Best 5 Hamster Cages With Tunnels To Choose In 2022 Reviews

Looking for a hamster cage with tunnels?

Then you should read our article! We have prepared five reviews about the best of best, modern, multi-level, blue, and cute cage. Keep on reading to find out all about them. Let our buying guide help you choose the best model.

The Summary

Kaytee Cool Hamster House SummaryKaytee Hamster Tunnels Cage
This model of a hamster cage includes all that your little buddy needs. It is an affordable, modern, cool, safe, and fun.
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Mcage Twin Tower Cage SummaryMcage Syrian Hamster Tunnels Cage
This is a fun and tall cage with two towers. It comes fully equipped. It is safe and has a narrow space between the bars.
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Ferplast Ferret Cage Multi-Level SummaryFerplast Cage With Tubes
The Ferplast cage is a tall two-story cage. It fits two or more hamsters or Syrian hamsters. It stands on four rolling wheels.
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Savic Heaven Metro Enclosure SummarySavic Hamster Heaven Cage
Getting the Savic cage will make your hamster or Syrian hamster very happy. It will have safe resting and playing areas.
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MidWest Tunnel Hamster Cage SummaryMidWest Tunnel Hamster Cage
The MidWest cage with tunnels is unique and fun. It has a deep base and a vertical PlaySpace zone for lots of fun and playing.
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GNB Pet Hamster Tunnel Kit SummaryGNB Pet Hamster Tunnel KiT
If you need to customize your empty hamster cage or simply add more tubes and tunnels, check out the GNB tunnel set.
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Top 6 Hamster Cages With Tunnels


Kaytee Hamster Tunnels Cage

Cool And Modern
Kaytee hamster cage with tunnels comes as a fun and colorful enclosure. Your hamster is going to love to play in this modern habitat. This is a safe and secure hamster play house that includes all that your little pet is ever going to need.

Kaytee Cool Hamster House Review

The Activity Zone
There is a large play area in this house. Your hamster will love to run on the exercise wheel or go through the tunnels and explore. The cage also includes a look-out tower and a petting zone. You will get a water bottle and food dish as well.

Customizable And Expandable
In case you need a larger enclosure for your hamster, don’t forget that you can expand the cage. Create a larger play zone, or fit two or more hamsters in one habitat. Get other Kaytee tubes, tunnels, or cages and be creative.

Kaytee Cool Hamster House

Why Buy This Cage?
We consider that the Kaytee hamster cage with tubes is fun, provides a lot of space, and it is safe for your hamster. It comes with smooth surfaces and a leak-proof bottom. The cost of this cage is budget-friendly and you can fit one, two, or more hamsters if you expand it.

In Short:

  • this is a fun, safe, and modern
  • includes petting zone and look-out tower
  • material used is sturdy and leak-proof
  • the price is budget-friendly
  • customizable and expandable hamster cage


Mcage Syrian Hamster Tunnels Cage

Product Overview
This cool and tall hamster cage is made of metal wires. It has two towers and a lot of vertical space. The cage includes everything that your hamster will need and it will be a great starter kit for new owners. This cage fits all hamsters sizes and it ideal for Syrian hamsters.

Mcage Twin Tower Cage

The Size And Space
This cage’s size is L21.25 x W14 x H23.5 inches. The cage is great for one smaller Syrian hamster or two smaller-sized hamsters. The space between the bars is narrow which makes this cage safe for your hamster’s tiny paws.

Fully Equipped
The Mcage hamster cage with tunnels also includes small and safe ladders, a hideout house, and an exercise wheel. There is a food dish and a plastic water bottle too. This is a multi-level hamster cage and has four plastic platforms.

Mcage Twin Tower Cage Review

The Access Doors
This cage has three access doors – one on the top, and two on each side of the cage. This will allow you to easily access the inside of the cage and clean it or refill the water bottle and food dish.

In Short:

  • this is a tall hamster cage
  • it comes with multiple levels
  • there are four platforms included
  • comes with ladders and a hideout
  • there are three access doors


Ferplast Cage With Tubes

General Description
This hamster cage is a multi-level enclosure for hamsters. It is made of sturdy material and non-leak bottom. The cage is simple to maintain. The fact that it is tall will help you access it and clean it more easily. It can be used indoors and outdoors

ferplast cage for 2 rats

Space For Two
The Ferplast hamster cage is very larger and tall. It is ideal for two or more hamsters or Syrian hamsters. It provides a lot of space for your hamsters to roam around and play. There is enough space for all of the hamsters’ everyday activities.

The Tall Design
This two-story hamster cage with tunnels is very tall. It is made of safe metal wires and a plastic leak-proof bottom. This tall hamster cage stands on four rolling casters and it is easy to move. Its size is 29.5L x 31.5W x 63.4H inches.

Ferplast Ferret Cage Multi-Level Review

Safe And Secure
Providing your hamsters with a safe cage is of utmost importance. In case you decide to buy the Ferplast tall cage you can be sure that your hamsters will live in a safe and healthy environment. The wires are chew-proof and the material is 100% non-toxic.

In Short:

  • this is a tall and spacious cage
  • it is made of sturdy metal
  • the bottom is leak-proof
  • it stands on four rolling casters
  • it can be used indoors and outdoors


Savic Hamster Heaven Cage

A Safe And Healthy Environment
Your hamster will love the idea of having enough space for resting and playing. We consider the Savic hamster cage with tunnels one of the best. It is made of high-quality materials and provides your hamster with a healthy environment.

Savic Heaven Metro Enclosure Review

The Play Area
This is another cage that comes equipped with all the necessary accessories for your hamster’s everyday activities. The cage comes with an exercise wheel, exterior tube, platforms, and two plastic hamster houses. The cage fits a Syrian hamster too.

Lightweight And Portable
This cage is 2 in 1 – a permanent hamster habitat and a travel cage carrier. You don’t have to get an additional cage for your short trips. The cage doesn’t weigh too much so it is easy to carry. Its low weight helps you with the cleaning too.

Savic Heaven Metro Enclosure

The Material Used
This hamster enclosure is made of non-toxic plastic and safe and non-chew metal wires. The cage has smooth surfaces and it is leak-free. The quality of this cage is high and so is the price.

In Short:

  • this is a fun and safe hamster cage
  • includes all the necessary equipment
  • use it as a travel cage too
  • the cage is made of high-quality material
  • the price is pretty high


MidWest Tunnel Hamster Cage

Main Characteristics
This hamster cage with tunnels measures 18.11L x 11.61W x 21.26H inches. The bar spacing is 1/2 inches. The cage weighs only 6.1 lbs. The cage is simple and quick to assemble. It is safe and chew-proof.

MidWest Tunnel Hamster Cage Review

The Unique Design
The MidWest tunnel cage contains a deep base with a top door access and a vertical and multi-level PlaySpace. This modern hamster cage is different than any other hamster cage that you have seen. It has a lot of fun space for your hamster to play.

What Is Included?
What this cage comes with is an exercise wheel, a nesting nook, and interior play tubes. The base contains hamster bedding and a removable upper cover. It makes the cleaning of the cage easier. You can connect this cage to another hamster habitat via play tubes.

MidWest Tunnel Hamster Cage

Tips On First-Time Use
To make your hamster get used to the cage without too much stress, cover the cage with a light cloth. Let it explore for a few days. In case you get another hamster, put them in separate cages but close to one another. Introduce them slowly before putting them in the same cage.

In Short:

  • this cage is cool and fun
  • it has a unique and multi-level design
  • there is a base and vertical play zone
  • it comes fully equipped
  • the cleaning is easy


GNB Pet Hamster Tunnel Kit

Customize Any Hamster Cage
You might have bought an empty hamster cage and you need to customize it now. On the other hand, you may simply want to change the playing zone of your old cage. The GNB hamster tunnel set is durable, sturdy, and made of high-quality plastic.

GNB Pet Hamster Tunnel Kit

Pet-Friendly Tubes
The GNB tunnel kit uses no glue, screws, or nail. It is completely safe and non-toxic. The inner surface is rugged. Your hamster will get to go through the tunnels or climb them. You can customize them as you wish and put them in any hamster enclosure.

GNB Pet Hamster Tunnel Kit Review

This kit consists of 94 pieces. They make you create small or large hamster tunnels. The pieces are all made of chew-proof material. The tunnels are available in different colors and can be completely customized. Convert your empty cage into a fun and colorful hamster cage with tunnels in no time.

In Short:

  • customize an empty cage with this kit
  • the tubes are made of quality material
  • they come in different colors
  • the kit consists of 94 pieces
  • the tunnels are chew-proof

How To Pick: Hamster Cage With Tunnels

How to get a perfect cage with tunnels? Simply look for the one that fits your hamster size. The ideal tube cage for hamsters is safe and secured. It is made of toxic-free materials and provides a lot of space for your pet’s everyday activities. Keep on reading and you will learn more.

The Hamster And Cage Size – Don’t buy a cage that has too small or narrow tube openings. For example, not every cage is perfect both for a dwarf hamster or a Syrian hamster. Check the cage’s dimensions and the tunnels’ openings.

Security And Safety – Make sure the cage access doors can be secured. The wires need to have narrow space between them. The cage should have smooth surfaces. Get a cage that is made of high-quality plastics and sturdy metal.

Non-Toxic And Chew-Proof – Your little hamster will probably try to chew on the wires or tunnels. This is why we advise you to check if the wires and chew-proof. Also, the material that is used for the construction must be non-toxic and pet-friendly in any way.

Spaciousness And Activity Zone – A hamster cage with tunnels that already includes a fun play zone for your pet’s activities is an ideal one. There are so many models that come with running wheels, platforms, and ladders. Your cage needs to provide enough space for all of that.

Buy More Tubes – In case you have a cage that can be customized or a cage with a lot of space, you can always get more tubes and tunnels. Convert your cage into a fun hamster cage and allow your little pet to be happy and active.

To Sum Up

A hamster cage with tunnels that we find most interesting is the MidWest Tunnel Hamster Cage. Its unique design makes it a fancy hamster cage that will provide your little buddy with a lot of fun. The cage is fully-equipped and contains all that your hamster needs – a water bottle, a hamster food dish, a running wheel, and more.

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