Best 6 Plastic Hedgehog Cages On The Market In 2020 Reviews

Have you found yourself searching for a plastic hedgehog cage for your lovely pet?

We’ve got just what you need. In this article, we will go through some of the best plastic cages for your pet. We’ve divided those cages through categories including large, small, on wheels, and 2-level cages. You can be sure to find the right cage for you and your pet’s needs.

The Summary

BEST OF BEST PLASTIC HEDGEHOG CAGELiving World Deluxe Habitat SummaryLiving World Deluxe Habitat
With accessories included and a combination of plastic and wire materials, this cage looks and feels great for your hedgehog.
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AmazonBasics Small Animall Cage SummaryAmazonBasics Small Animal Cage
Although small, this cage has just enough room for your hedgehog and it comes with a maintenance instruction manual that makes for a great first-time owner cage.
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Lixit Animal Care Savic Cage SummaryLixit Animal Care Savic Cage
This two-floor, tall cage comes with built-in accessories and a wooden ramp to climb that will make your hedgehog feel like he’s living a rich life.
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Susupet Pet Playpen SummarySusupet Pet Playpen
The customizable design of the cage, it’s sturdiness, and the fact that it’s easy to store for later use makes it great for playtime with your pet.
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Ferplast Maxi Duna Multy Guinea Pig Cage Summary Ferplast Maxi Duna Multy Guinea Pig Cage
simple and all plastic design materials and a 6 square feet living space make this large cage great for an easy life of your pet hedgehog.Jump To Review

Prevue Hendryxs Cocoa & Cream Small Animal Cage Summary Prevue Hendryx Small Animal Cage
Easy to move, and extremely easy to clean up because of its design, this cage is great for quick and easy and quick cage cleaning.
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Best 6 Plastic Hedgehog Cages


Living World Deluxe Habitat

Quality designed Parts and Easy Assembly
This cage comes with a deep plastic bottom base and a tall wire cage with an upper wire which serves the purpose of a door. It also has plastic clips for easy assembly with no tools or instructions needed.

Best Of Best

Deep Bottom Plastic
The bottom plastic is 6-in tall to make sure the hay doesn’t fall out of the cage and to ensure a lot of coverage for the hay itself. It also comes with a plastic hideout spot and a little balcony.

Enough Room And Quite Tall
The dimensions of this plastic hedgehog cage are quite solid and the overall square footage goes at around 7.5 square feet. It’s also quite tall, 24-in to be exact so you don’t need to worry about your hedgehog escaping. This is furthermore secured by the top wire on the cage.

Living World Deluxe Habitat Review

A Lot of Accessories
It also comes with a few useful hedgehog cage accessories: an access ramp, hideout, and balcony, a tip-proof feeding bowl, a small animal water bottle that’s also drip-proof, and a hay guard. So all that it’s left to do is buy the hay and the food.

In Short:

  • Has a wire top that opens on two sides
  • Tall enough to prevent the animal from escaping
  • The bottom plastic secures the hay to stay in the cage
  • Comes with useful accessories
  • Easy assembly, no tools needed


AmazonBasics Small Animal Cage

Easy On The Eyes
The bottom plastic is a neutral beige color to fit any household and it’s easy on the eyes while the top frame is made of cage wire. It comes with 2 doors that are placed next to one another to ensure easy access to your animal and a top that you can open.

Best Small

Small, But Enough
The plastic hedgehog cage size is almost 5 square feet, which might seem small, but is enough for the recommended size of a hedgehog cage of 4 square feet. You’ll have enough room for other accessories as well.

Cleaning Process And Tips
Since the bottom is made of plastic, rest assured you’ll have to clean it often. It’s recommended to just wipe with a damp cloth and once in a while clean the food bowl and water bottle with a disinfectant. Just make sure to wash with water as well to prevent poisoning.

AmazonBasics Small Animal Cage Review

Simple For The First Time Owner
With the cage, you’ll also get some basic accessories like a water bottle, feeder, and plastic hideout. It’s all easy to assemble so if you’re a first time owner and lack experience with cages, you don’t have to worry about it, it comes with an instruction manual to make sure your cage lasts as long as possible

In Short:

  • The neutral color design makes it fit anywhere 
  • 1 square foot above the recommended size
  • Needs to be cleaned often because of the plastic bottom 
  • Comes with a few crucial accessories
  • Comes with a manual with tips on maintenance


Lixit Animal Care Savic Cage

Very Tall And Spacious In That Sense
This 2- level cage is very tall. The second level is accessible by a wooden ramp that is a bit narrow so your pet might need some getting used to to be able to climb the ramp without problems.

Best 2-Level

Doors On Both Levels
The cage doesn’t have a top opening option so you have to rely on the first and second level door for cleaning and animal access. It’s wide enough for both of your hand to fit so that you could clean it

The Second Level Holds Accessories
On the second level of the cage, you might want to add the plastic platform that comes with the cage for a good hideout and additional accessories that come with it that are built into the plastic sides of the second level and include a water bottle, feeding tray, and a hay rack.

Lixit Animal Care Savic Cage Review

Collapsible, But Cramped
The 2-level plastic hedgehog cage is collapsible which means that you use only one level instead of two, but it’s quite tall and not wide enough so if your animal is not using both levels it might feel a bit cramped for them.

In Short:

  • The ramp connecting the levels is not wide
  • Built-in accessories are on the second level
  • It is collapsible, but each level is not very wide
  • Need to rely on doors for cleaning


Susupet Pet Playpen

Customizable Design And Easy Assembly
This playpen design is amazing. It comes with a wire cage door and plastic panels that are easy to assemble and are customizable to your wants and needs. You get with it mats to prevent it from slipping, connectors for the plastic panels, and even a hammer.

Best Indoor

Strong And Quality Panels
A single panel can withstand 15 pounds of force which is more than enough for the calmer lifestyle that hedgehogs are used to, but will keep them safe if other animals you might have come snooping. Not to mention that the panels are 29-in tall. Keep in mind that this is a playpen, not a habitat cage.

Easy To Store Away 
Since it’s easy to assemble and disassemble you’ll have no problems storing this indoor hedgehog cage away for future use. Just make sure that you have a place to put all the smaller pieces that come with it like the connectors and anti-slip mats.

Susupet Pet Playpen Review

Environmentally Friendly Plastic
If you’re worried that the plastic material might cause harm to your pet, don’t worry. The panels are made from an environmentally friendly type of plastic and won’t harm your pet. They are also machine washable and durable.

In Short:

  • Comes with a hammer for an easy build
  • Adjustable shape for your needs
  • Environmentally friendly plastic doesn’t harm your pet
  • Durable and washable plastic panels
  • It’s a playpen, not a habitat cage


Ferplast Maxi Duna Multy Guinea Pig Cage

Materials And Accessibility
This large cage is completely made of plastic. The simplistic design makes it easy to use and clean. It doesn’t feature a door option but the plastic grid on top can be opened to replace the fact that it doesn’t have a door option.

Best Large

Detachable Top And Ventilation
The transparent top is completely detachable from the bottom so cleaning will be easy. It’s wide and long enough for everything that your pet needs and the top provides enough ventilation because of the grid.

Dimensions And Space
The large hedgehog cage is just below 6 square feet big so the extra 2 square feet above the recommended size come in useful for the additions that you might want to add to your hedgehog’s life. It’s 14.2- in tall so tall enough to not make it seem cramped.

Ferplast Maxi Duna Multy Guinea PIg Cage Review

Safe Option For The Pet
Since it’s made entirely of plastic and there’s no wire grid so your hedgehog won’t be able to try and climb to escape and his little feet are secure so that they don’t get stuck between the grids. The placement of the ventilation grid also makes sure of that since it’s placed right in the middle of the top plastic panel.

In Short:

  • Entirely made of plastic
  • The detachable bottom makes cleaning easier
  • Ventilation grids placed on top
  • No wire grid to harm your pet
  • Easy to use because it’s simply made


Prevue Hendryx Small Animal Cage

Great Litter Containment
This cage design for containing mess and litter is amazing. The whole cage is wire grid made, but the bottom container is plastic and is easily removed. The excess mess and litterfall into the bottom plastic box so cleaning is quick and easy and you don’t have to clean the whole cage that often.

Best On Wheels

Wheels For Moving With Ease
It’s easily moved from room to room thanks to the wheels on the legs. You don’t have to keep the cage on the ground if you have problems with accessing things that are on the ground or if you don’t have enough space to put the cage on higher ground.

Excellent Access To The Animal
This hegdhehog habitat cage has two large doors, one on top and one on the side of the cage and the bottom wire can also be removed if it needs cleaning from the hay and litter. It also has a platform and ramp that is made entirely out of metal so that your hedgehog won’t chew through it.

Prevue Hendryx Cocoa & Cream Small Animal Cage Review

Easy And Fast Clean Up
To make sure that the cage is easily cleaned and doesn’t soak up the litter and mess that gives off nasty smells, the whole cage is coated with a non-toxic powder finish to ensure extra cleanliness and easy cleanup.

In Short:

  • Complete metal structure of the cage
  • Plastic bottom box for cleaner living space
  • 2 Large doors in the right places
  • Easy to move from room to room
  • Extremely easy to clean

How To Pick A Plastic Hedgehog Cage

Hedgehogs, like all animals, need a cage that’s safe for them to be in, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. They also need an easily cleanable space since their home is where they litter and eat and this is why plastic hedgehog cages are a good choice, but before you decide, read what you must know about them.

Plastic and its coating – since they have parts made of plastic, you should consider buying a cage that has a coated plastic with a non-toxic finish so that it makes litter containment easier and that it doesn’t smell. You should also be able to remove the plastic parts with ease so that it makes for an easier cleanup

Considering the design – Even though all plastic made cages exist it’s better to use the ones with a combination of plastic and a wire rack. The spaces between the cage rack are small enough for you not to worry about your pet harming themselves and overall, the wire rack gives the cage a sturdier and better look.

The Right Cage size – Plastic hedgehog cages go at about 5 square feet of space on average and that’s enough for your hedgehog and everything that you might want to put in the cage for your pet to use. Don’t go under that dimension, but you can always go above.

Accessories that come with the cage – Cages of this build usually come with a few accessories that are an absolute must for your pet and they usually have additional features like a tip-proof bowl or a drip-proof water dispenser which will come in handy so try to find a cage with at least one or two accessories if your budget is a bit low to buy the accessories extra.

Door size and count – the doors on the cage should be big enough to put your hand through to be able to grab the animal or clean the cage. Another thing to look out for is that a minimum of two doors are the best choice. preferably one on the top of the cage and one to the side for multiple functionalities of both doors.

To Sum Up

The one plastic hedgehog cage that I believe to be the best is definitely the Prevue Hendryx Cocoa & Cream Cage because of its easy cleaning possibilities, easy accessibility from you to your animal because of the large doors and their placement, a removable bottom wire rack and easy room to room moving or even to the outdoors since the cage can be taken off the wheel platform. If you’re looking for a cage that looks like it came from a princess cartoon I suggest you check out cute hedgehog cages to find the best one for you, and if you don’t have a cage already and your budget is limited then I recommend you check out this post about cheap hedgehog cages.

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