Best 6 Fun Hamster Cages On The Market In 2022 Reviews

Have you been trying to find a fun hamster cage that is also safe and durable at the same time?

Then you should look no more because we have prepared the top 6 list of the best fun hamster cages. Read all about the best of best, cute, 3-level, blue, aquarium, and travel hamster cage models. Don’t miss our buying guide. You will find it at the bottom of this article.

The Summary

Ferplast Circus Hamster Cage SummaryFerplast Circus Hamster Cage
This cool hamster cage by Ferplast comes shaped as a circus. It includes many fun hamster cage contents such as platforms and slides.
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Pawise Hamster Fun Home SummaryPawise Hamster Fun Home
The Pawise hamster enclosure comes fully-equipped and includes all the cage accessories that you will need.
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Prevue Hendryx Tall Hamster Cage SummaryPrevue Hendryx Hamster Enclosure
This tall hamster cage by Prevue is ideal for one or two hamsters. It includes platforms, ramps, and a plastic hideout.
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Midwest Homes Pet Hamster Cage SummaryMidwest Homes Pet Hamster Cage
Your hamster will feel safe in this Midwest spacious and fun hamster cage. Your children will also love the cage’s cool design.
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Savic Fun Hamster Habitat SummarySavic Fun Hamster Habitat
Get the Savic aquarium and metal high rise hamster habitat and let your hamster enjoy two different environments.
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Kaytee Crittertrail Small Carry Cage ReviewKaytee Crittertrail Small Carry Cage
If you are in need of a small and portable cage for hamsters, check out the Kaytee model and see why we liked it.
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Best 6 Fun Hamster Cages


Ferplast Circus Hamster Cage

The Circus Design
The Ferplast modular cage is shaped liked a small circus. This cage comes with a patented design. It is made of thermoplastic resing roof and bottom. There are interesting decorations printed on the roof and the base. The rest of the cage is made of wire mesh.

Ferplast Circus Hamster Cage

The Inside Of The Cage
On the inside, you will find two platforms and small plastic slides. There is a hamster running wheel included, a hamster food dish, and a hideout. This cage is perfect for one hamster and allows it to stay active and occupied.

Customize The Cage
This fun hamster cage is simple to set up. Customize the inside and install the content according to your preferences. The package includes colored stickers. Stick them on the inside and outside of this hamster fun house.

Ferplast Circus Hamster Cage Review

Safety And Quality
The cage comes with a safety door. Secure the door and feel relaxed about your hamster. The cage is made only of quality materials. The wires are chew-proof and the bottom is leak-proof. The material that is used for construction is non-toxic.

In Short:

  • the cage is shaped like a circus
  • it is made of thermoplastic and wire
  • includes fun activity content
  • the material used is non-toxic
  • the cage is safe and secure


Pawise Hamster Fun Home

Material And Appearance
If you are looking for a small hamster cage for one hamster, then the Pawise could be the right one for you. It comes with a yellow non-leak plastic bottom and a safe and chew-proof wire top. The cage measures 16 x 11.8 x14.6 inches.

Pawise Hamster Fun Home

What Is Included?
The package includes many fun inside content that you are going to need to install. There are two platforms and two tunnels. A running wheel is here to allow your hamster to stay active. There is a small plastic hamster house, two food dishes, and a water bottle.

The Access
There is one access door and you will find it on the top of the cage. It allows you to open the cage with less risk that your hamster will escape. The top door will help you clean the inside of the cage and the hamster accessories and toys easily.

Pawise Hamster Fun Home Review

Good To Know
The Pawise fun hamster cage is safe and pet-friendly. It has no sharp edges. This cage is secure and no other animal will get to access it. The quality is pretty good and the cost of this cage is very affordable.

In Short:

  • the cage is made of plastic and wire
  • the wire is non-chew
  • it includes a large playing zone
  • the access door is on the top
  • the price of this cage is affordable


Prevue Hendryx Hamster Enclosure

Tall And Spacious
You can easily fit one or two hamsters in the Prevue Hendryx tall cage. It is sturdy and long-lasting. The cage has three levels, two ramps, and two wire platforms. Your hamster will have a lot of space to jump, run, and rest in this cage together.

Prevue Hendryx Tall Hamster Cage Review

Fun And Easy To Customize
The Prevue hamster cage for 2 hamsters already includes a running wheel and a plastic hideout house for resting. There is extra space for you to add other hamster decorations and toys. Customize it to your likings and add extra wheels, tubes, and other content.

Choose The Color
This fun hamster cage by Prevue comes in different colors. Choose between blue, purple, yellow, green, lilac, orange, or mint-green. It will make your home fun and colorful as well.

Prevue Hendryx Tall Hamster Cage

Easy To Maintain
There is one large removable tray included. Simply slide it out when you need to clean it. Change the litter on a daily basis. Moreover, the cage has a roof-top door that allows you to access this cage with no hassle.

In Short:

  • the Prevue cage is very tall
  • this cage fits two hamsters
  • includes platforms and ramps
  • there is a wheel and a hideout
  • choose between many cage colors
  • there is a top access door


Midwest Homes Pet Hamster Cage

Themed Design
This hamster cage by Midwest Homes is ”Hot Rod” themed. The cage includes rad decor and a tire. The tire will spin when your hamster is using the running wheel. This cage includes free accessories and fun hamster content and it is a great starter pack.

Midwest Homes Pet Hamster Cage Review

What Comes With The Cage?
There are water bottles and a food bowl. A small hideout is included as well that will provide your hamster with a safe resting place. The cage has an elevated feeding platform. If you are a first-time owner and you have children at home, we are sure this cage will be a great fit.

Other Designs
If you prefer another theme, you can choose between the Ladybug, Race car, or Butterfly. All of these cages include the same hamster accessories and decorations and are fun hamster cages. Get the hamster fun house you like most.

Midwest Homes Pet Hamster Cage

Deep Plastic Base
This cage is made of safe and chew-proof metal wires and a deep base. The base is made of non-toxic plastic and it is leak-proof. Add hamster bedding to the base and let your hamster dig and burry its toys in it. The cage is simple to clean and it is odor-resistant.

In Short:

  • this Midwest cage is Hot Rod themed
  • there are other themes to choose from
  • the cage includes free cage accessories
  • it contains a deep plastic base
  • the wires are safe, narrow, and chew-proof


Savic Fun Hamster Habitat

The Tank And High-Rise
This fun hamster cage by Savic contains a transparent lower tank and mesh wire high rise. You can fill the tank with sand, litter, or bedding and watch your hamster enjoy. Hamsters will love to dig and hide in the sand and build nests.

Savic Fun Hamster Habitat Review

The Play Area
The Savic package includes a plastic Metro tunnel, two wire platforms, and two ramps. There is a complimentary food bowl and a plastic water bottle. Your hamster will get to climb from the tank to the wire mesh upper part.

The Size And Space
The overall size of this fun cage for hamsters is 20in x 10in x 20. 5. It provides a lot of horizontal and vertical space. You can fit two hamsters inside of this cage and watch them interact, play, run, and jump together.

Savic Fun Hamster Habitat

Useful Details
To assemble this fancy hamster cage simply attach the wire top with the tank. You can easily de-attach the top while cleaning. The cost of this hamster fun home cage is high. Only quality material was used to make this cage.

In Short:

  • this cage combines tank and wire top
  • the tank is transparent and sturdy
  • this cage has space for 2
  • add sand, litter, or bedding to the tank
  • includes platforms and ramps
  • the price is high


Kaytee Crittertrail Small Carry Cage

About Kaytee Travel Cage

This cage by Kaytee is colorful, fun, and ideal for traveling. It is easily portable. It includes a carrying handle on the top. The cage is lightweight, small, but spacious enough and won’t make your hamster feel bad and stressed during travels.

Kaytee Crittertrail Small Carry Cage

Compatible With Kaytee Accessories
This small cage can easily be connected to other Kaytee habitats and cages via tubes and tunnels. This means that you can create a large hamster environment and simply detach this one and use it as a temporary portable hamster cage.

Tips And Tricks
Remember that every hamster needs to have enough space for its everyday activities. So, unless you expand this cage and connect it to a larger habitat, we advise you to use this small carry cage only temporarily and for short trips. Provide your hamster with water during travel.

Kaytee Crittertrail Small Carry Cage Review

Included Content And Safety
This cage is one of the most fun hamster cages. It includes a plastic water bottle and a locking corner food dish. It has enough space for adding more hamster toys and hideouts. The bar spacing is narrow and the material is non-toxic. This cage is pet-friendly.

In Short:

  • a small and easy to carry cage
  • fun and colorful design
  • expand it and connect to other habitats
  • use it as a portable cage
  • safe and sturdy material used

How To Pick: Fun Hamster Cages

Hamsters are big sleepers and like to rest most of the time. They are also nocturnal animals and like to play during the night. It is incredibly important for hamsters to stay active and healthy. It is necessary to get your hamster a cage with a lot of space for all of its everyday activities. Read on to find out more about other features that your new cage must come with – safety, air circulation, and others.

Why Buy A Fun Hamster Cage? – Your little pet hamster will love to play, run, and jump around the cage when it is not resting. Getting a hamster cage with no activity content will only make your pet’s life unhealthy and boring. Let is stay active, happy, and occupied.

The Size And Space – There are different sizes of hamster enclosures. Not every hamster is suitable for just any cage. Take into consideration your hamster’s size and buy a hamster cage according to that. Syrian hamsters require spacious and tall cages, whereas smaller-sized cages will be enough for dwarf hamsters.

The High-Quality Material  – Remember that hamsters have natural chewing instincts. This is why you should buy a cage that is made of sturdy and chew-proof material. Moreover, the material used for construction should be non-toxic and pet-friendly in every way.

Good Ventilation – Allowing the fresh air to circulate the cage is very important for your hamster’s health. Search for an enclosure that has a lot of ventilation holes or comes with a wire top. Just make sure that the space between the bars is narrow enough so your hamster wouldn’t escape it.

Where To Buy? – You can get hamster fun home cages in any local pet shop. Another idea is to get them online. Why online? Because you can read the customer reviews and sometimes get the product on sale. Just remember not to buy from a website you don’t trust.

To Sum Up

We consider the Ferplast Circus fun hamster cage the best of this list because of its cool and fun design. It already includes fun accessories and it is simple to maintain. The Ferplast fun and small hamster cage fits one hamster. It is a safe and modern hamster cage.

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