Best 6 Indoor Hedgehog Cages You Can Get In 2020 Reviews

Have you found yourself searching for an indoor hedgehog cage?

We have just what you need. Read this article to see what is the best cage for your abilities and your pet’s needs. In it, we’ll go through the best of different size cages to movable options and different material options as well.

The Summary

Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation SummaryMidwest Deluxe Critter Nation
The safety measures, like a cover for the plastic ramp and adjustable platforms, make it great if you want to ensure your hedgehogs’ safety.
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Cavie Small Animal Cage By Ferplast SummaryCavie Small Animal Cage By Ferplast
The accessories that this cage comes with make it a great fit for first-time owners and if you want to get the most out of a tight budget.
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PawHut Rolling Metal Hutch Cage SummaryPawHut Rolling Metal Hutch Cage
The playpen and habitat cage that you get with this one make it great for ensuring a comfortable and happy life for your hedgehog.
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Aivituvin Wooden Small Animal Hutch SummaryAivituvin Wooden Small Animal Hutch
The numerous access points and quality build out of firwood and reinforced wire make this cage great for even the outdoors.
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PawHut Small Animal Cage SummaryPawHut Small Animal Cage
Adorable is not the only function of this cage, it’s tall build of 26-in and an elevated ramp use the space possibilities of this cage to the fullest.
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Prevue Universal Small Animal Home SummaryPrevue Universal Small Animal Home
This cages deep plastic base makes it great for playtime with your hedgehog without the wire rack baricade.
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Best 6 Indoor Hedgehog Cages


Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation

Highly Functional Design
This all-black cage is beautiful to look at and it’s highly functional as well. it comes with a leak-proof pan, an upper shelf that is adjustable and uses the cages provided space well since it makes it a 2-level cage, a plastic ramp to climb on it and it’s placed on a stand with wheels.

Best Of Best

Safety Measures
The shelves are wide to prevent the hedgehog from falling. it’s especially useful because of the fact that even though hedgehog climbs well, they have a hard time with decent. Another great thing to ensure safety is that the plastic ramp comes with a cover to protect the animals sensitive feet.

Dimensions That Fit Indoor
This cage takes up 6 square feet of space which is right in the middle of the recommended cage size and the large hedgehog cages on the market so it’s great to fit in your household.

Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation Review

Easy And Safe To reposition
It is elevated and on wheels. This indoor hedgehog cage includes a metal wire pan to place additional hedgehog supplies and accessories that are not in use. The wheels are easy to reposition because they are able to spin at 360 degrees and they are able to be locked in so that the cage stands in its place.

In Short:

  • Beautiful all black metal cage design
  • Safe to use because of the wide shelves
  • The ramp comes with a cover to protect the animal’s feet
  • The perfect size for indoor placement


Cavie Small Animal Cage By Ferplast

Simple Classic Build
This cage is made simple with a plastic bottom base that can be locked into place and is easily detachable, a wire rack cage top, and an access door on the side of the rack. the color combination is eye soothing because it’s very neutral.

Best Cheap

Small Space But Just Enough
The cage is built to be a great cage for first-time owners because, even though it’s a small hedgehog cage, the space provided is just enough for your hedgehog. It’s also designed to make maintenance quick and easy.

A Lot For A Small Price
The deep plastic bottom base is completely detachable and it’s made so that the hedgehog can have a hideout and sleep spot while also having an elevated spot to climb on when he wishes to. It’s easy to clean and the top wire rack is tall and has an opening access door for good possible interactions with your pet.

Cavie Small Animal Cage By Ferplast Review

Basic Accessories That Every Hedgehog Needs
This indoor hedgehog cage includes hedgehog accessories that are good enough basic accessories to get you started and for your hedgehog to live a happy life. they include a water bottle, food bowl, hideaway, a hay feeder, and an elevated platform for feeding

In Short:

  • Great for first-time owners
  • includes basic accessories needed for your hedgehog
  • Built simply for easy cleaning
  • Accessible through the door on the side of the wire rack


PawHut Rolling Metal Hutch Cage

Durable Quality Design
This indoor hedgehog cage is built to last. it’s made out of quality steel wires and painted all black. It makes the cage perfect for outdoor use as well because it’s rustproof. it’s very large but adjustable in size.

Best Large

Two Space Build
The cage is made up of two parts that come together to form a large hedgehog cage. One is the cage itself and the other one is a playpen that is connected to the cage to prevent escaping. The playpen can be removed and tucked away when not in use and the cage and playpen are connected by an access ramp.

A Playpen To Go With The Cage
It is built with a rooftop to prevent escaping and it’s easily portable because of the built-in wheels. The cage alone is just below 4 square feet of space, but when measured with the playpen, its size comes at 12 square feet of space. This makes the cage flexible to your needs and your pets.

PawHut Rolling Metal Hutch Cage Review

Small Cage
With all in mind, the cage still comes with a few accessories like a water bowl and a bottle, and a food bowl. With a playpen that hedgehogs need very much to lead a healthy and stress-free life. I wouldn’t recommend using the cage for housing two hedgehogs because the cage is small even though it all around is large.

In Short:

  • Comes with a playpen and cage
  • The cage itself is below 4 square feet
  • Made out of quality steel wires
  • Suitable for outdoor use as well
  • Has built-in wheels for moving


Aivituvin Wooden Small Animal Hutch

Great Build For Outdoor Option
The cage is built with 100% Firwood and reinforced wire for a safe option if you’re looking to put the cage outside every once in a while. It’s colored with a beautiful neutral grey that’s sleek and elegant to look at and the cage itself is built to look like a house.

Best Wooden

Built For A Consistently Clean Space
This indoor hedgehog cage sits on 4 wheels with brakes so that it stays in place and is also elevated. It has a wire rack above the litter tray so that your pet doesn’t step in its own litter and the spaces between the wire are small enough so that your pet’s feet don’t get stuck in between holes.

Numerous Access Options
It has open roofs, a top cover, a side window, and two front doors. It is great for access to the animal from literally every side. The wood door also functions as a ramp if you decide on placing it outside

Aivituvin Wooden Small Animal Hutch Review

Large Enough For Two
The cage is big enough to house two animals. it consists of a playing area which is 3.23 square feet and a sleeping area which is 1.61 square feet. altogether you’re left with a cage that’s around 6 square feet big. With the cage, you’ll get a metal feeder and a chewing toy. The chew toy is not necessary for hedgehogs but might come in handy as simply a toy for your hedgy.

In Short:

  • Маde out of fir wood and reinforced steel wire
  • Has access are from every corner imaginable
  • Large enough to house 2 animals
  • Sits on 4 wheels with brakes for easy movement around the house


PawHut Small Animal Cage

A Classic Material Build
This cage comes in a harmonious color combination of black and red. The materials used in the making of this indoor hedgehog cage are the classics. Plastic for the bottom litter container and the wheels it stands on and metal for the cage wire.

Best Cute

Wire Coating, Spacing, And Ventilation
A non-toxic, powder-coated metal coating finish was used in the painting of this cage so that your animal is safe when possibly chewing on the wire and 1-in spacing between wire provides excellent ventilation, but it’s also small enough to prevent your hedgehogs’ feet from getting stuck between the wire.

Deep Base And Its Litter Containment
The cage has a 5.5-in deep base to hold litter for cleanup with ease and without the possible chance of the litter overflowing. The multiple doors, removable bottom wire rack, and a fully opened top allows for easy access to your animal

PawHut Small Animal Cage Review

Space Usage
The cage provides your pet with an elevated area with a feeder to eat and drink, a ramp for easy access to the top platform, and a large bottom floor. It gives the pet 5 square feet of living space, but the ramp and elevated area for feeding use this cages tall build of 26-in height effectively to bring your pet enough comfort withing those 5 square feet of space.

In Short:

  • Comes with a ramp, platform, and a feeder
  • The accessories make it a 2-level cage
  • 1-in space wiring makes it safe for the pet
  • Has a deep bottom tray for rubbish


Prevue Universal Small Animal Home

Fit And Safe For Small Animals
The spaces between the wire are  3/8-in wide, which is enough for good ventilation and for the safety of the animal. It also has rounded corners to make it fit for most small animals because of no pinch points.

Best Plastic

Deep Tub-Like Base
The cage has a very deep, almost tub-like base so if your pet is hanging around in the bottom part you might not be able to see him clearly. But to make up for this fact, it has 2 entry and access points, one from the top of the cage and one from the side of the wire rack.

Cage Stability
As for cage stability, the wire rack is connected with the bottom through 6 locking clips that are easy to use and provide quick separation of the wire rack from the bottom of the cage while making sure that it doesn’t separate on its own.

Prevue Universal Small Animal Home Review

Adjustable Elevated Area
Although this indoor hedgehog cage doesn’t have a hideout, it comes with an elevated ramp as wide as the cage so it gives you the option of adjusting the height of the elevated area with a lock-in turning wheel so if you’d choose to place it lower, space below can serve as a good enough hideout area.

In Short:

  • Has a very deep bottom base
  • Includes 6 clip-on locks for connecting the base and cage
  • Rounded corners to fit most small animals
  • The spacing between the wire rack is 3/8-in wide

How To Pick An Indoor Hedgehog Cage

There’s a lot to consider when choosing an Indoor hedgehog cage for your pet and household. It should contain rubbish well because you don’t want it on your carpet and floor and other things to consider are size, added accessories, wire spacing, and safety measures to ensure your hedgehogs’ safety best.

Litter Container – Most indoor cages come with litter containers for quick, efficient, and mess-free cleaning. It is really something you should look for in an indoor cage since cleaning takes place in the house and you don’t want any sort of litter anywhere in your house beside the container and trash can.

Not Too Big Nor Too Small – Indoor cages come in a variety of sizes but on average they take up about 5 square feet of space. It’s perfect to fit any household, small or large without taking up much space. Another thing to consider is the height of the cage and if it is tall, does it use the tall build efficiently like putting an elevated platform inside for good space usage.

Platform And Wheels – having a cage with wheels really helps with moving the cage around the house, It may be useful to choose a cage that stands on a legged platform so that you might use the extra space below the cage for food, accessories, and other supplies

Outdoor Options – even though they’re indoor cages, it would be useful to have a cage that allows for outdoor enjoyment for your pet. The things that can help in making it an outdoor option as well are wood build and a waterproof and stainproof paint coating, reinforced wires to secure your pet from possible predators and big enough doors to access the animal at any moment.

To Sum Up

A lot of indoor hedgehog cages offer most things that you are to look for in an in-house cage but one surely must stand out so the best indoor cage that I’d recommend is the Aivituvin Wooden Small Animal Hutch because it offers and outdoor option, has two separate and big enough spaces for playing and care, is able to house 2 pets, it contains rubbish using a bottom, easy to pull out tray and has access points from almost every corner of the cage itself. A lot of these cages look luxurious and cool, but there are cute cages on the market as well so check out this post about cute hedgehog cages, and give your adorable pet an adorable cage, but if not breaking the bank is your goal give this post about cheap hedgehog cages a glance.

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