Best 6 Giant & Huge Hamster Cages To Buy Reviewed By Expert

Are you in need of a giant hamster cage?

Then you have come to the right place. In our article, you will have the possibility to read the six reviews about the best huge hamster cages. We have divided these models into different categories – metal, cat-proof, enclosure, and three others. Check them all out and read our buying guide too!

The Summary

Prevue Hendryx Tall Hamster Cage SummaryPrevue Hendryx Tall Hamster Cage
If you are looking for a space-saving but large hamster cage, you are going to like this tall enclosure for your little fur friend.
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Yaheetech Huge Hamsters Cage SummaryYaheetech Huge Hamster Cage
A sturdy, quiet, and heavy-based hamster cage with multiple levels might be just what you are looking for. Check out our review.
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Petsfit Wooden Hamster Cage SummaryPetsfit Massive Syrian Hamster Cage
In case you have more than one Syrian hamster, you will need a massive habitat. Read more about Petsfit enclosure.
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Pawhut Big Syrian Hamster Cage SummaryPawhut Giant Hamster House
Hamsters like to stay active. They need space to run and play. The Pahut cage offer your hamster to jump the platforms.
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Aivituvin Tall Hamster Hutch SummaryAivituvin Tall Huge Hamster Habitat
The Aivituvin cage is tall and provides so much vertical space for hamsters to have fun. Learn what we liked most about this cage.
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Little Friends Mayfair Cage SummaryLittle Friends Mayfair Cage
A cool and modern hamster cage that is made of a transparent tank and wire top is what every modern home needs.
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Best 6 Huge Hamster Cages


Prevue Hendryx Tall Hamster Cage

Product Overview
This cage by Prevue is tall and is ideal for two hamsters or dwarf hamsters. You can also use it if you have one Syrian hamster. The cage is space-saving and provides a lot of vertical space for your hamsters to climb, run, and play.

Prevue Hendryx Tall Hamster Cage

Multiple Levels
The Prevue Hendryx huge hamster cage has three levels, two platforms, and two ramps. There are two wire ramps that are safe for your hamster’s tiny paws. There is a plastic hamster house that will serve as a hideout zone. A running wheel is included as well.

The Removable Tray
There is a slide-out tray included at the bottom. It can simply be removed and cleaned. The cage has top and front doors for easy access. Remember to maintain the cage clean every day and refill the water bottle and hamster food dish.

Prevue Hendryx Tall Hamster Cage Review

What More To Know
This cage comes in more colors. There is blue, lilac, mint-green, and a few other colors that you can choose from. The cage is quiet and sturdy. The cost of the cage is medium. It is made of pet-friendly materials.

In Short:

  • fits two hamsters or one Syrian hamster
  • this cage has three levels
  • the inside comes with two platforms
  • there are ramps, a hideout, and a wheel
  • there are top and front doors


Yaheetech Huge Hamster Cage

The Metal Construction
This cage by Yaheetech is sturdy and quiet. It is made of metal wires. The space between the wires is narrow which makes this cage pet-friendly. Also, the wires are chew-proof and made of toxic-free material.

Yaheetech Huge Hamsters Cage Review

The Cage Is Quiet
It is a know fact that hamsters are nocturnal animals. This means that they tend to rest most of the time during the day and play during the night. This is why you will a quiet cage, such as Yaheetech one, that won’t wake you up during your sleep.

Sturdy And Durable
The cage’s sturdiness is extremely important, especially if you are considering making it a home for two hamsters or Syrian hamsters. This huge hamster cage for 2 hamsters is strong and sturdy. It won’t break and it will last many years.

Yaheetech Huge Hamsters Cage

Easy To Clean And Move
This cage has a removable tray. You can simply slide it out, clean, and put back. The cage stands on four rolling wheels. The wheels can be secured. The cage is mobile and can be moved whenever you feel the need. There are three front doors for easy access.

In Short:

  • the cage is made of sturdy metal
  • the wires and chew-proof
  • the cage is quiet and durable
  • this enclosure stands on casters
  • the casters can be secured


Petsfit Massive Syrian Hamster Cage

The Giant Construction
This Petsfit hamster cage is ideal for two or more Syrian hamsters. It is large and spacious. The cage is made of wood and wires. The cage is free-standing and heavy-based. It comes in white and grey. The top can be opened to access the cage.

Petsfit Wooden Hamster Cage Review

Main Characteristics
This giant hamster cage by Petsfit is leak-proof and water-resistant. However, it is not made for outdoor use. The top and sides of the cage are made of wires. The dimensions of the cage 35.5 x 21 x 21 inches.

The Inside Of The Cage
This large wooden hamster cage for Syrian hamsters includes a large hideout zone. The top of the hideout can be used as a platform. There is a large ladder that leads to the platform. There is a removable bottom tray that can easily be cleaned.

Petsfit Wooden Hamster Cage

The Assembly
The setup is simple and quick. The cage comes with pre-drilled holes and instructions on how to put together. We advise that another adult helps you out with the assembly.

In Short:

  • this is a massive hamster cage
  • ideal for Syrian hamsters
  • it is sturdy and long-lasting
  • easy to assembled
  • simple to access and clean
  • made for indoor use


Pawhut Giant Hamster House

The Tall Design
If you have been searching for a cage with a lot of vertical space, then check out the Pawhut tall hamster cage. This is a hamster habitat on six levels. There are five plastic platforms and five plastic ramps. The cage stands on rolling casters.

Pawhut Big Syrian Hamster Cage Review

The Material And Access
The Pawhut giant hamster cage is made of safe, non-toxic, and chew-proof wires. The bottom is made of leak-proof plastic. There are three access doors on the front side of the cage so you can clean the cage and reach all areas without problems.

The Tray And Deep Base
There is a plastic tray that is simple to pull out when it requires cleaning. The deep plastic base can be filled with hamster bedding, sand, or litter. Your hamster can dig, barry toys, or create nestings. This cage is safe and durable.

Pawhut Big Syrian Hamster Cage

Safety And Security
Both access doors and rolling casters can be secured. You can relax and feel safe about your little pet friend to live inside of this habitat. The cage is pet-friendly and only high-quality material is used for the construction.

In Short:

  • made of safe and quality material
  • the wires are non-chew and sturdy
  • the cage can be moved
  • three are three access doors
  • the cage has 6 levels


Aivituvin Tall Huge Hamster Habitat

Wooden Construction
The Aivituvin cage is a tall and giant hamster house. It is made of a wooden frame and a wire mesh. The cage is painted in non-toxic and eco-friendly paint. The cage is waterproof, but it is advisable to use it indoors.

Aivituvin Tall Hamster Hutch Review

The Levels And Space
Aiviutvin multi-level hamster cage has five levels. It fits two or more hamsters or Syrian hamsters. Your pets will love to explore and play around the cage. There are platforms, ramps, and a large hideout. Get more hamster accessories and let them stay active.

Safe And Natural Environment
Thanks to the natural material that is used for the constructions, your pet hamsters will feel happy and safe in this giant hamster cage. If you plan on making this massive hamster cage a habitat for two or more hamsters, we suggest you get them more decorations and toys.

Aivituvin Tall Hamster Hutch

Why Get This Cage?
We like this cage because we find it safe and secure. The cage is well-ventilated and the fresh air is constantly coming in. There is a helpful and large access door on the front. This giant hamster cage is incredibly easy to set up.

In Short:

  • made of wood and wire
  • painted in eco-friendly paint
  • the cage is tall and multi-level
  • fits two or more hamsters
  • it is well-ventilated
  • pet-friendly, sturdy, and secure


Little Friends Mayfair Cage

The Fancy Design
The Little Friends huge hamster cage consists of a transparent tank and wire top. This cage is ideal for stimulating your hamster’s natural instincts. Fill the lower base with hamster bedding, litter, or sand. There will be so much space for digging and burrowing.

Little Friends Mayfair Cage Review

The Play Zone
In the package, you will get two wooden platforms and two ramps. Install them on the inside and allow your hamster to climb from one floor to the other. There is a running wheel, a water bottle, and food dish bowls as well.

Spaciousness And Safety
This cage provides a lot of space and is suitable to home Syrian hamsters too. The Little Friends fancy hamster cage is very safe and secure. You won’t need to worry about your hamster escaping the cage. The cage is long-lasting and sturdy.

Little Friends Mayfair Cage

The Material Used
Unlike many other models, this cage by Little Friends is made of glass and wires. The base is deep and heavy-based. The overall quality is high. The cage is chew-proof.

In Short:

  • made of glass and wire
  • the cage is safe and chew-proof
  • ideal for Syrian hamsters too
  • this cage’s design is fancy
  • includes an activity area

How To Pick: Giant Hamster Cage

Before you buy a huge habitat for your hamsters, read this guide. Hopefully, it will help you make the right decision. We have listed the 5 most important features that every big enclosure needs to come with. Keep on reading to find out more about the size, quality, safety, and other features.

The Giant Size – If you still don’t know whether to buy a giant hamster cage or not, then read this guide. In our opinion, you should get a large cage if you want to create a big playing zone for your hamster, if you have Syrian hamsters, or if you have more than one hamster.

Fits More Hamsters – Two or more hamsters obviously require much more space. Each hamster will want to have enough space for resting and playing. If you have more than two Syrian hamsters, then you should definitely go for a huge hamster habitat.

The Quality Of The Material – Hamsters are nocturnal animals and they like to play during the night. Consider getting them a sturdy and quiet cage. You will want to be sure that they are fine while you are asleep. Also, make sure you buy a non-toxic and chew-free cage for hamsters.

Activity And Playing Area – Even if your huge hamster cage already includes an activity zone, there will always be space for adding more chewing toys or other hamster cage decorations. Be creative, get more accessories and make a large and fun playing zone for your hamsters. Let them stay active and occupied.

Indoor Or Outdoor Use? – Some of the listed models can be used both indoors and outdoors. If you are looking for an outdoor cage, make sure it is waterproof and leak-proof. However, we advise you not to put your hamster in a humid environment. Make them feel happy, warm, and safe.

To Sum Up

The huge and giant hamster cage that we liked most is the Petsfit Massive Syrian Hamster Cage. It is the largest cage on this list. We consider it safe and durable. This extra-large hamster cage fits more than two hamsters and comes with the essential hamster cage accessories and decorations.

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