Best 6 Escape-Proof Hamster Cages For Sale In 2022 Reviews

Are you in search of an escape-proof hamster cage that will make you feel safe about your fur friend?

Then you must check out our article!

We have made the top 6 list of the best models and divided them into different categories. Read all about the best of best, metal, 2-level, and other models. Don’t forget to read the buying guide we made to help you find the right model.

The Summary

Ware Cheap Multi-Level Enclosure SummaryWare Chew-Proof Hamster Habitat
The Ware cage is ideal for hamsters. The cage has multiple levels, leak-proof bottom, and chew-proof and safe wires.
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Little Friends Grosvenor Rat Cage SummaryLittle Friends Hamster Cage
The Little Friends hamster habitat is made of metal and plastic. It includes wooden hamster accessories and decorations.
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Mcage Multi Ferret Cage SummaryMcage Metal Escape-Proof Enclosure
This large and sturdy cage by Mcage is made of metal. The cage is long-lasting, secure, and safe. Check it out!
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Lonabr Wooden Cage Hamster Terrarium SummaryLonabr Hamster Wooden Habitat
If you want to provide your hamster with a natural environment, think about getting it the Lonabr wooden hamster habitat.
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Prevue 528 Metal Cage SummaryPrevue Chew-Proof Cage
Your hamster will feel safe and comfortable inside of its new chew-proof hamster cage by Prevue. No other animal will get to access the cage.
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NXL Acrylic Cage Tank Terrarium Hamster SummaryNXL Acrylic No-Escape Hamster Cage
The NXL hamster enclosure is completely transparent. It is made of acrylic and includes all sorts of fun hamster decorations.
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Top 6 Escape-Proof Hamster Cages


Ware Chew-Proof Hamster Habitat

The Tall Design
The Ware cage for hamsters is made of sturdy metal wires and non-leak plastic bottom. It is tall and has multiple levels. The cage is secure and comes with a narrow space between the bars. It can fit one or two pet hamsters.

Ware Cheap Multi-Level Enclosure

Made Of Safe Materials
This cage is completely pet-friendly. The material that was used is non-toxic and the wires are chew-proof. The cage’s wires are painted in safe paint. Your hamster will feel safe and comfortable inside of this cage.

The Inside Of The Cage
There are four levels inside of this cage. The cage includes three ramps that lead to three platforms. This tall hamster cage has enough room for your hamster to play and stay active. Customize it and add more accessories and decorations.

Ware Cheap Multi-Level Enclosure Review

The Ventilation
Your hamster needs to have an escape-proof hamster cage that allows the fresh air to constantly circulate the cage. The Ware cage is just like that. Your fur friend will stay healthy and active.

In Short:

  • the Ware cage is chew-proof
  • it is made of toxic-free materials
  • the fresh air is entering the cage
  • it is tall and has multiple levels
  • there is a lot of inside space
  • ideal for two hamsters


Little Friends Hamster Cage

The Small Design
This small cage by Little Friends is perfect for one hamster or dwarf hamster. The cage is made of a non-leak plastic base. The base is deep and allows you to put the hamster bedding inside of the. The top is made of safe wires.

Little Friends Grosvenor Rat Cage Review

Cage Security
It is very important for you to get a hamster cage with a narrow bar spacing, especially if you have a dwarf hamster. They tend to stick their heads and bodies out. Not only can they escape, but also get stuck. This cage is the one we consider safe for such small hamsters.

The Access To The Cage
There is one door and it is located on the top. It will help you access the cage when you need to clean or reach out for your pet. Also, you will get to change the litter, refill the hamster food dish and water bottle with no hassle.

Little Friends Grosvenor Rat Cage

Last Details
This is another cage that is well-ventilated. The Little Friends escape-proof hamster cage is made of durable materials and will last you a long time. The cage includes essential hamster content – a wheel, a platform, ladder, food bowl, and a hideout.

In Short:

  • comes with essential starter content
  • homes one hamster or dwarf hamster
  • it is safe, sturdy, and durable
  • made of chew-proof wires
  • the deep plastic base is leak-proof


Mcage Metal Escape-Proof Enclosure

The Sturdy Appearance
The Mcage is a strong metal hamster cage. It can home more than one hamster or Syrian hamster. It is tall and large. It has multiple levels and a lot of space. The cage stands on four casters and it is simple to move.

Mcage Hamster Cage

The Spaciousness
This escape-proof hamster cage has a lot of space. The inside includes platforms and ladders. However, apart from that, there are no fun accessories included. Customize the cage and add extra hamster cage decorations.

The Storage Shelf
Underneath the cage, you will find the storage shelf. The shelf is a part of the rolling stand. You can choose to attach it to the cage or use the cage as a free-standing. The shelf can help you store hamster toys and food.

Mcage Hamster Cage Review

Secure Door
There is one large swing-out door that allows you to access the cage easily. The door can be secured with a metal lock. You can feel relaxed about your hamster’s safety.

In Short:

  • the cage is strong and sturdy
  • made of safe metal
  • there is a storage shelf
  • the cage is large and spacious
  • includes secure access door


Lonabr Hamster Wooden Habitat

The Wooden Construction
The Lonabr is a sturdy hamster habitat. It provides your hamster with a natural environment. The frame is made of wood. The front comes in acrylic and the top is made of robust wire net structure.

Lonabr Wooden Cage Hamster Terrarium Review

The Visibility
The design of this cage is see-through, although not completely. Still, you will be able to see where your hamster is and what it is doing. Moreover, the hamster will see its surrounding area as well.

The Two Levels
This cage has two floors. Each floor provides enough space for your hamster’s activities. The top floor includes platforms and many climbing opportunities. This large wooden hamster cage will be an ideal home for one or two pet hamsters.

Lonabr Wooden Cage Hamster Terrarium

Large Access Doors
Access this cage through the large top or front access doors. The maintenance of this escape-proof hamster cage will be no problem. Make sure you clean not only the inside of the cage but the toys, accessories, and other content as well.

In Short:

  • large access on the front and top
  • there are two levels
  • the cage is made of natural wood
  • the platforms are included
  • well-ventilated hamster cage


Prevue Chew-Proof Cage

The Black And Strong Cage
The cage by Prevue comes in black. This enclosure is perfect for hamsters because of the narrow bar spacing. The deep plastic base is leak-proof. The cage includes a platform and a plastic ramp.

Prevue 528 Metal Cage Review

Main Characteristics
The space between the bars is tight – only  3/8”. The overall cage dimensions are 32 ½’’ L x 19’’ W x 17 ½’’ H. There are two large access doors and a lot of room for playing. This enclosure is an ideal escape-proof hamster cage.

Easy To Carry
This cage is simple to carry. There are two top handles, each on one side of the cage. The cage is lightweight and you can use it for traveling as well. This portable hamster cage is very convenient to have.

Prevue 528 Metal Cage

Pet-Friendly And Safe
The cage has only smooth surfaces and it is completely safe. There are no sharp edges. This cage is made of high-quality and strong material. It is chew-proof and your hamster will feel safe in it.

In Short:

  • comes in black color
  • made of plastic and wires
  • the cage is pet-friendly
  • made of safe material
  • the overall quality is high
  • use it as a portable hamster cage


NXL Acrylic No-Escape Hamster Cage

The Transparent Design
The NXL hamster enclosure is made of acrylic. It comes as a see-through hamster cage. The cage is simple to maintain. It is odor and stain-resistant. It comes fully-equipped. There are two levels and a lot of space.

NXL Acrylic Cage Tank Terrarium Hamster Review

Smooth Surfaces
This cage is one of the best escape-proof hamster cages. There are no wires and there is no chance that your hamster will get stuck between the bars. This acrylic cage has only smooth surfaces and it is completely pet-friendly.

The Ventilation And Maintenance
There are many holes that provide the air to circulate the cage all the time. Your hamster will stay healthy and happy in this enclosure. The maintenance is simple and quick. There is an external hamster litter box included for easier cleaning.

NXL Acrylic Cage Tank Terrarium HamsterNXL Acrylic Cage Tank Terrarium Hamster

What Is Included?
The NXL cage comes fully-equipped. There are two levels. On each level, you can install the play houses and hideout zones, the wheel, and the hamster ladder. There are the food bowl and water bottle included.

In Short:

  • the NXL cage is see-through
  • it comes fully-equipped
  • it is well-ventilated
  • the cage is simple to clean
  • includes all that you need

How To Pick: Escape-Proof Hamster Cage

Before getting a hamster cage that you consider to be escape-proof, make sure it comes with all the important features that we have listed in this guide. The ideal escape-proof hamster cage must be made of safe and quality material. It needs to last you a long time. The doors must be secure. Read on to find out more.

The Design – First of all, you need to cage the cage with narrow space between the bars. If you have a dwarf hamster, it is advisable to get an aquarium tank or acrylic terrarium for hamsters. The cage needs to prevent any other animal from entering the cage.

Sturdiness And Safety – Hamsters are nocturnal animals. They love to sleep during the day and stay active during the night. You will want your cage to be strong and heavy-based. It needs to keep your hamster safe. Also, you must consider getting a quiet cag that is made of non-toxic material.

Security And Durability – The doors of your new hamster need to be securely locked all the time. If your hamster cage is standing on the rolling wheels, they need to come with brakes. The cage’s overall quality must be very high. This guarantees that you will have a long-lasting habitat for your pet hamster.

The Extra Space – Any cage that you decide to buy for your hamster needs to have additional space for the activities. If your cage doesn’t already include a large playing zone, then you can easily create it. Remember, hamsters need toys, accessories, and activity content. It makes them active, happy, and occupied.

Where To Buy? – We suggest you get the escape-proof cage online. Check customer reviews and ratings. Buy from a reliable retailer and get a discounted price or free shipping. The models we have reviewed in this article are available on

To Sum Up

In our opinion, the safes escape-proof hamster cage is the NXL Acrylic No-Escape Hamster Cage. We like it because it makes sure no hamster gets away and no other animal can access this cage. The hamster enclosure includes all that your hamster needs. The hamster play houses, wheels, tubes, food dishes, and many more.

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