What Do You Need For A Hedgehog? Checklist Of Essentials

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Here you will find out which are the must-have items for a hedgehog. Also, you will find out which is the best food for them, and the best type of cage. 

hedgehog in the leaves

What Do You Need For A Hedgehog


The hedgehog cage should be large enough for them to walk and play normally. The cage should be at least 4 square feet large, or more precisely 24 “x 24” or 4 square feet. Choose the largest cage you can afford. When you set up the cage, give the hedgehog time to get used to it and sniff it. Also, check each part of the cage to protect your hedgehog from sharp parts. It would be best to use an iron cage but make sure the bottom is not made of twisted wire, as your hedgehog can be easily injured while walking. Also, make sure that the cage is high enough so that the hedgehog cannot escape. Check the door and how it closes. If you know how big should a dwarf hamster cage be, then you should know that you will need a bigger cage for this pet.


You have to take care of the bottom of the cage so that the hedgehog enjoys playing and walking on it. As said, hedgehogs can have big problems if they stand wrong, or get their feet stuck on the wire floor. The best bedding for hedgehogs is cloth cage liners, Aspen shavings, or paper substrate. Cloth bedding is great if it is made of safe material, such as fleece or corduroy fabrics. But if you want to use paper, then CareFresh is the best choice.

3.Hide Area

Hedgehogs are nocturnal animals that enjoy solitude. They enjoy the single life, and your hedgehog is likely to become extremely active only when you go to sleep. Therefore, get your hedgehog a house that can be used during the day, which will serve as a place to hide. He will enjoy a little peace and space. That cottage can come along with the cage, and you can also buy it separately. You can also make it out of wood or a box. Make sure it’s big enough for your hedgehog to get inside, and to make it comfortable. Your hedgehog will escape to his cottage as soon as he feels threatened, or if he is bothered by loud music. You can also take a shoebox and drill a door for it. You will need to change it regularly as it will get wet soon.

4.Watter Bottle

Like any living thing, hedgehogs need a lot of water. They drink only water, so don’t give them another liquid as they could easily get sick. Put water in their containers and change it every day. It can often happen that hedgehogs spill water, so make sure they have fresh water. Place the water container in a visible place, where the hedgehog will easily reach it. There are also a lot of water containers on the market that filter water and release as much as the hedgehog wants. Whichever option you choose, the most important thing is to change the water regularly.

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Buy a larger food container, and take material that they won’t be able to bite through or flip over easily. You must also make sure that the bowl is not too deep, because they will not be able to reach the food. Believe it or not, hedgehogs adore cat food. Cat biscuits are one of their favorite foods. They contain a lot of protein and healthy fiber. But be careful, not all cat food is healthy for hedgehogs, and some can make them seriously ill. Give them food in the evening, because then they will go in search of it. Also do not give them milk as it can seriously harm them.


Hedgehogs love to play, and you will most often hear them at night when they go on an adventure. Much like hamsters, hedgehogs also like a spinning wheel. Place it in a safe place and make sure it is big enough. Tube tunnels are also interesting to these pets. They’ll crawl into the pipe, and sometimes they’ll enjoy it so much they won’t want to go out for a while. Put other toys in the cage that they can nibble or push away with their muzzle. 


The playpen is a type of box, a safe way to help you when you take your pet out of the cage. Place this device on the floor, and it will ensure that the hedgehog does not escape you, or that it does not hide somewhere where you cannot find it. A playpen is big enough so your pet is free to play in it. Also, this device protects your pet from being injured by sharp objects. You can also use this device when you go to clean your pet’s cage, and you can put it in a safe place.


Before you start cleaning the cage, you need to provide a safe place for your hedgehog. If you do not have a playpen, then put a hedgehog in a box or a smaller cage. Wash the entire cage, clean all elements, reel, food containers, and water. If you use chemicals, pay attention to whether they are dangerous for hedgehogs. At the end of cleaning, rinse everything with water once more. The cage should be cleaned once a week, but you need to change the bedding every day, depending on how wet it is.


Every animal, including a hedgehog, needs exercise. They like to sleep during the day, but at night they will like to turn the wheel, walk around the cage, and walk along the pipes. Train them with enough toys so they can move around as much as possible. Also, the size of the cages is important because they will be more active the bigger their cage. You can also let your hedgehog move around your house, but fence off the area where it moves. You can place pillows that will serve as barriers. That is all toys you will need to take care of a hedgehog.

heat lamp for hedgehog


To make your hedgehogs comfortable and warm, consider installing a heat lamp. This will warm your hedgehog when they go looking for food and when they go exploring the cage. If you don’t have a lamp, make sure the room where your hedgehog is located is pleasantly warm. You need to find a good heating source to keep your hedgehog from going into hibernation. They are accustomed to warm weather, and the cold is hard to bear.


You can reward your hedgehog in a variety of ways. If it’s good, try giving it some of the delicious treats. Hedgehogs adore mealworms. It is one of their finest treats, and they are often caught in nature. Of the fruits, hedgehogs like to eat apples and bananas. If you have too many eggs, boil a hard-boiled egg, then tear it into smaller pieces and give it to your hedgehog. And hedgehogs will gladly eat crickets, silkworms, and waxworms. Hedgehogs also like some human food. They like almost all types of meat, soft fruits, and small pieces of cheese.


Hedgehogs need to be given healthy food, which they can easily digest. They are often given foods rich in calcium. And, if you give them enough healthy food and watch their diet, they won’t need any extra vitamins. But if you notice changes in their behavior it would be best to go to the vet first and then start with vitamins. There are many hedgehog boosters, which will help in their diet, but you need to be careful while giving vitamins to your hedgehog, because you do not know what will their reaction be. 


When you notice that your hedgehog is not eating, or is not coming out of its hiding place for days, visit a veterinarian. Hedgehogs can easily get sick if their food does not suit them, if their temperature is not good or if they get a disease. The vet will give you the best medicine and will tell you what to do next.

14.Diseases That Affect Hedgehogs

Hedgehogs can get various diseases. They are often infected with parasites, which need to be treated quickly. Also, hedgehogs can get sick from the food they consume, and they can also get pneumonia. Hedgehogs can transmit the disease to humans, for example, salmonella. It is important that you take care of your hedgehog, and that you take it to the vet regularly.

15.Social Skills

As has already been saying, hedgehogs love solitude, and will not need company unless it is time for mating. They are most active during the night and are not noisy. Fear will show if they start collecting their thorns and if they rush to hide in their hiding place. If they get used to you they will love spending time in your company, but don’t expect them to want to cuddle like cats or dogs. If you have any other pets, for example, a quiet bird, your hedgehog will get along with her very well.

To Sum Up

Here you can read what you need for a hedgehog pet. Also, you could find out many interesting things any owner should know about this pet. Hedgehogs love the single life, they are not demanding, but they can get some diseases that are difficult to treat. You need to provide the hedgehog with a lot of healthy food and a big enough cage such as these hedgehog enclosures or you may be interested in the hedgehog bedding models.

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