Best 6 Easy To Clean Hamster Cages & Habitats In 2022 Reviews

Have you been looking for an easy to clean hamster cage?

Still not sure which model you should buy? Don’t worry. All you need to do is read our article.

We have gathered the six best models and divided them into different categories. Learn everything about the best of best, cat-proof, 2-level, travel, multi-level, and enclosure hamster cage. Make sure to read our buying guide as well.

The Summary

Kaytee Crittertrail Easy Clean Habitat SummaryKaytee Crittertrail Easy Clean Habitat
The Kaytee transparent blue habitat for hamsters includes hamster cage content, and top access doors. It is an affordable and quality cage.
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NXL Acrylic Cage Tank Terrarium Hamster SummaryNXL Hamster Cage Easy To Clean
The NXL cage for hamsters is made of transparent acrylic. It is safe, ventilated, and provides other pets from access it.
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Ferplast Favola Cage For Hamsters SummaryFerplast Favola Enclosure For Hamsters
Your hamster will have two floors for resting, playing, and performing other everyday activities. Check out this great hamster cage.
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Habitrail Rat Enclosure SummaryHabitrail Dwarf Hamster Cage
Getting a travel hamster cage is very convenient and handy. The Habitrail cage is ideal for dwarf hamsters. It is small and sturdy.
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MidWest Tunnel Hamster Cage SummaryMidWest Crittervile Hamster Habitat
The MidWest habitat for hamsters has a unique and cool design. It features a deep base and a vertical PlaySpace.
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Robud White Hamster Habitat SummaryRobud Habitat For Hamsters
This hamster enclosure by Robud comes fully-equipped. It is easy to access and maintain. Read our review and see why we liked it.
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Top 6 Easy To Clean Hamster Cages


Kaytee Crittertrail Easy Clean Habitat

The Blue Design
This cage by Kaytee is made of transparent blue plastic and safe wires. The cage is well-ventilated and the space between the bars is narrow. The bars are chew-proof so your hamster won’t have the chance to escape it easily.

Kaytee Crittertrail Easy Clean Habitat Review

The Access To The Cage
There is one large top door included. It allows you to access the cage with no hassle. This helps you with cleaning or refilling the food bowl and water bottle. This easy to clean hamster cage by Kaytee will make your hamster happy and safe.

What Is Included?
The package includes a sample of CritterTrail Bedding Tray. The bedding is disposable. Your hamster will love to dig and play inside of the cage. There are hamster cage contents included as well – a running wheel, a hamster food dish, and a water bottle.

Useful Details
The size of this cage is 10.5 x 16 x 10.5 inches. The cage is sturdy and long-lasting. It is made with pet-friendly material and has no sharp edges. The price of this cage is very affordable. We find it safe, secure, and worth buying.

In Short:

  • comes with a transparent design
  • the material used is plastic and wires
  • there is a large top access door
  • the cage is simple to maintain
  • includes a sample of bedding tray


NXL Hamster Cage Easy To Clean

About NXL Hamster Cage
The NXL cage for hamsters is made of transparent acrylic. This cage is entirely see-through. It has two levels and includes all the necessary equipment for your hamster’s happy life. The cage is made of premium quality material.

NXL Acrylic Cage Tank Terrarium Hamster Review

The Equipment
Each floor of the NXL includes a hamster play house with a resting zone, a colorful exercise wheel, hamster ladders, a small food dish, a water bottle, and an external bathroom. Add hamster bedding to the cage and watch your little pet having fun.

Easiest Hamster Cage To Clean
This cage by NXL is an easy to clean hamster cage. Simply use the soft cloth and clean the acrylic frame. Don’t forget that the hamster accessories and activity content must also be cleaned regularly.

NXL Acrylic Cage Tank Terrarium HamsterNXL Acrylic Cage Tank Terrarium Hamster

The Vent Holes
Every hamster cage needs to be well-ventilated. This is very important for your hamster’s mental and physical health. This enclosure for hamsters includes many vent holes and the fresh air is circulating the cage constantly.

In Short:

  • made of premium quality materials
  • the cage’s design is see-through
  • this cage has two floors
  • simple to maintain the cage
  • includes all necessary equipment
  • the cage has got vent holes


Ferplast Favola Enclosure For Hamsters

The Sturdy Design
The Favola cage by Ferplast is a hamster cage for 2 dwarf hamsters or one Syrian hamster. It has two levels. The bottom one is made of transparent plastic and the top floor is made of strong wires. It is spacious and measures 23.6L x 14.4W x 11.8H.

Ferplast Favola Cage For Hamsters

The Inside Content
Inside of the cage, you will find a hamster exercise wheel, one plastic hideout, a large food bowl, and a water bottle. The cage includes all the essential accessories that your hamster will need. If you will be homing two hamsters, get them more hamster cage decorations.

Assembly And Easy Maintenance
The top and bottom part of the cage connect and disconnect easily. This will help with cleaning and refilling the food and water bowls. Moreover, this easy to clean hamster cage includes a top access door as well. Open the cage without your hamster escaping it.

Ferplast Favola Cage For Hamsters Review

Material And Indoor Use
This cage is made of high-quality and anti-rust material. The wires are chew-proof and strong. The bottom plastic bade is entirely leak-proof. The Ferplast Favola hamster enclosure is made for indoor use.

In Short:

  • this cage has two levels
  • the bottom is plastic and top is wired
  • the top and bottom easily connect
  • clean the cage with no hassle
  • includes essential cage content
  • fits two hamsters


Habitrail Dwarf Hamster Cage

The Dimensions And Space
If you are looking for a travel hamster cage and you have a dwarf hamster, then check out this cage by Habitrail. This cage measures 16 L x 10 W x 9.5 H inches. It is an ideal dwarf hamster cage for visits to the vet.

Habitrail Rat Enclosure Review

The Design And Use
This portable hamster cage is small and includes essential content such as a running wheel, hideout, ladder, a water bottle, and a food bowl. Given its small size, this hamster cage must be used only for temporary purposes such as short trips, etc.

It Is Exapandle
The cage is easy to connect to other hamster habitats via tunnels and Habitrail patented lock connectors. Check out more Habitrail hamster cage decorations and see if you’ll like the idea of expanding the cage.

Habitrail Rat Enclosure

Quality And Price
The material that is used for designing this cage is non-toxic. This is another easy to clean hamster cage. It provides great air circulation and it is pet-friendly. The price of this hamster cage is budget-friendly. We think it is convenient to have a travel cage at home.

In Short:

  • this cage is perfect for small hamsters
  • it is small and easy to clean
  • this hamster cage is expandable
  • connect this cage to other Habitrail habitats
  • the quality is high and the price is affordable


MidWest Crittervile Hamster Habitat

Product Overview
This cage’s dimensions are 18.11L x 11.61W x 21.26H inches and the weight is 6.1 lbs. The bar spacing is narrow (1/2 inch). The cage fits two hamsters. It is a fun, spacious, and easy to clean hamster cage. This is a cheap big hamster cage.

MidWest Tunnel Hamster Cage Review

The Cool Design
This cage for hamsters by MidWest comes with a deep plastic and wire base and a vertical PlaySpace. The PlaySpace includes multiple levels and other fun hamster accessories such as a hamster food dish, running wheel, tubes, ramps, and a plastic hamster house.

Smooth And Pet-Friendly
The cage and the accessories included come with smooth surfaces. Your little pet hamster will stay completely safe inside of this cage. The ramps included are non-slip. There are no sharp edges. Have in mind that this cage is not made for Syrian hamsters.

MidWest Tunnel Hamster Cage

The Setup And Cleaning
The setup is simple and fast. It requires no additional tools. There are connector pieces that allow you to connect this cage to other habitats. The maintenance is simple as well. The top access door and the front PlaySpace part open easily and allow you to clean the cage.

In Short:

  • it is easy to set up and clean
  • the cage’s deep base it non-leak
  • the top PlaySpace includes fun content
  • includes all necessary accessories
  • simple to expand and connect to other habitats


Robud Habitat For Hamsters

The Cute Design
This hamster cage by Robud includes a pink wide plastic base and white wires. The cage is large and it provides just enough space for a hamster and its everyday activities. The cage comes with locking lathes, a large front door, and cage contents.

Robud White Hamster Habitat

What Comes With The Cage?
The cage includes many colorful hamster cage decorations. There is a plastic play house, a colorful running wheel, a water bottle, a food bowl, hamster ladders, and a hideout area. Your hamster will feel happy, occupied, and safe.

Easy To Clean Hamster Cage
To clean, you can use the access door or detach the bottom part and the top part of the cage. Simply use the clean and soft cloth and clean the inside of the cage and the content. The material used is odor-resistant.

Robud White Hamster Habitat Review

The Ventilation
The top part of the cage is made of safe and chew-proof wire which means that the fresh air is constantly entering and circulating the cage. This is one of the most important features that your new hamster cage must come with.

In Short:

  • this cage is made of plastic and wire
  • the cage is well-ventilated
  • it includes fun hamster cage content
  • the material used is quality
  • the cage is spacious enough

How To Pick: Easy To Clean Hamster Cages

What makes a good hamster cage? It is not only about the cool design or price. Apart from that, your new easy to clean hamster cage needs to be safe, spacious, simple to assemble and disassemble. In the following paragraphs, we invite you to read more about this topic.

The Easy Maintenance – A cage that is easy to clean is the one that includes large access doors. A plus is if your cage opens on the top. This is how you can access the cage without being afraid that your hamster will escape.

Space For One Or Two? – The size of the cage you need to get depends on different factors. Do you have one or two hamsters? Are your hamsters of a smaller or larger size? Are you looking for a permanent or temporary and travel hamster cage?

Is The Cage Pet-Friendly? – A safe hamster cage is one with smooth surfaces, narrow space between the bars, secured access doors, and non-toxic material that the cage is made of. There should be enough space and hamster toys and fun content.

How Easy The Setup Is? – The setup of your new hamster cage should be quick and simple. Why? Because you will eventually want to de-attach the cage to clean it in detail. Moreover, you may want to store the cage or go traveling.

The Importance Of Cage Content – It is essential that your hamster cage either includes the hamster toys and decorations or has enough space for you to create a new play zone. Hamsters need to stay active. They also require a safe rest area such as a wooden, plastic, or ceramic hamster hideout.

To Sum Up

We consider the NXL Cage the easiest hamster cage to clean. Its acrylic design is simple to maintain and the inside decorations are easy to reach. This easy to clean hamster cage is one of the most luxurious hamster cages on the market. It is a fully-equipped, safe, and escape-proof hamster cage.

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