Best 7 Hedgehog Cage Accessories And Supplies In 2020 Review

Have you recently bought a cage for your pet, but require some essential hedgehog cage supplies and accessories to go with it?

Continue reading this article then and learn about all the supplies and accessories that your hedgehog may need to up his living standard and overall health. In it, we will go through the most essential items that your hedgehog might need and touch upon other, useful, and fun to have accessories like plush toys and a playpen.

Best 7 Hedgehog Cage Supplies And Accessories

Hedgehog Cage Supplies

Best Hedgehog Cage Bedding

Bedding is something that you’ll need to buy constantly since it’s purpose is to absorb litter so it’s better to make it worthwhile. Hedgehog cage bedding should be very absorbent but to maintain it’s dryness. You do not want your pet walking on soggy bedding.

Best Hedgehog Cage Bedding Review

Since hedgehogs have sensitive feet, watch out that it’s soft. You can choose from a variety of bedding materials like pellets of wood shavings. A great option would be to just get a liner as well. They can be disposable or machine washable, but for a more environmentally friendly option, you can go with machine-washable ones.  Another good function of bedding you should watch out for is if it creates dust, you don’t want your cage to get dusty so that you have to clean it even more often.

Best Hideouts

Just like you want to sleep in a comfortable and quality bed for a good night’s sleep, the same applies to hedgehogs. A great sleeping area for a hedgehog would be a hideout. A small, secluded, dark, and warm place. It should be clearly separated from the rest of the cage. A lot of cages that you can buy come with hideouts below a feeding platform, but if you didn’t buy a cage that comes with it you should be thinking about getting a hideout area.

Best Hedgehog Cage Hideouts Review

They come in various shapes, materials, and sizes. They can be made from wood, fleece, even plastic and most of them resemble a cute house with a small entrance door. You might want to reconsider the size of the hideout because a perfect addition to a hideout would be a heating pad to warm your pet so check the size of both of these hedgehog cage supplies before buying.

Best Heat Pads & Lamps

Heat pads or heat lamps are a must in providing your pet with a good life. Hedgehogs need warmth to maintain their body temperature. It doesn’t need to be high, but it should be kept at around 73-78 degrees Fahrenheit so that they don’t fall into hibernation. Why heat pads are great is because they adjust to your pet’s body temperature. The materials they are made of are usually hard plastic and they can have an automatic thermometer to control the temperature or a digital thermometer so you can adjust the temperature yourself.

Best Heat Pads Review

Most days during cold weather the heat pads should be turned on so try to find ones with a power-saving option. Heat pads are usually better than heat lamps because you don’t risk damaging the cage or your pet with light, they’re cheaper and smaller in size so they are more available.

Best Food Supplies

By food supplies, we mean hedgehog cage supplies needed for food and drinking. That includes a food bowl, a water bottle, and of course, food. Water bottles are usually designed to be clipped on to the cage wire and come with a drip-proof setting for a no-mess experience. They can also be made to form a bowl.

Best food Supplies Review (2)

Both a water bowl and a food bowl can be tip-proof and not only made of plastic but also metal for a sturdier and long-lasting look. Often, these things will come as accessories with a cage. They don’t cost much on their own, but if you’re buying a cage maybe consider getting one with these included.

Hedgehog Cage Accessories

Best Running Wheels

In today’s market, you can be sure that you’re going to find a running wheel that won’t make noise. With plastic builds, ball-bearings, or vegetable oil to lubricate the spinning part of the wheel it will provide a silent exercise spot for your hedgehog. Of course, these wheels aren’t a necessity in hedgehog cage accessories because there are other ways your hedgehog can get the exercise he needs, but it’s useful. They don’t take up much space in the cage seeing as they can be attached to so you won’t ah and their diameters vary from anywhere between 9-in to 13-in.

Best Running Wheels Review

You can get them as chew-proof wheels, but for hedgehogs, it isn’t necessary since they’re not like rodents whose teeth constantly grow and they need to chew on things. Even though hedgehogs are hard to get their tails stuck in the wheel given the tails small size, you still want to ensure them with maximum safety when using the wheel and to do that you can find wheels that feature a tail and fur entanglement safe design.

Best Hedgehog Cage Playpens

Playpens are essential hedgehog cage accessories even though they can’t be put in the cage. When in use they serve as an enclosure to protect your pet from escaping and so that you can interact with your pet well when playtime occurs. Playpens are easy to assemble and disassemble. Some come made from materials that are easily foldable, other come built like panels made either of plastic or wire that you can stack on one another or side to side. They largely vary in size and quality.

Best Hedgehog Cage Playpens Review

Some come with a bottom fabric that cleans easily to prevent your pet from littering on your carpet or floor. Since they’re light and easily transferable you can use them to provide your pet with outdoor playtime. They function as an exercise enclosure. You can get some of them with a top or you can make one on your own if the playpen is completely customizable. This will be useful if you have other pets like a dog or cat to protect your pet from interacting with them.

Best Hedgehog Cage Toys

You don’t have to limit yourself to plush toys made specifically for hedgehogs. They can be dog and cat toys as well. Hedgehogs need to have toys because they are very interactive pets that need stimulation. You can get a plush toy that your hedgehog can snuggle with and it can also be a squeaky toy to add a fun twist and surprise your hedgehog when squeezed hard enough. Dog toys are good hedgehog cage accessories because they’re made to be chewed on by dogs so they are really durable and you can get them in fun shapes and cute animals to match your cute hedgehog.

Hedgie Jingle Ball (1)

Just make sure they don’t have any loose small components. As for cat toys, you can get them some highly interactive toys like plastic balls so that they can push them around the cage or playpen. This is not one size fits all, hedgehogs are living beings and one might like one thing while another will like something else.

How To Pick Hedgehog Supplies And Accessories

With more people getting pets to fulfill their life and suit their lifestyle a lot of them see hedgehogs as perfect pets for them. With that, a market for hedgehog cage supplies and accessories was created and although it’s not as large as some of the others, it’s still big and it’s important for you to have as many options available to satisfy your hedgehog. These supplies don’t have to specifically be made for hedgehogs alone, it is important to find what’s the safest, practical, and useful thing for your pet.

Animals With Needs Alike – A lot of supplies and accessories for hedgehogs aren’t advertised as such, they can be advertised as dog or cat toys or guinea pig and rabbit supplies and accessories. It’s important to know what is safe for your hedgehog so if you’ve found yourself searching for accessories for other animals to get your hedgehog focus on the size of the animal it’s advertised for and safety measures to ensure the animals’ safety. if it’s appliable to your hedgehog as well you can safely get them as well

Accessory Sizes – Except for maybe a playpen, accessories and supplies go inside the cage so checking the size of the accessories as oppose to your cage size and placement possibilities like if you can attach it to the cage or if it’s thin and easily removed when not in use. These are important things to consider because hedgehog needs enough space to be able to move freely since they need exercise.

Accessories Of Similar Function – If you have a playpen or an exercise wheel you don’t need the other. They serve the same function and give your pet exercise times. The only difference is what best suits you. If you spend a lot of time with your pet get a playpen, if not get an exercise wheel.

Focusing On The Essentials – First and foremost you should focus on things that matter the most for your hedgehog to live a long and happy life. The essentials are things like a cage liner or bedding, a heat lamp, and a hideout area. To get the most efficient bedding options, look for highly absorbent and dry, soft, and dustless bedding. If you care for the environment there are environmentally friendly options as well. Lamps are also essential

To Sum Up

There’s a lot of stuff that you hedgehog needs as a pet, but the one most important thing to get among all of these hedgehog cage supplies and accessories is a hedgehog heat lamp because they need to maintain their body temperature at a constant rate and avoid extremes drops and highs in temperature so that they don’t fall into hibernation and maintain a healthy light cycle. So, if you’re confused about what lamp or other heat providing product to get read this article about heating lamps for hedgehogs. If you’re still in the process of looking for a cage for your pet and have no clue where to start read this article about indoor hedgehog cages and choose the right one for you.

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