface. It can be plastic or wooden. Also, pay attention to the top of the cage. The hedgehog needs enough air so don’t keep it in a box with holes. If you are making the cage yourself, make sure that the door is large enough for your hedgehog and that it can be closed easily. Also, make sure that there are no sharp parts that could easily injure your hedgehog.

3.How Tall Should Cage Be?

When choosing a cage for your hedgehog pay attention to how tall it is. There are many hedgehog cage dimensions, but you need to be careful while purchasing it. Hedgehogs are very fast, and they also like to climb. He will easily climb to the top of the cage and get out. So be careful what cage you choose, and what sizes. The best option is a glass cage because the hedgehog cannot press on it with its claws. He would just slip off it. But you can also choose a cage with a door so that the hedgehog could not escape through the open top.

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4.What Should You Place In A Hedgehog Cage?

You certainly do not want your hedgehog to be bored, so you have to decorate the cage with some things that will interest him. Of course, you must first provide water and food containers. Also, these animals do not like light, so make sure to make a small hiding place in his cage where he can hide from the sun. Hedgehogs do not like toys, but you can set up a wheel to design just for this species. He will enjoy this device and will not be bored. Use aspen, pine, recycled pelleted, or newspaper for bedding.

5.How Often You Need To Clean The Cage?

Hedgehogs can get skin irritation from urine and other batteries that settle when the cage is not cleaned regularly. Make sure to clean the cage of urine and other impurities daily. Clean the entire cage and all the equipment you have in it every week. Use soap and water when cleaning the cage. Make sure you wash all the soap contents well so as not to get your hedgehog in trouble.

To Sum Up

Here you could read about the best hedgehog cage size. Also, here you could find useful pieces of information about the hedgehog cage and what you need to have in it. Here you could find out that the hedgehog minimum cage size should be about 61 x 91cm. Hedgehog cage dimensions will depend on the size of your hedgehog and the number of hedgehogs you own. Make sure your hedgehog has everything he needs in one place.

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