5 Best 24×24 Hedgehog Cages You Can Decide On In 2020 Review

prevelikAre you having trouble finding and deciding on which 24×24 hedgehog cage to buy?

Then you’re in luck! Keep on reading this article because we have gathered the best of this type of cages and reviewed them to make your decision easier. we have divided them into a few categories like the most affordable and 2-level options for you to easily focus on the one that you need.

The Summary

LITTLE GIANT Rabbit Hutch SummaryLittle Giant Rabbit Hutch
The all-metal galvanized steel build will make you want this extremely durable and sturdy cage as your pet’s home.
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Kaytee Ferret Home Plus SummaryKaytee Ferret Home Plus
The wide platforms and safe to use ramps will make it feel like this tall cages space gets you more than you thought you’d get.
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Taking into account the fact that this cage is all-metal built and the price that it comes it, it will make a good run for your money.
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Katyee Habitats SummaryKaytee Habitats Small Animal Cage
The scratch-resistant properties of the bottom and flexible use options will make this cage a long-lasting option for your pet.
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SONGMICS Playpen, Small Animal Cage summarySONGMICS Playpen, Small Animal Cage
This cage comes with two separate spaces that are also connectable through a door on the divider panel and makes it great to house two pets.
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5 Best 24X24 hedgehog Cages


Little Giant Rabbit Hutch

Galvanized Steel Construction
The material used in the making of this cage is galvanized steel which means that the steel constructions of this cage were put through a process called galvanization. This process was used on the feeder that comes with the cage but not the 32-ounce water bottle. the cage is therefore chew proof and rust-resistant

Best Of Best

One, Safe, And Large Access Point
The cage only has one access point through a large door on the front side of the cage but it’s secured with a vinyl guard that surrounds the door and a spring-tense hook for unlocking the doors. Another way to ensure easier cleaning is a slideout tray that is put under the cage that stands on 4 metal legs.

Stackable Option
Another way to talk about how durable this cage is the fact that it’s stackable. This is especially useful for breeders that need all the extra space they can get and the box look will make the cages look tidy when stacked on one another.

LITTLE GIANT Rabbit Hutch Review

Assembly Kit
Assembly for this 24×24 hedgehog cage is required, but it’s made simple since you get pliers and cage clips for it. This is great because once the assembly is finished you can be sure that you’ll have a cage that is built to last.

In Short:

  • Made from galvanized steel
  • You get with it a plastic water bottle and steel feeder
  • Included pliers and cage clips for assembly
  • Cage is chew and rust-resistant


Kaytee Ferret Home Plus

Tall Build
There are 3 ramps to get on to the 4 levels and it goes pretty high so you might be afraid your hedgehog will fall but the ramps are secured with tiny grids all over the ramp to prevent your hedgehog from slipping. The floors are wide enough to put hedgehog accessories and supplies on them without having to think about saving space.

Best 2-Level

Plenty Of Access
You gain access to your pet with this cage through the top or two front doors, one for the lower and one for the upper levels. they are also secured with a simple metal lock system to make sure that the door doesn’t open, allowing your hedgehog to escape or to get hurt. Even if it happened though, the doors are inaccessible to your pet since they are positioned quite high.

Weight And Transfer Options
It weighs around 19 lbs so it’s not heavy, but it is quite tall so to make sure you can move this cage with ease, it comes sitting on wheels for simple movement around your house or garden. The plastic base is made to be deeper to give you better litter control and containment.

Kaytee Ferret Home Plus Review

Simple And Safety Features
To assemble this 24×24 cage you will not need any tools for it. You just lock the parts into their place using wire cage locks and you’re all set. The locks are also chew-proof so you don’t have to worry about your pet damaging them in any way. Bar spacing comes at 1-in so it ventilates well while keeping your pet safe.

In Short:

  • Tall 4-level construction
  • Ramps are secured with grids to prevent slipping
  • Easily accessible through 3 access points
  • Not heavy, but it’s movable by wheels


Little Giant Wire Pet Lodge

Full Metal Build
Because this is a full metal build cage, it’s quite durable. Another thing that speaks about just how durable it is is the fact that the steel used in the making of this cage is covered with a protective zinc coating to keep it from rusting. The only thing that’s made of other sturdy materials is the vinyl edging around the door to protect your pet from harming themselves when they enter or leave the cage.


Assembly Issues
It requires assembly although it says that it’s easy. You’ll get wire clippers for it, but you’ll have to either buy the wire clip plier from them or somewhere else if you don’t have them already

Not Enough Access
This cage allows you to gain access to your point with only one door that is secured with sturdy PVC plastic called vinyl edges to protect your pet from harming themselves when entering or leaving the cage, and it has a hook functioning as a spring door lock.

LITTLE GIANT Wire Pet Lodge Review

Upgrades Sold Separately
You can upgrade it by separately buying a litter drop pan, a urine guard, and other accessories. It would make it easier for you to just buy these things, but if you don’t mind the unpractical clean-up you should be fine without these additions.

In Short:

  • metal covered with zinc to prevent rusting
  • wire clipper included for the assembly, but not pliers
  • Only one access point door
  • Upgradeable by buying other cage parts separately


Kaytee Habitats Small Animal Cage

Small And Short
This cage is really an affordable cage because of its small size, shape, and color, but just because it’s small and adorable, doesn’t mean it’s not functional. In fact, this cage will provide your hedgehog with 4 square feet of living space which is the recommended minimum square footage for hedgehogs.

Kaytee Habitats

Convertable Cage
This is not only a 24×24 hedgehog cage, it’s convertible to be a playpen for your hedgehog whenever you feel like it. just separate the plastic bottom from the wire bars and take of the top. It lets you interact with your pet and gives them the chance of much-needed exercise.

Long-Lasting Base
The base is resistant to scratching so it won’t wear off or look overused long-term. It is also quite deep so you don’t have to worry about litter and bedding getting where it’s not supposed to. It’s easy to separate the base from the rest of the cage which will provide you with fast, mess-free cleaning.

Best Plastic

Secured Top Entrance
Even though it’s possible for the top to completely come off, it’s made sure that it can’t be opened unless you take it off. The way to make sure of this was by securing the top with z-locks. The locks on the plastic hedghehog cage are also resistant to chewing.

In Short:

  • Converts into a playpen
  • Doesn’t take up a lot of space
  • The plastic bottom base is scratch-resistant
  • The top entrance is secured by z-lock to prevent escaping


Songmics Playpen Small Animal Cage

Looks And Ventilation
The all-black design turns out to always be a safe choice if you don’t want your 24×24 hedgehog cage to pop off too much, but still, look nice in your house. The bar spacing of 1.1-in doesn’t make it seem too dark and poorly ventilated but is narrow enough to keep your hedgehog safe.

Beest Indoor

2 Space Cage
This cute hedgehog cage is perfect for housing two pets in a 24×24 hedgehog cage for each pet. It comes with a divider panel that can split the 48-in length of the cage right down the middle to create 2, 24 -in spaces. If you choose to let your pets interact without pulling out the divider panel, you can do it by opening a door that comes with the divider panel.

Walk-in Doors/Ramps
Each of the separate parts of the cage comes with one access door that serves as a ramp for the hedgehog to easily walk in and out of the cage. You will also gain access to it by an open top. The pet won’t be able to escape it’s the wire cage panels are 18.1-in tall.

Kaytee Habitats Review (2)

Assembly Additions And Instructions
The cage stands firmly in its place by connecting the wire grid panels with slip-proof connectors. All you have to do from there is secure the cage with zip ties and put the fabric liner, that is washable for simpler rubbish containing, on the bottom, secure it to the with velcro strips and you’re all set. You’ll also get a rubber mallet for the assembly

In Short:

  • You get 2 24×24 cages
  • The divider panel has a door for access to both spaces
  • Open top, but 18-in tall grid panels prevent escaping
  • You get everything needed for quality and simple assembly
  • Bottom fabric can be washed

How To Pick A 24×24 Hedgehog Cage

Although somewhat specific in size, 24×24 hedgehog cages still come in a variety of shapes and sizes, they can be tall, wide, or downright small. They all have one thing in common, they provide your pet with at least 4 square feet of living space without exception, but still, you’d want to know what to look out for in these cages because they differ from one another in different areas like material used in building the cage, quality, and safety.

Cage Height – Since height is the only variable you get to tweak with these hedgehog habitat cages you want to make sure it sits right with you and your pet. Even if you’re not looking for a multi-level cage You don’t want the cage to look cramped. With a taller height build, you get the option of putting supplies and accessories in it that are attachable to the wire of the cage so that it doesn’t take away from the living space.

Material Varieties – These cages come in one of the two possible material build varieties: Either a classic plastic bottom cage wire top or a galvanized all-metal steel build. Both come with their flaws so it’s important to choose what is best and most convenient for you.

Galvanized Steel Build – Galvanization is a process of coating steel with a protective zinc layer. It is great for a more durable option since the galvanization process makes it corrosion-proof and the assembly process makes it stiff and long-lasting, The one thing you’re losing with this is access doors. Most of these come with only one access door, but you can choose to disassemble the top the get more access although that process will not be as simple as disassembly of a plastic bottom and top wire cage.

Price And What You Get For It – Of course the plastic made cages are cheaper, but what you get with galvanized steel cages is worth the price. The only problem is that any additional supplies and accessories that will come useful for your pet’s living habitat are sold separately or if not, the price is largely higher. That doesn’t mean that the plastic build cages aren’t good, it’s just a matter of what you need from the cage. If you want a safe indoor option, a plastic built cage is enough for you.

To Sum Up

With all things taken into consideration, the one 24×24 hedgehog cage that I would suggest getting is theLITTLE GIANT Rabbit Hutch. The fact that is made from galvanized steel is stackable and it comes with other quality made accessories and needed supplies like a slide-out tray for litter makes it worth every penny that you would spend on it. If these cages are not your cup of tea and are looking for larger options I suggest you read this article about large hedgehog cages and if none of these materials that they are built with are your style, check out the one about wooden hedgehog cages and find the one that just right for you.

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