List Of Everything You Need For A Hamster Before You Get One

Are you looking for everything you need for a hamster before you buy one? You are in the right place. Here you can find a list of everything you need for a hamster, so you would not forget anything.

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Things Needed For A Hamster

1.Decent- Sized Cage

The hamster needs a lot of space to move. That is why you need a big cage. You have to purchase a solid cage that has thick bars. Hamsters can get through small spaces, so you need to take care of that. Also, hamsters bite everything. They easily chew on plastic, so get a firmer cage material. Get a simpler cage, without a lot of tubes, to make it easier to clean. If you are getting a dwarf hamster, you should check how big should a dwarf hamster cage be.

2.Install A Wheel

One way to keep your hamster in shape is to set up a wheel. Hamsters move a lot and need exercise. You can place a bigger or smaller wheel, or you can put both. Take care of the size of your hamster and how much it will grow. Then buy a size that will suit him, and in which will move more easily. It will be perfect if you purchase a wheel without cross supports. That way, your hamster could not catch a leg in it. Get him more things to climb.

3.Water Bottle

Hamsters need a lot of water. So, a water bottle is one of the most important things you need for a hamster. You can buy containers and devices that will drain as much water as they need. Put water in an accessible place. Do not forget to change it often. Some hamsters like to chew plastic containers, so consider buying metal or glass ones. You can also put water in a bowl, but the hamster would knock it down. If water spills from the bowl, you will have more work to do with cleaning. So, the best solution is to attach the bottle to the grid.

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4.Quality Hamster Food

Make sure the food contains lots of nutrients to keep your hamster healthy. Look for foods that have lots of vegetables, fruits, and grains. Look for foods that they can chew longer because it benefits their dental health. The best food is the one without natural dyes, flavors. So yes, find as natural as possible. When choosing the food, you need to take care of what kind of hamster it is for. If your hamster is pregnant or on a diet, find more suitable food. A shallow and small bowl is perfect for food. The heavier it is, the harder it will be for the hamster to turn it over and drag it around the cage.


Hay is one of the things needed for a hamster. Some hamsters eat hay, and some use it for bedding. It is soft, so there is no wonder why they love it. Also, some hamsters will chew the hay. There are few types of hay. There is timothy hay, meadow, and alfalfa hay. Hamsters love this dried grass. If you put it through the whole cage bottom, they would replace it with the ground. Also, if you decide on commercial yellow hay, be careful. It is not suitable, and good for hamster’s cheeks.

6.Bedding And Nesting Fluff

You can purchase a lot of products for hamsters’ bedding. It must be soft. Try with shredded strips of paper or toilet paper. But have in mind that paper stays damp easily. Towel stripes are also a good decision. It is important to purchase digestible bedding material. You could choose timothy hay and wood shavings too. Make sure you purchase everything you need for a hamster and his cage.

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7.Habitat Cleaner

You probably know that the cage needs to be kept clean and tidy. It’s always good to purchase easy to clean hamster cage. Replace soiled bedding every day. The whole cage needs to be washed once a month. Do not purchase harmful ammonia-based products. White vinegar is one of the best options for cleaning the cage because it can not harm your hamster. Use natural and healthy products. Also, you could use a brush while you clean bottles.

8.Bed Or Sleeper

The hamster will be happier as soon as he has more things in his cage. When buying a bed, choose a soft material. Also, hamsters love hideaways, so think about purchasing one. Hamster beds are not expensive, and you can find any shape and size. There are various types, so some can be set above the ground, and the hamster must climb to it. But there are also regular ones that you place in an accessible place.

To Sum Up

Here you could read about everything you need for a hamster. There are many things you need to purchase before bringing a hamster home. The most important thing is to buy a good cage. Pay attention to size and material. Buy healthy food, which will keep your hamster healthy. Also, keep the cage clean. So, purchase checked and healthy cleaning products. Take care of your pet and often clean his cage, feed, and pour water. To purchase the best cages, read these posts with the reviews of the best dwarf hamster houses and the best cute hamster cages.

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