Best 6 Hamster Play Houses For Cages To Get In 2022 Reviews

If you are thinking of buying a hamster play house, make sure you read this article first.

There are six models that we have put on our top list. Learn all about the best of best, small, blue, and three others. We have made a small buying guide as well. Don’t miss out on it. Find it at the end of the article.

The Summary

Pinvnby Play House For Hamster SummaryPinvnby Play House For Hamster
The Pinvnby play house is a part of a 100% natural hamster amusement park. It is handmade and completely safe.
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Kathson Hideout Hamster House SummaryKathson Hideout Climbing Play House
The small Kathson play house is made for smaller-sized hamsters. It includes a slide, ladders, and a gym wall.
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Pivby Exercise Nest House SummaryPivby Exercise Nest House
The Pivby package comes with two play houses. Each house provides a hideout space. There are ladders and a wall gym.
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Pawsinside Castle For Hamsters SummaryPawsinside Castle For Hamsters
The Pawsinside house is made to look like a castle. It has a small ladder that leads to the upper floor with a hideout.
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Tmishion Soft Pink Hamster House SummaryTmishion Soft Pink Hamster House
Get this cute and soft play house. It will keep your hamster warm and provide it with a hanging experience.
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Hamiledyi Large Hamster Playground SummaryHamiledyi Large Hamster Playground
The Hamiledyi playground will be your hamster’s favorite play zone. Check out why we like it.
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Top 6 Hamster Play Houses


Pinvnby Play House For Hamster

Small Amusement Park
This amusement by Pinvnby is a small and cool double-decker playground that you can put inside of your hamster cage. This play house easily connects with a platform. It is made of 100% natural wooden materials.

Pinvnby Play House For Hamster Review

What Is Included
The play house includes a small slide. There is a bridge that connects the house with the platform. You can attach a small hamster ladder to the platform. The amusement park measures 15.7 x 8.3 x 6.7 inches after the assembly.

The Material And Assembly
The material used for the construction is strong and safe wood. This hamster play house and other accessories are handmade. No glue or plastics is used. The assembly is easy to simple and doesn’t require glue as well.

Pinvnby Play House For Hamster

Includes A Hideout
Under the play house, your hamster will find a small hideout. It will like to hide and rest in it. Hamsters need hideouts to sleep in. This park encourages your hamster’s natural nesting instincts and converts and cage into a fun hamster cage.

In Short:

  • includes a play house and more accessories
  • the amusement park is handmade
  • it is 100% safe and durable
  • uses no glue or harmful material
  • there is a small hideout
  • it is easy to assemble


Kathson Hideout Climbing Play House

The Size Of The House
Kathson playing house is ideal for smaller-sized hamsters. Its size is 6.2″H x 6.1″W x 5.9″ L and this house will fit in any hamster enclosure. This hamster play house is fun and long-lasting. It will make your hamster happy and safe.

Kathson Hideout Hamster House

The Fun Design
Your hamster will love to play inside of this house. There is a top hideout area and a small spiral slide. On the side of this unit, there is a gym wall for climbing. Small hamster ladders are included as well as the balcony. Put this hideout play house inside of your small hamster cage and let your hamster enjoy and play.

Kathson Hideout Hamster House Review

Lightweight And Easy To Clean
Lift this house up and simply maintain the area around it and clean the house. Don’t forget that cleaning your hamster toys and accessories is as important as cleaning the cage and changing the litter boy. This house is odor-resistant and stain-proof.

In Short:

  • the size is perfect for smaller hamsters
  • includes a slide and ladders
  • it is made of safe material
  • the house is odor-free
  • simple to clean and lift up


Pivby Exercise Nest House

Two Houses Included
The Pivby package includes two wooden play houses for hamsters. One of them is a house with a flat platform on the top, and the other one is shaped like a real house. Both of the houses will serve as wooden hamster hideouts and play zones.

Pivby Exercise Nest House Review

Main Characteristics
The house with the platform includes a small ladder, entrance door, and a small window. The other house has a wall gym and another level on the inside. The houses are odor-resistant, super cute, and the cost is affordable.

Pivby Houses Size
One of the two houses measures 7.1″*5.9″*5.5″, and the other one 6.7″*3.5″*3.3″. These houses are ideal for all hamsters except for the Syrian hamsters. The hamster play houses fit into any cage and make sure your hamster feels safe and happy.

Pivby Exercise Nest House

Quick Setup
The package does not include the instructions for the setup, but it is only because it is incredibly easy and quick to put these houses together. Also, the houses can easily be disassembled which helps with the cleaning.

In Short:

  • includes two play houses
  • they are made of wood
  • each house has a hideout area
  • easy to put the houses together
  • it is simple to clean the houses


Pawsinside Castle For Hamsters

White And Green Castle
The Pawninside play house for hamsters comes in white and green. It is shaped like a small castle. This house is multifunctional. It has enough space both for resting and playing. This castle is fun, safe, and durable.

Pawsinside Castle For Hamsters Review

The Functional Design
Your hamster will get to climb the ladders to get to the platform. On the platform, your hamster will find a hideout resting zone. This hamster play house is going to be a new cozy place for all of the fun activities. The size is 11 x 6.5 x 10 inches.

Pawsinside Castle For Hamsters

Pet-Friendly And Easy To Assemble
The material used is a wood-plastic plate. It is safe, durable, and pet-friendly. The houses are smooth from the outside and inside and there are no sharp edges. To assemble, put the plates together. Use the right teeth and make it a steady house.

In Short:

  • the house is shaped like a castle
  • it comes in white-green
  • includes a hideout and play zone
  • made of safe material
  • it is pet-friendly and smooth


Tmishion Soft Pink Hamster House

Warm And Soft Material
The Tmishion cute small play house is made of high-quality soft plush material. It comes in pink or blue and it will be a favorite place for resting, but playing as well.

Tmishion Soft Pink Hamster House Review

Hang The House
This house includes a hanging chain so you can attach it to the wire hamster cage. Your hamster will get to experience the fun of swinging. The house is great during winter because it will keep your hamster warm.

Tmishion Soft Pink Hamster House

How To Clean?
You can easily detach this house from the hanging chains and wash it. It is simple to clean and water washable. The house is durable and sturdy. It comes with a fine sewing design and it won’t break during the washing.

In Short:

  • soft and warm hamster play house
  • includes a hanging chain
  • easy to clean and wash
  • the material is soft plush
  • it is durable and sturdy


Hamiledyi Large Hamster Playground

Natural Wooden Environment
The Hamiledyi playground is made of wood and it is a safe and natural fun environment for your hamster. It is made of high-quality material, and it will make your hamster feel safe and happy.

HamledyHamiledyi Large Hamster Playground Reviewi Large Hamster Playground Review

What Is Included
This playground includes many accessories and toys. There is a hamster play house that your hamster can use as a resting zone. There are wooden chewing toys, tunnels, and different climbing opportunities. This playground is ideal for large wooden hamster cages.

Hamiledyi Large Hamster Playground

Why Get It?
This cool playground by Hamildeyi encourages your hamster’s natural instincts. It alleviates stress and anxiety and makes your hamster active. It keeps them healthy and reduces boredom and loneliness.

In Short:

  • made of natural wood
  • includes a play house and toys
  • alleviates stress and anxiety
  • makes your hamster happy and occupied
  • reduces feelings of boredom

How To Pick: Hamster Play House

If you have an empty hamster cage, and you are still wondering whether you need to buy a hamster play house – the answer is yes! Read our guide and get to know the benefits of owning such a hamster cage accessory. Moreover, learn which features an ideal playing house needs to come with.

Keeps Your Hamster Active – A play house makes your hamster active. It allows it to play, run, and jump up and down the house. It keeps your hamster healthy not only physically, but also mentally. It is very important that every hamster cage, whether small or large, includes such a product.

The Size And Space – The size of the activity house depends on your hamster’s size, but also on the size of the cage it leaves in. If you have a small or dwarf hamster, you don’t need to get a very large house. On the other hand, not every house will be suitable for a Syrian hamster. Consider that before buying.

The Ideal Material – The perfect material that a play house is made of must be pet-friendly and non-toxic. It doesn’t matter if your house is made of plastic, wood, or another material. The important fact is that if your hamster chews on it, the material won’t harm it.

The Maintenance – Your hamster’s playing house must be easy to clean. It should be made of odor-resistant material. The maintenance is very important. So, every time you clean the hamster’s cage, don’t forget to clean the hamster decorations and playing toys as well.

Extra Tips – Consider filling your hamster playing house or a hideout with bedding. Hamsters love digging and burying. Also, apart from filling the cage with a house, why not get a running wheel, chewing toys, and other accessories that will make your hamster happy and healthy.

To Sum Up

There is one model of a hamster play house that we particularly liked. It is the Pivby Exercise Nest House. We liked the fact that there are two houses included so your hamster will get to have more fun. If you are interesting in getting more decorations for your hamster enclosure, check out our article about hamster igloos.

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