Best 6 Terrariums For Hamster Cages Reviewed By Expert

Are you searching for a terrarium for hamsters?

Then you are in the right place. In our article, you will find out all about the six best terrarium hamster cages. Read more about the best of best, acrylic, glass, metal, and more models. Scroll down to find more about these cages in our buying guide.

The Summary

Lonabr Wooden Cage Hamster Terrarium SummaryLonabr Wooden Cage Hamster Terrarium
The Lonabr wooden terrarium is made of safe and natural wooden material. It provides a lot of space for your hamster’s activities.
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NXL Acrylic Cage Tank Terrarium Hamster SummaryNXL Acrylic Cage Tank Terrarium Hamster
Check out this high-quality NXL acrylic transparent terrarium for your hamster. It includes all that your hamster is ever going to need.
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Exo Terra Hamster Glass Terrarium SummaryExo Terra Hamster Glass Terrarium
Get the Exo Terra terrarium if you want to have a sturdy and heavy hamster tank. This terrarium comes empty. Customize it according to your preferences.
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LLY Acrylic Cage Hamster Terrarium SummaryLLY Acrylic Cage Hamster Terrarium
The LLY terrarium enclosure for your hamster is modern and cool. It is completely transparent and provides air circulation.
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CSWO Transparent Hamster Tank SUmmaryCSWO Transparent Hamster Tank
Customize this two-level hamster terrarium and make it the safest and coolest hamster habitat. It fits two hamsters. Let them have a lot of fun.
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Mcage Hamster House SummaryMcage Wire Acrylic Hamster Habitat
The combination of metal wires and transparent acrylic makes this terrarium ideal for your hamster. It is sturdy and well-ventilated.
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6 Best Terrariums For Hamsters


Lonabr Wooden Cage Hamster Terrarium

The Natural Material
The Lonabr terrarium is a large wooden hamster cage. It is made of natural wood and other safe and toxic-free material. This terrarium includes a robust wire net. The terrarium is well-ventilated and allows the fresh air to constantly enter the cage.

Lonabr Wooden Cage Hamster Terrarium

Two Levels Design
This terrarium for hamsters has two levels and offers your hamster different climbing opportunities. The front of the cage is made of see-through acrylic. You will get to see your hamster all the time. You can open the top and sides to access the cage when necessary.

The Spaciousness
This cage is large and provides a lot of space for your hamster. It can even fit two pet hamsters. It includes a hideout that your hamster will use as a resting zone. This wooden terrarium is an ideal entertainment center for hamsters. It allows them to stay active.

Lonabr Wooden Cage Hamster Terrarium Review

Why Is Lonabr The Best?
We consider this model one of the best terrarium hamster cages because it combines the three most used materials. The material used for construction is completely safe and non-toxic. The cage is well-ventilated and spacious enough. The price is affordable.

In Short:

  • one of the best natural terrariums
  • combines wood, wire, and acrylic
  • the material used is safe and non-toxic
  • the terrarium has a transparent front
  • provides a lot of safe and fun space
  • the cost of the cage is affordable


NXL Acrylic Cage Tank Terrarium Hamster

For Small And Dwarf Hamsters
This terrarium by NXl is ideal for smaller-sized hamsters or dwarf hamsters. It provides a lot of space and allows your pet to do all kinds of activities. It includes many hamster accessories and toys. The cage is safe and transparent for better visibility.

NXL Acrylic Cage Tank Terrarium HamsterNXL Acrylic Cage Tank Terrarium Hamster

Colorful And Fun Design
This terrarium cage for hamsters comes with an interesting design. The cage is made of transparent acrylic. Inside of the terrarium, you will find all the hamsters daily necessities: a food dish, a water bottle, a ladder, a running wheel, and a small plastic hamster house.

The Levels And Maintenance
This transparent hamster terrarium is made of top-grade and safe material. It has two floors and it is well-ventilated. The acrylic is very simple to clean. Access the cage with ease, refill the food bowl or the water bottle, and make sure to clean it regularly.

NXL Acrylic Cage Tank Terrarium Hamster Review

The Quality, Safety, And Price
The quality of this cage terrarium for hamster is very high. The cage has no sharp edges that may harm your hamster in any way. The cage is completely safe and good for your hamsters mental and physical health. The price of this terrarium is high, but when you consider the quality and the included accessories, you may even find it to be convenient.

In Short:

  • comes with high quality and price
  • this terrarium is completely transparent
  • made of acrylic and includes accessories
  • makes your hamster safe and active
  • includes a water bottle and a food bowl


Exo Terra Hamster Glass Terrarium

The Glass Design
The Exo Terra terrarium for hamsters is made of glass and stainless steel mesh top cover. It is heavy, sturdy, and long-lasting. This terrarium has a waterproof bottom and it measures 18 x 18 x 13 inches. Both the quality and price of this tank terrarium are high.

Exo Terra Hamster Glass Terrarium Review

Spacious And Large
This glass terrarium for hamster provides your hamster with a lot of space. It comes empty and it allows you to customize it completely. The Exo Terra hamster glass terrarium can be used as a large Syrian hamster cage as well. Add it all of the hamster accessories and other necessities.

Ventilation And Access
The stainless steel mesh cover of this cage allows the air to enter and circulate all the time. Your hamster will breathe only the fresh air in. This terrarium includes the separately-open front doors that allow you to access the tank easily whenever it is necessary.

Exo Terra Hamster Glass Terrarium

How To Make It A Fun Tank?
Get the hamster accessories that your pet will need to stay active. Add platforms, tubes, tunnels, ladders, and running wheels. Get your hamster a plastic or wooden hideout house. Add the water kettle and a food dish. Customize it as you wish.

In Short:

  • this terrarium is completely customizable
  • it provides a lot of space
  • it is made of glass and stainless steel mesh
  • easy to access the terrarium and maintain
  • the quality and price are both high


LLY Acrylic Cage Hamster Terrarium

The Cool Transparent Design
The LLY comes as a transparent hamster terrarium. This small terrarium’s sides come with vent holes. The cage provides great air circulation. It includes all that your hamster needs. This is a cool and modern hamster cage terrarium.

LLY Acrylic Cage Hamster Terrarium Review

Safe, Secure, And Comfortable
The LLY acrylic terrarium hamster cage is made of durable and safe material. It is non-toxic and comes with no sharp edges. The cage’s surfaces are smooth and your little hamster will feel comfortable and cozy in it.

The Included Accessories
This cage terrarium for hamsters includes a platform and a ladder. There is a hamster running wheel that you will get to install to this terrarium. Add the water bottle and a food bowl. There is enough space to add your pet more accessories.

LLY Acrylic Cage Hamster Terrarium

The Best About This Terrarium
This cage hamster terrarium comes with a side door. It is very easy to clean the inside. The door panel comes with a lock. The material is safe and eco-friendly. Your hamster will stay healthy and it will get all of the activity it needs.

In Short:

  • easy to maintain this terrarium cage
  • comes with a cool and modern design
  • it provides a lot of activity space
  • includes a platform, ladder, and a wheel
  • it is made of safe material


CSWO Transparent Hamster Tank

Tough And Sturdy
This hamster terrarium tank by CSWO is another acrylic transparent hamster enclosure. It is sturdy and strong. The cage is durable and tough. It is safe, comes with smooth surfaces, and provides your pet buddy with a lot of space for activities.

CSWO Transparent Hamster Tank Review

What Comes With It?
This terrarium includes all the necessary accessories and decorations. Other than a plastic water bottle and a food bowl, this terrarium for hamsters has a hideout house, running and exercise wheels, exterior bathrooms, and you can customize it easily.

Two Levels
There are two levels that this terrarium comes with. This tank will fit two small hamsters or dwarf hamsters. This is a cool, modern, and interesting habitat that will make your hamster happy and safe.

CSWO Transparent Hamster Tank

Choose The Color
This tall hamster cage has a transparent front and sides. The background comes in green, pink, or blue. Choose the color that best suits you. Customize this terrarium as you wish and add more accessories and toys for your hamster.

In Short:

  • tall with a lot of vertical space
  • has two levels and fits two hamsters
  • includes the fun accessories
  • choose the color of the terrarium’s background
  • safe and with only smooth surfaces


Mcage Wire Acrylic Hamster Habitat

The Combined Construction
The Mcage is a cool terrarium for hamsters. This terrarium cage combines wire and acrylic. It is a small hamster cage that you can use for travel as well. The dimensions of the cage are 19 x 12 x 15″. The cage has a platform and other accessories.

Mcage Hamster House

The Activity Area
This Mcage hamster tank terrarium includes internal/external tubes. There is a small platform and a plastic hideout house. This transparent terrarium also has a small ladder. There is a lot of space for your hamster to play, run, and jump.

Removable Tray
Maintain this cage clean easily. There is a deep transparent tray included that will allow you to see the inside of it. Clean the cage whenever it is necessary. Easily access this terrarium to refill the water bottle and food bowl.

Mcage Hamster House Review

Last Characteristics
The Mcage cage hamster terrarium combines two safe and non-toxic materials – the non-chew wire (that provides the cage with air circulation) and the transparent acrylic. The top of the terrarium has a handle so you can easily carry it if necessary.

In Short:

  • the fun and safe terrarium
  • made of non-chew wire and acrylic
  • this terrarium is transparent
  • it includes a platform and ladders
  • the top comes with a handle

How To Pick: Terrarium For Hamster

If you still don’t know whether to buy your hamster a terrarium hamster enclosure, then read our buying guide. Find out which terrariums are good and safe for your little friend. See which models of terrariums you can get and the material they are made of. Make sure to clean the cage regularly, and let your hamster stay as active as possible.

Are Terrariums Good For Hamsters? – The tanks, aquariums, and terrariums are often used as hamster habitats. They protect your hamster from other animals or from children. However, getting your hamster a large and spacious terrarium that fits hamster activity accessories is a must. Your hamster needs to stay active and have enough space for all of its everyday activities. There are many good and safe models on the market.

The Glass Or Acrylic Terrarium – In case you are looking for a transparent terrarium tank for your hamster, the glass or acrylic one will serve you well. You will get to see your hamster all the time, and your hamster will see you and the surrounding area. The terrariums made of glass or acrylic are safe and easy to access.

The Wooden Or Wire Terrarium – Another option is to get a terrarium made of eco-friendly material such as wood. Your pet buddy will feel very comfortable in such a natural environment. There are good cages that combine metal wires with another material. For example, the acrylic terrariums with mesh wire on the top. They are well-ventilated. They must have narrow bar spacing to keep your hamster safe.

The Terrarium Maintenance – Don’t forget to clean the cage regularly. Avoid buying a terrarium for hamsters that is difficult to access. The ideal model comes with a large front or top opening and makes it easier for you to reach out to your hamster, clean the inside of the terrarium, or to refill the water bottle and the food bowl.

Other Important FeaturesTo Look For – You should look for a deep terrarium with leak-proof bottom. The terrarium you choose to buy needs to be made of toxic-free material. If you decide to get the terrarium with wires, make sure they are chew-proof. In the end, don’t forget to get your hamster a habitat that provides it with a lot of space for its playing activities and resting.

To Sum Up

In our opinion, the best terrarium for hamsters is the Exo Terra Hamster Glass Terrarium. We find it sturdy, durable, and long hamster cage. Customize it all you want and add it a plastic or wooden hideout, a hamster litter box, and more cool accessories.

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