Best 5 Heating Lamps For Hedgehog To Put In Cages Reviewed

Are you looking for a new heating lamp for hedgehog during cold weather conditions?

Then continue reading this article to find out about the best heating solutions for your pet to keep them healthy and safe. In this article, we will cover a few heating options and see why they might just be right for you.

The Summary

Simple Deluxe Heat Lamp SummarySimple Deluxe Heat Lamp
With a temperature regulator and flexible placement options, this heating lamp will fit into almost any hedgehog home.
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Zilla Black Reflector Dome Lamp SummaryZilla Black Reflector Dome Lamp
The 8.5-in diameter of the dome for you to be able to buy almost any lightbulb makes it a great money-saving option.
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Cozy Products CL Heater SummaryCozy Products CL Heater
The thin design and operational temperature of 130 degrees Fahrenheit make this heater a durable outdoor option.
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Snuggle Safe Microwave Heating Pad SummarySnuggle Safe Microwave Heating Pad
By not using electricity, this heat pad makes you not stress about if something will happen to your hedgehog unsupervised.
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K&H PET PRODUCTS Animal Heated Pad SummaryK&H PET PRODUCTS Animal Heated Pad
The automatic temperature adjustment that takes your hedgehog’s body temperature into consideration make it the perfect bedding area.
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Best 5 Hedgehog Heating Lamps


Simple Deluxe Heat Lamp

Focused Heating Space
This hedgehog heat lamp can be rotated 360 degrees and has an 8.5-in diameter reflector made out of aluminum so you can choose where the heat will be omitted since it’s good to leave your hedgehog with an option to leave the heated space at all times.

Best Of Best

No Included Lightbulb
It doesn’t come with a bulb so you’ll have to buy it separately. When searching for a bulb, choose a black light bulb that’s recommended to use with this lamp since it doesn’t emit light visually, it just heats it.

Built To Prevent Over-Heating
The lamp is heat resistant so you won’t have to worry about overheating and it has uniform heating which means that all parts of the heated area are heated equally. It’s waterproof as well and comes with a digital thermostat that has a power indicator, buttons to adjust the temperature, and a temperature display that you can choose to view in degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius.

Simple Deluxe Heat Lamp Review

Adaptable Placement
The ceramic heat lamp for hedgehog also features a 6-ft long power cord, and it has an on and off switch, that saves energy, behind the reflector and it has a non-damageable clamp to place it in the 24×24 hedgehog cage.

In Short:

  • Can focus heating to a certain area
  • The heating Area is heated equally
  • Features a 6-ft long power cord
  • It’s heat resistant to not make you worry about overheating
  • Has a digital thermostat for Fahrenheit and Celsius


Zilla Black Reflector Dome Lamp

Suitable Lightbulb Options
This heating lamp for hedgehogs provides your pet with light and heat. It is made to fit many options of lightbulbs that you might want to use for your pet because of its 8.5-in diameter. The color on the inside of the lamp is a reflective white to give your pet more light.

Best Cheap

Endures Big Lightbulb Power Output
It is recommended to use ceramic heat bulbs or black or red light-emitting bulbs since they don’t emit direct light which can harm your pet and cage, they simply heat it. it can endure lightbulbs of up to 150 wats because of the built-in ceramic socket which can withstand a lot of heat.

Zilla Black Reflector Dome Lamp Review

Chosen Space Heating
The lamp can be placed securely to hang from one place using clips. It is made to emit light in an area that you choose which is great for your hedgehog because they don’t need consistent heating and can choose to leave whenever they feel like it.

Cord Lenght And Power Options
It does not have a built-in thermostat, it only has an on and off option. It comes with a 6-ft long power cord which should be enough to reach your electricity socket and to provide enough range for any liquids that happen to be inside the cheap hedgehog cage away from the electricity socket.

In Short:

  • 8.5 diameter built to fit most lightbulbs
  • Emits heat focused on one area, not the whole cage
  • Comes with clips to hang it securely
  • Doesn’t have a built-in thermostat


Cozy Products CL Heater

Thin And Space Saving Design
This heating lamp for hedgehogs is not really a lamp, it’s a space heater and can be mounted to a wall. It’s incredibly thin so it won’t take up much space. You can put it against one of the sides of the hedghehog plastic cage and it will warm up the animal that’s in close proximity to the heater.

Best Heater

Warms Up Animals In Close Proximity
With this type of heater, you don’t need to worry about replacing bulbs since it doesn’t use them. . Note that this doesn’t warm up the whole cage. It’s meant to warm the animal that’s standing close to it which is great because it gives your hedgehog the option of choosing when he wants to be warmed up to regulate his temperature.

Energy Saving
It uses 200 Watts of energy which is a lot less than most. For heating, it uses radiant and convection heat. I’d recommend it for outdoor use only because it’s very powerful and can withstand extreme weather conditions.

Cozy Products CL Heater Review (1)

Heating And Over-Heating
The operational temperature is around 130 degrees Fahrenheit. That doesn’t mean that the whole cage will be held at that temperature. It also has a built-in system to prevent overheating if the operational temperature spikes above 180 degrees Fahrenheit. It doesn’t have a precise temperature regulator, you can only put it on low or high heat.

In Short:

  • Should only be used for extreme outdoor conditions
  • Operates with 200 Watts of energy
  • Uses convectional and radiant heating tech
  • Doesn’t use lightbulbs


Snuggle Safe Microwave Heating Pad

No Electric Power
For this heating opd, you won’t need a power source that is in close proximity to hedgehog indoor cage, and with that maybe endangering their safety. you simply put it in a microwave to heat it up and place inside the cage. It’s safer to use than a heating lamp for hedgehogs because of that fact.

Best Indoor

Microwave Instructions
You should keep the instructions to know how much time it takes for it to heat up because of different types of microwave power output. It can withstand the microwave power output of up to 1500 Watts, but every bit of information that you need for that can be found on the manufacturers’ official site and in the instruction manual.

Heat Retainability
It retains heat for up to 10 hours, but that may vary because of external temperatures, whether it is your home or the outdoors. It is not recommended to be used outdoor because it doesn’t provide your hedgehog with a constant heating source, it only retains heat well enough to be used indoor.

Snuggle Safe Microwave Heating Pad Review

Heating Pad Material
Before reheating the pad, it should cool off completely. If heated correctly the material from which it’s made, thermapol (non-toxic), keeps its solid form. The pad comes with a cover fabric to act as soft bedding for your pet. You can take it off easily to wash or when you’re reheating the pad.

In Short:

  • Provides up to 10h of warmth
  • Needs a microwave to heat up
  • Heating time depends on microwaves power output
  • Provided heat time depends on external temperature sources
  • Made from Thermapol that is non-toxic
  • Comes with a removable fabric cover


K&H PET PRODUCTS Animal Heated Pad

Fits In Small Spaces
This heating pad is great for small animals like hedgehogs are. It’s not exactly a heating lamp for hedgehogs but it may as well function as one because it’s small and fits most small spaces like a hideout area. It can be used as a bedding area and if your hedgehog wants to leave, he can simply walk from it.

Best Alternative

Heat Adjusts To Your Hedgehog
It’s made from hard plastic that’s weatherproof so you can use it indoors as well as outdoors. It adjusts to your pet’s needs for warmth with an automatic thermostat that adapts to their body heat and it’s made to reach a temperature of max 103 degrees Fahrenheit so that there is no chance of your hedgehog getting burns.

Power Saving And Durability
As for energy usage, it uses 25 watts so it saves you a lot of energy. The chord is 5 1/2-ft long and is surrounded by an 18-in steel case which makes it chew-proof.

K&H PET PRODUCTS Animal Heated Pad Review

Fleece Casing
You shouldn’t place anything else on the heat pad except for the fleece casing that you need to buy separately. It also might confuse that the pad doesn’t feel warm to the touch. It is made in such a way and you can easily do a test to see if it’s working properly by putting a pillow on it, wait for about 20 minutes and the pillow should be warm.

In Short:

  • Has an automatic thermostat to regulate your pet’s heat
  • Small so it fits most small spaces
  • Weatherproof so it can be used outside as well
  • Low energy usage
  • cable cord is 5 1/2-ft long and chew proof

How To Pick A Heating Lamp For Hedgehogs

Your Hedgehog definitely needs heat to maintain his body temperature and to now fall into hibernation which can be fatal. He should be able to choose when he is going to be warming up and the heat source should be constant so it’s important to choose a durable, safe, and power-saving option for your pet. There are many things to consider so here’s what you should focus on when buying a heating lamp for hedgehogs, just like with other hedgehog cage accessories.

Determined Space For Heating – Your hedgehog should have the option of choosing if he wants to be warmed up or not, so rather than buying a lamp that doesn’t focus its heating on a certain area, think about getting one that does exactly that. In the end, your hedgehogs know best what they need, you just have to make it available to him.

Choosing The Right Lightbulb – rather than getting lightbulbs that directly emit light, try looking for black or red lightbulbs that heat up just fine. White light isn’t a smart option to put into your cage cause it may cause a fire if you have a plastic cage.

Different Heating Options – There are pros and cons to every heating source, but other heating alternatives offer a more safe environment for your pet. Heating pads are great because they’re made from durable and safe material and they provide your pet a designated warm space. You can choose to buy them powered or the ones that use no electricity to keep your hedgehog warm.

Temperature Variations – The temperature differences should never be too extreme. Hedgehogs only need around 73-78 degrees Fahrenheit to keep warm and for an optimal and consistent body temperature, overheating or extremes drops and highs in temperature might put your hedgehog in a state of inactivity which is why you should look for a heating lamp that has a built-in thermometer to adjust the temperature yourself.

To Sum Up

Since keeping your pet warm with a heating lamp for hedgehogs is important to make sure that your hedgehog is healthy an easily manageable and reliable option that I would say is the best is the Simple Deluxe Heat Lamp. It comes with a much-needed digital thermometer to regulate the temperature, can be turned 360 degrees to choose the heating area as you please and find the best suitable one. All you need to do from there is choose the correct lightbulb to put in. Since heating lamps come with their own possible hazards you’d want to make sure that you have a quality cage so read this article about hedgehog habitat cages and find the best variety for you household and if you need a big cage for that large lamp you just bought check out this article about large hedgehog cages and see which one fits you best.

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